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John Williams - Over-Invoiced Contract Scam

This is my favorite bait so far. I will give you the highlights of the bait, and some of the funny conversations that went on (until I get the whole thing arranged and published). This moron, John Williams, actually read all of my emails, and answered my questions and concerns (not to my satisfaction, though...). He spoke (wrote) pretty good English, and this bait went on for about 7 months. The only other characters in this bait were a brief appearance by an incompetent lawyer, and a security company that didn't know what an invoice was. At some point in the bait, I just wanted to see how many times I could call him an idiot and still keep him around (about 12 times!). When it finally ended, he suggested that we part ways (after calling him an idiot for the twelfth time), but still wanted to remain friends and someday meet face to face. That's when I let him have it!

  • The money was $40 million dollars from an over-invoiced contract. His company knew nothing about the money, so he took it from West Africa to a "Security Company" in Holland. He couldn't remove the money from the security company because he was being watched by the government and his company (although no one knew about the money...).
  • He arranged a Power-of-Attorney for me to sign which I tore apart (see the Trophy Page). I called him stupid, called the lawyer stupid, I may have even called his mother stupid too. In the end, he admitted the "lawyer" was incompetent and would never use him again.
  • He needed me to get the money out of the security company because he was being watched, and he didn't have the $30,000.00 for the security keeping fees (demurrage).
  • Look at the logistics of this - he leaves West Africa with $40 million in cash, passes Switzerland to Holland, and puts the money in a security company where he has to pay $30,000.00 that he doesn't have to retrieve it. We argued about this for weeks and I would not let it die. Why did he not put the money in a bank in Switzerland (Swiss Banking Secrecy Laws) where it could be earning interest instead of incurring demurrage charges. He still insists that this was the smart thing to do. I told him it would have been smarter to bury it his backyard (saving $30,000). He didn't like that comment much...
  • I must have called him an idiot 6 times over this.
  • When I finally talked to the people at the security company, they informed me that they scheduled an appointment in 5 days to be in Holland to pay the fees and retrieve the money. I tell them no way I can make it in 5 days - I still have to get my passport, time off work, etc.
  • I ask the security company for an invoice for the fees. They say, "How can we issue you an invoice when you haven't paid the fees yet?" - obviously confusing an invoice with a receipt. We went around on this for days. After finally explaining to him what an invoice was, he said that they don't issue invoices for "security reasons". I tell them nevermind, I am not paying any fees without an invoice. It finally took John to intervene and get me my invoice (after about two weeks).
  • After going back and forth with John over some smaller issues (his ID, the split of the money, etc.) we finally set a date for me to travel to Holland to pay the fees and retrieve the money.
  • I contact the security company to schedule an appointment. They inform me that they can't give me an appointment until the $30,000.00 is paid. This starts a whole new cycle of emails between, myself, John, and the security company.
  • Since they ruined my plans of having them hopelessly waiting at the airport for me to arrive, I decided I needed more proof that this money existed and I wanted John to pay half of the fees. This went on for a little while (throw a few more idiots in there), and John finally sent me an account statement. He also says that a friend loaned him $15,000 that he would pay to the security company for his half of the fees. I explain to him that he is being watched and couldn't deal directly with the security company, to send the fees to me and I would pay them in total. It seems that John doesn't trust me with his $15,000 and that he will have his friend pay it to the security company. He doesn't trust me with $15,000, but trusts me with $40 million...(idiot!)
  • I argue once more about the appointment with the security company - telling them I want to pay the fees in person. This goes on for a while (with me calling everyone an idiot), and at some point John suggests that we call this deal off. Of course, to keep up appearances, he wants me to sign a Power of Attorney, giving him back full rights to the money. I explain the the security company is so stupid, to just burn the original and no one will know. He then tells me he wants to remain friends and meet some day!


I will definitely take your advice. However, I will need you to sign the PoA over to someone else since the document is currently in your name. I will inform you once I am ready for you to sign the document.

It was nice knowing you. I hope we meet face to face one day.

Thank you.


John Williams

Just burn the PoA - you haven't used it except for that idiotic Management Company and they are so clueless they'll never know the difference. You can't be serious - "It was nice knowing you..." - this transaction has been the most frustrating thing I have done in a long time and I am just glad I don't have to deal with you or those morons at the management company anymore. It's like a breath of fresh air...

If you really need me to sign something I will, but I'm telling you that Paul Lang is so stupid, he probably won't even realize anything has changed.


Do you need me to sign a statement or not?

I wouldn't want to hold you up on this business just because we couldn't get along.

I could write it myself if you want. Tell me what you think, and I'll sign it.


I relinquish any interests or claims that I legally have on this fake transaction. I will claim nothing of the fake $40 million that was a direct result of a fake over-invoiced contract from a fake company. I fully relinquish any claims from the fake Asset Managment Company and from their fake account officer, Mr. Paul Lang. I promise not to tell any other person about this fake transaction, because I do not wish to complicate the fake results for the future fake beneficiaries.

I say this, being of fake sound, mind, and body.

Fake Business Partner,

Greg Wilson (fake name)


You can print this out or type it up and I will sign it (but is that really necessary???).

Yes, of course I knew this was a 419 Scam from the very beginning. Do you know how many of these I see in a week? I will give credit where credit is due, you do "speak" or write English a lot better than all of the other scams I have seen. Maybe you are destined for greatness? Nope - you're just a low-life thief and the scourge of mankind. I have had alot of fun stringing you and "Paul" along for all of these months. Listening to your brain-dead excuses and explanations was the best - my friends and I laughed our asses off. The best was how "it was smart to put the money into a security company instead of a bank". That was a classic! Yeah, much better to pay $30,000 than to earn ten times that in interest. The other funny one was "having to pay an arm and leg to open an account". Do you really think this??? If you walked into a bank and said you wanted to deposit 40 million into a new account, they would lick your boots - not make you pay an arm and a leg. If you want to do better at this scam, you should really learn more about business and banking.

Anywho, it's been fun and alot of laughs - I'll send you a link on my webpage so you can read about yourself along with all of my insightful comments (like how stupid you are, etc., etc.). Just think, you'll be famous! Thousands of other scambaiters like myself will read your pathetic story and laugh at you.

It's been nice,

Greg Wilson (yes, of course it's a fake name...)

This "Summary" may seem long to you, but considering that this bait went on for about 7 months - approximately 4 emails a week, plus 4 replies a week, plus emails to the security company - we are talking about approximately 180 emails. And most of the emails were rather long - that is one of the reasons I liked this bait so much - he didn't copy and paste replies, he actually answered all of my questions, and explained, in depth, his logic.

Here is his email address along with the Security Company if you want to say hi;

All Rights Reserved by me to give you whatever freakin' opinion that I want.
This is America, not West Africa, and if you don't like it, too bad!

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