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Mac's Scambaits

The Scambaits labeled "PDF" are primarily Chat Transcripts and open as a separate page!

Gorillas In The Mist Hi Ho Sliver! Ass Of An Assassin!
Deep Throat Hooks On The Hook! The Chinese Connection
On Your Back For The Future! Omah, Oh My! The Check Is In The Mail
The Real Thing! Curious George Harriet The Spy
The Good Reverend It's Off To Work We Go! What's In A Name?
My Name is Bond... South By Southwest Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams
How Much Is Enough? Success At Last! The White Knight
Keeping The Faith Swiss Family Robbing Sons The Wong Stuff
Helen Of Toy Gentle Ben You Don't Know Jack!
FedEx Or UPS - Which Do You Prefer? Windtalkers Death Be Not Proud
The Loan Dumbman The Perfect Storm Ah, Maria...
A Bola Epidemic Bank Of Lies Hazzard County
Po Panda Not So Secure Oh Captain, My Captain
And Justice For All... A New Sherif In Town The Loan Briber
The Age of Innocence Honor Before Valor The Good, The Bad, and the Barrister
Ridley's Believe It Or Not! Springdale Is In The Air! Mystery Shopper
Mr. Poon Tang The Grey Ghost Charles In Charge
Broker Ace Threshold Of Pain Loan Me Your Ear
The English Patsy Woodward and Scamstein Coochie Coo, Olivia
Spam I Am Seriously Folks Cancer Of The Ovia
Lost In Spaceballs Bungholio Everyone Wang Chung Tonite!
Eternal Deadline Abba Dabba Doo Dennis The Menace
Lite Bright It's Stutter Time! Anita Loan and a Brain!
Sandra Dee Safari Time Anita Loan and Two Brains
My Blonde-Haired Nigerian Safari Time II The Eager Beaver
Whistle While You Work Woodland Realm Thin Blood
Baboo Mystery Shopper II Disease And Assist
From Russia With Love FedEx For Dummies Disease And Assist II
T-Bills And Lies Keeping Up With Jones Disease and Assist III
The Spanish Connection The Gifted Gentile Kentucky Fried Loser
Twas Not To Be Hometown Honey Night Court
Man Of God Lloyds Of London Crosby, Steals, and Trash
GI Joes Barrylicious Bah Bah Black Creep
Enter The Dragon The Bold And The Brainless Scrabble Attack
IMF Blues The Price Of Heaven Abbey Road Of Loans
A Porn Star Is Born (pdf) Good Grief (pdf) Sit, Boy, Sit
Concrete Cowboy The Farmer's Daughter (pdf) Harsh Times
Rosie Cheeks (pdf) The Tortoise Dead Men Tell No Tales
Oil And Cocoa Don't Mix! (pdf) Ricky Rude Khalid's Fund House
Oldie, But Goodie Cole's Law The Oilman
Back In Black IBored Out Of My Mind! The Oilman II
The Chameleon The One That Got Away Catch Of The Day
The Bungler Snail Mail Pistol Whipped
Chicken Man I Am Woman Village Idiot
O Henry Corruption Junction The Legend Of Riccky Howard
Tookey For A Ride Picture Perfect Hometown Honey II
Walk The Line (pdf) Lot O Lies Wikipedia Loans
Lawyer In Tears Lottery Wars Assassins Creed
Check Mule Ikenna Remember When... CraigsList Virgin
Double Time Oil For The Masses Ghana Gitcha
Wad Of Lies Ntai Cocktail Bank Transfer Blues
Embassy Sweets Let's Make A Deal! (pdf) Cooch Of Blood
Barrister Blues Poon Two Name Craze
Scumdog Billionaire Cujo And Martin Color Me Stupid
Alien Dreams Miles From Home Godsent Loans
The Dark Lord Not In Control Banks For Free
Lizzie The Loaner Explain The Stupidity Dora The Anal Explorer (pdf)
Old Blue Eyes (pdf) I Feel Ya, Ophelia (pdf) One Blay At A Time
Pick A Letter Life Sperm Share And Share Alike
Frank Duh Confession Of A Scammer (pdf - 85 pages!) Russian To Africa
Saint Nick Cucumber Dreams Phone Banking
Jammin' Nancy Queen Of Hearts (pdf) Slutsky Rusky
Willie The Wonderboy The Name Of Payne Call Me A Liar?
Easy Come Back In Time Rittman Ditz (pdf)
Flight To Nashville (pdf) Lora's Lost Love Activation Required
Ignorance In Banking Poker Face (pdf) Is Finance The Right Word?
Derulo Loans And Hogwash What Dreams Are Made Of Wacky Cobacki
Say Uncle Egg McMoron Pay To Play
Newbie Go Home (pdf) Collapse In Banking Inexperience Counts
Betrayed! Defend Thy Father Serial Scammer
Laying It On The Line Multiple Choice Munchaholic
Manners, Please? Smoke Em Peace Pipe Half Breed Or No Breed
Ogun Will Strike Hear Me Speak Igbo Golden Bears
Cock Of The Walk Found Someone Else It's All Black And White
Models Incorporated A Father's Love Downtown Mary Brown
Dueling Jimbos The Big Apple London English
The Faker Geography Major A Picture Worth $100.00
Window Shopper Night At The Museum Boiling Over
The Begging Fool Mr. Charming Changing The World
Working Boy With Dressing Brett's Role-Playing Adventure Chop Suey
The Spirit Of Receiving Teddy Can't Bear The Marrying Man
Chico Is The Man Crew Attack The Mighty Wallex
Bomb The Maga Roman Numeral Zero Maga Be Bombed
Easy Hook Doctor J Johnny Come Lately
Maga Bomb Continued Mike's Music Chicken And Chips
Swamp Thing Confidence In Fools Ken Doll
German Warfare No Stinking Batches Record Breaker
Loans-A-Plenty Good Things Don't Last Confused And Stupid
Loan Degrading Gift Horse My Confession
My Friend Freddy Days Of love No Means No, Moron
The Geisha Girl Captain Changeroo MUGU And The Hendersons
Reading Railroaded President Of SPAM Not So Wise MUGU
Geisha Girl Calls In The FBI Honor And Obey The Joke's On Chijoke
The Eyes Of The Beholder Cole Slawed Where's Jeanie?
Prince Rapist Faster Than The Speed Of Love Polland Springs Eternal
Pretty In Pink Guilty As Charged A New Hope
The X Man Saving Face Iraq Or Bust
ObamaCare Calvin Jacks Three Christ Be With Me
Army Of Darkness Texas Soldiers Absence Of Malice
Downtown David Brown Murphy's Law The Gruesome Foursome
Oh My Omarion Big Mack Blame It On Rio
Pocket Rocket Manzella And Sharvell Trevor The Moron
Heard It On The Grapevine Black And White Unwilling Heir
Auto Scammer Milk Does A Scammer Good Can't Go Back
A Lesson For Buda Danger, Mr. Robinson Love Of A Lesbian
Love In The Morning Pond Jumper Unprovoked Attack
Jack Be Stupid Sergeant Soulmate Life's Treasures
Cole Off The Hook Staying At The Hilton Dickson On Leave
Senior Class Tommy Get Your Gun Fryer Mark
Power Walker Iraqi War Part Two An Itch To Switch
Canada At Arms Confession In Confidence Road To Egypt
WikiLeaks Connection Doggie Style The Other Guyman
Jesse Angel Relentless Contractor Dreams
Apology Not Accepted Generosity At Its Finest Change Of Place
Buying The Farm Hung Out To Dry John Carter
Have Chair, Won't Travel Greedy Mac Legg's Up
Hey, Hey Paulino

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