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Woodland Realm

This was a Romance Scam that took place primarily in the Chat Room. She contacted me from MySpace – my profile is 40 years old, single, etc, etc. Hers was 28, age does not matter, nor race, nor location – red flags that it is a scam… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Greg, I liked your profile.Feel free to email me at



you contacted me from my profile. How are you?


I'm pretty good. And you?

Janet Woodland

I'm doing good. Tell me about yourself.


I dont think i can write on here.. Why dont you join me on yahoo instant messenger. Same ID. Add me lets chat.


Here's my pic


pic attached

You look very nice.. I hope girls out there are not disturbing you? J/K.


Send me your pics. I wanna see if you gotta shot.


I hope you like what you are seeing? Anyway! This is real me..

Janet Woodland


The first Chat Log from this tramp was lost (I forgot to save it) – I didn’t see her online again for a while…

----- Our chat on Wed, 11/19/08 11:36 PM -----

woodland_janet (10:59 PM): Can you remember me?
Greg’s (11:00 PM): just from your message - that's the first I've heard from you
woodland_janet (11:01 PM): Oh ok..
woodland_janet (11:01 PM): where are you originally from?
Greg’s (11:01 PM): ohio - do you rember emailing me? ? ?
Greg’s (11:01 PM): remember*
woodland_janet (11:02 PM): Oh yes.. I remember now.. How is the weather out there in Ohio? Anyway! I'm originally from West Point,Mississipp i but currently in Nigeria working as a makeup artist..
Greg’s (11:03 PM): a makeup artist in Nigeria? ? ?
woodland_janet (11:04 PM): Yes..
woodland_janet (11:04 PM): what do you do?
Greg’s (11:04 PM): are you having problems on the internet?
Greg’s (11:05 PM): I'm an accountant
woodland_janet (11:06 PM): I'm not having any problem on the internet.. Why did you ask?
Greg’s (11:06 PM): it's going real slow
Greg’s (11:06 PM): and it seems ok on my end
woodland_janet (11:07 PM): Yes i think you are right..
Greg’s (11:08 PM): so why are you in Nigeria?
woodland_janet (11:10 PM): Its a long story but i would like to share with you..
Greg’s (11:10 PM): no too long - it's almost bedtime for me - have to wake up early for work...
woodland_janet (11:12 PM): Firstly! I ended up here through my ex manager who brought me here to makeup for some Nigeria musician.. But we had a problem.. He wanted to take advantage on me and i screamed at me and policemen involved and since then he never wanted to see me or have anything doing with me.. I have been for over 4 months and some weeks.. Looking for a way back home but things are really hard on the innocent lady..
Greg’s (11:13 PM): yeah, I'll bet
Greg’s (11:13 PM): go to the American Consulate
woodland_janet (11:14 PM): lol..
woodland_janet (11:14 PM): Dont you think i would have been there many times?
Greg’s (11:15 PM): and? ? ?
woodland_janet (11:15 PM): There is nothing they could do since i have my passport with me.. All they treat is if your passport is missing or got burnt
Greg’s (11:16 PM): your kidding, right? are you an American citizen?
woodland_janet (11:17 PM): Not atall.. I was born in Ireland.. I'm an Irish lady but i spent all my life in United States
Greg’s (11:19 PM): try going to the British Consulate...
woodland_janet (11:19 PM): I have been there many times.. I dont lie Greg.. OK?
woodland_janet (11:20 PM): I hate saying one thing everytime..
Greg’s (11:20 PM): what's that?
woodland_janet (11:23 PM): Nothing just trying to let you know that i'm honest and i dont lie
woodland_janet (11:23 PM): So lets talk about something else Greg.
woodland_janet (11:23 PM): How old are you?
Greg’s (11:23 PM): 39
Greg’s (11:24 PM): old - lol
woodland_janet (11:24 PM): I'm just 28 yrs old.. Hope am not too young for you..
Greg’s (11:26 PM): lol - not if your in Nigeria and live in Mississippi
woodland_janet (11:26 PM): lol.. Got picture of you?
Greg’s (11:27 PM): yes, I dont know how to send it though - I'll send it through email
woodland_janet (11:27 PM): That is cool..
Greg’s (11:28 PM): sent
woodland_janet (11:28 PM): I dont know what is wrong with your IM.. We should be able to share photos on here.. I dont know why yours is not showing where to share photos.. Maybe you added me wrongly
woodland_janet (11:29 PM): Got it.. Want to check
Greg’s (11:29 PM): i dont have Yahoo Messenger - I have Yahoo Mail Plus - it let's you chat in your email program
woodland_janet (11:31 PM): Oh ok..
woodland_janet (11:32 PM): You are handsome
Greg’s (11:32 PM): where are you using a computer at?
woodland_janet (11:34 PM): I'm in my hotel room.. I have my laptop on.. Yourself?
Greg’s (11:34 PM): at home in my office...
woodland_janet (11:34 PM): why?
Greg’s (11:35 PM): why what?
woodland_janet (11:35 PM): what time is it there in Ohio?
Greg’s (11:35 PM): 11:30pm
woodland_janet (11:35 PM): why are you still in the office? that is what i mean
Greg’s (11:35 PM): i have an office in my house - it's where my computer is
woodland_janet (11:36 PM): oh ok.. brb
Greg’s (11:36 PM): ok

----- Our chat on Thu, 11/20/08 12:08 AM -----

woodland_janet (11:44 PM): I'm back Greg.. Just have to get some water to drink before i collapse here..No food stuffs here..
woodland_janet (11:44 PM): I hope you are still on?
Greg’s (11:44 PM): yeah, but not for long - it's about my bedtime...
woodland_janet (11:45 PM): Oh ok..
Greg’s (11:45 PM): have to be up in about 6 hours for work
Greg’s (11:45 PM): lol
woodland_janet (11:46 PM): I'm planning sending you some of my pictures..
woodland_janet (11:46 PM): Do you wish to see them?
Greg’s (11:46 PM): sure
Greg’s (11:46 PM): send them
woodland_janet (11:47 PM): Ok.. Hold on for them..
Greg’s (11:47 PM): ok
woodland_janet (11:48 PM): So tell me more about yourself before you leave for bed
Greg’s (11:48 PM): what do you want to know?
woodland_janet (11:49 PM): Anything about you for now.. I can understand that you need to get some rest..
woodland_janet (11:50 PM): How long have you been working as an accountant?
woodland_janet (11:50 PM): What is the name of the company you work with?
Greg’s (11:51 PM): since 2000 - I owned a restaurant, sold it, finished college, became an accountant - about 8 years now, I guess...
woodland_janet (11:51 PM): Pictures sent..
Greg’s (11:51 PM): I saw the pics - very nice
woodland_janet (11:51 PM): Nice.. You sound like a sucessful man.. Do you have any kids?
Greg’s (11:52 PM): nope
Greg’s (11:53 PM): i live alone with my dog
woodland_janet (11:54 PM): Oh,ok.. what is the name of your dog? Got his or her picture you can show me.. Is that the only picture you got.. Send me more.. I would like to see more of you..
Greg’s (11:55 PM): no dog pictures - i'll send you more pics of me thru email some other time, ok?
Greg’s (11:55 PM): dog's name is Rogue...
woodland_janet (11:56 PM): ok..
woodland_janet (11:56 PM): Nice name though..
Greg’s (11:56 PM): what time is it there?
woodland_janet (11:57 PM): Its just 5:43AM here in the city of Lagos..
woodland_janet (11:57 PM): So tell me how long have you been online dating site.. How many account do you have.. What are the name of the dating sites you are on?
Greg’s (11:57 PM): I'm not on any online dating sites...
Greg’s (11:58 PM): you don't remember where you contacted me from do you?
woodland_janet (11:59 PM): I want to be sure i'm not been fooled.. That is why i need to know.. I dont want to be hurt again..
Greg’s (11:59 PM): do you remember where?
Greg’s (11:59 PM): lol
woodland_janet (12:00 AM): I am the only child. I was originally born in West Point,Mississipp i, United States, But Currently in Western part of Africa, Nigeria to be exact.
I have been taking care of myself.I have been engaged before and was hurt by my Ex- boyfriend...
I caught him in the shower with my best friend. I have been without any man for over 2 years now. I believe that I have everything that any man could want from a woman,
I am not saying that am the best woman on earth, but I still believe in me, and in God the Almighty Father
Greg’s (12:00 AM): are you avoiding the question?
Greg’s (12:00 AM): lol
woodland_janet (12:02 AM): I dont have any reason to be avioding your question.. If i'm, that means we wont get closer..
Greg’s (12:02 AM): it's ok, you can say you don't remember, it's no big deal...
Greg’s (12:02 AM): i don't know why you are avoiding the question...
Greg’s (12:03 AM): do you think i will be mad?
woodland_janet (12:03 AM): I dont remember Greg.. Pls tell me..
Greg’s (12:03 AM): i doint remember everyone i talk to...
Greg’s (12:03 AM): MySpace
Greg’s (12:03 AM): you emailed me on MySpace
Greg’s (12:04 AM): MySpace isnt a dating site, really - I'm just on there to talk to some friends out of state
woodland_janet (12:04 AM): Apology accepted?
Greg’s (12:04 AM): who apologized?
Greg’s (12:04 AM): you?
woodland_janet (12:04 AM): Myself..
Greg’s (12:04 AM): for what?
woodland_janet (12:05 AM): lol
Greg’s (12:05 AM): it's no big deal
Greg’s (12:05 AM): like i said, i dont remember everyone i talk to...
woodland_janet (12:05 AM): For not remembering where i message you..
woodland_janet (12:06 AM): Its okay.. Lets go further
Greg’s (12:06 AM): lol - i dont accept apology, because you have no reason to apologize
woodland_janet (12:07 AM): lol
woodland_janet (12:07 AM): I like that..
Greg’s (12:07 AM): well, i gotta go now - it's late...
woodland_janet (12:07 AM): You make me smile
woodland_janet (12:08 AM): No problem.. Sound sleep.. Talk to you later..
Greg’s (12:08 AM): ok, bye

----- Our chat on Thu, 11/20/08 9:34 PM -----

woodland_janet (9:02 PM): hello greg
woodland_janet (9:02 PM): how long have you been online?
woodland_janet (9:02 PM): just woke up. but i left my im on
Greg’s (9:02 PM): about twenty minutes - just checking my email
woodland_janet (9:03 PM): oh ok.. i hope work wasn't stressful today?
Greg’s (9:04 PM): no, not too bad - it's just hard doing 5 things at once
woodland_janet (9:05 PM): good to hear that.
Greg’s (9:06 PM): its snowing like crazy here
woodland_janet (9:07 PM): oh sorry.. do you have heater in your house?
Greg’s (9:08 PM): yeah, it's called a furnace...and don’t be sorry, I like the snow
woodland_janet (9:09 PM): Its very hot in here.
woodland_janet (9:09 PM): what time is it there?
Greg’s (9:09 PM): is Nigeria a nasty place?
Greg’s (9:09 PM): its 9:00pm
woodland_janet (9:11 PM): Not atall.. Nigeria is just a muslim place but they are not like S.Arabia
Greg’s (9:12 PM): I heard it was nasty - full of criminals and con men and poor people
woodland_janet (9:13 PM): lol
woodland_janet (9:13 PM): i think there are many con men and poor ppl
Greg’s (9:13 PM): not a place i would choose to go to
woodland_janet (9:13 PM): ok
Greg’s (9:15 PM): what do you do all day? play on the computer?
woodland_janet (9:15 PM): no
Greg’s (9:17 PM): well, what do you do?
woodland_janet (9:17 PM): stay indoor.. look for a job to do
woodland_janet (9:17 PM): work out.. go for swimming and play with computer
Greg’s (9:24 PM): what was the reaction like there when that idiot Barack Obama won the US Presidential Election
woodland_janet (9:25 PM): They were happy and dacing because he is a black monkey
Greg’s (9:25 PM): a black monkey?
Greg’s (9:25 PM): lol
woodland_janet (9:25 PM): lol
Greg’s (9:26 PM): a very sad day in US History...
woodland_janet (9:26 PM): lol
woodland_janet (9:26 PM): why is it a sad day?
Greg’s (9:27 PM): electing a Democratic, black, Muslim sympathizer to the President’s Office
woodland_janet (9:28 PM): oh ok
Greg’s (9:31 PM): your not talking very much...
woodland_janet (9:31 PM): yes because i'm feeling sleepy
Greg’s (9:32 PM): ok, if you want to go that’s fine...
woodland_janet (9:32 PM): ok
Greg’s (9:32 PM): talk to you later...
woodland_janet (9:32 PM): ok
woodland_janet (9:33 PM): bye for now.. nite
Greg’s (9:33 PM): good bye
woodland_janet (9:34 PM): bye
Greg’s (9:34 PM): yep

Didn’t see her online for more than a month…Saw her online and she started chatting with me but I was busy, so I just logged out – hence this next chat log the next day.

----- Our chat on Fri, 12/26/08 9:52 AM -----

woodland_janet (9:23 AM): hey greg
woodland_janet (9:23 AM): where have you been?
Greg’s (9:24 AM): hi, sorry about last night - my connection went down
Greg’s (9:24 AM): after trying to get back on, I finally gave up and went to bed
woodland_janet (9:25 AM): oh ok.. what time is it there Greg?
Greg’s (9:25 AM): 9:23am
woodland_janet (9:25 AM): I was so worried last night.. I really miss talking to you.
Greg’s (9:25 AM): yeah, stupid internet - lol
woodland_janet (9:25 AM): lol
Greg’s (9:26 AM): have you been on all night?
woodland_janet (9:26 AM): Good to see you online though.. How was your night and i hope you had a wonderful Christmas?
Greg’s (9:27 AM): I slept good and I'm off work today, so I'm feeling pretty happy - lol
woodland_janet (9:27 AM): that sound great..
woodland_janet (9:27 AM): dear have you eating any meal since you woke up?
Greg’s (9:28 AM): no, I’ve been up for a little while - I don’t normally eat breakfast
woodland_janet (9:29 AM): oh i see.. i wish am there to prepare ur favorite meal.. how is that?
Greg’s (9:29 AM): lol - steak on the grill for breakfast? ? ? lol
woodland_janet (9:30 AM): awesome..i can cook that very well.. i'm a good cook dear..
Greg’s (9:30 AM): yeah, me too
woodland_janet (9:30 AM): ok.. are you alone?
Greg’s (9:31 AM): yes, except for my dog somewhere
woodland_janet (9:32 AM): i know ur dog is there with you..
woodland_janet (9:32 AM): how is the weather over there?
Greg’s (9:33 AM): cold - no snow, but it's supposed to snow later today
woodland_janet (9:33 AM): oh ok.. dear what about the promise you made..
Greg’s (9:34 AM): what promise?
woodland_janet (9:36 AM): oh sorry i thought you got my last msgs..
Greg’s (9:37 AM): ? ? ?
woodland_janet (9:38 AM): Dear i was asking you for a little favor yesterday when you logged out on me.. I mean when the connection went off on you.. I want you to assist me financially to get some food stuffs.. I was lonely and starving all yesterday because there was nothing to eat and no means of getting it because i'm in between jobs for now
Greg’s (9:38 AM): you’re kidding right?
woodland_janet (9:39 AM): Dear i'm not kidding you.. I'm very serious about this.. Its okay if you can not be of help in anyway.. Lets keep talking ok
Greg’s (9:40 AM): when did I promise to do that?
woodland_janet (9:42 AM): I thought you said something about yes,, Never knew you didnt get my last msgs last night.. Sorry if i was mistaken
Greg’s (9:42 AM): no, this is the first I heard of it...
woodland_janet (9:43 AM): I hope you are not mad at me in anyway?
Greg’s (9:43 AM): I'm a little shocked...
woodland_janet (9:43 AM): I thought you heard that before your conection went down..
woodland_janet (9:44 AM): Dont be shocked.. Its okay if you dont feel comfortable in helping me out Greg
Greg’s (9:44 AM): Of course I don’t - I’ve only talked to you 3 times in my life and you ask me for money? ? ?
woodland_janet (9:46 AM): I know we only talked for just 3 days.. sorry once again.. I asked you because i have no other means and i'm really starving here
woodland_janet (9:46 AM): sorry again
Greg’s (9:47 AM): I gotta go
woodland_janet (9:49 AM): why?
woodland_janet (9:50 AM): are you going becoz i asked you for help?
Greg’s (9:50 AM): I have to go to my sisters house today - have to start getting ready
woodland_janet (9:50 AM): no problem.. would you be back online again?
Greg’s (9:51 AM): maybe tommorrow morning
woodland_janet (9:52 AM): ok.. see you soon then.. my regards to your sis
Greg’s (9:52 AM): thanks, bye

10 days later…

----- Our chat on Mon, 1/5/09 11:46 AM -----

woodland_janet (10:24 AM): hello greg
woodland_janet (10:24 AM):
Greg’s (10:56 AM): hello
woodland_janet (10:57 AM): how r u doing greg?
Greg’s (10:58 AM): okay - I'm at work
Greg’s (11:00 AM): what happened to you yesterday?
woodland_janet (11:02 AM): my connection went off on me and the laptop am using was messing up either.. so how is work?
Greg’s (11:02 AM): good - nice to be back...
woodland_janet (11:03 AM): great.. so how is the weather out there? hope its not too cold for you?
Greg’s (11:04 AM): about 31 F - not too bad, I actually like the cold...
woodland_janet (11:05 AM): oh i see.
woodland_janet (11:06 AM): so how have you been ?
Greg’s (11:06 AM): good, staying busy...
woodland_janet (11:08 AM): ok.. so what else would you like to know about me again before we could be friends and stranger no more.. lol
Greg’s (11:09 AM): tell me what you like to do - hobbies, etc
woodland_janet (11:12 AM): are you getting what am typing atall?
Greg’s (11:13 AM): yes - I asked what about your interests, hobbies, etc.
woodland_janet (11:15 AM): Oh i see.. I enjoy nature, seeing the stars at night, listening to the sounds of nature, being near the water, swimming (as I love the ocean and sea). I like traveling, diving, dancing, drawing, skating and bowling and billiards..I like Watching movies, going out to dinner, walk, hold hands, read books about God. Work on my car. Do constructive tasks around the house. Hang out with friends and/or go out to the club to play pool
Greg’s (11:16 AM): What kind of car do you have?
woodland_janet (11:16 AM): you?
Greg’s (11:18 AM): ? are you asking my hobbies?
woodland_janet (11:19 AM): i have none here again.. but i drive a truck f350 4x4 dually 4door
woodland_janet (11:19 AM): yes.. what type of car do you drive?
Greg’s (11:20 AM): Honda CR- V, I also have a Porsche 944 (older one)
woodland_janet (11:20 AM): oh i see.. do you live alone?
Greg’s (11:21 AM): yes (I've told you this like 3 times already...) remember - alone with my dog...
woodland_janet (11:27 AM): oh sorry my mistake.. i could remember now..
Greg’s (11:28 AM): ok
woodland_janet (11:28 AM): how do you cope living alone with a dog? dont you think you need a companionship that would be there for you when its tough and hard.. and when things are better
Greg’s (11:29 AM): I love living alone - my sisters and brother- in- law and friends come over often, but I just love living alone - I like the peace and quiet
woodland_janet (11:31 AM): that sounds cool.. if that is what will make you happy.
woodland_janet (11:31 AM): so you dont look forward meeting any woman tobe there for you?
Greg’s (11:34 AM): she doesn't have to be physically in my house all of the time...that’s why so many people get divorced - they're around each other too much and they get sick of each other...
woodland_janet (11:35 AM): awesome.. you really sound like the man i want in the future.. time will tell though.. so what do you seek in your type of woman?
Greg’s (11:37 AM): intelligent, has a good career, kind, easy to talk to, conservative, Republican, etc.
woodland_janet (11:38 AM): great..
woodland_janet (11:38 AM): brb greg
Greg’s (11:39 AM): are you planning on moving back to America?
woodland_janet (11:39 AM): yes that is if my man is ready to take care of my traveling expenses
woodland_janet (11:41 AM): i have none for now though.. but i know time will tell
woodland_janet (11:43 AM):
woodland_janet (11:43 AM): i guess you r busy.. anyway!i have to go now dear.. i will be online later ok..
Greg’s (11:46 AM): sorry, I was busy

Four months later… I saw her on the night before but didn't feel like talking to her so i just logged out.

----- Our chat on Thu, 4/16/09 1:29 PM -----

Greg’s (12:46 PM): HI, remember me?
woodland_janet (12:47 PM): yes
Greg’s (12:47 PM): Where have you been?
woodland_janet (12:47 PM): I've been busy and suffering
woodland_janet (12:48 PM): Busy looking for job
Greg’s (12:48 PM): Where are you again?
woodland_janet (12:49 PM): In nigeria
woodland_janet (12:49 PM): You should know all this Greg
Greg’s (12:49 PM): It's been a while
Greg’s (12:49 PM): back in January i think
woodland_janet (12:50 PM): Yes but i could remember your real name and what makes you ran from me
Greg’s (12:50 PM): what was that?
woodland_janet (12:50 PM): Yes you are right
woodland_janet (12:50 PM): I asked you for some help and since then you left and you are just coming back on now
Greg’s (12:51 PM): What made me run? I have been here all along - I haven't seen you online in a long time
woodland_janet (12:52 PM): Oh really?
Greg’s (12:52 PM): yes
Greg’s (12:52 PM): I didn't see any emails from you and I haven’t seen you online at all...
woodland_janet (12:53 PM): Oh ok..
woodland_janet (12:54 PM): Can you add me to your friend's list now?
Greg’s (12:54 PM): you're already on there I think...
woodland_janet (12:54 PM): Do you remember that we met eachother online last year
Greg’s (12:55 PM): I remember i spoke with you a few times a while ago in the Fall, and then again in Jabuary...
Greg’s (12:56 PM): January* oops, sorry
woodland_janet (12:56 PM): ok
woodland_janet (12:57 PM): ok
Greg’s (12:57 PM): So how is work?
woodland_janet (12:58 PM): I lost it last 3 weeks ago.. I'm sick and tired of this country Greg.. I mean it
Greg’s (12:58 PM): I believe it - I wouldn't want to be there..
woodland_janet (12:59 PM): why?
Greg’s (12:59 PM): I heard it was bad...poor nation, political conflict, etc.
woodland_janet (1:00 PM): you heard the right thing.
woodland_janet (1:00 PM): i'm just nobody here.. i missed my late parents
Greg’s (1:01 PM): where are you from? was it ireland?
Greg’s (1:04 PM): hello?
woodland_janet (1:05 PM): I'm here.. Sorry my keypad is messing up on me..
Greg’s (1:05 PM): ok
woodland_janet (1:05 PM): You are right Greg, but i spent all my life in the United States..
woodland_janet (1:05 PM): I'm Irish American
Greg’s (1:05 PM): where in the states
woodland_janet (1:06 PM): Los Angeles, California. and Greensburg,PA.
woodland_janet (1:06 PM): You?
Greg’s (1:06 PM): Ohio - near Cleveland
woodland_janet (1:07 PM): Cool. How is the weather in OHIO?
Greg’s (1:07 PM): getting warmer - around 60 F today
woodland_janet (1:08 PM): cool.
woodland_janet (1:08 PM): what time is it there?
Greg’s (1:08 PM): ten after 1:00pm
woodland_janet (1:09 PM): ok.. where are you right now?
Greg’s (1:09 PM): at work on my lunch break
woodland_janet (1:10 PM): oh ok.. how is work?
Greg’s (1:10 PM): good - my break is about over but I am staying busy
woodland_janet (1:12 PM): what is the nature of your job again?
Greg’s (1:12 PM): I'm an Accountant
woodland_janet (1:13 PM): Oh i can remember now..
woodland_janet (1:13 PM): How long have you been an accountant and what is the name of the comp you work with?
Greg’s (1:14 PM): been an accountant for about 10 years - I work for Fed Ex
woodland_janet (1:14 PM): ok.
woodland_janet (1:16 PM): greg can i ask you for a little favor before you leave for work?
Greg’s (1:16 PM): whats that?
woodland_janet (1:17 PM): its a big favor but i really dont know how you will feel about this
Greg’s (1:17 PM): now I'm worried...
woodland_janet (1:18 PM): Can you assist me financially Greg? Pls.. I really need to get some food stuffs and pay some bills.
woodland_janet (1:18 PM): Let me know if you can or cant
Greg’s (1:18 PM): Are you kidding?
woodland_janet (1:19 PM): I swear to you.. I'm not.. Sorry if this makes you feel so bad..
woodland_janet (1:19 PM): Dont feel bad.. I'm just trying to be open up to you
Greg’s (1:20 PM): I talk to you for the first time in months and you ask me for money? ? ?
woodland_janet (1:20 PM): I know your going to feel bad about this..
woodland_janet (1:20 PM): I'm sorry once again.
woodland_janet (1:21 PM): Its ok.. Dont assist me anymore.. I was just trying to be open
woodland_janet (1:21 PM): like i said ealier
Greg’s (1:21 PM): Seeing that I barely know you, I don't feel that is appropriate at all
woodland_janet (1:22 PM): I'm sorry.. Pls for goodness sake.. I mean it
Greg’s (1:23 PM): do you ask everyone you talk to a few times on the internet for money?
woodland_janet (1:23 PM): I really do understand what you mean.. But remember being honest and opened up is the best
woodland_janet (1:24 PM): I'm sorry i know we barely know eachother.. I told you earlier that i've not been online for some months and i dont talk to people on here.
Greg’s (1:25 PM): how much were you asking of me?
woodland_janet (1:25 PM): Just $120 to get some food stuff
Greg’s (1:26 PM): if i actually knew you ...
woodland_janet (1:27 PM): Its ok
Greg’s (1:28 PM): i have to get back to work now
woodland_janet (1:28 PM): Have a nice time at work.. Talk to you later. Sorry i was too forward to ask you for help
Greg’s (1:29 PM): ok, bye

It has been a while – she forgets that she is from Mississippi…

----- Our chat on Thu, 4/23/09 12:18 PM -----

Greg’s (11:02 AM): hi Janet
woodland_janet (11:13 AM): hello greg
woodland_janet (11:13 AM): sorry i was in the toilet
woodland_janet (11:13 AM):
woodland_janet (11:15 AM): are you there?
Greg’s (11:21 AM): I here
Greg’s (11:21 AM): I'm here
woodland_janet (11:22 AM): cool
woodland_janet (11:22 AM): how is work?
Greg’s (11:22 AM): busy
woodland_janet (11:22 AM): ok..
woodland_janet (11:23 AM): what time is it there?
Greg’s (11:23 AM): 11:23am - almost lunch time...
woodland_janet (11:24 AM): oh cool.. what are you having for lunch..
Greg’s (11:25 AM): ice tea - I usually don’t eat lunch...
woodland_janet (11:26 AM): I wish am right there to go with you.. j/k
Greg’s (11:27 AM): What's new in Africa?
woodland_janet (11:27 AM): hot as usual
woodland_janet (11:28 AM): nothing new.. i think there is election going on in another state in nigeria..
woodland_janet (11:28 AM): brb
Greg’s (11:28 AM): ok
woodland_janet (11:34 AM): i'm back greg
Greg’s (11:37 AM): sorry, I was busy - I'm back too
woodland_janet (11:37 AM): cool.
woodland_janet (11:37 AM): so what are you upto today? how is the weather?
Greg’s (11:39 AM): it's getting nicer - about 60 today, supposed to be in the 80's this weekend...
woodland_janet (11:40 AM): good to hear that..
Greg’s (11:43 AM): Did you find a job yet?
woodland_janet (11:44 AM): no Greg
woodland_janet (11:44 AM): I'm fed up of this country.
Greg’s (11:44 AM): why did you even go there in the first place
woodland_janet (11:45 AM): its a long story
Greg’s (11:46 AM): ok - you don’t need to say
woodland_janet (11:47 AM): I can say it but dont know if i could trust you or you can trust me.
Greg’s (11:48 AM): I probably don’t have time to hear anyways - lunch is in 10 minutes
Greg’s (11:48 AM): that’s ok - none of my business.
woodland_janet (11:48 AM): hehe
Greg’s (11:54 AM): how do you pay for room and board there?
woodland_janet (11:59 AM): sorry..
woodland_janet (11:59 AM): i told you i have some bills to pay..
woodland_janet (11:59 AM): since i have lost my job i've not been able to pay up
woodland_janet (11:59 AM): to feed myself is a war
Greg’s (12:05 PM): what do you do for work? What is your profession?
woodland_janet (12:06 PM): I was once a sales rep in a Catholic church..I mean their store
Greg’s (12:07 PM): A Catholic Store? I didn't know they had stores - what do they sell?
woodland_janet (12:08 PM): yes..
woodland_janet (12:08 PM): stationaries.. bible and so on
woodland_janet (12:08 PM): anything pertaining to education
Greg’s (12:10 PM): probably not a whole lot of need for that in Nigeria, huh?
woodland_janet (12:11 PM): yes.. you are right
woodland_janet (12:11 PM): i'm really looking for a way or job to get along with myself since i have no man in my life for now.
woodland_janet (12:12 PM): you insist to assist me becoz we hardly know eachother.. i dont mean to go back to that.. just trying to let you know how i feel being starving and messy
woodland_janet (12:12 PM): here in nigeria
Greg’s (12:13 PM): Isn't Nigeria just a nation full of criminals and godless heathens?
woodland_janet (12:14 PM): I cant answer that
Greg’s (12:14 PM): That's why I can't believe you are there
woodland_janet (12:15 PM): I think Nigeria is just a country where Illiterate are many.. I wish you could but with time i know you will have 100% trust in me
Greg’s (12:16 PM): Every news story I see about Nigeria always focuses on how much crime there is.
woodland_janet (12:17 PM): Oh i see.. There is crime everywhere my dear friend
woodland_janet (12:17 PM): remember.. even if its not all about money.. it could be all about mudering human beings like us
Greg’s (12:18 PM): I know that - but in Nigeria, isn't like almost everyone a criminal

I think she gets pissed and logs out…

----- Our chat on Thu, 4/23/09 12:21 PM -----

woodland_janet (12:21 PM): Thats not possible..
woodland_janet (12:22 PM): Are you counting me with the Nigerians..
woodland_janet (12:22 PM): By the way.. Theirare better people in Nigeria excluding the bad ones
woodland_janet (12:35 PM):
woodland_janet (12:35 PM): sorry my connection again
woodland_janet (12:21 PM): Ok

----- Our chat on Sun, 4/26/09 11:30 AM -----

Greg’s (11:23 AM): Why did you disappear the other day? Was it something I said?
woodland_janet (11:23 AM): I didnt.. You did
Greg’s (11:24 AM): No, it said you logged off - so I went to lunch...
woodland_janet (11:24 AM): This was the messages i sent to you and there was no response..
woodland_janet (11:24 AM): Janet Woodland: Thats not possible.. Janet Woodland: Are you counting me with the Nigerians.. Jane t Woodland: By the way.. Theirare better people in Nigeria excluding the bad ones Janet Woodland: I can tell you that Greg Janet Woodland: sorry my connection again
Greg’s (11:24 AM): Yeah, I got that after I got back from lunch
woodland_janet (11:25 AM): Can you see that i'm not lieing
Greg’s (11:25 AM): And the answer is no - I was talking about Nigerians, not you
woodland_janet (11:26 AM): Ok. So what are you upto this morning?
woodland_janet (11:26 AM): Hope the weather is cool with you today?
Greg’s (11:27 AM): Taking a break from yard work - checking my email...
woodland_janet (11:27 AM): ok.
woodland_janet (11:27 AM): so greg what are your plans for me?
Greg’s (11:27 AM): what about you?
Greg’s (11:28 AM): what do you mean?
woodland_janet (11:28 AM): about the assistance i asked from you.. is there anything you could do to help me out financially?
woodland_janet (11:29 AM): Just got back from the church..
Greg’s (11:29 AM): good bye
woodland_janet (11:29 AM):
woodland_janet (11:29 AM): I asked for assistance but no luck.. I was so ashamed..
woodland_janet (11:29 AM): why?
Greg’s (11:30 AM): I'm sorry I contacted you to say hello...
woodland_janet (11:30 AM): Have a great day..

I am tired of talking to this idiot…

----- Our chat on Wed, 6/3/09 4:01 PM -----

Greg’s (3:56 PM): hello tramp
Greg’s (3:57 PM): hello beggar...
woodland_janet (3:57 PM): why are u calling me all sort of names Greg?
woodland_janet (3:58 PM): Do u think that's nice?
Greg’s (3:58 PM): that’s what you are - a beggar
woodland_janet (3:58 PM): thank you
woodland_janet (3:58 PM): is that all Greg?
Greg’s (3:59 PM): just one more thing...
woodland_janet (3:59 PM): go ahead
Greg’s (4:00 PM): the world would be better off without you - cut your own throat, you piece- of- shit 419 scammer
woodland_janet (4:01 PM): have a great day
Greg’s (4:01 PM): whatever monkey- man

I see her online so I decide to end it…

Yes, I could have wasted a lot more time with her – the one thing about Chat Scams is that a lot of my time is getting wasted too. With emails, I fire off 12 to 15 in the morning and I’m done – takes me 30 minutes. These freaking chat sessions could be hours…

I wish this was a better kiss-off – next time I’ll invoke some pain…

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