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The White Knight

This scambait started off with Ann Emma, an official with the United Nations, who has confirmed my international bank draft of millions of dollars. After giving her the run around for weeks (new forms, mistakes, explanations, etc.) – I was supposed to the send $1980.00 to her payment officer – I’ll be damned if it didn’t get sent somewhere else in which I confirmed that it had been picked up (by the wrong people). I accused Ann Emma of conspiring against me because I was a white man, and refused her requests to resend the money – I told her I would not deal with any more black people, in which she hooked me up with Kenneth Wood. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

I already told Ann Emma that I sent the payment already and I didn't wish to deal with any more black people. If you can assure me that you are a white person, then we can continue. If not, then I'm sorry our business is done.

Greg Wilson

Hello Mr Greg,

I am a white person ok there is no probleming working with me all is well.So i will be waiting for the western union information from you as soon as possible so everything will be alright ok.Then you can be happy this week on saturday that u will be rceiving your check once the $380 as been sent to Mr James Hansley soonest ok.I will await the western union information from you soon.

A few things I would like to clear up;

1) I thought the amount was $1980.00. Where did $380.00 come from?
2) It is not necessary to send 6 emails saying the same thing. Makes you look like a moron.
3) I need proof that I'm not dealing with a black man. Driver's License or Passport.

Once we clear this up, we can proceed,

Greg Wilson

Hello Greg Wilson,

Very good to hear from you soon.Moreover, what do you mean by moron i don't understand you calling me that.Well,the reason why we want you to send the $380 was that,we want to pay for the insurance then after that you then send the rest fee but since you can pay all no problem it will be nice sending all the fee at once to Mr James Hansley ok. Nevertheless,this is not a black man like i told you i am a white man so why are you doubting me i don't like doing business this way ok i do my own business clean and i don't like someone doing business with me and doubting me ok.If you want us to proceed on this business there will be no doubting on me ok because i do my own business straight ok,and about my internation passport or licence i will see what to do to that for you to confirm as well and i want you to go and send all the $1980.00 to Mr James Hansley information below again ok


Once you have it sent today so we can proceed on this business then you get your winning on saturday get me the western union information below in other to forward it to Mr James Hansley then everything goes fine.


Awaiting to hear from you soon and to have the information soon in other for everything to be fine before saturday ok.

I didn't call you a moron, I said when you send the same email 6 times it makes you look like a moron (which, you did again!). Can you please get your numbers straight - is it $380.00 or $1980.00??? I don't know what you mean about sending the one first and then the other? Do you want me to pay both? Remember, I already paid $1980.00 once, and I'm still waiting for the confirmation that you received these funds. Once I receive your identification, we will go from there.

Greg Wilson

Hello Greg,

Very good to hear from you soon.I said to make everything alright,you have to go and send $380 to Mr James Hansley information before tomorrow as soon as possible so the check can reach you on Saturday ok.I will want you to go right now and have the money sent to him then we go from there ok,i will send you the identity on monday as soon as possible.I will await your reply soon.


Tomorrow is Saturday - there's no way the check could be here by then and I couldn't cash it anyways. I can wait until next week; I'm in no big hurry. I couldn't send the money anyways today because the banks will be closed when I get off work anyways. Make sure you send me that ID on Monday - thanks and I'll talk to you then.

Greg Wilson

Hello Greg,

I want you to chat with me on my email address, i will sign in now and add you so we can talk much better from there ok.

By the way, you're getting better on the emails – you only sent 3 emails that said the same thing instead on 6. Pretty soon you'll be emailing like a normal person. I'm so proud of you.


Hello Greg,

I want you to send me the informations below for the $1980.00 when you get home ok.


I will be waiting to hear from you soon ok.

Wow – I am impressed – you only sent this last email one time. Is something wrong? Maybe you’re not as stupid as you seem, or act, or our best testing would indicate.


Hello Greg,

Stop talking to me this way i don't like it ok.Email me the western union information for the $1980 u sent ok

You have some nerve speaking to me that way! Are you sure you are a white man? We are pleasant and considerate of each other’s feelings, you degenerate piece of excrement. We do not talk back to each other like you are to me, you flatulent anal wart. I am still waiting on the proof that you are a white man – I will not send the rest of the money until I see your Driver’s License or Passport – do you understand this, you incorrigible buffoon. Thank you and have a nice day.


Hello Greg,

So are you sending the money first thing on Monday morning to so you can get the check on Tuesday a day delivery? do let me know so i will inform Mr James Hansley ok.Email me back as sooon as possible.

It is Monday morning and I am still waiting to see your ID, you incompetent fool. I made one little request and you are not even smart enough to comply with my wishes. Please send me back the $1980.00 that I sent your chocolate counterpart, as I wish to have no further involvement in this transaction. It’s hard to believe that you are a white man – your level of incompetence is astonishing. I must say, I am ashamed.


I guess he had enough or couldn’t come up with a fake ID with a white man on it…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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