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All comments submitted will be reviewed by us at MACS Bait Shop before posting. We reserve the right to post whatever comments we feel like! If we don't like you, then we probably won't post your stupid comment!

Hello, thanks for visiting my website! I have been a big fan of alot of the scambaiting websites out there. We need to get more people involved with scambaiting, so we can really make a difference. If you want to comment about this website or any others, add tips for scambaits, or anything else, just fill out the Info Form below.
Mac S. Reggin

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Type in your comments or questions and be as explicit as you want. Not only is cursing allowed, it is encouraged!

Here's a response when I asked the scammer if he liked begging from white people...
Greg Wilson
Correct me if Caucasians are not piggy thieves who came to my Father Land (AFRICA), my Fathers welcomed the pigs with open hands and in return these pigs with the barrel of gun took my ancestors to there country forced them into slavery to build there country and still keep them as salves?
You pigs came back to share boundaries in Africa, stole our God given Natural resources for over 300century, and you have the effrontery to talk back at me? take a look at yourself on the mirror and tell yourself what you see, smelling pig.
I am a PROUD AFRICAN who is endowed with what yo can never have.

My newest technique is to send this email in reply to scam emails...
If you tell me why you have to beg from white people, I will help you out with some money.
I just want to understand why you do this?
If you tell me why to have to lie and beg, I will send you money but only if you are honest.
If you are not honest, then I will give you nothing and don't contact me again.
I just want to understand why.

Mac .

Thank you my dear Mac,
I will tell you since it comes from your heart to asked me this,and it also comes from my heart to explained to you this situation, so you will help me,i lost my parents from motor accident when i was 10 years old, and the grand mother to my mummy could not control the pains earlier before 7 years and she died over heart attack, so now i tried to go into business line but nobody can accept me due to no families or even having anybody who can deposit cash at hand till the period of 1 year when i will learned the business and start on my own, so this is what brings me to beg from white people in other to get money and go through business line in steady of to thief, i wish if you help me,you will become my God, my father and my mother who i have in this life.

My name is Michael,
I am waiting to hear from you God bless you.

ECO Bank -

Recent insult from a scammer...
He was mad when I asked him if he liked begging from white people...

We Black Help the wight to eat because of there stupid lazy We Black help wight cont to see food because they have noting to offer The wight believe they will eat from Government because they are lazy A black Man roue the world you know and he roue you for 8 years, It is only the wight produce the highness sickness in the world where they are sleeping with difference kind of animal in the zoo, It is only wight sleep with there mother sisters and bone like pig waoow stupid wight talking to a black who is hard working in the filed of every skill .
Get your stupid lazy body out of my site Idiot baga.

Barrister ISAAC Opkanachi

Response from a scammer...
Another response to a scam email after I said -- "Do you like begging from white people, poor little beggar? I love watching you stupid fools beg from us like dogs. Do you see why the whole world hates Nigerians? You are too stupid to get a real job so you beg from white people. Very funny."

pls i beg of you Sir can you send me some money i hardly eat plz do this for me even if is $50 i will so much be grateful to you all my life

Mrs Gladys Obi

Response from a scammer...
My response to his scam email -- "You really love begging don't you. Your stupid parents muts be ashamed of you"



Comment sent to my website...
Please I need help shutting down a scammer, Im selling laptop on CL and he text me offering me twice of what I was asking.
He wants me to send him a paypal invoice so he can deposit the money, when I refused and told him good luck scamming someone else he replied with a text that says He text me that his paypal email is

Please Im no computer saavy help me shutting down this scammer.


Response to RC
Hello RC;

Yes, CraigsList is a Haven for scammers. My advice is to be smart. Meet any prospective buyers in person only, in a busy, public place, with another person, if possible. Don't accept checks, "Paypal" notices, wire transfers, etc. - cash only. Unfortunately, except for reporting their profile to CL, there is nothing much more you can do. They are most likely out of the country so the police can't do much. Being smart when buying or selling online is a scammer's worst nightmare. If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is. The scammers work the CL Scam a few different ways - either a fake check for more than the amount, so you have to forward the rest for "Shipping" to a fake shipper abroad, or a fake PayPal notification.

BTW - if you want me to respond to you directly, either include your email address or send the message to my email address on the website.

Good luck, be careful, and thanks for the message!


Comment sent to my website...
Just had this scammer begging me to be his daddy and to help him get his two boxes out of Benin..
I baited him a bit, but when I lost my temper and tolld him I knew he was a cheating scum all the venom came out..

He rained the filthiest language and some idiot African Curses on me and my family.. Tee Hee..

I think I touched a nerve somehow..

What a moron, my cat could have worked out his emails were scams the grammar and spelling and syntax was the usual scammers illiterate crap..

I might be an older generation but I am no fool..
I congratulate all of you baiters out there.. NAIL Them..

Cheers to all and this excellent website..

From Alexander The Great..

Response to Alexander
Hey, welcome

I am still waiting for a full-length, all-inclusive, scambait from you! I love the rants that you send me but I want to read an entire scambait from you from beginning to end. Let everyone see your creativity - it has to be better than mine! Scambaiting is fun because you can invent a storyline, add new characters, and see where the story goes. It's like being an

Thanks for the message!


Comment sent to my website...
Hi Macs!
Good job, I use your scambaits keep alive my English, (I'm Italian) because I have the opportunity to learn and have , at the same time, lots of fun. Thank you for all, and of course thank you for the social work to stop these scams.

Dariush ....

Response to Dariush
Hi Dariush, I'm glad you liked my site...

I don't think you want to get better at speaking English by reading my scambaits - lol. Most of my scambaits with these fools don't have the kind of English you should be learning! Joking aside, I am glad you liked my scambaits and hope you get involved - remember, a scammers worst nightmare is a scambaiter!

Thanks for the message!


Comment sent to my email...
Dear Mack, LOVE your website..
I have also indulged a bit of scambaiting..
Had this so called Barriester, you u know the classic con..
But when I finaly had enough and told him that he is a cretin and an idiot he started to BEG me to help him.. Unreal..
I noticed that some of these illiterate morons get touchy when the victim turns tables on them etc..
Here are Emails from this Barrister..
Enjoy the laugh..
Publish on your website if you want to..

Alexander the Great ....

Response to Alexander the Great
Hi Alexander, I'm glad you liked my site...

I published the scambait you sent about the Gold Scam in the Viewer's Scambaits Section.

I hope I see more scambaits from you. Please put the emails in order to help me publish your scambaits correctly. Thanks for visiting my site!

Thanks for the message!


Comment sent to my website...
Excellent Website..
I get hundreds of emails from the illiterate cretins..
The sad thing is that there are many old folk out there who are not greedy, but honestly want to help others..
My friends nana was scammed by the Classic Charity Scam..

I also like indulging in Scambaiting.. But I do not have as much time or patience to screw with these sad pathetic cretinous retards..

Love the website..
Keep up the good work..

Samantha ....

Response to Samantha
Hi Samantha, I'm glad you liked my site...

Regarding your comment - If you are just participating by sending an email every few days, how long does that take? Every little bit helps. You are right, the elderly are prime targets for these scammers, especially charity scams or "Relatives in Trouble" Scams, where someone poses as a grandson or nephew, etc., and is in trouble in another country and needs financial help. These are real common and what people post on Facebook and other social websites are a major cause of it. A scammer can get names of relatives of someone on there and create a fake email account to solicit help from a caring relative - it is sick...

Hopefully you will find some time to mess with these idiots - at least warn people who are not familar with these types of scams!

Thanks for the post!


Comment sent to my website...
I love your site, I never knew the culture of scambaiting even existed until the other day when I came across this gold mine of win.

My sister (being 17 and retarded) got caught up with these bastards a few years ago through craigslist, their pitch was that they needed her to clean a house in the states and she will get prepaid $1,000 but will have to forward $200 of the $1,200 check to them for "taxes" or whatever. After she told me about it I checked the IP address to find that it was coming from Nigeria (even though they said they were from England and were buying a house in our state). She was dumb enough to give them the address before I could warn her and we actually got the bullshit check in the mail, sadly we sent it to the local police and never heard of it since.

After looking at this website I kind of wish I kept that check. Keep up the good work and this has inspired me to get into this myself :D. I've done pedobaiting before on facebook, but this is equally as awesome. Where do you usually get started?

Response to JC
Hello JC, thanks for the message and I'm glad you found my site...

Regarding your comment - it's been my experience that there are more scammers on Craigslist, than honest people. You did the right thing with the check, but do not contact that scammer again. Once they know your real address, drop all contact with them. That is RULE ONE on scambaiting - remain anonymous. I am glad that you are interested in helping out cause - we need all of the help we can get. I was surprised when I started to see all of the resources and scambaiting web sites out there as well. If you want help or need any advice on how to begin and want to remain anonymous, then email me back at this website using the address found on the Contact Page.

I hope to hear from you via email and welcome to the fight!!!

Another comment by Stanhope Imah, who still can't get over the fact that I betrayed

debbie,it is me standhope. This is my new yahoo account.. Are u now happy? Hav'nt u done that which was your mind? Only God knows that i never came to u for money. I recieved u sincerely in my heart,i was happy that my dream of being a father was about to come through,But u deprived it from me. U called me a scammer which i never in my life dreamed of. U made me go through pains,and now you have posted filts about me. I meant all i said to u but u never believed me, u never for once gave me the chance to prove to u that i realy care. U were carried away by only your own self interest. U never for once considered me just as i took u as if i had known u for a long time. U made fun of me out of your own interest. I never for once took all these things into account because i realy loved u. U came on the way and started telling me that u are a man. How did i wronged u since i started posting mails to u? Have i for once cursed u? All i did was just for ur own happiness i never thought of myself, because u was the one i thought surpose to care for me in return,but u never for once did. I knew i was fast to tell u that i loved u because i realy did and was afraid that i might lose u to another man. I was troubled in my spirit to open up to u, i did. but what did i get in return? Hatred and total rejection. U made me made up my mind never to share tears again but hear i am with full of tears in my heart unable to bear it. Yet u ar'nt yet satisfied. You are a laddie yet u could'nt detect that i truely loved u, all u did was to lie to me that u was guy. Thank u so much.. Bye
Standhope Imah (

This was a comment from a Romance Scammer after he found out that I was not attractive and alluring Debbie Dawson, but a man who just wanted to make fun of him...
u lied to me..u betrayed my trust..i never know u,yet i trusted u,i opened up my heart to you..thinking that u were what u said u were..u had the mind to wicked me..,u claimed that men does'nt cry..But this secrete tears i sheared because of u,u will shear it 100 folds in the hands of people like u....if i had been real to u,if i had trusted u,if i had hoped of making u happy,if i had prayed for God to touch u to love me,if i had shared tears because of u and if realy u broke my heart right now,u shall never go unponished..But if i have tricked u or lied to u,then may God punish me..if i realy wanted to lay down my life for whome u claimed to be then u can never see good in ur life...but all i want u to know is that i must marry a white woman who will love me,give me all the cares i need,and love me for who i am..Since what u have done to me seems good to u,that u will meet all ur life....take care
Standhope Imah (

Email to my website...
Awesome web-site sincerely,

My Response to nsnikkijamess2...
Thanks for reading Nikki. I enjoy making fun of these pathetic fools and they never fail to surprise me with their stupidity. I will have new scambaits uploaded soon...
Thanks, MAC

Email to my website...
Great work you doing. The only complaint is the time I wasted reading all your scams. Some of them are great.
Keep it up
Im also from Africa, South Africa but not one of those idiots.

My Response to GV...
Thanks for writing GV...I am glad you liked my scambaits...You think that you wasted time reading them, imagine the time they took to converse with them...It is well worth it though and can be extremely funny!
Thanks, MAC

Email to my website...
It might be a good idea to deface all of your trophies as there are a lot here that the lads can reuse against potential victims.

My Response to F.N...
Thanks for writing F.N...Yes, you are correct, it is good practice to deface ID's and other documents so that the scammers can't use them from my website. I do this (for the most part) on the realistic-looking documents and for the ID's. But for the silly-looking, obvious ones - it is my opinion that if they want to use them, then more power to them. I would rather have scammers use the silly-looking ones that I don't deface, then possibly getting another one that looks more realistic. Thanks for checking out my site and thanks for your suggestion! I will look over my trophies and make sure all of the ones that should be defaced, are.
Thanks, MAC

Email to my website...
I have also speak with brett_charles, he have profile on facebook and I reporter him to us soldier dating scam grup on facebook

My Response to Florentina...
Thanks for writing - unfortunately reporting them usually doesn't do much good. These fools operate out of internet cafes and even if you get their profile shut down, they just create a new one. The worse thing you can do to these fools is to act like a compliant victim and lead them on, wasting their time. But be careful in doing so...
Love, MAC

Email to my website...


james woodhouse

My Response to James Woodhouse...
Well James, that a mighty insightful comment you posted here - seems like you are taking this personally. You may want to re-direct your anger to those that have besmirched the name of your countryman. You also seemed a bit confused (and stupid) - who exactly do you think I am cheating? I am cheating your countrymen from begging from innocent people, that's about it. Does that make you mad?
Love, MAC

Anonymous Email to my website...
Im a simple man from the philippines and thank to our GOD lord jesus Christ to searc the name of this man barr walter ashdown and ive found out there are many victims from his scam, earlier he send me an email with attachment his identification and claim form. i was being giving my info ang fill out the claim form, and God spoke to me that i should check this man and i found out that he is a fake. like other person comment that he looks like tony blair from his id. thanks and i reply to his email that he should stop from this doing, thanks you guys GOD BLESS
Name withheld

My post into my Scambaiting Forum ---
See, that's my whole problem in baiting...
I am not imaginative enough to devise a plan of attack --- I just attack.
I've had a couple airport safari's, I have no trophy pics where I make them pose, and I rarely send them to MoneyGram or WU.
Maybe I need to rethink my strategy instead of just calling them complete and utter morons...
Thomas Payne (me)

Response from a veteran Scambaiter on the Forum ---
To paraphrase the late Gary Coleman, wut'choo talkin' bout, thomas?!

Your baits may be short compared to others, but they're damned effective. You had Victor Blay so paranoid that he probably didn't accept email from anybody for the better part of a month. I wonder how many times in that month he received a letter from a would-be victim and replied by calling his mother a fat whore. It's a rare gift to be able to attack a scammer that thoroughly. You shouldn't question yourself; you should take a bow.
Veteran Scambaiter (anonymous)

I found your site on accident and wow I'm glad I did. This is great! I got a few good laughs out of it. I've tried to mess with scammers much like you do, but I get nowhere, I guess I insult them too early. idk. You rock, I think I could find regular entertainment in your site.

You only got a FEW LAUGHS out of my site??? Just kidding - I'm glad you liked the site! Don't give up on scambaiting. We need all the help that we can get. When I started, my first baits were not not that successful - It takes a little while to get used to it to see what you can get away with. You would not believe how much good you are doing by scambaiting - plus, it is extremely funny! If you need help, tips, or suggestions then contact me from this site. Thanks.

Just curious. Why don't you have the scammers run to Western Union or pose for silly pictures like the other scambaiting websites do? Those are hilarious!

Thanks for the response and love the name! We all have our different scambaiting styles and mine is more straightforward - I go for duration and lots of insults!!! Some of my baits, though they may seem short, last months and months, getting insulted at every turn. I think what some of the other websites are doing with the pictures and endless trips to WU or MG are great, but I chose a different path! Thanks for the comment!

I just read your scambait titled Confessions of a Scammer and I was laughing my ass off! I cant believe that idiot put up with all of your shit! I have never seen worse mental abuse heaped upon these scumbags before in my life! Well done

Thanks for the response, Rick! The funny thing was that in the chats, I wasted as much time as he did (although I had my other computer going as well, getting work done). I was so sick of him that I intentionally tried to get rid of him with the insults and this moron would not go away!!! He sat there and took it - even when he got mad at me, he came crawling back, begging like a dog!

I want a man who has no sin or have been righteous since birth indicate himself here. Lol! Please,i know how it pains being ripped off your hard earned stuff. I have been through that grieve before but i realised that this fake people,aren't really doing this for fun but out of frustration. All we need do for them is just bring their soul close to God. I have done it twice it worked. Thanks @ all.

Thanks for the response! I'm sorry that I cannot agree with your bleeding heart - these idiots are the scum of the Earth. They do as they do because they are stupid and lazy and would rather sit on their ass and steal than find an honest job. Praytell, how exactly do you know why they are doing what they are doing? Hmmmm...interesting? (a scammer reading my scambaits, maybe?)

It's good to be good. Instead of cursing and making things complicating for these fake (young/old) boys and girls,show them the way to real life. Make them know there's more to life than just ripping off innocent people. Get them close to God (the author and finisher).

Keep it up!

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, these morons care nothing about God or doing what's right. This is evident in their scams as they use and quote God in their scam letters. How pathetic is that? Using the name of God to steal from innocent people...

This was a comment posted in the Scambaiting Forum about the scambait titled "Cooch of Blood" that I posted in the scambaits section.

OK, off that subject.....thomas, your emails are fucking hilarious!!

Quote from one of my Romance Baits...
I used to play Operation alot with the neighbor kids but that turned into this whole big thing - how some people jump to conclusions - anywho, I got out in 18 months so it wasn't that bad.

For some reason, that one really had me in stitches!!

I think your bait here should be posted as a teaching tool. It's the best illustration of script and how these people operate without any feeling or caring whatsoever. It shows how easily a vic is fooled into thinking they are recieving personal responses. It is VERY revealing. To anyone not involved in baiting or otherwise "in the know", I think it would make an astounding impression upon them.
Poster from the Bulletin Board

Thanks everyone for the feedback! I will say that in this bait I went over the edge a little! "She" just caught me by surprise with the "Period" email.

*shudder*, am now traumatized by 'cootch of blood', am so sad by this (and I have near a half century of dealing with 'the fairer sex', but holey shit, how fucking romantic is this crap lolol?)

Yikes! *shudder again*
Anonymous Poster

Yeah, "Cooch of Blood" is truly a disgusting scambait! To think "she" was using this angle to solicit money from me???

Man I love it. Kudos to you pal. I have been reading scamorama for ( at least a year ). I like it, but this man is ( sometimes ) too nice to them. I love the way you BLAST them at the end. Of the few e-mails I get from those morons, I try to generate a response by insulting them at first mail back. I guess I have to string them along for a while before I (give em the shit). While I am sitting here doing Photoshop, for my aerial photo business, everyday,,, I would like to mess with more of those assholes, (while waiting for "proof prints" to come out of my printers) My question is... How can I get my ( address into more of their faces so as I can fuck with them, more so than I do now. OR do you think they understand what the E-mail address means? Do you know of any GOOD mugu, guymen, guestbooks? Thanks alot and keep up not letting them "chop your dollars". (Those idiots even have a song for what their bullshit)

Thanks for the response! I glad you liked my website. Yeah, Im a little different than my other fellow scambaiters I have little tolerance for them! I love Scamorama thats what I modeled my site after very funny and lots and lots of scambaits! Mine are usually shorter than others because I have no patience with these low-life bottom feeders. To protect his identity, the rest of my response has been deleted...

When are you gonna put up that "queen of hearts" bait? i'm dying to read it!

Hello Cygnus - thanks for reading! Queen of Hearts kind of fell by the wayside - I have so many baits to put up yet, and that one is so long! With Annie, and the Travel Agency, there are hundreds of emails...One of the biggest difficulties with putting this bait together in chronological order (so it makes sense), is that she used 5 different email addresses!
If you go to Scambaiting Highlights, Page 2, it gives you the summary of the bait. One of these days I will put the whole thing together, but it will take a while!

SEE YOU ON xxxxxxx (Bulletin Board)!!!

I am honored to meet the "REAL" Charles Soludo! I'm glad you are a fan of my site and I hope you mended your evil ways!

Yo! That's the funniest damn thing I've read in a while. I just went through the same thing with "frank Wong", of the "Tum Ting Wong" family. I can't believe these maggots keep it up. I guess they ran out of little old ladies to snatch purses from. What's worse is that people keep falling for it. Thanks for the chuckle. (Poontang - that's great!)

Thanks for the comment Teabag (is that your real name? How unfortunate...). I'm glad you liked my scambaits! Was your Frank Wong bait a Hang Seng Scam? Feel free to document it and send it to me so I can post it - I love reading other people's scambaits. Once again, thanks a lot!

I found your site on's links page. Your baits are very good and I look forward to reading how they turn out. Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks Kimberly! I appreciate your comments and I want to thank Calvin for his support on 419 Hell. I know my baits are more straight forward and direct than Calvin's and the other scambaiter's - the truth is I have little tolerance for these idiots! I'm trying to act the part better instead of just insulting them every chance I get, but it's tough! Anywho, thanks for the comment and I'm glad you liked the baits!

I just read your scambait - And Justice For All... That was freaking hilarious! Are those scammer's really that stupid? I look forward to reading more of your baits when I get more time!
Steven S.

I'm glad you liked it Steven! That is becoming one of my favorites and it is still going on (4/7/2009)! I actually showed the Chief Justice my website but it has been continuing with the doctor! The "Judge" asked me not to tell the Doctor that I was baiting him! Do you believe that? The rest of the emails will be posted shortly!

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This is America, not West Africa, and if you don't like it, too bad!

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