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Thomas Payne Schulenbergerstein wins the Lottery!

Good day,

This message is directed to you for the purpose of a transaction that is worth US$48,000,000.This transaction is completely legitimate and all legal documents will be provided which will cover you and the funds during the course of this transaction.

I am Eric Elliot by name and i am presently in the Malaysia precisely because of this transaction.If you are interested in this transaction,i will advise you send me an email with the following details:

Full Name :
Tel Number:
Occupation :

The reason for these details to be released to me is for me to be sure i am not corresponding with the wrong person.Note that you are been contacted because of your family name and as such,i must be very sure someoneelse is not playing a fast one on either of us.

If you would like to discuss further about this transaction that is in your family name as an inheritance that you will benefit from,give me a call on my number:+60164657535 or email me back:

Your response will be highly appreciated at this point because this money has been delayed for too long and i would like to finalize the transaction as soon as possible so that i can go ahead with my other client's issues i have at stake. Best Regards.

Eric Elliot

Typical Next-of-Kin Scam where they wait to find out your last name before telling you the name of the client so that they “magically” have the same last name as you, therefore, that is why you were contacted and how you were found on a search. Instead of using my account, I decide to respond using an email account that doesn’t show my last name just to see where it goes –

What is this all about? I don’t understand what you mean “because of my family name” – please explain this!


Dear Thomas,

I really look forward to doing this transaction with you because it is 100% guaranteed that there will be no cause for regrets or whatsoever now or after this transaction.

Your role in this transaction is to be the beneficiary of the funds. The reason why you are a perfect match for this transaction is because of your family name which is the same as the depositors'.

Note that as at the time of the deposit, there was an agreement that was reached between the depositor and the bank which stated that the next of kin must have the same family name with the depositor and also the next of kin must setup an account with the bank where the money is presently located. This is a security protocol to ensure the bank does not pay a wrong individual and in a case where that happens with the new account you setup, the bank will easily be able to trace the funds to wherever it is transferred to.

So this is all on the up and up and all you will need do is follow my instructions and everything will be just fine.

Note that during the course of this transaction, I will be paying majority of the fees to protect you and the funds like legal documents called letter of probate that shows that power has legitimately been relegated to you. This document will cost me $35,000 to procure from the high court of justice. This i will incure single handedly. But after this, I will be broke and will not be able to go further financially in regards to finalizing this transaction. That is where you will come in as the beneficiary/next of kin. You will be contacting the bank directly as the next of kin and you will setup an account with the bank. To setup an account with the bank will cost between the ranges of $500 - $1,500.This will be coming from your own side to setup an account that will be operational in your name so that the total of $48.3m will be rechannelled to your new account which you will setup with the bank and from the new account, you can transfer to your nominated bank account in your country.

I hope you understand the content of this message. Kindly get back to me if you are prepared for us to get started so that i can start with the legal documentation immediately because that is the first step to be taken.

Waiting to hear from you.

Eric Elliot.

This is great! He says that the depositor has the same family name as me and there is an agreement with the bank that the Next-of-Kin MUST have the same surname as me. I am not going to tell him my name just to see him struggle!

What is the name of the person in question? And what document could possibly cost $35,000.00 to get.


The name of the deseased is also thomas same as your name,and am incuring all the document that will back you up as the rightful beneficiary next of kin.Documents like the probate certificate and death certificate and proof of owner ship and certificate of lega presentation.

Notice he won’t say a name! It is a contest of wills!

I was asking you to tell me his full name so I could see if he was a relative or not. Please let me know what his full name is. Thank you.


This is where I messed up and I lost the contest of wills. I accidently replied to him using my account, instead of the account. Oops…

His fill name is Lee Thomas Payne.

Kindly send to me you complete information so we can proceed on this transaction i really look forward to do this business with you.

When he sent me this reply, I freaked! I wondered how the hell did he get my fake last name (Payne). Then I realized I accidently sent it from t.payne instead of Thomas.s – I use Microsoft Outlook for email and I have about 12 different email accounts I use for work and personal, so it was an understandable mistake. I was mad at myself because I wanted to see him struggle and thought to myself, “How can I recover from this?”. So I sent this next email…

Then we seem to have a problem – My name is Thomas Payne Schulenbergerstein– Payne is my middle name, not my surname, like your client’s. Since we don’t have the same family name which was a prerequisite for receiving the money, I don’t see how we can proceed. That’s horrible, because I could have really used that money and I was looking forward to this business deal. Now you can see why I don’t use my last name in my email addresses (because of the length).


When I typed this email, I expected him to say that having the same last name didn’t matter, or something like that even though it was a prerequisite in his second email. I didn’t think he would give up when I said I really wanted to help him, except for the name thing. But that was the last I heard from him (sort of…). An hour after I sent this last email with my new made up name (Schulenbergerstein), I win the lottery in Malaysia with that name! An hour after I made it up! I traced the IP Address and surely enough, it was from Malaysia. At first, I thought Eric Elliot sold or passed on my name to another scammer, until I re-read his first email saying, “I am Eric Elliot by name and i am presently in the Malaysia precisely because of this transaction…”

Malaysia Government Accredited Licensed Promoters!
TICKET NUMBER:023-1111-790-458
Wangsa Maju
10, Jalan 1/27B, Sek 1
Bandar Baru Wangsa Maju
53300 Kuala Lumpur

Dear (Winner)Thomas Payne Schulenbergerstein,

This email is to notify you that this email address was randomly selected and entered into our free Third Category draws. You have subsequently emerged a winner and therefore entitled to a substantial Amount of $552,000.00 U.S Dollars. For further information, kindly confirm receipt of this email, by forwarding Your Details as states below;

(a) Your full Name:......................
(b) Contact address:..........................
(c) Your Telephone:.....................
(d) Your Age:...........................
(e) Your occupation:.......................
(f) Your country of origin:................
dispatching agent;
Mr James Young
Telephone: +60164657535

Thank you.
Yours Sincerely,
Award Notification Team

This moron really wanted me bad! I have yet to respond to the Lottery winnings - I was hoping he would try to reel me back in as the Next-of-Kin if I didn't respond to the Lottery, but nothing yet.

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