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Maga Bomb Continued

This is one of the 20 idiots who contacted me for a fake loan when Frank Ewere ordered his troops to “bomb the maga”. This is two months later and I don't think this nimrod realized who I was or how I insulted him during the ‘bombing”. He just sees me online and tries to continue… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Thu, 4/28/11 2:30 PM -----

Bryan Iyere (1:33 PM): hello
Debbie (1:33 PM): hi
Bryan Iyere (1:34 PM): this is bryan iyere
Debbie (1:34 PM): ok
Debbie (1:34 PM): do I know you?
Bryan Iyere (1:34 PM): i thank so
Debbie (1:35 PM): I don’t remember the name
Bryan Iyere (1:35 PM): i am from uk
Bryan Iyere (1:36 PM): and you
Debbie (1:36 PM): Ohio, USA
Bryan Iyere (1:37 PM): ok that is good
Bryan Iyere (1:37 PM): how are you today
Debbie (1:38 PM): fine - where do I know you from?
Debbie (1:38 PM): where did you get my contact info?
Debbie (1:44 PM): hello?
Debbie (1:47 PM): are you there?
Debbie (1:51 PM): hello?
Bryan Iyere (1:52 PM): some from nigeria give me this info
Debbie (1:53 PM): what???
Bryan Iyere (1:54 PM): yes someone from nigeria give me your info
Debbie (1:55 PM): are you a scammer?
Bryan Iyere (1:56 PM): no the man scammer me over 6700usd
Debbie (1:57 PM): I have only ever talked to 3 Nigerians in my life and they were all scammers
Bryan Iyere (1:59 PM): i am from uk and this man scammers me scammer me over 6700usd just because i need a loan
Debbie (2:03 PM): the scammers I talked to were extremely stupid
Debbie (2:04 PM): so a scammer gave you my email address?
Debbie (2:04 PM): why?
Bryan Iyere (2:05 PM): i dont no this why i was asking if you are from nig
Debbie (2:06 PM): no - from the USA
Bryan Iyere (2:08 PM): this is my no +44702 404 8108 can you give me yours
Debbie (2:08 PM): why? What do you want from me?
Bryan Iyere (2:09 PM): i just a fird
Debbie (2:09 PM): what is a fird?
Bryan Iyere (2:10 PM): friend
Debbie (2:12 PM): so you get my email address from a Nigerian scammer who scammed you for money and you want to be my friend?
Bryan Iyere (2:12 PM): yes
Bryan Iyere (2:13 PM): do that stop from be my friend
Debbie (2:14 PM): well, I can see why you were scammed by these idiots because you seem to be extremely stupid as well
Bryan Iyere (2:15 PM): do not do that ok do not call any one stupid
Debbie (2:16 PM): listen to what you are saying - you were scammed by these Nigerians who gave you my email for whatever reason, and you want to be my friend
Bryan Iyere (2:16 PM): because you dont konw who i am
Debbie (2:17 PM): do you see how stupid that is?
Bryan Iyere (2:17 PM): i may be your help tomorrow
Debbie (2:17 PM): what does that mean?
Bryan Iyere (2:17 PM): konw one can till
Debbie (2:18 PM): what do you mean?
Bryan Iyere (2:19 PM): if i was scamm that do not stop me from have a friend ok
Debbie (2:20 PM): do you understand English? Listen to what you told me...
Debbie (2:21 PM): you were given my email address by Nigerians who scammed you and now you want to be my friend - can't you see how stupid that is?
Debbie (2:26 PM): Does that make sense to you?
Debbie (2:30 PM): hello?

I know – short and sweet – this may not be over yet, but this fool just didn't know how to proceed.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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