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What is Scambaiting?

Scambaiting first was discovered by the Ancient Greeks in 814BC when the Greek Citizens of Sparta and Athens found papyrus scrolls on their doorsteps detailing how if they would pay 20% of the crops up front to become partners with the Carthaginians, that they would receive 80% of their crops after harvest time. The citizens of Carthage (modern-day Tunisia) renegged on their promise and kept everything for themselves. This precipitated into what is now better known as the Punic Wars. This ancient advance-fee fraud kept going until 146BC, the Third Punic War, where the Romans destroyed Carthage.

In the modern sense, scambaiting is defined as responding to a scam email and pretending that you are interested in what they are offering, and posing as a potential victim. This raises the question as to "Why do it?". There are different answers to this question depending on your school of thought concerning scambaiting. Two reasons seem to be common among all scambaiters - wasting the Fraudsters time and that it can be extremely funny!

Schools of Thought of Popular Scambaiting Websites/Personalities

Gilbert Murray of
Gilbert is a true artist. He is to scambaiting what Shakespeare is to literature. Gilbert's main purpose seems to be to see how many times he can get them to visit Western Union or MoneyGram with the bogus money transfers. Gilbert is original in his thoughts, because not only does he have them scurrying around town trying to collect their ill-gotten gains with fake transfer numbers, he has them trying to cash Money Transfer Services that don't exist because he made them up (TWATS, GIMPS, FUCWITS, Etc.). Gilbert's talents run deeper than just having them run around town - the way he belittles the advance fee fraudsters is by far the funniest thing I have ever seen. Three things you will learn about Gilbert in his scambaiting - properly address him, avoid spelling errors, and never, ever type with your CAPS Lock on.

The Group from TSB of
This group is truly the epitome of hard-core scambaiting. Not only will you be able to read tons of hilarious scambaits, you can get advice, Scambaiter's Tools, and critiques of your own scambaits. One of the funniest things you will ever read is "TF's Freight Bait" where he sends old computer junk to a scammer and has the scammer pay for shipping. The scammer ended paying almost $2000.00 for shipping for what he thought was new laptop computers when he really ended up with a huge box of old computer junk! You have not experienced anything in scambaiting until you have done a "TSB Mass Bait", where dozens of TSB Scambaiter's "attack" a scammer with bogus "victim's" replies. Very funny! TSB is the biggest online Scambaiter Community and is a must for the seasoned scambaiter!

Calvin Huckle of
Calvin is unique in respect to the other popular scambaiters as it seems to be his main goal to force the scammers to use up their minutes on their calling cards, thus costing them money. Scammers generally use mobile satellite phones with calling cards to try to remain untraceable to law enforcement - these calling cards in their respective countries can be quite expensive (around $5.00 per minute). In Calvin's scambaits, it is not unusual to see calls from scammers exceeding 10 minutes (some, alot more...). All calls from scammers are taped and including in his website. Calvin has also went out of his way to warn potential victims of the scammers attempts when they mistakingly including email addresses in the cc: line of emails. Well done Calvin!

The group from
The guys from have mixed goals in their scambaits. They range from wasted trips to Western Union to waiting at an airport with a placard. After reading the scambaits on this website, you get a little of everything from the experience; thrills, chills, adventure, romance, loss, etc., along with the usual hillarity that accompanies any good scambait!

The group from
This group is also unique in their purpose as they try to obtain "trophies" from their victims. These trophies take the form of pictures of the scammers holding hillarious signs, pictures of scammers in their underwear or with new piercings, actual wood carvings that had to take a fair amount of time, videos of scammers rehearsing a script, and endless pages of written text. They even go as far as to scam the scammers out of money!

The group from
This website is my favorite, based on the quality of the scambaits and the sheer number of them. This site is also regularly updated, so you can always read new scambaits. If you are one for variety, this is the site for you! Read the adventures of Lewd Noogie, Eliza Dane, Harold Stassen, and all the rest for a purely enjoyable time!

MACS Bait Store - if you didn't realize this by now, MACS spells SCAM backwards...
I am not going to pretend that I am in the same class as any of these other scambaiters. My artistic talent is somewhere below Lindsey Lohan and Vin Diesel. I do not have the time, patience, or creativity to come up with the storylines and adventures that my counterparts do. I am not saying that mine aren't funny - they are just more on a straight-forward approach. I belittle my scammers, poke holes in their logic, and see how many times I can call them an idiot. In one of my favorite scambaits, I called the scammer an idiot 12 times before he finally suggested that we part ways. My whole purpose is to make the scammers work as hard as possible to please me, explain things that don't make sense, or to take their well-rehearsed script into new directions. For me, the climax is at the end, where I finally give the scammer the kiss-off when I am sick of them or feel that they are on to me. Mind you, these are difficult to read because I get very vivid in my contempt of these low-life bottom feeders (I suggested to one scammer to not only take his own life, but to slit the throats of his parents for having such ignorant children, and to slit the throats of his children to prevent them from growing up to be like them). I know, pretty harsh...I obviously have some issues!

Choose a scambaiting style or develop one of your own and come join the fun!

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