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Phone Banking

This was a short bait. The main reason I documented this one for my site was to show you this new “modality”. The only way this moron can come up with a way to prove that the money exists is for me to call some random number (the bank) to verify it. Really? Are you kidding me? If this has ever worked on anyone then they deserve to lose their money to this fool. He was either too stupid or too lazy to invent some forms or “Deposit Certificates” for me. I wish I would have called the number – that would have been interesting! My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Hello Friend,
Compliments of the day to you, I do hope all is well. I am the wife of a powerful retired executive of once one of the biggest manufacturing company here in Asia and I have information on a transaction that I believe will be of mutual benefits to both of us. It is necessary that this business be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect us from any breach of the law. What is required will be your complete trust and honest cooperation to enable us to see this transaction through. You will have to show commitments to the cause as time will be of great importance in what we have to do.

If you are interested and prepared to work with me according to these dictates, please correspond back immediately so that we can discuss, make assessments and after your basic understanding of the whole business, commence the process by which we will actualize the project. I wish you a pleasant day as I hope to read from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Chung Hee-Ja

What is this all about? Please explain if that is possible.


From: []
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 6:23 AM
To: Debbie Dawson
Subject: RE: HELLO FRIEND!!!

Thanks to Debbie for your response to my email to you. I will open up to you in confidence the details about the origin of funds because It will make both of us become closer together as partners and plan better with one mind. Please send all future correspondence to very safe for us for security reasons to communicate .

I am married to Mr. Kim Woo Choong, founder of bankrupt Daewoo group.This business is a deal. Visit the following links to be acquainted with Mr. Kim Woo Choong’s profile for a better understanding of this project and following details below.


I stashed away US$47 Million in a bank in the “tax haven” Bahamas without my husband's knowledge or anyone else. I had unrestricted access to funds during that time .As a woman i needed a good measure of financial guarantee and security for myself , especially for my children should anything happen. . I saw everything and I knew there will be problem. Kim was eventually prosecuted and sentenced for 10 years . These funds are all that is left of everything belonging to me. Hence my carefulness. Now that the dust has settled, I wish to re-profile the entire identity of these funds through you so that it can be put into productive projects. Leaving such funds in my names longer than now has enormous implications and consequences. My enemies will use it as a weapon to launch destructive/negative media campaign against me especially now to destroy my political asylum status and witness protection program. I alone have the deposit details. If i can establish confidence and trust to work with you as a partner . I will give you all relevant details to confirm existence of funds.

I have discussed this thoroughly with a lawyer not giving out core details and figures involved. He has advised that the best way to actualize and accomplish this transaction without any impediments is you open a non-resident account at the same bank where my funds are. I will transfer funds from my account to the new account you have set up. This will not raise any attention whatsoever as the transfer will be seen as an in- house transfer simply mean transfer of funds from one account to another within the same bank.

Upon the bank releasing the funds to you, you shall keep 10% which is U.S$4.7 Million only(Four million Seven hundred thousand U.S Dollars) as the custodian of the funds as your share for being part of this deal and disburse the balance 90% amounting to U.S$42.3 Million (forty-two million, three hundred thousand U.S Dollars) as would be instructed by me through my lawyer except you have good business plans whereby I may choose to invest in ,with you as the funds manager .This is preferable for me because under the present circumstances, my share will expose me to dangers and my safety if not re- profiled . However, I am leaving your management fees for all returns on investment(R.O.I) open for negotiation/discussion if you eventually be the one to manage my share so that everyone is happy and work with oneness and no betrayal.

This has been my fears .There have been instances as i heard where a number of corrupt executives around the world have had very bad experiences. Foreigners who were used as proxies to reprofile funds as I intend to with you, became monsters and refused to release funds after full access and control to funds was given to them. They either refused to disburse investor’s. Share of funds or will invest funds but will refused to produce evidence of all investment made and returns on investment (R.O.I) as initially agreed. These proxies were used as actual owners of funds, they knew origin of funds in detail, and are certainly aware that the investor cannot talk to anyone or go to court to seek redress because of the consequences of such action. I know quite well that eventually as the custodian of funds you will make money off me for yourself from my funds which will be off our books/records . It happens when deals as this are made, my husband once told me. I just want things to be done as will be agreed. Let me know your suggestions and thoughts if any.

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Chung Hee-Ja

What bank is the money at? I would like to see some proof that this is all real before we continue.


My lawyer will be contacting you sometime today. He will discuss with you all there is to be done to enable us work successfully as partners both now and in the future. Once he is informs me that eveything is okay with you i will give you details to confirm existence of funds .

The name of my lawyer is David Armstrong,i am introducing him to you ahead so that you will know who to expect an email from okay. Inform me as soon as you hear from him.

Kind Regards,
Mrs Chung

If you had bothered to read my email, you would have seen that I asked for some proof that this is all real. Thanks for totally ignoring my request.


Hello Dear,
I did not disregard your question . Because of my present circumstances and origin of funds as i have explained in my previous email to you . I just need some comfort and reassuarnce that i would not be taken advantage of because i cannot really do any thing under the present circumstance if i am taken advantage off .so i am trying to secure everything for our benefits as partners . I am hoping you undersatnd my fears .

My lawyer will simply go through a process with you and once he comfirms to me that everything is okay and i can continue discussion with you on this i will give you proof . I did not request for an online access to my account which i considered very unsafe for me for security reason. However, i have a telephone banking access to my account and my funds for any confirmation and proof . I will give the telephone banking details to confirm existence of funds and afterwards revert.Let me know when you hear from my lawyer.

Kind regards,

I will contact the lawyer. Thank you very much. This should be an interesting adventure.


Attn: Debbie Dawson
Reference case no. AYE2009-UDI

I am obliged to intimate you that our law office have the Brief/Mandate by my client Mrs. Chung Hee-Ja to contact and liase with you regarding the final modalities mapped out to release the sum of US$47Million (Forty-Seven Million United States Dollars) .

To this end arrangements are in place to release the funds to you from where you will be given absolute control to disburse funds . Upon receipt of the duly Joint Venture agreement which i shall send to you in my next email , I shall immediately proceed to perfect all arrangements with my client to make you the beneficiary whom funds should be released to.

In light of the above I would like for you to reconfirm with me the following information:


The above details is required for our records .The joint venture agreement will basically secure both you and Mrs. Chung Hee-ja legally including your shares for your roles in this transaction as has been agreed . This Joint Venture agreement will give her a good measure of comfort and reassurance that she will not taken advantage of due to her present status and cirsumstances when you take full control of her funds as her proxy. I will send you copies of the Joint Venture agreement upon receipt of the above mentioned information
Expecting your swift response in this regard.
Yours in Service
David Armstrong,(Senior Partner)
12, Armada Way, Plymouth, Devon
PL1 1JU, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 -702- 406-7870,
Fax: +44 700 608 2911

You can send me the Agreement to look over but I will not send you any personal information about myself until I have some proof that this is all real.


Days later…

Why hasn’t your lawyer gotten back to me yet? I asked for proof and all I have received so far is a bunch of jawing. I said I will not give out personal details until I have proof that this is all real. You contacted me remember?


Hello Dear,

When i opened the account in question where funds are ,i did not request for an online banking access because it is very unsafe . I however have a telephone banking access whereby you can confirm the exstence of funds after which i will change back the pin . However, i just want to be sure that you will not take advantage of me .This is why i have instructed my lawyer to go through the process with you and if he finds you safe for me to deal with i will continue discussion on this matter with you . I just need reassurance anything you can show me . Please advice Regards,
Mrs Hee-ja

I don’t know what you are talking about – I just want to see some documentation that this is real. That’s all I ask. Send me one of the big pretty Deposit Certificates that big banks are so fond of issuing.


I do not think you understood my last email and explanations. I do not have an online access to funds before i consider it unsafe especially due the origin of funds as i explained to you when i was giving you details of this endeavour . What i have is a telephone banking access ,which is most secured and is used by big executives who are always on the move BUT can do /make transfers and do bank transaction to anywhere in the world .

I can give you my bankng details to access funds in other to confirm the existence of funds because i beleive we are together on this with trust. After you have confirmed that these funds are in my account ,i will revert pin to restrict access..Please advice
Kindest Regards,
Mrs. Chung Hee-ja

Are you saying that for me to confirm the existence of the funds, you want me to call some number? So I call some phone number and someone tells me that there is money in this account and you think that is concrete proof that this is real? No wonder your husband didn’t trust you with money, or even leave you enough to survive on. You are kind of an idiot. Oops, let me take that back – that was an understatement. You are a complete and utter moron. If you can’t send me some concrete proof that this is a legitimate transaction then do bother me anymore.


there is no reason to use insults with me.I can give you my bankng details to access funds in other to confirm the existence of funds because I don’t have online acces to bank. You need to contact the lawyer to verify what I say is the gods truth
Kindest Regards,
Mrs. Chung Hee-ja

I tried to email the lawyer and his email was shut down. I contacted Yahoo about it and they said it was shut down due fraudulent activity. I guess I was right not to send that criminal my personal details. Maybe you need to find another lawyer – possibly an honest one this time. Let me know if you have a change of heart or if you find a new lawyer. Have them contact me.


If you will not use the telebanking opinion to proof that this funds is real then I don’t know how to proof it to you. You must trustgod and what he is doing that this is right thing to do.
Kindest Regards,
Mrs. Chung Hee-ja

Aren’t you Asian? Maybe you forgot. Shouldn’t you be saying “trust Buddha” instead of “Trust God”? Maybe you are confused. I guess it’s possible that you are Christian even though you are an Asian. Just like it is also possible that there really is money in the account that can only be accessed or verified by a phone call to an unknown number. It is also possible that you are the dumbest scammer I have ever met. No wait, I will say probable, not possible. I can’t believe how stupid you are. Have you ever been successful in this scam? Even by West African standards, you are an idiot. Yes, I traced you IP address after the first email and big surprise – Nigeria!!! I am sorry you are poor and stupid. Your life must be horrible. I am sorry you suck.



LOL – seeing that you are extremely stupid, I am going to help you out a bit. You may want to read up on banking in general because it is blatantly obvious that you have never had a bank account before and probably never will. In fact, I’ll venture to say that you’ve never seen $5.00 at one time before. I would lecture you on stealing and why don’t you get a job and earn an honest living but I know that is a waste of my time. You are obviously too stupid to get a job.

I am sorry you are African. That makes me sad.

No more responses from this idiot. Perhaps I went too far?

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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