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Easy Hook

Just checking my other Yahoo Profile, I see a scammer online that I baited months ago. So I try to see if I can hook him and have him assume the identity that I create. Look how fast he took up the identity that I just created! Hilarious...Months ago when I baited this fool, he was named Paul Owusu or something like that. Let's see if he likes the name Paula. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Thu, 3/10/11 11:52 AM -----

Greg’s : Hi
achilonupaul : linus (WTF?)
Greg’s : ?
Greg’s : Is this Paula?
achilonupaul : from where
Greg’s : Are you Paula Thompson? Do I have the right person?
achilonupaul : yes
Greg’s : oh, okay...
Greg’s : where have you been?
Greg’s : I havent talked to you in a while
achilonupaul : i travelled
Greg’s : Are you still in London?
achilonupaul : yes
achilonupaul : where are you presently
Greg’s : In the US still
achilonupaul : you mean if i am still in london?
Greg’s : yes, that's what I asked
achilonupaul : ok. no i am presently in Ghana to attend a burial
Greg’s : A burial for who?
achilonupaul : my friend father
Greg’s : oh, okay
achilonupaul : i was attack yesterday and they took away my credit card and the little money with me
achilonupaul : i am not really in a good state of mind
Greg’s : okay, I'll leave you alone then
Greg’s : bye
achilonupaul : noo
achilonupaul : talk to me please
achilonupaul : i am fine i just want to let you know my condition here
Greg’s : oh, okay
achilonupaul : so how are you
Greg’s : I'm doing good - I thought you found someone else because I haven’t talked to you in a while
achilonupaul : or honey. not true. i still care
achilonupaul : what is your local time
achilonupaul : in us
Greg’s : 9:48AM
achilonupaul : okay
achilonupaul : i feel like meeting you but we are far from each orther
Greg’s : How is your brother Michael?
achilonupaul : or michael is fine
achilonupaul : Please can you do me a favour
Greg’s : what is that?
achilonupaul : i have lost all money with me. i am presently stranded here. i dont know if you can help me with a little money for feeding. my condition is serious here
Greg’s : Did you go to the American Consulate or Embassy - they would help you.
achilonupaul :
Greg’s : Hello?
achilonupaul : hi. honey
achilonupaul : network interuption
achilonupaul : have lost all money with me. i am presently stranded here. i dont know if you can help me with a little money for feeding. my condition is serious here
Greg’s : Did you go to the American Consulate or Embassy - they would help you.
achilonupaul : the place is very far from here
achilonupaul : please no matter how little
Greg’s : I will call Michael and see if he can help. Do you still have your Passport?
achilonupaul : ok. but there is no need calling michael. i just need a little amount
Greg’s : Do you still have your Passport?
achilonupaul : yes. i do
Greg’s : thats good - then it should be no problem
achilonupaul : ok. thank you
Greg’s : what city are you in?
achilonupaul : i am in Accra, Ghana
achilonupaul : are you sending it right away
Greg’s : How far away is the Embassy?
achilonupaul : i dont know precisely.but it is far from here
achilonupaul : the western union center is close here
Greg’s : The Embassy is in Accra so it can't be that far
achilonupaul : yes. i am between the boundary between Accra and kumasi. it is not that close
Greg’s : Okay, well I will contact Michael and we will see what we can put together to help you in your situation
Greg’s : Will you be going back to London or coming back to the States when everything is settled
achilonupaul : okay. but i will not like you to contact michael. Please, understand my point. Michael is not happy that i travelled with my friend.and i have already told him i have left Ghana so i am confiding in you
achilonupaul : i will be coming back to the State
Greg’s : Yeah, but you are in trouble. Michael should know - he is your big brother and he can help since he works for the FBI. Let me call him - hold on...
achilonupaul : Dont call him (I pause for a few minutes…)
Greg’s : I just talked to Michael - he said you are not in Ghana that you are home in Ohio. What the hell is going on?
achilonupaul : to be honest i did not inform him i was travelling
Greg’s : Is this a joke?
Greg’s : He said he just saw you yesterday at your house.
Greg’s : What is all this?
achilonupaul : i have told you
achilonupaul : dont complicate issue
Greg’s : Explain what the hell is going on here
achilonupaul : WHY DO YOU CALL MICHAEL (he is mad – the jig is up – or is it?)
Greg’s : because he could help
Greg’s : why are you saying you are in Ghana when you are in Ohio? ? ?
achilonupaul : IF i explain to you will you forgive me
achilonupaul : i am in Ohio prsently. i was only joking
Greg’s : oh my God - are you kidding me? ? ?
Greg’s : You had me panicking - do you think that is funny?
Greg’s : Explain!!!
achilonupaul : Thanks. I was just testing your faith. You care so much about me. I love you.Actually, i needed you to do me a farvour. a friend of mine from cote d ivoir needs help. The parent was killed in the war and she ran to Ghana. She was attacked by gun point and i dont have money presently to give her.
Greg’s : I cant believe you would do this to me
achilonupaul : Sorry honey. I know believe you care so much
Greg’s : Are you going to be home tonight?
achilonupaul : no i will be at home tomorrow
Greg’s : when? what time?
achilonupaul : by 8pm
Greg’s : why so late?
Greg’s : are you still working as an Art Buyer?
achilonupaul : yes
Greg’s : are you at work that late?
achilonupaul : no. i am going to see my girl friend before going home
Greg’s : okay - what is your address - I know you live in Akron but give me your address, okay?
achilonupaul : What?
achilonupaul : Greg
Greg’s : give me your house address
achilonupaul : you know my address
Greg’s : no I dont - I just know you live in Akron, Ohio - that's it
achilonupaul : you are kiding me. stop that joke
Greg’s : how am I kidding? I have never been to your house? ? ?
achilonupaul : ok.
achilonupaul : i will give to you when nest we chat
Greg’s : why?
achilonupaul : That is when i want to give it you
achilonupaul : will you assist my friend
Greg’s : I want to see you in person first
achilonupaul : why?
Greg’s : what do you mean why? ? ?
achilonupaul : you want to see me before you can assist my friend
Greg’s : You are finally home after all this time, and I want to finally meet you
Greg’s : don’t you want to see me?
Greg’s : Hello?
achilonupaul :
Greg’s : Well?
achilonupaul : can you do me the favour
Greg’s : I ask if you don’t want to see me?
achilonupaul : i want to see you honey
Greg’s : okay - then we will meet tomorrow and we will talk about helping your friend. Would you like to go out to dinner tomorrow?
achilonupaul : yes
Greg’s : Do you want me to pick you up or meet at the restaurant
achilonupaul : pick me up
Greg’s : ok - well I will need your address
achilonupaul : ok. i will send it to your mail box as soon as we finished charting
Greg’s : why can’t you just tell me now?
achilonupaul :
Greg’s : so the reason you lied to me about being in Ghana was so I would help your friend?
achilonupaul : Not really. but i just needed you to assist her
Greg’s : so you thought it would be funny to lie to me?
achilonupaul : Sorry about that. Honey, It is just a very pressing situation to me. My friend is despirate for a help
Greg’s : I am just trying to understand why you would say that to me, instead of just asking me with the truth
achilonupaul : Honey i am sorry. I was joking at the first. I said i will tell you the truth later.
Greg’s : So you think telling someone that you care about that you were robbed at gunpoint and stranded in another country is a joke? You think that is funny?
achilonupaul : Honey, Listen i have concluded you care about me. if you dont care, you will not show any concern. Thanks for caring for me
achilonupaul : Just forget that and lets proceed
Greg’s : well, we will talk about this tomorrow...
achilonupaul : ok
achilonupaul : Please can you send $400 to my friend . She needs it today
achilonupaul :
Greg’s : no I can’t do it today - I said we would talk about it tomorrow
achilonupaul : i ask you for an urgent favour and you are refusing
Greg’s : yes, because I couldn’t even get to the bank today
Greg’s : what would you have done if I hadn’t contacted you today?
achilonupaul : I was just thinking of what to do.Believe me, it was just miracle that you contacted me
Greg’s : well, if I didn’t contact you today, your friend would have survived wouldn’t she?
achilonupaul : Dont assume that way. Kindly assist. i will be happy and remain your for ever. Please
Greg’s : well, we can talk about that tomorrow
achilonupaul : Please honey. it will be very late. I will give you back the maoney
Greg’s : I said I could not get to the bank - so it not possible until tomorrow
achilonupaul : what time will you do it
Greg’s : what do you mean?
Greg’s : I said we would talk about it at dinner
Greg’s : okay?
achilonupaul : I am not happy with the arrangement
Greg’s : what is that supposed to mean?
achilonupaul : if you know you cant help, kindly inform me.
Greg’s : why is it that you seem more concerned with asking me for money than you do about meeting me for the first time?
achilonupaul : I really want to meet you. This is the time to really prove to me that you care. I promise to be with you all through. I have made up my mind to love you and nothing will stop me
Greg’s : okay then...don’t worry about any money then - we will deal with that later
achilonupaul : I am not so concern about the Money just that it is very urgent. If you cannot do it today, then forget about it
Greg’s : no I can’t do it today - I told you that 3 times
achilonupaul : then do it first thing tomorrow morning,
Greg’s : what is wrong with you? I said don’t worry about that...
achilonupaul : You i gave you the receiver information
Greg’s : will you stop?
Greg’s : You act like all you care is about the money
achilonupaul : I dont care about your money.You know that.why are you sounding funny. i will look for someone else to assist her. i am fine. is my problem i will take care of it.
Greg’s : I said we would talk about it tomorrow - I am sounding funny because we finally get to meet tomorrow and it seems you just want me to send someone money in africa
achilonupaul : I said you should forget about send the money. I am not longer interested in it. i will take care of the situation. How can you tell me i care about your money because i ask for a help.
Greg’s : I am just saying it seems that you care more about that than actually meeting tomorrow for the first time
Greg’s : aren’t you excited about meeting tomorrow?
achilonupaul : I want to be happy when seeing you tomorrow. I want to kiss you,huge you and do some funny things with you tomorrow. i will be giving you my time tomorrow.
Greg’s : okay, that's better - I am excited to see you too. Where do you want to go for dinner?
Greg’s : Should we invite Michael?
achilonupaul : not yet
achilonupaul : maybe later
achilonupaul : i want to have good time with you
Greg’s : okay - what's your favorite restaurant in the area?
Greg’s : How about Lannings in the Vallley?
achilonupaul : good
Greg’s : have you been there before?
achilonupaul : no but my friends have
Greg’s : its very nice
achilonupaul : ok
Greg’s : so if I am picking you up, I will need your address
Greg’s : hello?
achilonupaul : if you dont assist my friend, forget about picking me up
Greg’s : what? ? ?
achilonupaul : i am not happy. she just wrote to me now
Greg’s : So I guess that the money is the only thing you care about

I act like I’m mad and log out on “her”. We’ll see if I see this fool online again and if she tries to continue again.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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