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The Wong Stuff

I just love these scambaits – where the scammer is a big, important businessman who obviously knows nothing about business. Look at the business terms he used – Company Annual Turnover? Not employee turnover, or inventory turnover, or A/R-A/P turnover – but Company Annual Turnover? Hmmmm, what could that be? I guess my suggestions for an easier way to move the money ruined his game plan and he realized he was dealing with someone of superior intelligence. Also, his comeback about “[2] Send a 1-Page summary of Return Of Investment (ROI) with US$11M” – I know he did this to sound business-like, but this statement doesn’t make sense either and ROI is Return On Investment! Freaking moron… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

From: Mr. Stanley Wong
Director/Deputy General Manager,
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
318/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive,
Central Hong Kong.

Dear Thomas Payne,

Thank you for your warm respond and request for further information. I am Mr. Stanley Wong, General Manager with the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited, I received your interest in the Mr. Kim Woo-Choong proposal.

This information is very confidential, it is for you only due to the very sensitive nature of this pending transaction, but please be rest assured that the funds will be backed up with documents.

However, let me give the basic details.

My client is in a difficult predicament with the South Korean Government because of his involvement in politics and the present government has sworn to ruin him because he sponsored a major party against the ruling government. So therefore, he wants to re-locate most of his assets from Asia Continent.

Matter of fact, I have been [directly] contacted as a friend by Mr. Kim Woo Choong to recruit a foreign corporate body or an individual under whose identity the funds will be transferred out of Hong Kong. For your benefit of doubt, the terms are to re-profile the entire identity of the funds under your ownership, corporate or individual.

Firstly, you must understand that these funds were accrued from genuine business sources. We are going to make every legitimate arrangement to prepare legal documents that will present you/your company as a business partner to Saint Gobain and the end title holder of the US$11 Million. These documents will show that you are the true beneficiary to the US$11 million and that it should be rightly paid out to you whenever you request for it.

Secondly and once these documents are ready, my attorney will take off from there. He will make a personal appearance at the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited in Hong Kong to file in for claims on your behalf. The beneficiary documents will be presented by my attorney to the Bank requesting them to release the funds to you immediately. My attorney will be acting in your capacity in absentia.

CLIENT'S FULL NAME: Mr. Kim Woo Choong
FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR INVESTMENT: US$11,000,000.00 in liquid cash.
FUNDS LOCATED IN: Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
AREAS OF INVESTMENT INTEREST: Health, Real Estate and Construction

Mr. Kim Woo Choong is willing to pay 20% for your role as the beneficiary partner to the funds. Also, a subsequent 15% "Management Commission" will be paid for your advised investment services.

Consequently and following strict instructions, my attorney will instruct the Bank to have the monies paid out in block of US $10 Million and immediately have it routed through an intermediary confidential trust account which will be opened in your name/particulars. The creation of the 'Trust Account' is to be determined by certain banking proxies which operate here in Hong Kong. But the Trust Account will be located at a financial firm outside Hong Kong and Asia entirely. We want to make sure that the money is not traceable when it leaves Asia.

My duty with the help of my attorney will ensure that the legal documents for this transaction are by all means satisfied and within the ambit of local/international laws. I am entirely responsible for the facilitating of the beneficiary documents that will put you or your company in place as the rightful owners of the funds. Thereafter, you will therefore be legally qualified to transfer the funds into your secured bank account for management purposes only.

Consequently, this transaction may commence without delay once we have been able to secure your trust and partnership. The funds will be ready to leave the shores/vault department of Bank hear in Hong Kong to you as soon as we have established a reasonable degree of trust with each other and you have satisfied the basic qualification requirements. My client demand utmost confidentiality as regards his involvement with the funds in question.

Nonetheless, in order to commence the re-direction of the funds to you, we will require that you submit the following information listed below:

[5] AGE :

The above information will enable us to determine your qualification for receivership and subsequent placement of the funds to you. The data will also be used in the drafting and preparation of all the vital paper documentations in your particulars before the funds can be transferred from Hong Kong.

I look forward to a successful partnership with you and please do get back swiftly so that I know your position as regards this investment opportunity.

Mr. Stanley Wong
General Manager,
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
3318/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive,
Central Hong Kong.


I am willing to help you move this money but first I must see actual documentation that the money exists. Please email me a copy of the current Account Statement from Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited. After reading your email, I am wondering to myself if this is really the best way to transfer money over here to me. I am a Senior Partner/Accountant for Medina Leasing, Inc., a company that leases large commercial equipment and manufacturing properties. I could pose as a vendor to your company, create invoices, and you could pay me the money as you would a normal payable. Why go through this whole ordeal of changing beneficiary status of the money, creating new accounts, and the like, when you could just pay me the money as a payment of an invoice. Makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?

As for your questions below – “Company Size” is not specific enough – this could mean number of employees, Gross Sales, square footage of facility or offices, or Net Income. What are you looking for here? The term “Company Annual Turnover” has no meaning. I don’t know how adept you are in business, but that term does not mean anything – there is Inventory Turnover, A/R Turnover, A/P Turnover, employee turnover, but no such thing as “Company Annual Turnover” – what are you looking for here?

[1] COMPANY SIZE: Be more specific
[2] COMPANY ANNUAL TURNOVER:Makes no sense whatsoever
[3] TELEPHONE/FAX NOS: 330-666-9269
[5] AGE : 39

Full Name: Thomas Payne
Address: 1422 Lake Road
City: Medina
State: Ohio
Zip code: 44256
Phone Number(s): 330-666-9269
Email Address:
Occupation: Accountant


Thomas Payne

Dear Thomas,

I really understand your email.but i must let you know that there is nothing to be scare about in this transaction.i will be traveling to Indonesia first thing tomorrow morning . Mr Thomas we are going to work things out.but i must let you know that the said fund is not my own.but i want you to bear it in mind that i am going to do everything possible to move the money put of Hong Kong may be to a security company in Central Europe. because i must let you know that .i will do everything i can .i have forward a copy of your email to my Attorney.he shall tell us what to do next. I am going to provide all the necessary documents that will guide the fund.

get back to me.

Best Regards

Why have I not received any updates from you?


You have not provided the information I request from you.

Yes I did send you the information, although some of what you asked did not make a bit of sense.

I will resend the email I already sent to you again.


In your email, you did not answer even one of my questions and I am wondering if you even read it. And I do not see the point of moving the money to a “Security Company”, whatever that is, to Europe, when you could just write me a check. Please explain all of this and please re-read my last email and try to answer my questions and concerns.



To: Thomas Payne

Thank you for your interest in the placement.

Please complete the form below

: Your Full Names
: Company Name (if any)
: Complete Address (city, state/country)
: Direct Phone (cell/office)
: Age/Occupation

And make the following requirements available:

[1] Provide a 1-Page brief profile of you/your company.
[2] Send a 1-Page summary of Return Of Investment (ROI) with US$11M.

Again, I need to know which you prefer below are the option available in which the fund can be move out of asia;

(1) Do you prefer to travel to Central Europe or Canada?.
(2) Do you have the ability to receive the said funds in your country via bank to bank direct wire?.
(3) Do you capable of receiving the funds through diplomatic way?.

It is important you send the above requirements and to let me know the answers to the questions I have raised. Once I receive the above, I will give you further details and we will sign an agreement document before the funds can be released to you.

Meanwhile, if you have further inquiries do not hesitate to call me anytime. Do have a nice day.

Mr. Stanley Wong
General Manager,
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
3318/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive,
Central Hong Kong.

I will respond to your inquiries in this email but you have yet to respond to mine. Did you read that email that I just re-sent you? You asked about “Company Annual Turnover”, which makes no sense and “Company Size” which could mean a lot of different things. Do you want the answers to these inquiries, and if so, you had better be more specific of what you actually want. Also, what about my suggestion as just posing as a vendor and having you issue me a check as payment for an invoice? In my opinion, that would be the best way to move this money. Let me know and I’ll give you the details you requested in this latest email.



Your suggestion is not making any sense at all because there is no way I can issue you a check of 11million.

Stanley Wong;

Why can’t you? How do you currently pay your vendors? My company constantly receives checks from customers in varying amounts. My bank would honor a check in that amount. You could also write four checks and split up the amount if you wanted – I don’t see what the problem with this is.

Let me know,


I don't think you a reliable enough to handle this transaction. Sorry Bye

LOL – would it help if I told you I knew this was a 419 Scam the second I saw it? If you want to perfect your scam, you may want to learn business a little better if you are going to pose as a businessman – Annual Company Turnover? Does not make sense – of course, you being a stupid, rotten, disgusting, filthy savage – you would not know this. Ever wonder why the whole world hates you? Everything that is wrong with this world comes from Africa – poverty, disease, crime, war, AIDS, hunger – all rooted in your pathetic continent. It’s also really funny how you African Scammers try to pose as Oriental Businessmen – why is this? Because you know that no one with any common sense would dare trust some low-life from Africa.

I am sorry you are a dirty, stupid, smelly thief – I really do pity you. Your mother must be real proud of you (she’s probably sitting in the next chair over at the internet café trying to scam someone else…).

Thomas Payne (of course it’s a fake name…)
Scambaiter Extraordinaire

Yep, my scammer probably felt that it wasn’t worth being ridiculed about being a businessman who knows nothing about business…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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