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Cock Of The Walk

With this fool from, I was just messing with her, seeing how much off-the-wall stuff I could say to “her”. It turns out that I could say a lot… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Mon, 9/20/10 3:59 PM -----

smith sand (3:05 PM): hello
Greg’s (3:08 PM): hi
smith sand (3:08 PM): hello
Greg’s (3:08 PM): I said hi
smith sand (3:08 PM): how are you ?
Greg’s (3:09 PM): good - what happed? Connection problems?
smith sand (3:09 PM): yes
smith sand (3:10 PM): what is your name ?
Greg’s (3:10 PM): Greg
smith sand (3:11 PM): cool
smith sand (3:11 PM): my name is sandra
smith sand (3:11 PM): where are you from?
Greg’s (3:12 PM): Ohio, USA - you?
smith sand (3:12 PM): i'm from waco texas
smith sand (3:13 PM): but i'm in africa at the moment on a business trip
smith sand (3:13 PM): what do you do for a living ?
Greg’s (3:14 PM): I'm an Accountant
smith sand (3:14 PM): cool
smith sand (3:14 PM): i'm inot buying and selling of art and sculptures
Greg’s (3:15 PM): In Africa?
smith sand (3:15 PM): i used to buy from africa and and sale it in the state
Greg’s (3:16 PM): Isn't Africa a disgusting, horrible place?
smith sand (3:17 PM): not every where
smith sand (3:17 PM): there are some place in africa which is very beautiful
Greg’s (3:17 PM): Yeah, but the people are disgusting aren't they? And smelly? And stupid?
smith sand (3:18 PM): yes
Greg’s (3:18 PM): The continent is beautiful I'm sure but I heard that all Africans are thieves and would kill for a nickel
smith sand (3:19 PM): they are full of shit
smith sand (3:19 PM): what you hear its true
smith sand (3:19 PM): i'm really in deep situation right now
Greg’s (3:20 PM): And they are so freaking ugly as well - it scares me a little
smith sand (3:20 PM): yes
smith sand (3:20 PM): very ugly
Greg’s (3:20 PM): You're a brave person to go there - very brave with all of those thieves and savages around
smith sand (3:21 PM): thanks
smith sand (3:21 PM): but i have promise my self not to come here any more if i can get help from any one to come back home
Greg’s (3:21 PM): Well, good luck with that...
smith sand (3:22 PM): thanks
smith sand (3:22 PM): tell me more about your self
Greg’s (3:23 PM): What do you want to know?
smith sand (3:23 PM): every thing
Greg’s (3:23 PM): Ask something...and I'll answer
smith sand (3:24 PM): about myself,me and my sister grew up with foster parents since we dont know our biological parents but our foster parents passed away in 2008 and since then,we have been all alone trying to make a living and we have always believed that whatever doesnt kill us will definitely make us stronger
smith sand (3:26 PM): my sister die few months ago so i'm all alone now
Greg’s (3:27 PM): How old are you?
smith sand (3:27 PM): i just turn 30
smith sand (3:27 PM): and you ?
Greg’s (3:28 PM): 41
smith sand (3:28 PM): cool
smith sand (3:29 PM): do you have any kids ?
Greg’s (3:29 PM): nope
smith sand (3:29 PM): why are you still single
Greg’s (3:31 PM): Because I like rough and dirty sex and most woman don't like that
smith sand (3:32 PM): uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm
smith sand (3:32 PM): i see
smith sand (3:32 PM): what type of woman are you looking for
Greg’s (3:32 PM): Does that bother you?
smith sand (3:32 PM): no
Greg’s (3:33 PM): Do you like rough and dirty sex?
smith sand (3:34 PM): may be
Greg’s (3:34 PM): I'm sorry - is this too personal???
smith sand (3:35 PM): okay
smith sand (3:35 PM): what type of woman are you looking for
Greg’s (3:37 PM): Someone who can obey my whims and satisfy me sexually, someone who is self- sufficient and independent, someone who smokes a good pole and swallows, and can clean like the dickens
smith sand (3:37 PM): thats wonderful and cool,i would want my man to be understanding,pa tient,trustworth y,sexy and caring
Greg’s (3:38 PM): Have you been with a lot of men?
smith sand (3:38 PM): I'm interested in meeting a man to start a friendship that will lead to a serious relationship. A man that will be my best friend, confidant, companion, partner, husband, father and the best lover in the world.A man that is intelligent, playful, romantic, sexy, laughs a lot, has good sense of humor, puts family first, a charmer,one who knows how to treat a woman and make her melt.someone who thinks and does as much for me as i would them regardless of the means
smith sand (3:39 PM): I'm looking for a male who's open minded to have correspondence with while I'm stuck in africa. If I meet the right one we could possibly take our relationship to the streets
Greg’s (3:42 PM): What is your favorite sexual position?
Greg’s (3:45 PM): Hello?
smith sand (3:46 PM): hello
Greg’s (3:47 PM): You weren’t answering
smith sand (3:47 PM): 69
Greg’s (3:48 PM): So you like sucking dick? A lot of dick?
smith sand (3:48 PM): yes
Greg’s (3:49 PM): Oh, that’s good - I'm sure you are good at it too…
Greg’s (3:49 PM): Some girls don’t like it, but it’s a deal breaker with me – if I don’t get my knob polished at least once a day, then I might explode
smith sand (3:50 PM): yes
Greg’s (3:54 PM): Do you have any pics you could send me, dick licker?
smith sand (3:54 PM): no
Greg’s (3:55 PM): Really?
smith sand (3:55 PM): yes
Greg’s (3:56 PM): I thought girls usually have thousands of pictures of themselves....
smith sand (3:56 PM): not for me
Greg’s (3:56 PM): sorry
smith sand (3:56 PM): this is not my computer
Greg’s (3:57 PM): oh, but you have some at home, sperm drinker?
smith sand (3:57 PM): yes
smith sand (3:57 PM): i'm in africa as i told you before i'm using the hotel computer
Greg’s (3:58 PM): oh, okay
smith sand (3:59 PM): i'm really sad and starving
Greg’s (3:59 PM): Well, since I can't see what you look like, I guess there is no sense pursuing this
smith sand (3:59 PM): ok
Greg’s (3:59 PM): good bye and good luck, you dirty cocksucker
smith sand (3:59 PM): bye

This idiot did not try contacting me again after all of this, which pissed me off so I had her email shut down by Yahoo…I was surprised that she let go so easily – she may have known I was just fucking with her.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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This is America, not West Africa, and if you don't like it, too bad!

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