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John Carter

I wonder if he knows his name is stolen from a Disney Movie. This genius sent this first email out to hundreds of email addresses. How do I know this? Because the idiot included them in the address line instead of the BCC line, so they all appear in the email. When I replied, it was right above a huge block of email addresses that he sent the email out to. I deleted them from this post, to protect the innocent. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!


Let me start by introducing myself I am Mr. Mr. Evans Daniel I was directed by Good luck Jonathan President of Federal republic of Nigeria and the chairman Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, to notify you on the investigation that took place here in Nigeria.

In regards with the investigation that has happened recently here in Nigeria will noticed that you are dealing with some Nigerians who claimed you have money with them and they have failed to make you get the money and you lost so much money during the process, I am currently paying so many people with the same problem, so I have been directed by the Nigeria government to pay you also but due the late registration of your name on the list of the people I have to pay, I will not be able to pay you much because of insufficient fund, so I will only pay you $6,000,000.00 (Six Million dollars only) as compensation to what has happened to you.

I have prepared an ATM CARD on your name and I will advice you to contact the dispatcher to enable him send the ATM CARD to your home below is the contact information of the dispatcher, make sure you contact him and get the ATM CARD.

Mr. John Carter
Remittance Manager,
Oceanic Bank Plc.


Meanwhile be informed that cost of shipment has being settled but the insurance coverage of ATM Card is at your expense.

Get back to the director ATM (Mr. John Carter) to enable him inquire about the cost of the Insurance of your ATM Card to be delivered at your doorstep and keep you informed.

But note this that you will need to pay the sum of $230 for the insuarnce so get back to Mr. John Carter so he can provide you with the details on how to send the insurance fee through Western Union

Fill this form and send it back to him to enable him dispatch your ATM CARD at once.

* Title:_____________________________________.
* First Name:________________________________.
* Last Name:_________________________________.
* Street Address:____________________________.
* City:______________________________________.
* State &Country:___________________________.
*Phone: (Area Code) - Number:________________.
*Fax: (Area Code) - Number:__________________.
* Occupation:________________________________.
* Next of kin:_______________________________.
* Id card/ Driving license:__________________.
Send the above information immediately.

Note: you can also receive your funds through bank to bank transfer but you are going to be requiring paying for the transfer commission as no deduction can be made out of your compensation funds.

Note: The government of Nigeria as seized monies from everybody and cooperate bodies that has participated on the issue.

We seize this opportunity to also warn that anyone or cooperate bodies caught bringing the name of the country to disrepute will be firmly dealt with within the ambit of the law. So you are advice to disregard any email you get from anyone or co-operate bodies and forward the email to us for proper conduct.

On behalf of the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, we are truly sorry for the inconveniences and for what you encounter from the Nigerians that make you lost so much money please speak well about Nigeria in your country as soon as you get this ATM card.

Best regards,

Mr. Evans Daniel

Explain to me what this is all about if that is humanly possible.

Mac Dooshbagg


How are you doing today?

Squeal to your ATM Card, and the information required from you to make the necessary delivery to your house address, without any delay of any form.

Moreover due to our Investigation on this matter, the management found out that your country men have been putting so much interest on your ATM Card. so many of them have been sending us to many email and too many phone calls, telling us how you have sent them to get your ATM Card, and want to come to the country here to claim it, Most of them made us understand that you are dead, some made us to understand that you are very sick and in the hospital, while some tell told us you’re under going Surgery Operation, lots email told us different thing about you.

and the are ready to pay the $300 for the insurance fee so if you know that you are still alive and you want your ATM Card to be delivered to you kindly send the $300 to this information below through Western Union

Receiver name: Fred Tobi
Receiver Address: Lagos Nigeria
Text question: When
Text answer: Today
Amount: $200

Fill the MTCN Number...

The Management wants to know the real fact from you, if all they have told us is the truth, so we can commence delivery in anyone of them, as you have given the go ahead.

Get back to us with immediately, to clarify the fact from your we can get this people arrested

We wait to hear from you.

Thanks and Have a Blessed Day.

Mr John Carter

Why would I want to squeal to my ATM Card?
That makes no sense whatsoever.
Is there anyone in your office that is educated that I might speak to?


are you mad if you know that you are not ready to receive your ATM Card kindly stop emailing me

Mr John Carter

Are you angry with me? Sorry, that was not my intention.

I apologize, but you just seem extremely stupid and I would rather not speak with someone as dumb as you.

No offense.

Could you please put me in contact with a white person? All black people are stupid and smell bad.


Stop emailing me godless joker

I thought you were going to put me in touch with someone intelligent that I could speak to – you know, like a white person.


Why haven’t you answered me, you stupid black monkey?


Does the monkey want a banana?


That was the end. No more responses. I am currently re-baiting him under one of my other profiles.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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