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Springdale Is In The Air!

This is a small part of the scambait with Annie Fall (Cares, Carring, etc.). This scambait went on for months with hundreds of emails which I may never get arranged and in order. This is where Annie introduces me to the Security Company, which, oddly enough, cannot be found in a phone book, trade journal, etc. – of course, he has a great answer to this. Also, they don’t do business with anyone unless they pick you up from the airport and take you to a hotel – which must be murder on their business (excuse the pun…), because they said most of their clients are in London. The first couple letters here are from Annie asking to contact them (Springdale Security Company), and the rest are from them. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Hello Darling,

Thanks for your mail. I have read your message but I want you to understand that the security company will not welcome if you did not make any concrete arrangement with them before coming.

I want you to know that it is one of the problem that I had with them. As much as I know I will advice you to arrive in London and let them know and they will receive you & your lawyer in the airport and also take you to an Hotel that you will lodge, that is just one of their procedures.

Honey I want you to know that after you claim the consignment, there is a lot of time for sight seeing too. I do not want us to argue on this but it is more beneficial to you and me, if you give the security company your arrival time and date and they will come to the airport to pick you and take you to a hotel.

Honey the favour I need from you is somehow much but I am begging you to help me with the $800 so that I can use to buy some new shirt, jeans and my cosmetics and also have some money in my hand because right now as I write you this mail, I have only 2dollars with me and is it like hell for me.

Honey I know that you will like to do some sight seeing but I want to say this as business term, that business before pleasure and for this reason I will like you to conclude with the security company first before sight seeing.
Hope to hear from you..
Annie Fall

(I like how she throws in the $800 for her for me to send first…)


What do you mean they won't welcome me if I don't make concrete arrangements with them first? They are a business right? What concern is it of theirs when and how I get there? I am highly capable of making my own hotel arrangements, I don't need their help. I just don't like the idea of being picked up at the airport by people who I've never met before and taken who knows where.

I will tell you what day I expect to be in London, but I haven't completely worked that out yet. I am still drawing up our contract to sign; I expect to be done with this shortly.

Talk to you later,


Thanks for your mail. Yes they are business and because it is a security company they will like to make sure that you inform them of coming in advance and give them the date that you will be coming so that they will accomodate you because as the nature of their job, everything is 100% secured and they don't allow anyone to just come for any business because of terrorism and others.

Ok you have to write them an email and have arrangement made with them, they might agree not to pick you in the airport but you have to follow their directives.

Ok honey I will like to sign the contract soon.. Honey like the money I request from you, please send it to me via western union with my names as follows:

Receiver Name: Annie Fall
Location: 70 Old Kent Road, London United Kingdom
As soon as you send the money via western union do let me have all the details too.
Annie Fall(Cares)

Hi Annie;

My lawyer tried to contact your security company - he told me that there is no such company as the Spring Dale Security Company in London. Maybe that's why you've been having problems retrieving your money from them, that they are scam artists or criminals or even worse. It does make sense though, what kind of legitimate business doesn't let you meet them unless they make the arrangements themselves. You and your lawyer are lucky to be alive right now. They could have picked you up at the airport and murdered you and your lawyer. The question remains, where is your money? If they stole it, are they still there in London? When was the last time you talked with anyone from the security company? Has it been a while? I wouldn't go meeting them alone if I were you. I'll get back with you...


Be Careful

Spring Dale Security Company

Dear Sirs;

I'm writing you in regards of my business associate and myself, and a consignment that you hold for us. Unfortunately, I have been unable to ascertain whether your company actually exists. My lawyer and I have tried to locate your company on the web, in the London Business Directory, as well as the London Chamber of Commerce. We have exhausted all efforts and resources we could muster trying to find your company in any business publication, government record, or company directory.

If you could ease our concerns, could you please contact me with your company information so we could commence with this very vital business transaction. Now, I understand that my "potential" business associate may have made a huge mistake, and my doubts concerning this partnership are continually growing. But would I would like is some concrete proof that you are a legitimate and viable company.

I apologize if this message sounds offensive in any way, but certain things my associate has told me do not make sense, coupled with my inability to obtain any info on your company. For example, my associate insists that you will only do business with clients if you pick them up from the airport and secure their lodging yourselves. I know this sounds silly, but that's what my associate said.

Once I confirm this info through you, my lawyer and I plan on coming to England within the next three weeks to conclude this business. But I felt I had to write you to ease my fears concerning my partner and the information she has been giving me.

Waiting for your response,

Greg Wilson

Attn: Greg Wilson,

We have received your mail and contents well understood. We want to use this medium to inform you that our business is an NGO(Non Government Organisation) and we are in the business of keeping family valuables in a high stand secrecy for all families, companies, individuals etc.

Our company can not be trace inside any chamber of commerce due to the nature of business we handle and we are always please to know whenever anyone making any claim will be coming at the initial time so that such person will be welcome if not, I tell you the truth we do not allow people to come here anyhome because of terrorism, and I do hope you understand. This is a company that is set out for 100% confidentiality and we know how will pay tax back to the Government which is not a consignee problem.

The best way to contact us till the day you will be coming is by email or if you want to call then if you next mail indicate and we will give you our direct number to reach us. We are 100% legal and has been serving the world for about 35years now and when you come , you will certainly see for yourself.

We are business organisation and we are not border for any body opinion because we know that due to the dubious people all over the world people always want to have the geniune hands and I want to tell you that you are in geniune hand.

Well, most time we protect any client or customer that is coming outside London to claim do any business with us, we usually receive them in the airport and lodge them in a good hotel for their safety is ultimate concern to us.

Of course you can come alone and lodge on your own but our crew we have to come and meet you in your hotel before you can be bring to the company premises and that is certain.

Provided it is us you do not have fear..Less we forget, who is this your associate? can you tell us the claim you want to make in our company? because most of all these valuables that are kept here have their price tagged that you must pay to us before releasing to you.

So give us more insight.
John Edwards(S.D.C.C.)

Dear John Edwards;

My business associate needs not to be named to you yet, we are still finalizing our partnership agreement. I was first contacting you to verify that you are a legitimate and reputable company. I have a few questions and concerns with your business and I hope you can put them to rest.

First of all, this is more out of curiosity, how do you develop new business or attract new clients? You don't advertise, you are not in the phone book; you are not in any business directory, trade journal, chamber newsletter, internet, or anything else that I or my lawyer can find. Doesn't that make it hard to attract new customers if no one can verify if you actually exist?

My main concern is, and I understand that you are a security company and as you say there are confidentiality concerns and terrorism (I guess), so why do you conduct sensitive business using a free email service as Gmail? Wouldn't this be a huge security risk? Is it because you are trying to cut costs from the lack of business because no potential customer could possibly find you? Please explain this to me.

Finally, when I come to London, it will be under my terms and no one will have advance notice of when, where, and how? As a security company, you must certainly understand this - my safety is more important to me than anything else. It is none of your business where I will be staying - when it comes time to conduct our business we will meet at your offices (with prior arrangements made by phone, of course).

My associate has a legitimate claim to a consignment that you are holding - aside from paying the accrued fees, who are you to dictate the terms by which the consignment will be released? After I meet with my associate in London, we will make the arrangements with you to meet in your offices with our lawyers - and you will be given proof of our identities along with the proper documentation for the release of the consignment. But, under no circumstances, will I get into a car with people I have never met before, and if this is the only way that you will conduct business, then it is over before it begins. But, at least I understand a little better why you use a free email service and can't afford to advertise.

I must ask, in your response to this email, could you please have someone who speaks fluent English contact me. I realize that you are an English company and John Edwards sounds like an English name, whoever typed this last email was obviously not English and it was really hard to understand. It would be much appreciated.

Thanks alot,

Greg Wilson

Attn: Greg Wilson,

We have received your mail and we use this medium to answer you as follows:

1. We have marketing executives that go straight to big companies and government parastals and give them our proposal and also inform them that their confidentiality is 100% secured. Almost all of our customers lived in Europe and they can easily come to our office once business proposal is agreed upon. You can call us on +447023056560

2. Email is used to get in contact with customer most time but anything concerning cash transaction is FACE TO FACE business and we do not accept any form of payment than paying directly to us by hand and our receipt will be issue to you.

Once you come to London, sure we will allow you to have your own terms but if you are going to claim any valuables with us, we will must make sure that you have paid the charges before release.

You know that I have upper hand on any valuable for any family here deposited and you have to follow our directives too.

John Edward

John Edwards;

Thanks for answering my email so promptly. I never doubted or was in dissention of paying the accrued fees before the consignment is released to my partner and I - my only problem was your company, who is working for my partner and I, dictating my itinerary. I have not reviewed your contract with my partner yet, I will see it when I get to London, but I am quite sure after we present the necessary documentation and pay the accrued fees, that you have no legal right to hold the consignment or to order us to any directives that are not expressly contained in the business contract.

I don't mean to sound rude, I'm just not used to companies who I employ telling me what I can and cannot do.

Greg Wilson

Attn: Greg Wilson,
We have understood what you said. All the documentations we needed from any claimer partner must be provided by the depositor lawyer and we do know that most of our clients lawyers are here in the United Kingdom.
Once we know about your partner, then we will know the price tag.
John Edward


I finally signed the agreement with a partner and I will be coming to England on Friday the 15. As soon as I get situated, I will contact you about securing the consignment. Depending on the day of the week, my partners name is Annie Fall.

Thank you and I'll talk to you then,

Greg Wilson

Attn: Greg Wilson,
We have received your mail and for this to be successful on both parties. We will request you to provide the following documents which will be prepare by Annie Fall family lawyer here in England.

1. Change of Ownership (This will allow us to welcome you and release the consignment for you)
2. Letter of Authorisation(This will allow us to formally endorse the release to you with legal proof of the family lawyer of Annie Fall)
3. Legacy Clearance Certificate (This will allow us to make sure that you will not have any obstacle either releasing to you or flying over with the consignment)

Moreso, the consignment is quote has been accumulated a total charge of $10,500 and this must be paid first to us before handling the consignment to you.

So we advice you to contact Annie Fall to give you their family lawyer contact who will procure the above documents in the ministry of justice here in England and once that is done then you can come and have formal business proceedings with us


John Edward


I plan on meeting with Annie and her lawyer this Saturday, and once we develop our plan and work out the details, we will make arrangements to meet with you on Monday or Tuesday. I'm looking forward to meeting my business associate and finalizing this business with you. Thank you very much,

Greg Wilson

Attn: Greg Wilson,
Ok do let us know as soon as you people have the documents that is requested.

Annie Fall or Cares or Carring;

Hi Annie, how are you? Are you still waiting for me to meet you in London or did you finally figure out that I was just playing with you? Yes, I knew from the beginning that you were a 419 Scammer, so I thought I would keep you busy for a while. My friends and I laughed and laughed at the stupid things you said and the excuses you made. The best was that excuse that the travel agency doesn't have a web site because people were mad cuz they don't take credit cards - that was totally ridiculous! There's not a travel agency on earth that doesn't have a web site OR take credit cards!!! I'll give you some advice for future scams - don't pose as an American, that was a dead giveaway! You speak English better than most scammers, but not good by American standards. I just loved how you became an atheist after the third email, that was a classic. I guess it suits you though, seeing that you're a godless piece-of-shit, lacking any morals or decency, and the scourge of mankind!

While you sit at your internet cafe with your other smelly, disgusting, degenerate African brothers - I'll be here at my big house, watching my big screen TV, driving my expensive car, and laughing about this.

It was fun while it lasted,

Greg Wilson

(This email I sent to Annie and the Security Company)

John Edwards

Yes, I'm mad - as compared to a "security company" who doesn't advertise, has no valid street address, will only do business with people when they can pick them up at the airport, and uses a free email address. I can tell you're a reputable, secure business when you use a free gmail account to conduct your business (dead giveaway!). Like I told "Annie" if you are not the same person, you shouldn't pose as an American or Englishman, because you can't spell, and are obviously uneducated. Hopefully you do better in your future endeavors and earn enough to actually get an education. No hard feelings, I hope, but this scam was doomed from the beginning because I was the one who contacted "Annie" first - I got her email off a scambaiting website. I thought I would have fun with a couple of morons and I will admit, it was really enjoyable!

Thanks for the entertainment,


This is where it ended! This was one of my first baits and one of my longest (7 months?). It is summarized on page 2 of the Highlights page, until I get it compiled and loaded onto the website!

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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