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I know this is probably a foolish thing to do, but I welcome feedback to this website and others. If 419 scammers wish to contact me, curse me out, or whatever - I welcome it! (yes, it will appear on this sight...). I have enough controls in place to eliminate any harm they could possibly do, and I will not open attachments or go to URL's that I am not familar with.

If you are new at scambaiting, and you need leads (emails) to start your scambaiting, contact me at this email address and I will forward you some emails. I receive close to 100 scam emails at work (I maintain my works email server), so I always have extras.

I would also be interesting to tag-team a scammer and compare notes and emails. Let me know if anyone is interested!

If any of you fellow baiters would like your scambaits published on my website, send the documented scambait in pdf form or as a Word document where I will convert it to a pdf. Thank You!

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