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Chicken Man

This was a short bait because his email accounts were shut down (not by me…) and when he finally contacted me again from a new account – I let him have it. He tried to make it look like it was my fault that this transaction was being delayed, not knowing that I had been trying to contact him. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Dear Friend,

Am Alex Kwame from Ghana, i have a brief business information for your assistance, please view the attached file and get back to me with a response, God Bless.

Best Regards,
Alex Kwame.

Sent as a Word Document;

Dear Friend,

My name is Alex Kwame; Am an accountant in Ministry of Roads and Highways Ghana and also a member of the contracts award committee. I know this email may come to you as a surprise but be rest assured that this is neither a hoax nor scam. I write to solicit your assistance in a funds transfer deal involving $11,200,000.00. Two years ago the government of the republic of Ghana awarded contracts through my department, which I and my colleague deliberately over invoiced the contract sum to the tune of US$11,200,000:00.The contracts value has been paid off to the actual contractors that executed the said jobs and it has been commissioned, Living behinds the unpaid fund of USD$11,200,000.00.

My reason of contact you is to be my trusted foreign partner that shall front to the affiliate payments bank in claim of this funds as the contractor whose money is yet to be paid. I will configure your name in our computer database as the legitimate beneficiary of the fund. You will present yourself as the beneficiary to the bank in claim of the over invoiced sum of money. All I require is your honest cooperation and confidence. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate atmosphere that will not put either of us in trouble, will advise that you give this a positive consideration and get back to at your earliest convenience.

We shall agree on a considerable sharing pattern that will make both of us happy. All I desire from you is your sincerity of purpose in this regard.

Please do acknowledge your acceptance by forwarding the following to me:

(1) Your Full Name,
(2) Occupation,
(3) Your age,
(4) Country,
(5) Your private Telephone and Fax number

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Please response, God Bless.

Mr. Alex Kwame.

I read your letter - how can you say that this will be done "in a legitimate manner" and that we won't get into trouble for it. This is stealing and we could go to jail for a long time if we get caught.


Hello James Cagney,

In response to your mail, I wish to inform you that this is a legitimate transaction,I got your information during my frantic search for a reliable foreigner whom I will present as the contractor who owns the money.I want to assure you that it is a transaction that will benefit both 0f us.You should go through my last mail and send me the informations as requested so that I will pepare the necessary documents in your name that will give you the legal mandate to apply for the release of the money from the holden bank.

All you will do now is for you to send to me the following details so that I will prepare the necessary documents in your name to authenticate you as the legitimate contractor who is yet to be paid, that will give you the legal mandate to apply for the release of the money independently as a contractor to the ministry of roads and Highways. I am going to prepare the necessary legal documents that will enable your bank receive the money legally without any problem from the holding bank, so you send to me,

1) your correct names,
2) your contact address,
3) Direct telephone and fax numbers
4) country of origin
Also note that there is nothing to worry about as i am here to direct you on how to go about remitting this money in your nominated account, So feel free and comply with my directives, But please i count on your sincerity on not siiting on the fund when remitted in your account.

As soon as you secure the money, I will come to your country to meet with you so as to collect our own share; also you will help me to invest on a good business in your country. Make sure that the name you will send is the name that has an account with which the money will be transferred into. The amount of money involved is US$11,200,000.00 dollars (Eleven Million two hundred thousand United States dollars) and it is at The trust Bank Accra central branch.

You are going to take 40% of the total money for your assistance. I am waiting for your response so that I will prepare the documents so that you can apply for the release of the money to you. I have told you above, it is a risk free transaction, so all the documents will be prepared in your name legally and sent to you as soon as I hear from you. Every thing will be carried out legally, take my advice and concentrate and let us jointly conclude this transaction for our better future as you will be the investor of the fund in a profitable venture as you may so advise.

Awaiting your immediate reply.

Waiting for your response.
Thanks and God Bless you,
Mr Alex Kwame

Here is my information;

James Cagney
1778 Northeast Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44305 USA

Let me know what needs to be done next.

Hello Mr. James
I wish to inform you that I have concluded works on the programming of your information/particulars into the Data base as contractor who executed contract and is yet to be paid his total contractual sum, You are practically the legal/original owner/beneficiary of this money now. However, attached is the fund’s transfer application Format which I collected from the bank today. What you have to do now is to copy out the application specimen form, fill it correctly and avoid any mistake so that the transfer will not be made to a wrong beneficiary. Then trans type it in your company’s letter headed paper if you have one but if you don’t have never mind, fill it send to the INTERNATIONAL BANKING DEPARTMENT of the general head office of the Trust Bank limited requesting for the closure of your account and subsequent transfer of the funds to you. You will find attached the fund release document which authenticates you as the contractor who owns that money in the account. Do not forget to fill the application form which is also attached and send it to the bank for their action.

Once the Bank concludes the processing of your application, your ESCROW CALL ACCOUNT will be closed and the money totaled (US$11,200,000 Million) will be transferred to your nominated account. Send the application immediately via the bank’s email address as provided in the application format ( should be to the attention of the Head of international Banking dept, ATTENTION: MR SAMUEL DANKWA.Give them a call via the customer’s service line to notify them about the application you sent. With your name dully programmed in our data base as the original owner of the funds, you are practically a customer of the bank and shall act as such. Never mention anything about me to my head office when communicating with them but always come to me for further directives on what to do until fund is transferred to you. It shall be a bank to bank transaction. Send the application letter to them as soon as possible and the funds would be transferred within 72hours (3 working days).You should concentrate and let us conclude this transaction, let nothing side track your attention because the earlier we conclude this transaction, the better for us. Don’t hesitate to notify me if you find anything difficult to understand.The bank is not aware that I know any thing about this deal, so do not mention it to them as you proceed. I will come to your home country and meet you as soon as you receive the money.

Thanks for your understanding,
Best regards and God bless you,
Mr. Alex Kwame

Here is the Bank Form. Let me know what to do next.



Bank Application

Interjection – I emailed this fool after a few days of not hearing from him and his email account was shut down. I emailed the original address he gave me and it was shut down as well. I didn’t hear anything from him for 5 weeks and then this came…

Dear James,

I have been waiting to hear from you regarding the transfer of $11,200,000, Kindly as a matter of uttermost urgency declare your interest let this money be transfered into your nominated account then you pull it and send back to me, be rest assured that it is risk free.

Your interest shall be fourty percent of the total sum then sixty percent will be for me.

Thanks as i await your immediate reply Asap.

Alex Kwame.

You’ve been waiting to hear from me? How would I possibly contact you when your Gmail email account was shut down, you freaking moron??? I tried to email your other account as well and it was also shut down. When I contacted the ISP about it, they said it was shut down from fraudulent reasons.

Why was your email account shut down?


Stop this childess act and sent me the document. I explained that there was a problem with Gmail and then I had to open new account not by fraudulent act. Do not insult again this is not warranted for this and sent the document to me urgently as we cannot waste time

Alex Kwame

How dare you speak to me that way, you incompetent fool. Two of your emails get shut down for fraud and you have the nerve to talk like that to me??? Maybe there wouldn’t be such a sense of urgency if you would have responded to my emails over the past month. But you couldn’t, could you? I don’t know what kind of illegal activity is happening from your email address – I would guess it involved scantily clad young boys, a camera, and lots of K&Y – but unless you get down on your knees and beg for my forgiveness, then this transaction is over. No one talks to me that way, you hear me? No one...



What kind of nonsense is this? I understood by your poorly written emails that you were uneducated, but this is even beyond you. What the hell is a “NUNU”? Is that your name or possibly some heathen third-world deity that you worship, possibly when cutting the heads off chickens and having sex with their decapitated bodies? You’re so silly. I am still waiting for my apology, so when you are finished sticking it to various farm animals, I will expect to hear from you.


I just love it when they get back at you with this nonsensical gibberish. NUNU – what the hell is that? LOL…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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