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Crosby, Steals, and Trash

This is one of the many of next of kin scams where they profess that what they are proposing is “100% legal”. I just wanted to punish this idiot for not fessing up and leveling with me. At the end he finally did and out come the insults. This was rather short, but it felt good typing all of the insults! My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

I am Richard Crosby,a financial consultant. A client of mine died in a very unfortunate circumstances and he has a lodgement fund of US$17M with the finance firm. E-Mail:

Yours sincerely,
Mr.Richard Crosby

So why are you contacting me?


Dear Thomas,
This is to acknowledge your mail.
Yes, it might sound so ridiculous due to amount of scam that goes out around the globe, but understand that if there is no original they will be no fake.
The details require for the release of the fund are below:
1. Full name
2. Full home/office address
3. Your personal telephone and fax number. {Cell number will be a great advantage}.
4. A copy of your identification.
5. Occupation.

The Procedure/My Reason for contacting you:

The major reason for contacting you is because the entire money will be release to you as a foreigner of which every proof will be giving to you as I open up every detail about this transaction to you. Well, my friend, for this transaction to work out, we require absolute co-operation, loyalty, confidence, trust, and seriousness on your side and I do not hope to make a mess of this once in life time opportunity.

I urge you to follow up with the transaction relentlessly to enable us actualise it soon. The deceased is a foreigner and was a client of mine and with the finance firm, unfortunately the man and the entire family lost their life's in Asian tsunami 2004 incident, left with no body to claim his balance and some fraction left in the finance firm before the death. As a financial consultant and am employee with the firm, it is my mandate as clients' financial consultant to facilitate the release of this fund to a verified beneficiary.

I decided to contact you as a foreigner to stand as the verified beneficiary to diseased so that the money will be remitted into your account as the rightful beneficiary, at the end, both of us will share the funds as stated in my mail. Before contacting you I made sure the funds exist, This fund cannot be used locally except if we take it out of South Africa and we really need a foreign investor whom we can use his skills and personality to invest the fund properly. We will be very glad to use you for investment purposes such that you will be in control of the fund and stand as our investment manager. A deed of investment agreement will be introduced and this will be the specimen that will guide and regulate the principle of this investment.

Perhaps not to mention the myriad of this project as there are a lot of internet scam on the internet but without original there will not be fake therefore, I am not trying to lure you into this transaction as is entirely by choice, you are not compelled to be a party owing to fact that you will forever be grateful to God to have been chosen for a business of this magnitude, and I will not compromise the fact that trustworthy and a capable hand who will not make a mess of this glorious opportunity that has been perfectly planed is required. It is very vital I intimate you of what is required of you before we proceed further with official application on your behalf and the procurement of the needed legal documents to back up this project.

This transaction is very legal as we are going to meet with each other in the day of payment and we will seat on a conference table for proper signing of agreement and in other to achieve our goal, meaning that it required capital intensive and your physical availability will be required because that is to clear your state of mind that this is not one of those fraud or scam as you think and have it in mind that there is no way we can execute a transaction of this magnitude with financing it

Having received your details, I shall forward them to the board to enable them begin with release of the fund. This transaction is not expected to exceed 14 working days depending on your seriousness and level of prompt communication with me so I will want you to give this transaction some attention for the expected period of execution.

Your friend,
Mr. Richard Crosby

Are you trying to tell me that what you propose is legal?


Dear Thomas,

Thanks for your mail.

In regards your question: YES, it is 100% LEGAL and that is reason i made it clear that you have to comedown to the office of payment where both of us will meet and sign an agreement documents.

I urge you to review my previous mail and understand every words stated therein and kindly send the needed information of your for proceedings.

Here is my number: + 27-83-516-3088

Mr. Crosby

You are telling me that it is legal to lie and say that I am this dead man’s next of kin though I don’t know him for the sole purpose and taking money that doesn’t belong to me? This is legal in your country???



I got your mail and i want to state here clearly to you that if you are not ready to assist, then you are free to back out as you are not compel to be a candidate.

You are not require to say anything to anybody as every machineries has been put in motion. just accept and carry out the plan.

Mr. Crosby

You didn’t answer the question…

I am well aware that I am not compelled to do anything against my wishes; I am just trying to get the facts.


Dear Thomas

Your being leery is natural, and I know that there is alot going on in the internet, but I not one of those with questionable character, I have got a name, career and above all my lovely family whom I want to give a better life through this opportunity, though not compromising my freedom and status in my community

Therefore I will never indulge in a thing that will drag my name to the mod or lure you into an illicit act or any transaction that will earn us jail term.

I so much believe in action and not in words as talk they say is cheap, this is why I have always and will keep insisting for your presence so that you will not only meet with me and know whom you are dealing with but also to be actively involve in the whole process and I can assure you that as we go on you will appreciate and thank God that you are a part of this opportunity and one thing I know is that you will apologize to me for not trusting me from onset

I am optimistic that with God on our side and with all the legal remedies on ground this transaction is a done deal, nothing will stop us from achieving the set goal

Is important I know if you have got an international passport for two day trip to meet with me in London England to finalize this deal and you personally transfer the fund which is in cash to your nominated bank account.

More so I will require the following details of yours to enable me start with the legal procedure in pursuance to the claim, your names, billing address, age, occupation and telephone and fax numbers

Once you have send the above is important you call me immediately for more briefing

Richard Crosby

If you can’t be honest with me then go find someone else to lie to. I was asking you to level with me and you continue to insist that this is legal and that there is no possibility of getting into trouble over this and that is a lie.



I got your mail and the content therein are well noted.

Note that, it's cost me nothing to tell you the gosple truth of it and why should I lied to you?

I have explained to you every fact of this project and I would like to know the level you want me to comedown to your proper understanding.

Yes, it is 100% legal and there is NO possibility of this getting anyone into trouble as far as we work with instruction and one accord.

Secondly, in other to get things done for your understanding is that major reason your physical attention is needed in the office of payment, we will be on a conference room to sign every vital documents for the release of this fund.

Please fee free to ask any question and I will advice you to send me your details as requested in other to file in an application to the company immediately.

I await your urgent anticipation.

Richard Crosby

Go find someone else. If you can’t be honest with me, I don’t want to work with you.


How are you saying that I am lying to you. I am family man and I cannot lie as you say and this is 100% legal and above board.if you wish to work with this please gove me your informations details.

I await your urgent anticipation.

Richard Crosby

Listen moron, I am not stupid so your whole story about how it is “100% legal” to lie and steal money is complete bullshit. If you would have leveled with me from the beginning and told me the truth, I would have helped you. But since you insist on lying to me, that proves you are not worthy of trust and therefore I will not work with you.


What do you want me to say.You are right and this is illegal but I can promise that I can provides the documents that will make this 100% risk free and we will not get caught as I am a family man and a man of reputation. I am optimistic that with God on our side and with all the legal remedies on ground this transaction is a done deal, nothing will stop us from achieving the set goal

I await your urgent anticipation.

Richard Crosby

Finally! After 11 excruciating emails, you finally tell me the truth that what you are proposing is illegal (it is called embezzlement). Was that so hard to tell the truth? You seem to have a real problem telling the truth, that’s why I asked. Unfortunately, since you continuously lied to me up until this point, you have proved to me that you are a dirtbag, a liar, and totally unworthy of my trust. I would not trust you with fifty cents let alone money of this magnitude. You are obviously a complete and utter moron and I suspect that you have sex with goats. Your mother and father were obviously retarded and possibly brother and sister – that may be why you turned out the way you did. You are truly pathetic. I wish you were dead.

Anywho, good luck STEALING – you’ll need luck as stupid as you are…



Wow, when you get excited your English accent disappears – that is remarkable. Now you are speaking like some uneducated, third-world piece of shit – possibly from West Africa. Let me ask – did you lie about your race and nationality as well as everything else? There I don’t blame you because if I was some low-life degenerate from West Africa, I would pretend that I was something else too. That must be horrible. I pity you.


Your parents must cry a lot in shame seeing what a piece of shit you are.

No more responses. It’s funny when they lie about lying…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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