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Sliverline Marvin - The Saga continues...

This scambait is detailed on Mac's Scambaits Page Hi Ho, Sliver! This was a long bait considering the actual number of emails - Sliverline was on the computer while I was at my desk at work and she had the habit of emailing me 3 or 4 times a day. The reason I am including it here in the Highlights section is because after the Kiss-Off, the saga still continues with some unusual twists and turns!

  • If you read the Hi Ho, Sliver! scambait then you know how this ended - with me telling her to make the money she needed by getting down on her knees at the refugee camp. I thought the scambait was over for good (I was so sick of her constant emails and her whining and complaining). I didn't hear from Sliverline for 2 weeks after that.
  • Two weeks after the Kiss-Off, I recieve an email from a Dr. Enaroh Stevens asking me if I knew a young girl named Sliverline Marvin.
  • It seems that Sliverline was hit by a car and is now in critical condition at the hospital. Dr. Stevens knows nothing about this girl as she has no identification and is babbling incessantly. The only thing Dr. Stevens can get out of her is my name, Thomas Payne (and apparently, my email address - lol).
  • Dr. Stevens quizzes me about her - I tell him I barely know her. He says that she doesn't seem to have any family, and I am the only one that knows her. I inform him that she has an uncle that he should contact (if you read the first bait - the uncle was trying to kill her for the money). He balks at this, but I tell him that it is his duty to inform the family.
  • Dr. Stevens gives me daily updates on her condition - asking me many questions about the bank, especially.
  • After two weeks of this, the worst happens - Sliverline dies of her injuries. Dr. Stevens has to arrange the Funeral (which is a doctor's duty, I guess). He tells me he has a secret to tell me (I can't wait!).
  • A few days later, Paul Peters, who is the bank official in the first scambait who I cussed out out after he demanded $8,100.00 for a change of ownership, emails me and accuses me of conspiring to "kill his sister Sliverline and trying to take her money". How do you like that twist? I act like I don't know who he is and he hasn't emailed me back yet.
  • A couple days later, Dr. Stevens emails me and sends me her Death Certificate (seen below). He tells me the secret - Sliverline has made me and the doctor the heirs to her fortune. He sends me the "Will" she wrote on her deathbed before she expired (seen below).
  • The will states that 20% is for motherless babies and the rest will be split between me and the doctor.
  • This is where we are now - the doctor's last email to me was yesterday (2/28/2009).

Sliverline Death Certificate

Yes, this is how I received it (cut-off)

Where is the "Cause of Death" on this?
Sliverline Will

When this scambait plays itself out, I will detail it in Mac's Scambaits under a new thread with all of the emails. I just wanted to include it here because of the funny twist that it has taken!


This bait is still going strong! The doctor informed me that he was going to remove the money from the bank and move it to a friend's bank account and that we would both set up bank accounts with an online bank where we go withdraw the money from his friend's account whenever we wanted. He almost informed me the he saw fit to divide the money 60% for him and 40% for me. Now this is all Standard Operating Procedure when you have an inheritance, right?

Dear Mr Thomas,

You have not answer what I ask you, what I ask is that how do you want us to share this fund since you can not tell me how you want us to share this fund, I will share it my self. They fund will be shared 60-40, 60 will be for me while 40 will be for you apart from the 20 for the motherless homes.

If you agree with me do send me your contact info so that I will prepare an agreement letter which two of us will sign our signature and you will hold one I myself will hold one. Have you send any account to the bank where this fund will be transfer ed? If yes do tell me if know do tell me so that I will provide account of my friend where this fund will be transfer ed.

Doctor Enaroh Steven.

I inform him the he obviously knows nothing about this process so I will try to enlighten him. Not only does he have no right to dictate what the "sharing percentage" is between us, I also inquire as to how he is going to move the money to his friend's account. How, all of a sudden, does he have access to Sliverline's bank account?

This bait is still going on, but is nearing the end, or so I think. I detailed the bait on the Mac's Scambaits Page And Justice For All.... As you can see, the Justice and I have been trading insults, with me telling him that i discovered that he is a scammer by lawyer's I hired through the Embassy. I haven't heard from him in days, but the doctor is still hanging around. You can read the updated emails, except for the last couple, on that link, or I will summarize here.

Summary to date (3/24/2009);
These are the main points of interest.

  • The Chief Justice, George Akah, tried to get me to follow a script that did not make any sense. First of all, he "interpreted" the Will as saying that I was the "Trustee Intent" and that I was the one that was supposed to get all of the documentation, change of ownership, pay the fees (of course), etc. I tried to explain that it wasn't our responsibility - that's what Probate is for.
  • To scare me into taken his action, he introduces a "Thomas Payne Hood Karl" from Virginia, who he says is declared the beneficiary of the estate (so we better hurry and get it changed NOW!).
  • At that point, I laugh, and say that is ridiculous, and an obvious ploy by him and the evil bank officer to steal the money from me and the doctor.
  • He later admits, that is was a ploy by the bank officer, not him, to do what I just said.
  • This starts the insults - I call him incompetent, a crmininal, a moron, etc.
  • He returns the insults with some funny ones (pretty mature for a Chief Justice, huh?).
  • The doctor initially sides with the Justice, but eventually "believes me" that he is a crook (I guess, he isn't expecting thousands of dollars from the Justice...).
  • The doctor carries on where the justice left off, bank transfer, fees, documents, etc.
  • I tell the Justice and Doctor that I hired a lawyer from the Embassy (I looked up a REAL Accredited Lawyer in Abidjan).
  • The lawyer tells me that there is no Justice George Akah, proving that he is a fake and a scammer.
  • The justice still clings to his story and lies and says that the lawyer is not working with me (as you know, this would be privileged info that the lawyer would not release, so indeed he is lying...).
  • Exit the Justice. He hasn't returned 3 emails of insults that I sent to him.
  • The doctor is having a conniption that I involved Accredited Lawyer from the Embassy (I wonder why...).
  • That is where we stand today (3/24/2009).
More updates (3/31/2009)!
  • The Chief Justice, George Akah, is back and we are trading insults again! I just love him calling me a white "pork" - Is that supposed to an insult? I love pork chops!
  • After accusing him numerous times of being a common internet thief, George Akah did admit to me that "the wise and strong steal" - here is his actual quote - "If you do not know, it takes the wise to steal that is the reason why the law convicts he whom the motive is in the positive.". How sad is that?
  • Doctor Steven is panicking because my crack team of lawyers has uncovered that George Akah is a fraud, and they are starting to look into the Probate information for Sliverline Marvin. I inform the doctor that they can find no record of her death, nor of her actual existence! My latest email to him says that they are now off to the bank where the evil Paul Peters is with Sliverline's millions... I wonder what they will find?
  • Of course, with my team of lawyers investigating the fund, and death of Silverline and finding nothing - George Akah emails me to inform me that he used his awesome power as Chief Justice to erase all traces of this transaction to spite me. How convenient for him to do this right when my lawyers discovered that there is no transaction! He's a sly little devil! It's funny how in the Insulting Emails, he basically admits he's a thief, but once the Doctor has his back against the wall, the idiot George Akah is back as Chief Justice to cover for the Doctor!
  • Funny isn't it? When I tell the Doctor that there is no money, no Sliverline, no Chief Justice George, no Paul Peters, no will, etc. - the credit will all go to George Akah wiping away all traces just because I called him a degenerate, low-life, common little, internet thief! What power this pathetic worm must have! Truly awesome!
  • Stay tuned for more! The updated emails will be included in the And Justice For All... link on the Macs Scambait Page.

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