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Half-Breed Or No Breed

Once again, I apologize for my racial insensitivity, but this was all just to piss this fool off. Notice how he switches from half-black to adopted (not-black), especially after he says he didn’t know his parents, and then says his birth parent were both white! LOL – anything for a buck… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Wed, 10/20/10 11:59 PM -----

Greg’s (11:15 PM): hi
cassiefraklin (11:15 PM): Am cool
Greg’s (11:15 PM): ?
Greg’s (11:15 PM): I said hi?
Greg’s (11:16 PM): lol
cassiefraklin (11:16 PM): what is ur name
Greg’s (11:16 PM): I got your message from Zoosk
Greg’s (11:16 PM): Greg
cassiefraklin (11:16 PM): Am cassie
Greg’s (11:17 PM): yes I know - I received your message...
Greg’s (11:18 PM): Do you know who this is?
cassiefraklin (11:18 PM): oh good so what are u up to on that site?
Greg’s (11:18 PM): not alot
cassiefraklin (11:19 PM): so tell me where u from and how ol;d are u?
Greg’s (11:20 PM): I'm from Ohio and I'm 41 years old
Greg’s (11:20 PM): you?
Greg’s (11:20 PM): 30, right?
cassiefraklin (11:20 PM): yes
cassiefraklin (11:20 PM): so tell me what u doing for a living?
Greg’s (11:21 PM): I'm an Accountant
Greg’s (11:22 PM): What do you do?
cassiefraklin (11:22 PM): i am a nurse but i am Jobless for nowe
cassiefraklin (11:22 PM): now
cassiefraklin (11:23 PM): so tell me are u single do u have kids?
Greg’s (11:23 PM): really - how come?
cassiefraklin (11:23 PM): due to relocation
Greg’s (11:24 PM): oh - you relocated?
cassiefraklin (11:25 PM): yes i am now in Nigeria taking care of mom condition
Greg’s (11:25 PM): Your mom lives in Nigeria?
cassiefraklin (11:25 PM): yes
Greg’s (11:26 PM): Is she black?
cassiefraklin (11:27 PM): yes she is a black american but my dad is white
Greg’s (11:27 PM): ewwww
cassiefraklin (11:27 PM): what u mean by ewwww?
Greg’s (11:27 PM): that’s gross!
cassiefraklin (11:28 PM): u single do u have kids? ., and what are u looking for on that dating sitr?
Greg’s (11:29 PM): You are a half- breed?
cassiefraklin (11:29 PM): yes and u?
Greg’s (11:29 PM): That is disgusting - please don’t contact me again
cassiefraklin (11:30 PM): oh why?
Greg’s (11:30 PM): you have filthy black blood in you
cassiefraklin (11:30 PM): no
cassiefraklin (11:31 PM): i am not and why did u think that way?
Greg’s (11:31 PM): you said your mom was black, right?
cassiefraklin (11:31 PM): not that black really she came from a mixed family
Greg’s (11:32 PM): that is still really foul...I'm sorry
cassiefraklin (11:32 PM): why u calling me names?
Greg’s (11:33 PM): because you have filthy negro blood in you - I know it's not your fault but that is truly gross and disgusting and makes me ill…
cassiefraklin (11:34 PM): oh yes but u dont have to stop calling me names just like that cos i am been born in usa
Greg’s (11:34 PM): I said I was sorry for you - I know it's not your fault
cassiefraklin (11:35 PM): so what u really seeking for onl;ine? .. is it love or what?
Greg’s (11:36 PM): I'm sorry but I can't continue this - I'm getting sick to my stomach
cassiefraklin (11:37 PM): oh what happen?
Greg’s (11:38 PM): What do you mean? Because you are black - that's why
cassiefraklin (11:38 PM): stop that i am not a black i am a white
Greg’s (11:39 PM): You have negro blood in you though...
cassiefraklin (11:39 PM): no really i can explain to u but u dont want to listen to me
Greg’s (11:40 PM): okay - explain...I’m listening
cassiefraklin (11:40 PM): i said its not the woman that gave birth to me cos i was adopted i dont know my dad and mom so they both take care of me since i was young so thats why i called them my parents
Greg’s (11:42 PM): You just told me you were half- black - did you lie?
cassiefraklin (11:44 PM): i am not cos they adopt me thats why i said that cos since i was young they take care of me
Greg’s (11:45 PM): So you lied - you said you were half black...
cassiefraklin (11:46 PM): i am not and if u dont believe me i think we dont have to go far i told u i was adopted i am not a black
Greg’s (11:48 PM): So when someone asks you if you are half- black, and you say YES, it is not lying when you now say you are not? ? ?
cassiefraklin (11:50 PM): i dont have anything to say since they adopt me so i called them my parents so thats why
Greg’s (11:51 PM): Well, you are either a filthy black savage, or a liar, or both - either way - I am not interested
cassiefraklin (11:52 PM): what do u mean just try and understand
Greg’s (11:53 PM): I do understand...
cassiefraklin (11:53 PM): then why u continue saying blac4
Greg’s (11:53 PM): because you are a filthy black savage
cassiefraklin (11:54 PM): i am not i am a white
cassiefraklin (11:54 PM): my real mom and dad are white
Greg’s (11:54 PM): your parents would be proud that you are denying your
cassiefraklin (11:54 PM): i am not
Greg’s (11:55 PM): pretty sad - anything for money right?
cassiefraklin (11:55 PM): what u mean?
Greg’s (11:55 PM): you are a Nigerian 419 Scammer, fool
Greg’s (11:56 PM): I just wanted to see you deny your race, you freaking idiot - pretty funny!!!
Greg’s (11:57 PM): Your negro savage parents would be so proud that you denied your race just to steal money, fool
Greg’s (11:57 PM): lol
Greg’s (11:58 PM): I would not want to admit I was black either - that is disgusting, mumu
Greg’s (11:59 PM): Is it true that all blacks have sex with goats because the black women are so freaking ugly and smelly?
Greg’s (11:59 PM): You are one of the dumbest scammers I have ever talked to - lol
Greg’s (11:59 PM): fool

I have been chatting with so many of these bonehead’s from Zoosk and , that I can afford to let one go early. Sometimes, I’ll have 6 of these fools all IMing me at the same time…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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