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Scambaiting Trophies

Winning trophies from 419 Scammers is the goal of many scambaiters. I will admit, some are pretty cool (referring to, where one baiter actually has a 419 scammer carve a wooden bust of his head!). The pictures of scammers holding the ridiculous signs (Agent Scully having a 419 scammer holding a sign that says, "I love Fags", in membrance of her long, lost dog) are really funny, but on this website, trophies are just gravy. As I said before, my main goal is to piss them off and make their job as hard as possible! I had one scammer edit and redo a "Memorandom of Understanding" six times before he actually told me that the MOA Agreement wasn't necessary anymore! My trophy page is basically assorted crap that the 419 scammers have sent me, and my official critque of their stupidity.

Michelle Obama
This was sent to a friend of mine (Alotta Fosters). It seems that one of the First Lady's responsibilities is to ensure deliveries of ATM Cards from foreign governments to American citizens. As long as they pay the fees of

It also seems that they do not know how to spell "License" in Washington, DC.

Central Bank of Africa Governor
I "discovered" that the idiot that I was talking to, who said he was the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor was a fake! Instead of giving up the scam, this moron emailed me the NEXT DAY, as a member of Interpol, to tell me that the fake governor I was talking to was arrested by the EFCC. He sent these pictures along in the email, and was determined to continue the transaction that he should have had no part of! Since when does Interpol arrange the affairs between dead bank customers and people posing as their next of kin (me)? This bait is still ongoing (03/25/2010), and I seemed more concerned about the fake governor being prosecuted for his crimes than sending the $3150 for transfer fees...

Tim McCarron ID - Fidelity Investments
Not a bad looking ID - he sent me the work ID first and I asked to send me a Driver's License or Passport (more work for him...). The passport isn't a bad forgery, except for the fact that it has the same exact picture as his Work ID. So either it's a forgery, or he happened to get his work ID on the same day as his passport and miraculously struck the same pose.

Sharon Lomogan ID
This is one of the few trophies I received from this idiot (see Contract Payment Form below). This really isn't a bad looking fake ID - the biggest problem with it is that she says, "I am Miss Sharon Lomogan, 18 years old, a citizen of Cape Verde Island. I am the child of my late parents. I write you to seek refuge in your country and to further my education in your country. I am a secondary school graduate and wish to complete my education to be higher level."

If you look at the birthdate on the Passport she sends me, it means she is 20 years old (born 1/1/1989).

Ben Jones ID
I am totally disappointed with this idiot's attempt at an authentic looking official ID. Would this silly looking thing fool anyone? I love how next to "Holder Sign", instead of signing it, he writes "Jones" in a curvy font. What a dipshit!

This bait ended prematurely because of my insistance of a brochure or prospectus from his company. He already told me that his web site was down due to hacking and he couldn't give me a prospectus or brochure for "security reasons".

I told him nevermind - then he finally decides to give me a "prospectus". He writes "Company Prospectus" in an email, and then lists under it what his loan terms are. Obviously this pillow-biter doesn't know what a prospectus is...

Paulina Aiji Pictures (rich orphan)
The reason I included these pics in the Trophy Gallery is because the idiot scammer told me her name was Paulina Aiji, then sent these pictures that were named Linda01 and Linda02. "She" obviously got her scams mixed up because after complaining about being sick, and the horrible conditions in the refugee camp, she signed her name as Linda. I replied, "Yeah, I can see you are in dire straights because you've seem to have forgotten your own name. You might want to write it down on your hand if this happens alot."

Power of Attorney
This document comes from my favorite scambait to date. I have not yet documented all of the emails from this bait yet, so it does not appear on this website. This scambait has well over 100 emails, and lasted for about 7 months (that's a guess). This moron, John Williams, spoke (wrote) very good English and actually read all of my emails and addressed all of my concerns. This makes him a dangerous scammer, but to listen to his explanations and excuses, you will see that he is a complete and utter moron. I will go into this scambait in more detail later, on the Highlights Page. The main reason I wanted to include this Power of Attorney on the Trophy Page was _________ ? Let's see if you can spot the main problem with it. Give up? Can a Power of Attorney only have one signature? No witness or second party or notary public? If a Power of Attorney only required one signature, I would be creating them left and right - one for Queen Elizabeth's jewels, one for Bill Gate's bank account, etc. When "John" sent this to me, I went off on how stupid the lawyer was and how he deserved to be shot and he must have gotten his law license from a Cracker Jack box, etc. - knowing full well that "John" probably created this document. He was offended at first, but finally admitted I was right and blamed the "lawyer" for this mistake.

Schickelgrubensteinowictz Death Certificate
I received a Next-of-Kin Scam Letter where I was contacted because I shared the same last name as the dead fellow. I wanted to see if this moron would actually make the documents with some ridiculously long, silly last name. And he did! He made a Death Certificate, Deed of Will, and Certificate of Deposit all with my last name!

One other point about Death Certificates - if you are familiar with these from scambaiting, but you have ever seen a real one, then you'll know what I'm going to say; read the "Cause of Death". Did a doctor prepare this? You would think it would have medical terminology. I actually have one that says, "Poisoned by Uncle".

Loan Scam
This trophy is pretty funny for the fact the me and the "loan officer" went back and forth over his website and brochure. Whenever I get a Loan Scam email, I request website details along with a brochure or prospectus from the Loan Company. This usually results in the website being down for updates and not being able to send me a brochure for security reasons. This moron tells me I have to send the money first and then he will send his web details. We go back and forth on this (with me insulting him at every turn...). He finally sends me his Official Company Website which happens to be from a free web service. I know it's small, but the site consists of less than 30 words, and not only does he misspell "Financial", he also misspells his own name!

The White House
This isn't a trophy so much as it is something I like to do with my bait victims. Not wanting to give them my phone number, I would usually say I didn't have a phone or refuse to give out my number. This will usually cut a bait short, because you lose credability with the scammer. So I started giving out this number to the scammers as my phone number - 202-456-1414. This is the Official Phone Number of the White House! I've had scammers tell me that they called "my number" and they said there was no one there by my name. I wasn't sure if this was true, because scammers will sometimes say they called when they really didn't (they want you to call them...). Then, I had one scammer say "I called you but they say no one by that name is here that it is white house" - I don't think the Scammer realized it was THE WHITE HOUSE!

Common ID - Common Scam!
I've had the Hang Seng Bank Bait, which I'm sure any active Baiter is familiar with, about a dozen times (exaggeration). Every time I've had it, it has been with this picture on an ID.

All of the Hang Seng Bank scams I have dealt with also involve setting up an account with an online bank thru a fake bank website. Usually the bank itself is real, but they re-direct you to a fake website made up to look like the real bank's website. If you ever have one of these, check out all the links - usually none of them work except for the ones they specifically want you to use.

The last one of these I had, he directed me to the bank's website, but I told him I opened up the account already at the bank real website. He was pissed that I didn't follow his lead - I asked him what's the difference, I now have an account with that bank - then he decides to open up an account with another fake online bank and that I have to follow his directions! He justifies this by saying that he found out we would have to pay enormous fees for the money transfer - I alleviate his fears by saying, "I'll ask my new bank rep" - which usually ends the bait!

James Dales ID
This has to be the silliest looking fake ID I have ever seen! Gee, was the head cropped and superimposed on another Passport? I just love the giant head on the little body...

Smith Hooks ID
This moron is one of my earliest scambaits (2007), and I still harrass him to this day (see Hooks on the Hook in Mac's Scambaits). This idiot stated to me that his name was Smith Hooks, but when he forged this Passport, he wrote "Smith Alfonso Hooks" under the Surname (Last Name) space on the passport - and he did it in a different font. If you look in the Given name space it says, "Jesus", which was most likely the Spanish persons real name who the passport belongs to (I admit, it's downright creepy...).

Duplicate ID's
I am in the middle of baiting Thierry Coulibaly as we speak (2/20/2009), and when he sent me his ID. I thought it looked familar, so I looked back about a month, and sure enough, another scambait that I dismissed had the same picture, although a different name. Michael Lopez would not jump through the hoops I was demanding, so I told him to go away. Then a month later, I get Thierry Coulibaly???

This bait is still active as of 2/28/2009 - I asked this moron (Thierry) if he knew someone named Michael Lopez from Ghana three times. He kept insisting that he had no idea who he was and why I was bringing him into our business deal (actually getting mad at me...). I replied that he solicited with a similar proposal that Thierry brought to me (pose as Next-of-Kin) and then sent Thierry Michael's ID and asked if he looked familiar? In the next email, Thierry apologized profusely and then explained that Michael worked at his office and stole his ID for his own evil purposes. Thierry "informed" the police and now they are after him. I thought Thierry didn't know a Michael Lopez? But he works in his office? Also, he called the police when we are trying to pose as Next-of-Kin and embezzle this money? I am so glad that these 419 scammers are so stupid - it is very entertaining!

The stupidity continues...
I just received an email from Usman Shamsudeen, who offers me millions to pose as next-of-kin to some dead fellow. To offer proof of his legitimacy, he sends me his very professional-looking Identification. Look familiar? Do all Africans look alike? (please excuse the racist joke). Not only is this funny because of the photo, look at the ID closely, especially across his head - you can see red lettering that comes across the ID at an angle. My guess is that this ID was lifted off a scambaiting website, where the baiter wrote their web address across the ID to deface it so it couldn't be used again... They underestimated the stupidity of Usman!

Duplicate ID's
This was brought to my attention by Calvin Huckle - that we have a bait victim in common - or at least a picture that they both use. This scammer is from my scambait called - Deep Throat and from Calvin Huckles at - John Uwulaka Scambait - at

One point I would like to make that was brought to my attention from our friends at Norm and Company - a bulletin board used by scambaiters to exchange stories, baits, advice, etc. - that it is our job to make it hard for the 419 scammers so we shouldn't post fake ID's on a website without defacing them so they cannot be used again (usually by writing "fake" across the front). Now, the reason I did not do it on these, is that they are so poorly done that if a scammer uses one of these, I will assume that they will be identified as a fake right away - I know assumption is the "Mother of all Fuckups...".

Deposit Certificate
This silly-looking document has alot of flaws. First of all, anyone who has scambaited has seen alot of these silly-looking "certificates", but if you have never scambaited before, then you probably haven't. Why is this? BECAUSE BANKS DON'T ISSUE THEM! Have you ever been given one of the gay-looking documents when you opened a bank account? Of course not! But our "buddies" from West Africa (and other places...) seem to think that banks do give these to new depositors. Maybe if they ever open a bank account on their own they would realize that! Another thing that is funny about these "certificates" is that they are made to look like real documents (paper), with seals, stamps, signatures, etc. - but you can tell that this is not a scanned image of a paper document - this was created (poorly) on the computer. The main reason I included this on the Trophy Page was to give an example, and because of the "Tenor" line on the certificate. I'm sure the word this idiot was looking for was "tenure". I guess that's a common mistake from an English Bank (maybe I should have asked him to sing to me!).

Death Certificate
Anyone who scambaits has seen many variations of this document. When you receive one, read over it carefully - it's always good for a few laughs! I've had Death Certificates that had no Cause of Death on it (?), or saying "poisoned by uncle", or something as simple as "after short illness".

This Death Certificate is worth posting because the Cause of Death just happens to be "Terrorist Attack". I wonder if an investigation commenced to determine that this man's death was really a direct result of a terrorist attack? You would think that it would contain medical terminology and the like!

Drug Clearance Document
This is one of the silliest looking "legal" documents that I have ever seen. The main reason I included it here though is because although these idiot scammers spend alot of time on the computer - they are not very good with them. In most cases, they do not have the ability or knowledge to create their own legal or authentic looking documents, so they take one that was already made (probably by someone else), and they try to edit it. This usually entails a white text box covering the original name on the document, with the new name typed in the text box - usually in a different font. If you look closely at this document, you can see that this is the case (it's easier to see on the full-version, but you know what I'm saying...).

Anita Loans Approval Certificate
One of the many loan scams, where they offer lenient terms and low interest. Keeping true to form, I request a brochure, prospectus, and web details. Of course, the web site is down for technicalities for TWO MONTHS - might want to find a new web team if it takes that long...

Usually, when I make these requests, they cannot provide them for "security reasons", but I didn't hear from this tramp for days then all of a sudden I got the documents (must have taken "her" a while to create them). The brochure was a simple, plain-looking document, and the Prospectus was her loan terms - obviously she doesn't know what a prospectus is. She also sent me a decent looking ID, but the "topper" was this silly-looking Certificate of Approval. I guess of the Official Bureau that dispenses these authentic Licenses doesn't have a proofreader because they spelled "Lincencing" and "Appraisser" wrong on the Certificate.

I have yet to write her back about this, and I am wondering where to take this...

Lottery Payment Form
This moron sent me this Lottery Payment Form, which includes the amounts, address, Collection codes, etc. of people who have to collect their lottery winnings. Now, how stupid is this? Would a real lottery inform others of this information? What would stop me or anyone else of trying to collect all of these amounts? He did this so I would believe the authenticity of the lottery, but ended up just giving me a few more laughs!

If you look at the image closely, you can see that my name, as well as others, are superimposed on the silly-looking document (different font, color, etc.). I also love the line, "Issued by me, the Honorable Governor (CBN)" - that is a classic!

Dr. Frank N. Stein
After the idiot, Dr. Enaroh Steven brought this bait back from the dead...

Bad enough that he cut the left side when he scanned this silly document - if you look at it closely, it has no Cause of Death on it! This moron, along with his "friend" Chief Justice George Akah, are two of the dumbest scammers I have ever dealt with! The transcript of this bait is detailed in MACS Scambaits And Justice For All..

Grey Wilson ATM Card
This moron misspelled my fake name on the ATM Card he made for me (that he later fixed...). The Card was supposed to be made out to Greg Wilson, not Grey Wilson. The funniest thing is that this is supposed to be a scan of the actual card - but you can see that this "card" was created electronically.

Worst ATM Card Ever!
This is supposed to be a scan of an actual ATM Card that will enable me to retrieve up to $7,500.00 per day, up to $950,000.00. This card looks like it was made by a five-year old child. In the top right, the ATM Box with the Visa background doesn't even fit in the space provided - you can see blank white space around the edge. If you look closely, you can see that the freaking idiot misspelled "CORPORATE" in the top left corner (CORPERATE).

Fake Lotto Check
I can't believe that these morons who sent out this crap actually believe that these look real! I guess 419 scammers have never seen a real check before (never having a job or a bank account). When I told this butt-munch that the check was obviously fake, he replied "I sent you a copy of the check, not the real check". I guess he thought I tried to print out his scan and cash it...

Promissory Note
This idiot from "Anita Loans", who I have baited about 6 times already, tried to fulfill my requests for the proper documentation. After a series of emails giving her grief about loan terminology, the interest rate, and the rest of her modalities - I finally agree to receive the loan!

I ask her to FedEx the loan paperwork to me. Of course there is no paperwork, just the silly form in email. I asked her "What about the official Loan Form, the Promissory Note, the paperwork for the collateral, etc...". She finally gets back to me with a silly-looking agreement letter, her "license", and this Promissory Note. It seems that this "loan company" is under the impression that a Promissory Note for a loan states their PROMISE to give the loan to me! Not like a real promissory note where the borrower promises to pay back the loan with all of the terms and conditions!

This moron has to be getting sick of me, althought she doesn't know that all of the personas that baited her were me!

Anita Loans #1
Anita Loans #2
Anita Loans #3
Marvin Anderson Loans
Eric Jones Loans
Linda Loan Firm

Maria Fernandez ID
I guess in the Phillipines they handwrite their passports!

Contract Payment
This was the second time I scambaited this piece of trash named Sharon Lomogan. The first one was kind of funny - On Your Back for the Future! - where I told her to earn money by working on her back for a few weeks, assuming she could keep the flies off of her.

Now, Sharon is back with a vengeance (and 120 million dollars). She is from Cape Verde Island, whose Gross National Product is a little over 400 million, and somehow her father acquired wealth equal to about one-quarter of the entire nation! That's sum dang gone good investments! Her father's whole "Contract" was for $146,000,000, but he was already paid 26 million dollars (even though she seems to be broke...). Too much wine, women, and music, I guess...Or more like pond water, goats, and ear-piercing screams.

One of my trophies from this idiot is the "Contract Payment Certificate" for 146 million dollars where the moron accidently writes $146,000 instead of $146,000,000 (next to where it says "Contract Value"). When I asked about it, she said that amount was the tax on the contract sum, although it says "Contract Value" and no where does it say anything about tax on the form.

She then replies,
That is a security document and should not be easily interpreted by ordinary reading understanding.

Ummm, ok? I guess it was not meant to be understood by ordinary reading???

Anita Cole ID
Not alot to say about this except that if you read the stats about our pal Anita, you can see that she is a blond. Of course you can have your hair colored, but normally the ID MATCHES your current hair color when you get the ID. Did the black-haired Anita tell them her hair was blond, and that's what they wrote down?

I received the letter to the right saying I won the Southeast Asia Lottery. These pictures were at the bottom of the email. You can clearly see "Michigan Lottery" in the background behind the podium. This banana-crammer still hasn't come up with a good explanation yet...
Southeast Asia Lottery
This is to inform you of the release of SOUTHEAST ASIA INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS ORGANIZATION PRIZE DRAW, held on the 5th of JANUARY 2009, but owing to some mix up of numbers and addresses and the holidays, the results were released on the 21st of FEBRUARY 2009. Your name was attached to ticket number 096-12076077-09 with serial number 42690-0 that drew the lucky numbers of 03-05-12-14-28-38, which consequently won the lottery in the 5th category. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay of $1.000,000.00. (ONE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ONLY). This is from a total cash prize of 25,020.225.00, shared among the twenty-five international winners in this category.

Lessons in Accountability
by Thomas Paine

If you've read my baits, you know that I commonly use Thomas Payne as one of my scambaiting personas (one of many). What you may not know is why. As a history buff, I am very fond of our Founding Fathers and everything they did for this country. Thomas Paine was an important historical figure, who distributed a pamphlet titled "Common Sense" when our country was young. When I chose Thomas Payne as my name, I wanted a normal, English-sounding name, but the "Common Sense" aspect of it had an underlying meaning. As I read my morning paper, I came across this article, which has nothing to do with scambaiting, but you can see how it can. I thought it was worth including with my trophies...

Fake BoA Check

Fake BoA Check
New Modality? Maga check making?

This is an interesting scam in the sense that this moron doesn't want any money from me. He wants a scan of a Bank Of America Cashier's Check for $50.00 - but he doesn't want the check. I found a fake check online and did some photoshopping on it to fulfill his wishes - basically just to see where this scam goes. This idiot gave me a fax number to fax the check, said his office was in Las Vegas, gave me a phone number from Ontario, and his email had the extension (Hong Kong). When I pressed him as to where to mail the check - he gave me a Reno, Nevada address.

I sent him the check (email) and I am still waiting to see where this goes...(10/31/2009).

Annter Passport Scenic Passport Background

Look over this Passport - what is the problem with it? Obviously, this Passport picture was not taken at a government office in front of a "Blue Screen" or neutral background. This Passport was obviously doctored and the picture was cut and copied onto it. After seeing all of this shabby work by the scammers, it still boggles the mind that people still fall for these scams. Any reasonable person would see this and know it was a fake!

Of course, anyone reading this on this website is probably smart enough to realize this, but we need to do something to spread the word to others. I am tired of reading about people who fall victim to these scams - especially when I see how ridiculous the forms, ID's, documents, etc., as well as the horrific spelling and grammar in the emails.

All Rights Reserved by me to give you whatever freakin' opinion that I want.
This is America, not West Africa, and if you don't like it, too bad!

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