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Life's Treasures

I don’t know where this fool goy my email contact from – it may be someone I dealt with before. I love how these fools actually think that their story makes perfect sense, and once I poke holes in itm they will change the story to seem not so foolish. He obviously thought I was a scam victim, or just greedy where I would go along just to get some free money. Watch how he changes his story to adapt to my honesty and generosity. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

adir.kamir: Hello
debbiedawson0404: hi
debbiedawson0404: who are you
adir.kamir: I am Mr Adir Kamir
adir.kamir: (Head of Treasury Department)
debbiedawson0404: what can I do for you?
adir.kamir: I sent you an email on the 4th of December 2011
adir.kamir: Did you get my email?
debbiedawson0404: no
debbiedawson0404: what email address?
adir.kamir: This was the email we where given
debbiedawson0404: no, never received it - what is this about?
adir.kamir: Do you know any Thompson Michael.
adir.kamir: ???
debbiedawson0404: no
adir.kamir: He came to our office and said you where dead
adir.kamir: can I send you an email to read and show you pictures of what he says its a funeral service
debbiedawson0404: What office?
adir.kamir: Do u have another email address I could send to you and email
debbiedawson0404: Who are you - the Treasury Department???
adir.kamir: Treasury Department of The Central Bank of Nigeria
adir.kamir: I am in charge of foreign depts and compensation
adir.kamir: We are rounding up the office for the end of the year
debbiedawson0404: so what do you want with me?
adir.kamir: and we discovered that you are yet to receive your funds
debbiedawson0404: what funds?
adir.kamir: Your Compensation Funds
adir.kamir: This comes from the Federal Government Treasury Account
debbiedawson0404: compensation for what?
adir.kamir: You where listed among the scam victims due for payment for the end of the year by the Federal Government of Nigeria
adir.kamir: This is to ensure that all your lost will be compensated with the funds due
debbiedawson0404: I have never been scammed by anyone before
adir.kamir: Really then there must have been a mix up and your name has already been submitted for a payout of $750,000usd

He thinks that I will say ok and just take some free money…

debbiedawson0404: oh, well I have never been scammed before - you may want to fix that
adir.kamir: I wish I could but I can't because where I work in this department any mistake will end me my job
adir.kamir: I have already submitted your list and they have been sent to the office of the presidency
debbiedawson0404: what does that mean? So you have to give money to someone who doesn’t deserve it instead of the rightful person???
adir.kamir: it was randomly selected
adir.kamir: that was how we found out because there is always a random end of the year selection payout
adir.kamir: It does not belong to anyone
debbiedawson0404: you just said I was listed among scam victims...did you forget?
adir.kamir: Yes you where because there are lots of them
adir.kamir: you said your not
adir.kamir: but you could fall into the list because it was from the list you where selected
debbiedawson0404: well, I have never been scammed before so it must be a mistake
adir.kamir: Yes
adir.kamir: But it's a ramdom selection of scam list and you emerged as one of the beneficiaries due for payout

Now it’s a random selection for the payout...

debbiedawson0404: beneficiaries even though I have never been scammed before???
adir.kamir: Yes because it's for anyone who was selected and emailed
adir.kamir: I showed you the email we sent to for confirmation and that was how I could get to you because I never knew you like the others from your country and other countries
adir.kamir: So my duty is to make sure you get your funds within the next 72 hours
debbiedawson0404: so you are telling me that a poor, diseased country like Nigeria randomly selects rich white Americans to send money to for no reason?
adir.kamir: Listen Nigeria is one of the wealthiest african nations blessed with oil
debbiedawson0404: Nigeria is also one of the poorest countries on Earth
adir.kamir: This is a compensation given by the Federal Government of Nigeria
adir.kamir: The Nigerian Petroleum Corporation have approved this payout to you
debbiedawson0404: so one of the poorest countries on Earth is giving people from the richest country on Earth money due to random selection?
adir.kamir: Yes the money given out was due to some un awarded contracts and corrupt money recovred is sent back as compensation

Now it's unawarded contracts and compensation

debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: so you just select random people to give it to?
adir.kamir: we have a list
debbiedawson0404: even though most of your country lives in poverty?
adir.kamir: you where on the list
debbiedawson0404: you send it to the United States?
adir.kamir: Yes
debbiedawson0404: lol
adir.kamir: all countries have the rich and the poor
debbiedawson0404: I guess thats the reason your country is so poor - because the government and all of your people are
complete idiots
adir.kamir: no it's the leaders who are selfish and only pay attention to themselves there families and the international countries
debbiedawson0404: okay, well here is what I am going to do. I will let you have the money because I am already wealthy, and I'm sure that you are poor. The money is yours.
debbiedawson0404: call it an early Christmas present.
adir.kamir: lolzzzz
debbiedawson0404: ok?
adir.kamir: very funny
debbiedawson0404: I am serious...
adir.kamir: I can't have it because it's in your name
debbiedawson0404: You can have the money
adir.kamir: I can't have it
adir.kamir: we don't spend dollars here
adir.kamir: our currency is different
debbiedawson0404: why can’t you have it? Because it doesn’t exist?
debbiedawson0404: lol
adir.kamir: it exists
adir.kamir: I am not Debbie Dawson
debbiedawson0404: of course it does...and poor filthy countries like Nigeria always give rich white Americans money for no reason
debbiedawson0404: lol
adir.kamir: There is $750,000usd to be given to you
adir.kamir: and its a compensation amount
debbiedawson0404: you can have it - I'm serious
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: don’t you want the money?
adir.kamir: I have told you what to do so you need
debbiedawson0404: I told you I want you to have the money
adir.kamir: To know that I can't claim what has been approved to you
adir.kamir: Ok
adir.kamir: You claim it and have it over to me
debbiedawson0404: please take it - I will sign over my rights to it
debbiedawson0404: that way you will have money so you can get an education
debbiedawson0404: You desperately need one
debbiedawson0404: Is it a deal?
debbiedawson0404: are you there?

He logs out.

debbiedawson0404: Hello?
debbiedawson0404: Are you still there?
debbiedawson0404: Wouldn’t that be great to have that much fake money so you wouldn’t have to make up ridiculous stories like this in order to beg white people for money?
debbiedawson0404: so, do you want me to sign over all of this fake money to you, maga?
adir.kamir: Lolzzzz
debbiedawson0404: are you there, mumu?
debbiedawson0404: I love watching stupid black people beg - it's so funny
debbiedawson0404: I am sorry you are black and poor and stupid and have to beg money from white women
debbiedawson0404: I pity you
debbiedawson0404: Your life must be horrible
debbiedawson0404: Do you see why the whole world hates black people?
debbiedawson0404: You are too stupid to get a job, so you lie, beg, and steal
debbiedawson0404: were your parents stupid black beggars like you? Is that where you learned it from?
debbiedawson0404: I am sorry you are black and that you had stupid parents who didnt teach you right from wrong
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: whats wrong, beggar?
adir.kamir: May God forgive
debbiedawson0404: lol - this coming from an internet thief???
debbiedawson0404: do you know that God hates black people - that’s why you all have AIDS
debbiedawson0404: run away little black coward

He runs away again.

debbiedawson0404: Hi - how are you?
adir.kamir: I am Fine
debbiedawson0404: so are you going to take the money
adir.kamir: Listen am not happy the way u spoke to me yesterday
adir.kamir: I am going to be sincere with you now
adir.kamir: I just lied coz I am in need
adir.kamir: I was born without parents
adir.kamir: I have lived without parents and stay on the streets
adir.kamir: no work no education just nothing
debbiedawson0404: yes, I know – that was obvious
debbiedawson0404: so you try to steal from rich white Americans
adir.kamir: so am very sorry am just trying to leave this country and start a new life
adir.kamir: Yes because anytime I meet the one who likes me they never want to help if you don't offer them business transactions
debbiedawson0404: so you are making excuses of why you are a thief?
adir.kamir: Those are facts not escuses
debbiedawson0404: Yes because anytime I meet the one who likes me they never want to help if you don't offer them business transactions ---- THIS IS AN EXCUSE
debbiedawson0404: you are trying to justify stealing from innocent people
adir.kamir: I am really sorry and I will not do that again because this is the fist time am doing it and that was why I couldn't defend what I was saying
adir.kamir: I just came up with a silly story bcos I don't know anything about stealing from the internet
adir.kamir: Hello
adir.kamir: Are u there?

Unfortunately, I got busy at work and had to leave him hanging. I did not see him online for months afterwards, and forgot about this bait until today when I saw him logged in. I didn’t remember him. But checked the chat log, when he logged out. So I will publish this bait “as is”, and will add updates later if there is any.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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