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Prince Rapist

This idiot contacts me from the Dating Site and I am already talking to three different scammers so I decide to let this one go early after he tells me he is a Nigerian…Look how funny this chat becomes if you can understand his poor English. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

IM Feb 8, 2012 3:09:22 PM

edward_b112: Hello
debbiedawson0404: Hi who are you?
edward_b112: I'm edward Bright N hw was ur day ?
debbiedawson0404: where did you get my contact from and what do you want?
edward_b112: Y do u sound so hurt did u ave issue with anybody
debbiedawson0404: what are you talking about? I just want to know who you are and what you want???
edward_b112: Pls brb I'm on phone
edward_b112: Hey I'm back
debbiedawson0404: yes...
edward_b112: I actually view ur profile on date@70 N I decided to trace ur I'd
debbiedawson0404: date@70 N - I have no idea what this means - is it a website?
edward_b112: Yeah but it manipulate different name to connect ppls who are single N also made dere I'd available
debbiedawson0404: what nationality are you?
edward_b112: I'm an African N do u care to see mi picture here ?
debbiedawson0404: goodbye
debbiedawson0404: not interested in talking to any africans
edward_b112: Why ? We can be friend N I'm a very good person dat's y I tell u my identity
debbiedawson0404: no, not interested - goodbye
edward_b112: Pls don't always write off All African bcs we ave good ppls around here
debbiedawson0404: please dont contact me again
edward_b112: I like ur look N I really want to kno U
debbiedawson0404: I dont want to know you - goodbye
edward_b112: Better
edward_b112: Pls y ? Did any African hurt U ? Tel me about it
debbiedawson0404: no africans ever hurt me, I just dont like them
edward_b112: Babee Why ? Re u among ppls dat believe in "Racism"
debbiedawson0404: yes I am racist - blacks are animals
edward_b112: But u look so innocent N God fearing person & every human who ave dis ur qulity should embrace all kind of color
debbiedawson0404: are you done yet?
edward_b112: Pls I don't meant to be rude ok but I really admire ur look ok
debbiedawson0404: I dont care - because I hate black people - so go away
edward_b112: Plz Debie be caring to all color ok N dis wil do U good but I care about U frm d moment I saw ur picture here
debbiedawson0404: fuck you and go away black idiot
edward_b112: Damn dat's is lil crazy of u assaulting me in dis way
debbiedawson0404: then go away - I dont want to talk to any stupid smelly black savages
edward_b112: I don't care wat kind of insult u re sending to me but I want do U kno dere is God who owned ur life ? N wat religion did U practise
debbiedawson0404: none of your business, slave
edward_b112: Jesus preach d words of racism N hatred among human
edward_b112: U don't no d repacusion of wat u re doin do u ?
debbiedawson0404: why are you still talking to me? Go away
edward_b112: Am not goin any where bcs I want to cahage ur orientation about d way U treat black
edward_b112: U gat to ave respect 4 black N remember d president of united state is a black & it will come to canada soon wher black will be ur number citizen N I hope by den u pack ur baggage N run out of ohio

IM Feb 9, 2012 9:08:15 AM

edward_b112: Hello
debbiedawson0404: hi black piece of shit
edward_b112: Lol....omg! Wen wil U ever stop dis
debbiedawson0404: when you stop contacting me, black fool
edward_b112: Enough of ur insult & I will try to contact U.....pls can U kindly delete me
debbiedawson0404: stupid black shit head
edward_b112: I will never try to contact u again
debbiedawson0404: good - black idiot
edward_b112: Fuck u biach white dog
debbiedawson0404: I am sorry you are black and stupid
edward_b112: Come suck mi dick.....white fowl
debbiedawson0404: lol - all black people should be killed - you are nothing but animals
edward_b112: I promise U to appear in ur house N rape & fuck hell out YEW but I wil kill U...jst watch out 4 me
debbiedawson0404: we should bomb Nigeria and get rid of all you stupid black trash
edward_b112: Who is Nigeria ?
debbiedawson0404: lol - typical black savage - threatening to rape and kill
debbiedawson0404: that all your filthy race knows how to do - lie, steal, beg, and kill
edward_b112: U don't even kno mi country....hahaha but I'm an African not ordinary man...A prince who has dining with Queen Elizabeth of u ever dream of be an important women in ur life..
edward_b112: Bcs U look like some one I should help with mi resources
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: that the funniest thing I have ever heard
edward_b112: Real tlk...if U don't kno who I'm ok
edward_b112: Do think I'm here to beg U 4 money or what
debbiedawson0404: so people who dine with the Queen normally tell people that they are going to rape and kill people - lol
debbiedawson0404: you are so stupid
edward_b112: U push me to wall bcs I never hurt I'm mi life ! Can U imagine d kind insult U ave sent to me as Message
debbiedawson0404: lol - whatever black fool
debbiedawson0404: prince idiot - lol
debbiedawson0404: run away now, Prince Penis-licker
edward_b112: I'm not ok....U prompt me to say something stupid....
edward_b112: Wttcha gonna do huh????
debbiedawson0404: of course - it is all my fault that you threaten to rape and kill people - lol
debbiedawson0404: I am not going to do anything except laugh at the poor stupid black boy who thinks he's a Prince
edward_b112: U don't kno nothing about me...dat's y I don't care about using word poor.....I can buy u over ok
edward_b112: Name ur price miss RACISM
debbiedawson0404: lol - of course you can poor boy - I love talking to you fools - you are so stupid
edward_b112: U re d most worst white I ever come across online N most of time I ave meet whit white ladies I think dey re very caring not fool like U......
debbiedawson0404: lol - the only whites that you know are the white people you beg from, Prince Idiot
edward_b112: Why re U acting like fool?
edward_b112: Don't U kno d latest preach about ppls like U ?
debbiedawson0404: I am sorry you are black and poor and have to beg from white people - your life must be horrible
debbiedawson0404: goodbye black rapist beggar
edward_b112: I'm here biach racism
edward_b112: I want to bring hell devilish spirit in U out now.....I think U re possess
debbiedawson0404: lol, nice one Prince Rapist Beggar
edward_b112: Do U call me bggar ???? Hell no...I hate dat......I guess all ur coming generation will become begger in jesus name 4 nick name mi humble prince of garden state
edward_b112: Such terrible name
debbiedawson0404: wow, you have a vivid imagination, little beggar boy
debbiedawson0404: let me see if I have this right... you are a Nigerian Prince named Edward Bright (nice Nigerian who dines with the Queen of England and also contacts random people from a dating site and threatens to break in their house and rape and kill them - is that right?
debbiedawson0404: do you see how stupid you are beggar boy?
edward_b112: Don't even think is imagination bcs dis is who I'm N do care if I invite U to new world U never being to may be U can preach better news about African to ppls like $u over dere........dis terrible of Racism issue is what a stupid man Who called in Himself Captain of English national football team JOHN TERRY ......Is facing right now. 4 insulting ppls N I guess it will be ur turn wen I finally cauth any where N u will rust in hell
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: little black beggar boy is mad...
debbiedawson0404: let me see if I have this right... you are a Nigerian Prince named Edward Bright (nice Nigerian who dines with the Queen of England and also contacts random people from a dating site and threatens to break in their house and rape and kill them - is that right? do you see how stupid you are beggar boy?
edward_b112: Gimmie sum minute brb back on
debbiedawson0404: is this what a Prince says in your country - - - Come suck mi dick.....white fowl
debbiedawson0404: you said this, remember?
edward_b112: Did ur country training U to be insulting to black ppls huh? U only. Tlk about wat I said but U never think of it how U start insulting me since yes'day
debbiedawson0404: Come suck mi dick.....white fowl - Do you remember saying this to me?
edward_b112: Debbie do U remember d kind insult U ave sent to me b4 I I decide to pay U back ?
debbiedawson0404: Did your "Prince Training" teach you to insult women and threaten to rape and kill them?
edward_b112: let tel u something...when human being like U refer U to animal u ave to let such person kno U re not N dat's exactly wat I said U ok
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: like I said - you are a filthy black savage - all you know is how to lie, beg, steal, rape, and kill
edward_b112: Going back to mi name.....I ave african name but I was born N training in d catholic missionary home so dat's reason of mi name stupid dumb biatch.....I will definately give back to U wat u gave me ok
debbiedawson0404: its like that in the USA as well - most blacks are criminals - is it in your blood?
debbiedawson0404: lol - sounds like its your fake scamming name...Prince Beggar
debbiedawson0404: were your parents internet beggars? Is that where you learned it from?
edward_b112: I was on fone miss idol worshiper
debbiedawson0404: were you talking to the Queen? lol
edward_b112: Ur fore father N ur unborn generation. Will be internet beggars.....I give to U biatch d way U gave me....Lmao
debbiedawson0404: I like how you avoid the questions you don’t want to answer because you know it is
debbiedawson0404: I am sorry that you have to beg from white women on the internet...
edward_b112: Tell ur question N I will prove U wrong U fool unGodly human
debbiedawson0404: Did your "Prince Training" teach you to insult women and threaten to rape and kill them?
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: and I asked if being a criminal was in your blood? Why are all black people criminals and beggars?
debbiedawson0404: do you know why all africans have AIDS - its God's curse on you - he hates black people too
edward_b112: I like I said miss! Did U stil remember how U started with yes'day ? I was training to respect ppls mostly esp
edward_b112: U re fool 4 saying God hate Africans
debbiedawson0404: lol - well, if you remember how it started yesterday - I politely told you I wasnt interested in talking to you. I asked you nicely a couple times to leave me alone and not contact me again, but you wouldnt stop so I started insulting you so you would go away - do you remember this, maga?
debbiedawson0404: God does hate Africans - thats why you are poor and stupid and look like monkeys and have to beg from white people...
edward_b112: If I show U mi like u will think of licking mi dick.....I'm only try to be friend wit U bcs U re too urgly to among mi humble prince friend ok
edward_b112: I'm too handsome 4 uuuu
debbiedawson0404: lol - very funny Prince Rapist Beggar Boy
edward_b112: U look like caribou
debbiedawson0404: lol - I made the internet beggar mad
edward_b112: Bcs I wasn't training to insultive or look down on ppls dat's Y I decided to tlk To U like human
edward_b112: I hate U
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: internet beggar hates me - oh, no - lol
edward_b112: Bcs U re not God fearing person
debbiedawson0404: what do you know about God - he hates your filthy stupid race
edward_b112: U re a fool million times bcs U don't no nothing about JEOVAH IN D HEAVEN ABOVE
debbiedawson0404: lol - I know that black people and poor, stupid, ugly, and infected with AIDS - tell me did that to you if it wasnt God

IM Feb 9, 2012 11:03:26 AM

edward_b112: I guess Ur generation has been suffering from sum infected disease. Ppl like U sleep with Dog N chimpanzee bcs no man care 4 sum one like U bcs u too urgly
debbiedawson0404: lol - internet beggar is really mad...
edward_b112: Huh.........ouuwwwweee
edward_b112: u look like dis
edward_b112: Lol........
edward_b112: I'm not mad babee ok
edward_b112: I'm jst telling straight tlk N I like d way I give to U
debbiedawson0404: lol - yes you are maga, because you know that everything I said was true
edward_b112: Is a beautiful lie bcs if I'm among d way U claim it I shuld ave let U be but all am trying to preach to U is 4 U to wake up frm ur stupid dumb sleeping bcs Africans are not bad d way U described dem
debbiedawson0404: lol - you are a race of criminals
edward_b112: U see I don't care about d word maga N other words u use 4 me all am try to preach to U is stop Racism
edward_b112: Attitude bcs it will end u in hell fire
debbiedawson0404: well, you should also preach about not threatening to rape people
edward_b112: One more thing b4 I decide to let U be 4 day bcs I will continue wit till U change ur attitude toward black.......if u truely proud of ursef N u think wher ever U re is very clean can U open ur cam to me N I will open mine 2 bcs rit now I'm in mi office N I will be leaving 4 mi house soon
debbiedawson0404: I dont want to see a stupid black monkey
debbiedawson0404: you can go away anytime now, scammer boy
edward_b112: Bcs U kno ur room or office is stickly smelling N mess up with junk food around u.....or re among those pple ""lil wayne"" refering to as dey leave in Dog house.....Lol N u decide not to show me ur cam......let show mine N u see hw I leave in mi world
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: thats funny Prince Scammer Boy
debbiedawson0404: I dont want to see you or your fake video and I dont want to talk to you anymore, stupid scammer - it has been entertaining but I am tired of you - lol
debbiedawson0404: go beg somewhere else now, black fool
edward_b112: I spent money like nothing ok
debbiedawson0404: of course you do - I hear that from all the scammers
debbiedawson0404: you have three houses, six cars, etc., etc., - all scammers say that
edward_b112: Is really nice tlking to full like U N I'm also happy I fufil mi mission by preaching d real stuff to U about African jst go out dere N tell animal like dat d bad impression most of ave against black is false ok
debbiedawson0404: run away mow scammer boy - you have to beg elsewhere...
edward_b112: I will continue wit U
edward_b112: I will switch frm mi laptop to mi fone to chat wit U on mi way home bcs I gat man dat drive ok
edward_b112: Mi driver is wit me

I broke the cardinal rule in Scambaiting to never let the scammer have the last word, but I was at work and needed to get some stuff done and this fool didn't want to give up…lol. I was laughing so hard about him being a Prince and dining with the Queen, right after he told me he was going to rape and kill me….

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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