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MUGU and the Hendersons

You probably already know this, but there is no qualifying exam to become an internet scammer. I swear the longer I do this, the more these idiots surprise me with their stupidity. Another US Army scammer who has the IQ of a 4 year old. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Dear Friend,

I know this email will come as a surprise to you although it is with good motive. Before i go any further, I want to share more about myself. My name is Captain Williams John Taylor from Morton Grove, Illinois United States. I am an American Citizen currently serving in Afghanistan. I formally served in Baghdad Iraq in 2003. I'm 51yrs old and I am an only child of both parents. My dad was a US marine before he passed away. My mom was a stay at home mom and she passed away in October 1st 2007.

The reason i contacted you is that, i want you to help me receive a consignment (Box) that i deposited with a security company in Baghdad Iraq, The consignment (Box) contains 10million dollars. Please note that the security company does not know that the box contains money. I listed it as containing family belongings.. Anyway i think i should tell you how i came into possession of this money. In 2003, I was the one commanding the US 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad, Iraq. On our raids of 23 and 26 April 2003 in Baghdad, we came across a huge amount of money in containers.

Please visit for confirmation of this story. After we discovered the money, me and five other officers hide some part of the money that we discovered and returned the rest to US Central command.. I am going to be posted to your Location in the coming months so i will be most thankful to God if you can receive the consignment from the security company on my behalf. I am offering you $3million while $6million is for me, then the remaining 1million for Charity Organization. I do pray and hope you are a honest person as i strongly believe honesty is the basis of any meaningful relationship.

Note: All the documents used in lodging the consignment (Box) with the security Company are all in my possession. l will send them to you as soon as you show your willingness to assist me in receiving the consignment from the security company.

Let me know if you are interested so i can give you more details..

Thanks and God bless you.

Yours Sincerely,
Capt. Williams

What are you talking about? Did you steal this money? Did you know that you could be shot for looting a foreign country? How long have you been a thief? And where did you get my contact from?


Hello Debbie,

Thanks for your email and I want you to know that I sent you the website to read through and note all about the story,I was not shot because I was lucky enough because we raided that place and discovered this amount and I had to be very secretive about the information I gave out that is why I contacted you secretly for this,I am not a thief I was just at the right place at the right time and if you are interested in helping me out I would be very pleased to work this out with you.I got your email from an email directory online when I was going through some American websites.

I have always wished to do this with an American like myself because of understanding and also of the news of President Obama calling the troops in Iraq back home at the end of the year,Kindly tell me all about yourself and also give me the permission to entrust this funds in your name so that we can proceed,if you are willing committed and interested in helping me achieve this then reply me with the following information below as follows:

Your Full Name:
Your Home/Office Address:
Your Age:
Your Occupation:
Your Marital Status:
Your Telephone/Fax Numbers:
Your Identification:

Once I confirm all this from you we shall move forward.

Capt Williams.

I am not a thief and I will not take money that does not belong to me or help anyone do it.


Dear Debbie,

I never called you a thief neither would I not want you to help me,I was carried away and there is no where for me to return funds already taken during the raid I did what I can and if any man where in my shoes they would do the same at least majority but not all,I had never seen much money in my whole life I have done this and I would want us to see this through your help,I have to make sure that the funds leave this country on time if funds are found on me I would be in trouble.

Do let me know if u want me to move forward,



Oops! Forgot his name here…

It seems you forgot you own name. You signed this email Capt. Henderson. Are you confused or extremely stupid?


Debbie I am so confused I have someone who offers to help also his name is John Henderson and I have been on email contact with him for some time now and am comparing the emails and responses I get because I want only someone from America who I can trust for this, so your not the only one am trying to trust in this which will change and improve the life's of our families and loved ones of ours,Mr Henderson has offered to help and he has not still proven to be someone I could trust in this,but you the way you speak with me and communicate I feel I could trust you in this because your first email confirmed it all that you where against stealing,only not the greedy will say that and only someone who can keep to a word and keep secrets could maintain that secret,I still have responses an offers to help me in this project but still I am still communicating with about five of you and I need only one person to do this with me as I explained in my first email proposal to you.

Get Back to me soon,


So therefore you sign your emails with his name? You must be extremely stupid.



Nobody is above mistakes in life,I have been so afraid since about this funds ever since and I sometimes talk to myself,I have taken Henderson's name on my mind even before I sent you the email which showed I signed in his name,anyone could make such a huge mistake when confused on what to do and whom to trust in a deal of this magnitude,so you should not take this as a topic of argument but to let me know if you are willing to help me out or not,don't let my mistake delay my plans to achieve this goal.

Reply Soon,
Capt Williams

Well, continue with Mr. Henderson because I am not a thief and don't want any part of this.



I never called you a thief and I seriously need you to do this with me because my heart tells me you are someone I can trust more in this than Henderson,I will wait for a response from you and I believe this will work out with trust sand commitment please think about this for I have no other person I will like to do this with than yourself and I must be very plain with you on this.

Please lets trust each other and move forward,we have nothing to lose


I am not taking or helping someone take money that does not belong to them. That would make you and me, thieves. And I am not a thief. This is not your money, you are stealing it. I don't want anything to do with it.



In case you don't know the funds has been deposited in your name and I will send you a copy of the deposit certificate soon,Please I have ensured the money in your name and I am counting on you for this operation,please do not let me down nobody is stealing any money because I recovered this money and we have accounted for the rest of the money so there isn't any problem.

Do get back to me and expect a copy of the document.

Captain Williams.

I said I did not want to have any part in this. Can you read, you fool?


Am not fool I just really need your help in this. Can u please help me?

Captain Williams.

You are indeed a fool, because I told you five times that I am not a thief and would not help you and you go and say that you have deposited the money in a bank in my name? First of all, if you knew anything about banking you would know that is not possible. Besides the fact that I said I am not a thief.


Dabbie I just really need u help because I am an orphan and have no one else to trust or take care of me so I need you to help me and I never call you theif and the money is not in bank it is in a security house that specializes in large volume depositer who want to remain umonmomous

Captain Williams.

Lol – you are 51 years old and you call yourself an orphan? Look up orphan in the dictionary – it means a CHILD who has no parents, you idiot. You need someone to take care of you at 51 years of age? I have this strange feeling that you are a poor little black beggar from West Africa, aren’t you? That would explain the bad grammar, low intelligence, and horrific smell. Have you ever had a real job before, little street boy?



I guess that answers my question…

I am sorry you are poor and black and stupid and that you have to beg from women. I pity you – your life must be horrible.

If the pain of being poor and black becomes too much, you could kill yourself…just saying.

He didn't want to play anymore…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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