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Slutsky Rusky

This idiot contacted me from Yahoo Groups saying she was from Akron, Ohio (near where I live). Of course that was all a lie which I didn’t even question her about – probably because she didn’t bother to read any of my emails except for the last one after she asks for money. These baits can be funny because you can write just about anything to them and they will respond i.e. “I love you”, “You are the man for me…”, etc. I don’t particularly like these baits because you don’t get any real responses from these bastards. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Thank you for answer!
I decided to send you more photos, I hope you will like it...... I just wanted to tell you hello again!! I think you are interested that I don`t have a boyfriend, because all men here look on my appearance and I want somebody who will look inside pictures....S E X y.... :-) BUT....I'M NOT INFO TAKING NAK.. PHOTS! I really apologize if you think now I'm not a good girl... I hope you don't think so. Please let me know and I will write you more if I'm forgiven for sending this pic!!! I hope you will answer this email and we will try to get to know each other better!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAh!!!! I'm so ashamed to send this pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also want to see your different photos and hope to know you better! I want you to know that I have only good intentions and I don`t have big secrets...

I write to you from my personal email! my real name is Tatyana .


Slutsky Rusky   Slutsky Rusky   Slutsky Rusky

Am looking for a woman that will be able to listen to me, communicate her feelings to me , make me laugh, hold and comfort me in need, stand by my side, respect me, passionate lover in every way, support me in every way, love me and only me, make me smile, protect me when needed, romantic time to time ,constantly reactive, and treat me right.... I know you will think what is someone like me doing on here .. Yes the reason I came on to the internet to find the special person who deserves all the love and passion that makes up my heart and soul is because I do not have the time to meet others out in a public setting, and the fact I feel you can learn so much about someone through letters, as a person has to take their time and think about the words they want to express, so it allows you to gain a better understanding of someone than you would probably otherwise.


This was written from a previous “Romance Scammer”, and I use it to reply to other Romancers…

Do you like my pic? I will be very glad to see your different pic!!!!! I would like to have a serious relationship although I don't know if that's possible in Int. so I'm looking just for a good man! it is my first time I try to correspondence with man in Int. world.

I want to see real life and it is impossible to see without person who knows all sides of the life ....... I will wo rk abroad for three months or more. Today In my country many young girls and guys also want to start a new life abroad, so many of them used a special program for young people who wants to work abroad. I also decided to do so and to use it. This program just helps to register documents and gives suitable work in any state(town)of USA, Canada or Europa (or other big country). I just need to choose.I already started to register documents and now I need to decide in which city I want to work.. I never been abroad so I decided to find a friend abroad and make his city to be my destination. I will leave my town in a few days or so. I can't tell you everything exactly right now..........I think that my e-mail starts to be too long ??? ok ;-)

I think that it is hard enough to live in foreign town without friends !But ... I don't want to live in my country because I have not any chances here,it is hardly possible to explain it by the first time but I want you to know my plans. The forecast for my country in 2010 awful (war, mass disorders of workers on periphery, Reductions of workplaces, Rise in price of the foodstuffs and clothes). It is very terrible. The economic crisis will reach apogee...! Im 24 years old and Im not af raid of work. I shall work in sphere of trade (food) I think it is the right way for me! I am full of plans and different dreams. I have chestnut hair and brown eyes. I think I look very good, but first of all I want to be beautiful inside. I do hope that you will be not disappointed to meet me in the real life if we will meet :-) I would like to be sure that I have a man who waits for me there. if you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy to meet you too. My be it sounds silly but I just don't want to be alone in the evenings,and I want to be sure in advance that somebody waits for me!

OK, I will wait for your answer.
I hope I'm your type of girl, I'm not sure ....but....!! I hope so!

Tatyana .

Slutsky Rusky   Slutsky Rusky   Slutsky Rusky

Hi how are you doing? What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you like to smoke the pole? I'm sure that you're good at it. I found your letter quite interesting and also quite tedious - I bet you get that a lot. I had a migraine trying to read your intellectually-challenged babblings, but we can't all be educated, can we? Don't worry, I understand your plight. I have a sister that is an imbecile also. As long as you service me properly, that's all I care about.

Do you have any more pictures that you can send me?


She sent me at least 3 pics with every email. I didn’t post them all in here…

thank's for your reply so much!!!
I write you my emails from Internet cafe, I don't have my own computer. have you heard a saying The older the violin the sweeter the music?! I hope soon I will be able to come to your area and we will meet each other! Today I will tell my parents about you, I'm sure they will be happy that someone is waiting for me over there! This time I will write you more about myself. I think you should know more about my life and my hobbies so you will know if we have any common interests. First of all my full name is Tatyana Tretakova. 24years old, not too young I think? My birthday is 21 April I'm 157 cm tall (5.5) and 53 kg weight.. I don't know exactly my bust-waist-hips measurements, I don't have a reason to measure it because I think it's OK and my body is proportionate )) I take care of my body, I do aerobics three times a week and I go to the swimming pool twice a week. I have a younger brother he is 15 years old, he studies in Military school. I love him very much, he is very brave and kind. We all (me, my brother and my parents) live in two-rooms flat. As I wrote you I live in Russa. The name of my city is Shelomki, it's near Krasnoyarsk city. Shelomki is very small and Krasnoyarsk is a large city, the main city in our district. I graduated from Krasnoyarsk Humanitarian University two years ago. I`m a menager of the big shop, my city is small but we have a big shop here. Sometimes I attend courses in Krasnoyarsk so I have several diplomas, but you know in russia we don`t have good work opportunities. But this work help me to take care about myself. When I come to your city I think it won`t be a problem to find work on my specialization (I shall work as the simple seller).

My mother is a teacher of music in the school. I also could play a piano a little. I like classic music, jazz, rock, lounge. I like all kinds of music! A little about my father: he is in a good shape because we usually make exercises together, he doesn`t work now, because he is retired already. I love both my parents and I'm happy my parents will be not alone when I leave them and will go to another country. Of course I will miss everybody but I want to have my own happiness! do you have an International Airport in your city? please write me it's name an code. or write me the name of the nearest INTERNATIONAL Airport to you.

If you want I can call you when I will be in Capital, it would be nice to talk to you. We don't have international calls here. I suppose in few days I will fly to Moscov and start my trip! There is no any messenger in this Cafe so we can only keep emailing each other. I hope you are not getting bored to read my emails? My address here is Rus.Federation, Shelomki, Podgornaya street 8, flat 2, post code(zip) - 663716. So now you have a representation of who I am....

I like to try new things.. :-) What do you think about my new pictures? On one of them I am with my dog :) His name is Grey! :)

ok... it's time to finish my email. I'm sending a kiss by the wind ...catch my kiss !!



Do you always dress like a slut? I am very conservative and don't think that women should be dressing like a tramp, as you do. The closet international airport to me is Cleveland Hopkins airport. May I ask why you want to know that?


hello again!!
sorry, I just want to add few things... I think last time I wrote you not all my thoughts... My mind is always in a mess when I write you because it's hard to write everything to somebody who is so far away. I don't remember if I wrote last time I've never been married, don't have kids but I love them and they love me! I And I want to tell you that I always wanted to find an older man. Why? I have two answers.. Firstly, I think older men are much more serious and they can take care of me, they are more experienced in life and can teach me many things. Have you heard a saying "The older the violin, the sweeter the music"? I believe in it... I think I'm not that young already but I don't have much experience in life and I want to have someone who has more experience in life then me. Secondly... maybe I'm not right about it... but I want to be honest I've always had such worry... if I marry a man nearly my age... and after some years I will become not that young and beautiful... I think it's more hard for a woman to be attractive then for a man... and he will find a younger mistress and I will become very miserable. I don't want my man to be unfaithful. I know I can be faithful to my man and I will never cheat on him. But this is just my worries. This is not my goal. Please tell me if you think you will love your woman at any age and not find a younger one? Can you be faithful?

Also I want to tell you that I learned english in university, so I don`t use any translators, and I can speak english as good as I write on it. I hope we will have no problems in communications. I feel that you are very nice man I really want to meet you. If you will not like me or something else we can be just friends. I hope I will get my work visa soon in Moscow and all documents and I come to you! I don't have any area limits with this visa so I can work where I want. I don`t know exact day of my arrival, but as soon as I will know I will write it to you. You know, I'm just trying to be honest with you and write you all my thoughts on different issues. Please be always honest with me also....

I will write you later, I will look if I have more nice photos to sendyou.

Hope that you like my new pics! Have a good day!

kiss you, Tatyana

Am looking for a woman that will be able to listen to me, communicate her feelings to me , make me laugh, hold and comfort me in need, stand by my side, respect me, passionate lover in every way, support me in every way, love me and only me, make me smile, protect me when needed, romantic time to time ,constantly reactive, and treat me right.... I know you will think what someone like me is doing on here. Yes the reason I came on to the internet to find the special person who deserves all the love and passion that makes up my heart and soul is because I do not have the time to meet others out in a public setting, and the fact I feel you can learn so much about someone through letters, as a person has to take their time and think about the words they want to express, so it allows you to gain a better understanding of someone than you would probably otherwise.


HELLO Greg! thank you! it's good to write you again!
I think I'm a lucky girl to meet such good man as you in Internet! I hope I will be lucky enough to meet you in the real life!!! yesterday I told my parents about you. they said that now they don`tworry about me as before because now they know you are a kind man and can help me if I will need your help. You can show me your city and tell me about the life over there! I think I didn't write you I like cooking. I will cook RUScuisine for you! Pelmeni, vareniki, blini, borsch, okroshka! You will like it! Besides I like Italian and Mexican. I love spaghetti and pizzza!!!!! mmmmmmm ! I can't live without it! I like Mexican food because it's very spicy, although I don't cook Mexican dishes too often. I've been told my cooking is very tasty! I like to cook cakes. my favorite is cheese-cake with raspberry! You know... when I talk about food I'm getting hungry ))) I eat everything and I'm not on any diets but usually I don't eat after 7 pm. This helps me not to be fat! I can cook many tasty things for you when we will meet! You know.. almost all Russian men are like bears! They are so rude, they can't be nice and polite, they don't want to have a family. I think you are not like them. I like to go to the cinema! I really like to watch a good movie with my friends. 50 percents of movies in our cinemas are Russian and about 50 American. actually my favorite actor is William Smith and I like all movies with him. I've watched "Seven Pounds" Have you seen it? could you recommend me any American movie so I can watch it? What is your favorite movie and actor? Soooooooooooooooo......... what else could I say? I have a driver's licence but I don't have a car. My father has a russian car and he gives me his car sometimes. I don`t like only cinema! I like theatre and opera too, I like ballet. Unfortunately there is only one small theatre in my city and there is nothing interesting. If I want to go to ballet, for example, I should go to Krasnoyarsk, there sometimes can come famous Russian actors and dancers but I can't go there often because it's quite expensive.

By, the way, one thing else about my trip. Agency will help me to rent a room to stay near my future work. I will share this room with a few girls yet, it is usual procedure and it helps to pay the rent (it will be cheaper). And I have a question, is it normal if we will like each other may be it is possible to live together?of course if you or somebody doesn't mind. As you know I will stay there for three months but If I will like there I will be able to prolong my trip. I think I will be able to improve my english and you can learn Russian and I think it will help us to learn each other better,who knows.Do you have a big wide bed?(joke). And now I have some good news for you! After sending this email I will go home, take my packed bags and go to Krasnoyarsk! From there I will fly to Moscow! I`m really afraid to fly on a plane! I hope my plane will not fall down! I'm really afraid! It is several hours from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow. when I come to Moscow and settle down I will write you an email. I hope today I will be able to write you. Please don't worry about me if you don't hear from me today or tomorrow, that will mean I was not able to find a place to stay and I will write you after tomorrow. In Moscow I will spend a week or maybe even more, I should make all final arrangements with my documents and after it I will come to you! I've never been to Moscow before and I'm so nervous now... I've never went somewhere alone and now I should go alone to such big city! I really want to talk to you by phone, but as I don`t have a mobile phone, I will find a public phone in Moscow with international calls. you know... I had such great desire to start my trip already.. and now I feel myself like a newborn kitten who has even didn't open it's eyes... I just want to hug my mommy and don't want to go anywhere... but I know that's my dream to start a new life and I will try to turn in to reality! Soon you will hear some news from me from Moscow!!!!!!!! hope I'm only for you! love you and kisses!

ps: I like bananas very much... :-) (go figure)

I am sending you two "n a k" pic. I am sorry for my strange attitude. My thought are so contradictive about us. This pics were taken by my girlfriend. I want you to see all of my body so you know how I look and don't get too much surprised after we meet. I understand that it is important to all men and you're not the exception. I respect men's attitude. Once again, I am sorry and I hope you don't get me wrong for sending this photo to you. I don't have anymore "n a k e d" pics.

Have a good day! :)

your Tatyana

Slutsky Rusky   Slutsky Rusky

Thanks for replying so promptly. I asked you to stop sending me slutty pictures of yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself. How long have you been a filthy tramp? Just about everything that you wrote in your email that you like, I freaking hate! I hate ballet, opera, Mexican Food, Russian cooking, internet scammers, and Will Smith. Doesn't look like we have much in common does it? You are a filthy rotten whore and I am a pillar of my community. You have the IQ of a freaking doorknob and i am a freaking genius. Well, as long as you like to smoke the pole often and plentiful, then we should get along fine as long as you keep your trap shut and do as you are told. Email me when you get to Moscow.

talk to you later,



I am very glad to write you again!!!!!!!!!! I in Capital of our country!! I was in a travel agency, all my documents are ready. Now they are checking a possible flight to your air port. They will give me all information (date and time of my arrival, etc.) tomorrow I think. Tomorrow I will continue to see M o s c o w, like a tourist. In Moscov there are so many different museums! Here good weather, about +12`C, but I feel myself so alone. :-) Everything here is very expensive, not like in my city... Everywhere are big crowds of people! Everyone rush somewhere and I don`t know anybody here. I feel uncomfortable because of it but I hope I will be OK soon.

You can't imagine how happy I am because I already started my trip to you! I still cannot believe I've done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please CONFIRM the name of int. airport (and his code) and be sure you wrote it right.

I found some pictures of Moscow-hope you will like it!!!

Love, Tatyana

Let me ask - why exactly are you coming to my airport. You weren't real clear about this. It's too bad that I am leaving for a business trip this week to Narnia and will be gone until the end of summer. My boss, Mr. Azlon is making me go but I really don't want to. How long are you going to be in Ohio? Maybe I'll see you when I get back 6 months from now.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the closest airport to me.


Greg hello! excuse me that I could not write to you earlier.....
I'm writing to you as soon as I can!!!!!! I was busy with many arrangements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also I had to repeat some words for my English test and I finally passed my test this morning!!! today I was in the travel agency and I received an information about my trip! I would be very thankful to you if you can meet me at the Airport!

I will arrive to you on Thursday, 15 April I shall inform number of flight, the terminal and an arrival time probably Tuesday or on Wednesday. more in detail look at the end of the letter. I copied the information of agency

I hope so much it's a good day for you to meet me!

I am so glad to see that we are almost near our goal,and our meeting wait for us. I think I will call you from airport before my flight. You know I booked tickets on Thursday, 15 April flight and I will buy them before my intervew. People from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay illegally, so I need to buy roundtrip tickets (with returning date). I wanted to ask you about electronic tickets but they tell me that I can't use because it is their businees to arrange all travel details and they have some extra money from all the things, you see it is just business.I hope that you will be able to help me because I don't know anybody here and only you are my hope now, I think everything is in your hands and I believe that you will not leave me here alone.please borrow some money. I am sure I will be able to return all your money back after a few weeks, I will get salary and I will collect the sum I own from you. To be fair I am not sure I know what to say because I hate to ask but now I have no different way, you see.Please help me it is only money and much more important if we will meet in person I will do my best, you won`t be disappoined. I see that it sounds a little crazy but I can't believe that in the worst case I have to return home,they all will laugh at me.I think it rests with you to decide and I feel that you will help me because you are kind. I have about 300 US dollars yet and I think I need about 980 US dollars from your side with all travel needs and living here till my flight! (I had 1180 dollars, but flight from Krasnoyarsk, opening visa, medical insurance and all travel needs costed about 800 dollars).

For truth I did not expect I will need to buy roundtrip tickets, but now I see that its a very strict rule. I was sure that my mom will help me becasue she promised but now she sent letter that it is possible only in a few months or so because of family problems.and she can't send transfer now.I was in the bank to try to ask them about loan but they tell I have to have something to stay them and I have nothing to stay because I have only a few dress and things,some perfume and it is all I have,and small gift for you from russia with love.

please send it today by Western Union or Money Gram I will write you details:!!! send it to russia, Tatyana Tretyakova !!!!This is my full name! Also I've got an advice to send you a scan copy of my passport in case you need to confirm my details. this is my full name used in all official documents. They said this is all info you need. But please for any case write down more info. The address where I'm staying: Usacheva, 40-25, post code (zip) 119048. I rent a small room In an apartment of an old policeman here, it's cheaper then hotel.The address of the closest Western Union (or MoneyGram) here is:

"TRADE FINANCE BANK" Moscow, 119048, Usacheva 35 Stroenie 1

I have some money but it's not enough to complete my trip. Please send me 980 US dollars and I will complete my trip! After it please write me all details about the transfer -

your FULL NAME and Money Transfer Control Number.!!

I will call you as soon as I receive it. When I receive the money I will pay for my trip and only then the embassy will put all final stamps on my documents I've bought you few souvenirs with Russian attributes!!! I'm sure you will like them! If you need something more please let me know, they are not expensive. Also I bought two boxes of Russian chocolate! I hope so much when I come to you we will like each other! You are already very special to me! Please when I come to you tell me more about you and your country! I will listen to everything you tell me and I will do everything you tell me! I trust you really much! I hope you will not do something to hurt my feelings.... I think you are really good man. I will never do anything to hurt yours!!! By statistics Moscow is the second most expensive city in the world after Tokyo... everything is so expensive here... and I have to pay for my rent and food and buy tickets.. please help me..

Sorry if I missed something or didn't comment please let me know I was so busy with with all preparations!!!!


Slutsky Rusky

How can I meet you at the airport on the 15th? I told you in my last email that I was leaving for Narnia this weekend until the end of summer. That's why I asked why you were coming here. Do you read my emails?


“She” finally read one of my emails. Of course it was the one after she asked for money…

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