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Degenerate Hospital

This is an ongoing bait. I will give you the the main details, as well as some conversations, quotes, and main points that were made during the course of the bait. This bait is most likely far from over, but I couldn't wait to publish it. A Hospital - National Orthopaedic Hospital in Nigeria, has asked my company for a donation. I am more than willing to accomodate them (with conditions, of course...).

National Orthopaedic Hospital


Hello Friend,

I am very sorry for any inconveniences,that this proposal might cause you,anyway i got your email contacts while i was going through a search engine, and decided to contact you with good faith for your help.It is my pleasure to contact you sir, although i have not met you before , but i want you to consider it as the will of life and also a previlledge to contact you for assistance.

I am Dr. Kabir Abubakar by name and a Medical director of National Orthopaedic Hospital in West Africa, Nigeria. My purpose of writing you this massage is to inform you that we urgently needed your assistance and support.

Sir, we actaully budgeted the total sum of $200,000 USD for the fund raising project and we want you to kindly help us with the little you can afford as your own Good will contribution to enable us complete the building of our National Orthopaedic Hospital project. This is why we needed to contact you for your financial support.

Frankly speaking,our Government has rendered the little support they could, but due to the fact that the project is capital intensive, we are unable to complete the project, that is the reason why we have to contact you.

Meamwhile,if you are willing to support us financially ,you can make your payment via western union money transfer: to the following information's below.

Name of Receiver: Oluwasoji Abiodun Adewoye
Address: Lagos Nigeria .
Text Question: What Color
Text Answer: Color Red
And the ten digit MTCN control numbers

we are waiting for your urgent response.

With regards,
Dr. Kabir Abubakar Ph.D
Medical Director.

Initial Donation Solicitation Letter - talk about lazy - he expects everyone getting this first letter to just send money via Western Union with no questions asked? I'll make him pay for that...

  • If this moron wants a donation from me, he is going to work for it!
  • I ask to see the building plans for the hospital. He sends me thumbnailed drawings of a house - of course this won't do. He responds that his incompetent secretary sent the drawings of the doctor quarters on accident and then he sent me drawings of a small hospital (clinic) that are posted down below.
  • Locating some drawings on the internet was definately not enough work for him, so I told him I needed to see his Business Charter, Corporation Certificate, Medical License, Charitable Institution Agreement, Construction Schedule and Timetable, as well as a complete list of all the Hospital Staff with their contact information. He finally got back to me about 4 days later with the Certificate Of Incorporation, a doctor's certificate, and the names and email addresses of 4 doctors.
  • I ask him what funding does he already have secured and what is the current need. He is careful here not to underplay or overplay his hand - he says that they need $600,000 in total and they have already secured $400,000 giving me a huge window of $200,000. This is actually the one smart move this scammer does, but later it comes back to haunt him. He doesn't want to give me too low a number when I might give more, or ask for too high a number that would scare me away.
  • I tell him that my company's directors will discuss his issue and I'll get back to him. He sends me an 'email a day', hounding me for an answer. Then I recieve this email below;

Hello Payne,

Sir with all the due respect I write you this email with good faith, I just want to know the situations of things between you and your board so as to know the latest decision and conclusion of things.

I have not received or heard from you over 5 days now, so I was wondering what is really going on, I want you to be keeping me updated. What has your board concluded to enable THE HOSPITAL HASTEN UP THINGS.

Thanks and remain bless
Your friend
Dr.Kabir Abubakar

Do you believe the nerve of this buttmuncher? Here's my reply...

Dear Dr. Kabir;

I donít know how this process works in your country, but here in the USA we cover all of the details and discuss all of our options so we can make an informed decision. We do not do anything in haste, so I will politely ask you to refrain from asking us to ďhasten things upĒ, rather rudely I might add. Itís not like we are holding up construction on this project. Our directors did not meet until Friday which I think I discussed with you last Thursday, and we donít work weekends, so you are really talking about 1 day. Decisions involving large sums of money are not made in one day, nor even five for that matter. I already told you that we could see fit of helping you in some way in this endeavor Ė we only have to decide on the extent and enumeration of this help, and what we will need from you. If you donít feel that we progressing fast enough for you, you are welcome to decline our assistance, and go find some speedier help, if that is possible. In your next email to us, I will expect you to be a little more appreciative and a little less rude and ungrateful.

Thank you very much,

Thomas Payne

  • Of course he apologizes profusely!
  • He still sends me annoying emails every day - "awaiting your decision, still waiting, etc." - I make him wait longer because of this.
  • I send him a proposal that I copied and pasted from the internet - it's basically 8 pages of nonsense and legal jargon concerning charitable contributions. The last paragraph I detail for him the my company plans on donating $50,000.00 to his Hospital (with conditions).
  • The main condition of the proposal is that the money will be presented to the hospital at a Presentation Ceremony at the building site, with the representatives of my company, the hospital, the local government officials, photographers, caterers, etc. - oh yeah, we also get a plaque on the wall!
  • A lawyer for the hospital is now involved with the doctor - of course they agree to the contract and sign it, but have a huge problem with the Presentation Ceremony (they actually confuse it with an Opening Ceremony).
  • Some of the other funny points are as follows;
  • The lawyer and doctor inform me that the don't take checks because of fraud.
  • They want me to send half the amount now, and have the ceremony with the rest. They accuse me of holding up construction. They say, "We need to buy bricks and stuff..."
  • This is where the financing details come back to haunt them - I guess they forgot that currently have $400,000 in the bank, and you can buy a lot of bricks with that!
  • In my last email to them (3/31/2009), I ask what this brick buying nonsense is and why are they acting like the Ceremony is holding up construction? I haven't reminded them that they supposedly have $400,000.00 yet...

Hospital Drawings - the top two pictures were sent to me as is - that was their actual size, and it's a house.

The End
This bait ended rather unexpectedly. After explaining about the Presentation Ceremony - my one small request - I never heard from them again. This amazes me because I pledged $50,000.00 to their hospital. If they didn't have the capabilities to pull off this scam or take it any further, you would think they would have passed it off to more accomplished scammers.

All Rights Reserved by me to give you whatever freakin' opinion that I want.
This is America, not West Africa, and if you don't like it, too bad!

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