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A Picture Worth $100.00

This is the second and concluding part of this chat-scambait with this fool. The first part was short where I basically told her that she was too young for me (26). She begged and pleaded that age is just a number, blah, blah, blah. I didn’t talk to her for two weeks when I decided I couldn’t let it end like that. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Thu, 10/28/10 2:31 PM -----

Greg’s (12:57 PM): Hi
maryfrank32 (12:57 PM): AM not interested\
maryfrank32 (12:57 PM): bye
Greg’s (12:57 PM): How are you?
maryfrank32 (12:58 PM): why
maryfrank32 (12:58 PM): are you asking me
Greg’s (12:58 PM): I really like you
maryfrank32 (12:58 PM): really
Greg’s (12:58 PM): yes, of course
maryfrank32 (12:58 PM): but you said you are older than me
maryfrank32 (12:58 PM): and you are not interested
Greg’s (12:59 PM): how old are you?
maryfrank32 (12:59 PM): am 26
Greg’s (12:59 PM): that’s not too old - when did I say that?
maryfrank32 (12:59 PM): are you out of your mind?
maryfrank32 (1:00 PM): you said i was the same age with your niece?
Greg’s (1:00 PM): my niece is 23
maryfrank32 (1:00 PM): ok
maryfrank32 (1:00 PM): so what are you seeking now?
Greg’s (1:01 PM): is that why you have been avoiding me?
maryfrank32 (1:01 PM): yes
maryfrank32 (1:01 PM): \i thought you are not serious
Greg’s (1:02 PM): oh, sorry - but I don’t recall saying that
maryfrank32 (1:02 PM): you said that
maryfrank32 (1:03 PM): am here seeking serious serious relationship
Greg’s (1:03 PM): are you sure you said 26? and not something younger?
Greg’s (1:04 PM): anywho, no big deal - we cleared that up
Greg’s (1:06 PM): sorry for the misunderstanding
maryfrank32 (1:07 PM): Its ok
Greg’s (1:08 PM): are you there? It says busy now...
maryfrank32 (1:09 PM): Am here
Greg’s (1:09 PM): okay
maryfrank32 (1:10 PM): I wish to send you some of my pics but,i haven't scan them
Greg’s (1:11 PM): okay - whenever you get a chance - that would be nice
Greg’s (1:11 PM): are you still on
maryfrank32 (1:11 PM): Its abt 12 i want to send to you
Greg’s (1:12 PM): really? wow...
Greg’s (1:12 PM): please do...
maryfrank32 (1:14 PM): I need $100 to do that,i will have to take cab to the cafe
Greg’s (1:16 PM): okay - whenever you get a chance - no problem if you don't - that's kind of expensive for just scanning
maryfrank32 (1:19 PM): How? ? 12 pics,i'll have to take cab
Greg’s (1:21 PM): It's no big deal - you don’t have to send them - it's okay
maryfrank32 (1:25 PM): You need some of my pics? Don't you?
Greg’s (1:26 PM): Looks aren’t that important to me - I remember on your pic looked fine
maryfrank32 (1:31 PM): K
Greg’s (1:33 PM): anyways, you could a digital camera for way less, and take as many pictures as you want - why wouldn't you just do that?
Greg’s (1:36 PM): hello?
maryfrank32 (1:36 PM): How much does that cost?
Greg’s (1:37 PM): I could buy one for $30.00
Greg’s (1:37 PM): new
maryfrank32 (1:39 PM): Ok
Greg’s (1:40 PM): seems like a smarter idea, doesn't it?
maryfrank32 (1:42 PM): Why not send the money and let me buy it here
Greg’s (1:43 PM): why? How much is one there?
Greg’s (1:43 PM): Is it cheaper?
maryfrank32 (1:45 PM): No,its $50,but i will try and add the rest
Greg’s (1:45 PM): You know what? I think my sister has an extra one - I bet she'll let me have it
maryfrank32 (1:49 PM): What abt the cost of sending it over still a final year nursing student here in nigeria
Greg’s (1:52 PM): yeah, it'll probably cost me $15 to $20 bucks, but that is okay
Greg’s (1:53 PM): give me your address
Greg’s (1:56 PM): hello?
Greg’s (1:56 PM): Can you give me your address?
maryfrank32 (1:56 PM): That may not work,nigeria is very corrupt..why not send the money and let me buy it here..that'll be the best
Greg’s (1:57 PM): so you just want the money, right?
maryfrank32 (2:00 PM): Yeah..its the best option
Greg’s (2:01 PM): lol - you are right that Nigeria is very corrupt
Greg’s (2:05 PM): do you like begging for money?
maryfrank32 (2:06 PM): So,shd i give you my address to send the money to?
Greg’s (2:07 PM): I asked you if you like begging for money?
maryfrank32 (2:09 PM): No,i only need for the camera
maryfrank32 (2:16 PM): No,i don't
Greg’s (2:19 PM): LOL - you are a freaking idiot, little black beggar - $100 to scan 12 pics? You are a fool and one of the dumbest scammers I have ever seen
Greg’s (2:22 PM): Little black, beggar- boy has to beg the rich white man for money - that is funny!!!
Greg’s (2:23 PM): I am sorry that you are poor and black and stupid and have to beg for a living
Greg’s (2:24 PM): poor pathetic Nigerian
Greg’s (2:31 PM): what’s wrong little monkey- beggar- boy? Are you mad? lol - run away little boy

That’ll teach her! LOL – not!

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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