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Loan Hard - With a Vengeance!

This bait started with one persona (Thomas Payne), who baited "her" for weeks, poking holes in her logic and knowledge of loans. When it ended, I decided I was not done with her, and re-baited her under a different persona ( This re-bait was short. I then create a new yahoo profile, with the sole purpose of baiting her again, and the laughs ensue...

To understand the whole story so you can fully appreciate the stupidity of this moronic scammer, check out the two scambaits I have documented;

Anita Loan And A Brain!
Anita Loan And Two Brains!

Bait #1 - Thomas Payne
Bait #2 - Greg Wilson (not documented)
Bait #3 - Susan Hastings, and going, and going, and going...

The beauty of this scambait started with the bait with Susan Hastings...
  • If you read Anita Loan and Two Brains!, you saw that "Anita" created another loan company persona, who contacted Susan after the first scam started to peter out. I was actually dealing with both, Anita Loan Firm and Cena Loan Firm, at the same time.
  • Cena Loan Firm, had the same modalities, writing style, misspellings, etc. as Anita (it was obviously the same person). The one difference was that the loan interest rate was 4% instead of 2% - which was one of the things I made fun of Anita for. These scamming idiots know nothing about loans or finance, so naturally they do not understand why you cannot give out loans for a rate lower than the Treasury Rate or LIBOR.
  • The other funny thing about this, is that I created Susan Hastings for the sole purpose of baiting Anita. The email account was only active for two weeks, and I have never emailed anyone else from it when I received the email from Cena Loan Firm.
  • If you read the scambait, Anita Loan And Two Brains!, then you know how it progressed and ended. Cena mistakenly signed "Anita" to their email instead of "Mr. Cena", which I called "him" out on. He admitted that he was Anita and she just did it to check my integrity...
  • After a few weeks of inactivity in that account (I haven't used it in other baits), I get an email from Marvin Anderson Loan Firm. He happens to have the exact same introduction letter as Anita, as well as company name and email structure (,,
  • This bait has not been documented yet, because technically it is still ongoing (7/28/2009), but I will give some main points...

This scambait continues with the Marvin Anderson Loan Firm...
  • Marvin sends me his loan application as well as his modalities (4% interest)...
  • I immediately respond with, "Hello Anita", which he ignores and tries to continue with his spiel.
  • I say, "I said hello Anita", in which he responds, "Anita is fine". I asked him if there is any reason he changed names again, which he responds that Anita is away on a business trip to Africa and that she told him to continue the business and to give me my!
  • I regrettably inform Marvin that Anita admitted to me that she was a pathetic 419 Scammer, so he must be too. Here is his exact response if you can make sense of it - "No am not a scammer she told that am not a scammer am legit and registered loan firm.". I guess since Anita told him he wasn't a scammer, then it must be true!
  • Marvin tries to continue with the loan, but I still question him about his connection to Anita. I say that if he is in business with her, then he must be a scammer too. Here is his response, "I dont have any business with her again she took all the money in the company account i ran to africa now we are managing here to get all the clients heart". Obviously, this contradicts what he says earlier about Anita being an Accountant and away in Africa on a business trip and that she instructed him to continue with the loan (with me).
  • I am presently still talking to this idiot (Marvin/Anita), and I receive an email from Eric Jones Finance who wants to give me a loan. This one is a little different as he is using Yahoo instead of, and the letter is written a little different. Still, with this email account I have only conversed with Anita and her aliases, no one else.

This scambait continues with the Eric Jones Finance and Loans...
  • I receive a Yahoo Chat Invite from Eric Jones which I accept, but he logs out before I actually chat with him.
  • At this point I am wondering if I am on some list of possible loan victims in the scammer community because I receive another email from Smith Harry Loans (gmail). His first letter looks similar to Anita's, Cena's, and Marvin's, but not Eric Jones. I don't bother responding to it though...
  • I finally see Eric Jones online, so I chat with him. I ask him why is he contacting me. If he tells me he heard I was in need of a loan, then obviously he is connected to Anita (which we already know that he is...). He tries to get creative - he tells me that he got my name from a list of possible scam victims who were seeking legimate loans (too funny? It gets better...).
  • Of course this does not make sense, because I was never scammed nor did I report it. I tell him this, knowing that the only way he could possibly know about me wanting a loan or being scammed is if he heard it from Anita himself. How wrong I was - he found a way around that!
  • It seems that the Eric Jones Loan Firm has a 'Magical Detective Machine" that all emails on the Earth go through and that is how he knows that I need a loan and have dealt with these scammers. I shit you not, this is what he told me except that I added the word magical. It seems that his loan firm also doubles as a security/detective firm that is trying to root out all of the false loan companies and report them to the EFCC. Using his "Detective Machine" he is aware of all of the emails sent back and forth between me and Anita.
  • Eric the dutifully asks for Anita's contact information and loan firm name. I answer that if his Magical Box contains every email on Earth, then couldn't he get the contact information from there. He then tells me that contact information is filtered out of the "Detective Machine", so he can't see it. If contact info is filtered out of this magical machine, how did he contact me???
  • This is all happening in our chat session - I give him Anita's contact info which he replies that he sent to the EFCC (after about 2 seconds). He then informs me that if I wish to receive a loan, that he can arrange one "away from the scamming elements".
  • At this point I am laughing my ass off (at work), and I humor him. Of course I ask for his web details - which, if you read the Anita Baits is how this all started. He says that his web site is under construction, which I reply, "That's exactly what Anita said when I asked to see hers...weird, huh?". He takes offense at this and ask me not to compare him with Anita. I the ask to see his company prospectus in which he replies that they don't give out for security reasons (almost the same as what Anita said). I don't push him on this though...
  • Eric continues his loan spiel and makes the fatal error of giving me the 2% interest rate. After re-affirming that what he said was correct, I tell him that either he is the stupidest finance person on Earth or a dirty, pathetic scammer. We trade barbs back and forth - he is still staying in character while I am cursing him out, calling him stupid, etc. I explain to him that no legitimate company loans money below the Treasury Rate and it is obvious that he know nothing about loans or finance.
  • Now, being a stupid, pathetic, smelly scammer he has no idea why a loan cannot be below the Treasury Rate. He thinks that maybe it is a law. He informs me that his company is running a "special promotional rate" and have permission from the Lending Authority. At this point, I fall out of my chair because I am laughing so hard.
  • Without explaining to this idiot high finance and why no lender would loan money below the Treasury Rate, i keep insulting him in which he starts right back. He gives up his act and the real Nigerian language comes out - he is supposed to be from London, but his IP Address traced to Nigeria of course.
  • After alot of abuse, he finally logs out of Yahoo Chat. This was yesterday (7/27/2009) and I am waiting to continue with him - I contacted him through another Yahoo Profile to add me to his Chat List, which he accepted. I can't wait to continue!!!

I will publish the Chat Log to this page shortly along with any other updates with Marvin, Eric, or Anita...

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