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Record Breaker

This one was so stupid but I had to include it because I think it broke some records. This fool told Debbie he loved her with all of his heart exactly 23 minutes after meeting her first the first time. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Tue, 4/12/11 11:53 AM -----

Debbie (11:21 AM): Hello?
Debbie (11:22 AM): Whi is this?
Debbie (11:22 AM): Sorry - who is this?
bankkyy04 (11:24 AM): Sorry, its me nicholas from dating72
Debbie (11:25 AM): oh okay
Debbie (11:26 AM): why is your screen name bankky?
bankkyy04 (11:26 AM): I love your profile and i also love your pix
Debbie (11:26 AM): thanks
Debbie (11:27 AM): so you live in Alabama?
bankkyy04 (11:27 AM): My name is nicholas bankole
Debbie (11:28 AM): so you live in Alabama?
bankkyy04 (11:28 AM): So, i used bankkyy from bankole
Debbie (11:28 AM): ok
bankkyy04 (11:28 AM): No
Debbie (11:29 AM): no what?
bankkyy04 (11:30 AM): Actually, i live in africa but i wish to marry from USA
Debbie (11:31 AM): whyh does your profile say Alabama?
bankkyy04 (11:31 AM): And if you wondn t mind am interested in you
Debbie (11:32 AM): whyh does your profile say Alabama?
bankkyy04 (11:35 AM): First of all, am sorry for that. The reason is if i should display my profile from africa, some people might not like, then ignored me. That is why, once again am sorry for that.
bankkyy04 (11:36 AM): How was your day?
bankkyy04 (11:37 AM): hello
bankkyy04 (11:37 AM): hi debbie
Debbie (11:39 AM): sorry - I am here - so you purposely put that on your profile? ? ?
bankkyy04 (11:40 AM): Do you want to ignore me?
Debbie (11:40 AM): what do you mean?
bankkyy04 (11:40 AM): Hello
Debbie (11:41 AM): I am here - are you not getting my messages? ? ?
Debbie (11:43 AM): Hello?
bankkyy04 (11:43 AM): I mean is it because the way profile display, you don t want to chat with me again.
bankkyy04 (11:44 AM): See debbie i love you with the whole of my heart.
bankkyy04 (11:45 AM): I want to stay with you for the rest of my life.
Debbie (11:45 AM): go away
Debbie (11:46 AM): you talk to me for 10 minutes and you love me?
bankkyy04 (11:46 AM): I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Debbie (11:47 AM): I said go away - you are a fool
bankkyy04 (11:47 AM): It doesn t me, it is just the way i feel for you
bankkyy04 (11:48 AM): And your epitome of beauty which attract me
Debbie (11:49 AM): whatever - go away fool and dont contact me again
bankkyy04 (11:49 AM): I know am a fool but your beauty turn me to that
Debbie (11:50 AM): whatever - go away
bankkyy04 (11:50 AM): Alright debbie.
bankkyy04 (11:52 AM): But to show that i care and that i love, i will post you message.
Debbie (11:53 AM): you are an idiot
bankkyy04 (11:53 AM): Thanks and God bless you for chating with me.
bankkyy04 (11:53 AM): Thanks. Bye

It’s my opinion that this was a different kind of scammer and wasn’t experienced in romance scams, because what fool would tell a woman he loved her and wanted to marry her after 20 minutes? This would also explain his profile ID – Bankkyy – possibly posing as a banker in Kentucky maybe?

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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