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Annie Fall (Cares, Carring, etc.) - Stranded American in England

This is my second favorite bait so far. I will give you the the main details, as well as some conversations, quotes, and main points that were made during the course of the bait. This scambait went on for months - it started off as a Romance Scam, and segwayed into a Rich Orphan Scam, as she told me that the reason she was "stranded" in London was because she was trying to get access to her inheritance of millions of dollars that her father left her before he died. Of course she was having problems there, and needed the help of some random person from the internet.

  • She contacted me from the Personals/Dating site, where she liked my profile. When I quizzed her to which dating site she saw my profile on, she couldn't answer the question and got pissed when I pushed for an answer.
  • She explained her situation to me - she was from Ashland City, Tennesee State. Now what American would say this?
  • In her second email to me she told me that she loved me.
  • In response, the 3rd email I sent her, I told her I didn't think it would work between us because she quoted God, Jesus, and the Bible a lot and I was an Atheist. Her response to this was that she would convert to my beliefs. This is her actual quote -
    "Thanks for your message. I want you to know that I am not offended in your mail and I will like to change to your religion and I will be willing to learn more about your belief and I want you to that I just want to be your source of happiness and I will abide to your orders and rules. Honey I want you to know that I am 100% with you and I am fully with you and I will do all you want me to. I want you to know that I am very compartible with you and I will go on with your belief."
  • Of course, I explained to her that Atheism wasn't a religion or belief, it was a lack of belief. She replied that she knew what Atheism was.
  • The conversations with Annie turned to her nationality. She insisted to me that she was 100% American (from Tennesee State...). These emails went on for a while, arguing back and forth. I told her it was obvious because she did not speak (write) good English, and she used phrases that Americans would not say (talking about eating in London, she said she was in dire need of "foodstuffs"). After going back and forth, and her telling me that I was upsetting her because I was accusing her of lying, she finally admitted she was an "immigrant" from the Bahamas (her father was Bahamanian, but she was 100% American, though she didn't speak the language well).
  • The next stage of this scambait involved the Travel Agency, Glider Travels ( It seems she wanted to forsake her inheritance (for now), and just wanted money for a plane ticket home - $1800.00. I informed her that I looked on the web and I could purchase her a plane ticket for $1050.00. She said fine, to send her that and she would purchase the ticket from Glider Travels. When I told her that I couldn't find Gilder Travels on the web, or in a London Business directory because I was going to purchase her ticket on my credit card, she informed me that Gilder Travels doesn't have a web site because then they would be "pressured" to accept credits cards, which they didn't do. Only cash (Western Union).
  • At this point in the bait, I told her I was no longer interested in her romantically because she was obviously insane and feeble-minded. This resulted in a dozen hilarious emails of her trying to prove she was not insane. I said, "Look, you told me you loved me in the second email, and gave up your belief in God in the fourth - you are obviously mentally unstable."
  • I told her that I would still help retrieve her father's money, for a percentage. I would travel to London with my lawyer and get this money for us.
  • This started a whole series of emails with a Partnership Agreement I made her sign - she obviously didn't read it because one clause I included was that she was responsible for all advance fees that may come up.
  • I was then introduced to the security company (Springdale Security), who also did not have a website or was listed in any London Business Directory (for "security reasons").
  • After going over all of the details, I made plans to make the trip with my lawyer to London. I was to bring $18,500.00 for fees. They would pick me up at the airport, and take me to the hotel. I explained that I would be arriving Saturday morning and that I had never been to London before that I wanted to sightsee first and I would be in their office first thing Monday morning. This started another series of emails (arguments) back and forth.
  • I told Annie that I wanted her to meet me at the airport, and that I would take her to lunch with my lawyer, and we would go over the details. She asked me to send her $400.00 first so she could buy some cosmetics and a nice dress for the meeting (last ditch effort?).
  • As the day of my departure got closer, I confirmed that she (the girl in the pictures she sent me) would be at the airport to meet me, and she did not balk like I thought she would.
  • The day of my arrival came (and went) - on Monday I emailed her, Springdale Security, and Gilder Travels to inform them that I knew this was all a scam. This was her response;

  • This was such a fun bait - she had three different names in the bait - Annie Cares, Annie Fall, and Annie Carring.
  • She used 5 different email addresses (which I brought up, of course).
  • Months after this bait ended, I emailed her again - basically to see if her email was still active - and she didn't remember me and it started all over again which is detailed in What's In A Name, where she got her name mixed up.

This scambait lasted a few months and contained many emails with her and the security company - that's why I included it in the Highlights section instead of on Mac's Scambaits. I may never get all of these emails arranged and in order but i wanted to share this scambait with my readers.

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