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The Mighty Wallex

I got this foolís email address from so I decided to try the mistaken identity and see if this guy would take over the role. I address him as John to see if he will assume the identity. Believe it or not, he didnít but he did still find time to fall in loveÖ My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Tue, 1/18/11 11:52 AM -----

Debbie (11:34 AM): hi John - where have you been?
mightywallex (11:34 AM): hello
Debbie (11:35 AM): I've been trying to get a hold of you John - where did you go?
mightywallex (11:35 AM): sori who are you?
Debbie (11:36 AM): This is Debbie - you don't even know who this is?
Debbie (11:36 AM): I thought you loved me?
mightywallex (11:37 AM): but am not john?
mightywallex (11:37 AM): am micheal
Debbie (11:37 AM): This isn't John?
Debbie (11:37 AM): Oh my god, I am so sorry
mightywallex (11:37 AM): where are you from?
Debbie (11:37 AM): I thought this was John Thompson
Debbie (11:37 AM): my mistake
Debbie (11:38 AM): I am from the USA
Debbie (11:38 AM): sorry to bother you
mightywallex (11:38 AM): thats fine
mightywallex (11:38 AM): where is john from?
Debbie (11:39 AM): Originally from the US but is working on a project in West Africa
Debbie (11:39 AM): his email address looks similar to yours
Debbie (11:39 AM): sorry about that
mightywallex (11:39 AM): well am from nigeria
mightywallex (11:39 AM): thats my country
mightywallex (11:39 AM): and i dont know any john
Debbie (11:40 AM): John said he was in Ghana for a few months before I lost contact with him
mightywallex (11:40 AM): well i dont know him
Debbie (11:40 AM): ok sorry
mightywallex (11:41 AM): dont you have his number
Debbie (11:41 AM): it doesnít work anymore
mightywallex (11:41 AM): have you meet
Debbie (11:42 AM): no, just on the internet
mightywallex (11:42 AM): waooooooooooooo pains
Debbie (11:42 AM): ?
mightywallex (11:42 AM): why didnt he write to u? if he really loves you
mightywallex (11:42 AM): ?
Debbie (11:43 AM): I donít know - I guess I wonít find that out until I get a hold of him. I sure hope nothing happened to him.
mightywallex (11:44 AM): sori you asking me what i dont know
Debbie (11:44 AM): I didnít ask you anything - I am answering your question.
mightywallex (11:44 AM): am not always on here,just often,am a very busy one
mightywallex (11:45 AM): just to check friends mail and go out,
Debbie (11:45 AM): okay - well, sorry to bother you, I thought you were John
Debbie (11:45 AM): bye
mightywallex (11:45 AM): noooooooooooooo oo
mightywallex (11:45 AM): micheal
mightywallex (11:45 AM): ok?
mightywallex (11:46 AM): john is a lucky one
mightywallex (11:46 AM): u seaching for him your self
Debbie (11:46 AM): Yes, I know now you are not John
Debbie (11:46 AM): yes, I am looking for him myself
mightywallex (11:46 AM): he must have promised u alot
Debbie (11:47 AM): lol - yes, he loves me
Debbie (11:47 AM): and I love him
mightywallex (11:47 AM): are you sure?
Debbie (11:48 AM): what kind of question is that? of course, I am
mightywallex (11:48 AM): well
mightywallex (11:48 AM): i dont know
mightywallex (11:48 AM): i just feel concern
mightywallex (11:49 AM): cos i feel ur pains
Debbie (11:49 AM): ok thanks - good bye, nice talking to ya
mightywallex (11:50 AM): well
mightywallex (11:50 AM): thake care and dont be hurt
mightywallex (11:50 AM): cos it very difficult to believe
Debbie (11:50 AM): okay thanks
mightywallex (11:51 AM): i can only tell u wat i can tell my sister
mightywallex (11:51 AM): alot of deciever on here
mightywallex (11:51 AM): do never fall for them
mightywallex (11:52 AM): you need to be sure if one love u so much before you can release your heart to the person
Debbie (11:52 AM): okay thanks, bye

Of course this is not the end. How could it be with Debbieís grace and charmÖLike flies on dogshit.

----- Our chat on Tue, 1/18/11 11:50 PM -----
mightywallex (9:36 PM): u always online?
Debbie (9:37 PM): at work i am
mightywallex (9:38 PM): are you ok?
Debbie (9:38 PM): yes
mightywallex (9:38 PM): thats fine
mightywallex (9:38 PM): what type of work u do?
Debbie (9:39 PM): Iím an Executive Assistant to a CFO at a computer company
mightywallex (9:40 PM): well thats ok
mightywallex (9:41 PM): do u stay alone
Debbie (9:41 PM): yes
mightywallex (9:41 PM): alone?
Debbie (9:41 PM): i said yes
mightywallex (9:42 PM): no husband? no kid?
Debbie (9:42 PM): no
mightywallex (9:43 PM): how old are u?
Debbie (9:43 PM): 31
mightywallex (9:44 PM): but never married
Debbie (9:45 PM): i said no
mightywallex (9:46 PM): well iu ok
Debbie (9:46 PM): ?
mightywallex (9:46 PM): have u been to africa b4!
Debbie (9:47 PM): no
mightywallex (9:49 PM): sori wat say d time over there
Debbie (9:50 PM): 9:49PM
mightywallex (9:50 PM): 349
mightywallex (9:50 PM): am
Debbie (9:51 PM): why are you up so late
mightywallex (9:51 PM): am at work
Debbie (9:52 PM): at 3:49AM?
mightywallex (9:52 PM): yea
mightywallex (9:53 PM): i work in a club
Debbie (9:53 PM): oh
mightywallex (9:54 PM): can u tell me little about yourself?
Debbie (9:54 PM): why
mightywallex (9:56 PM): i just feel to knw
mightywallex (9:56 PM): pls will u tell me
Debbie (9:56 PM): why?
mightywallex (9:58 PM): well actualy i feel we are friend so we can share between ourself.there is notin bad if i knw about u
Debbie (9:59 PM): i donít even know you
mightywallex (10:00 PM): i knw but one day people day people day we start
mightywallex (10:01 PM): before it become a great and tight friend what do u think
Debbie (10:02 PM): i have no idea what you mean
mightywallex (10:02 PM): i mean we start a friend aday,
mightywallex (10:03 PM): people neva knw b4
Debbie (10:03 PM): what language is that?
mightywallex (10:03 PM): it english
mightywallex (10:05 PM): if a man come to propose u,i dont think u knw the man b4 but with time u got to knw each other d same as friend too,i hope u got me
Debbie (10:06 PM): no i donít understand you
mightywallex (10:08 PM): ok
mightywallex (10:09 PM): that fine
mightywallex (10:09 PM): u dont knw me
mightywallex (10:09 PM): but me can be friend
Debbie (10:10 PM): umm, ok
mightywallex (10:11 PM): thanks
mightywallex (10:11 PM): so can u tell me about yourself?
Debbie (10:12 PM): like what
mightywallex (10:13 PM): well just a narative of yourself
Debbie (10:13 PM): like what
mightywallex (10:14 PM): well reason why u neva married? and about you family
Debbie (10:15 PM): Iím only 31
mightywallex (10:16 PM): ok
mightywallex (10:16 PM): sori
mightywallex (10:20 PM): well am a stronge hare working one,am huge.6ft tall,love weight lifting,and am str8 forward who cares,love and dont hurt
Debbie (10:21 PM): is English your first language? What nationality are you?
mightywallex (10:21 PM): i speak inglish
mightywallex (10:21 PM): and u1
Debbie (10:22 PM): your spelling is horrible - makes it hard to understand you
mightywallex (10:22 PM): am sori
mightywallex (10:23 PM): i thought u will find it simplf
mightywallex (10:24 PM): just try tell me little about yourself
Debbie (10:24 PM): i asked like what - I said I am not married
mightywallex (10:25 PM): sori
mightywallex (10:25 PM): not found the real man? or not ready!
Debbie (10:26 PM): I said I am only 31 - when do people get married in your country?
mightywallex (10:27 PM): hahaha
Debbie (10:27 PM): whats so funny?
mightywallex (10:28 PM): you
Debbie (10:28 PM): i wasnít making a joke
Debbie (10:28 PM): i asked a question
mightywallex (10:28 PM): u make me laugh
Debbie (10:28 PM): i said I wasnít making a joke
Debbie (10:29 PM): I asked a freaking question
mightywallex (10:29 PM): in my country u marry at anytime frm 20
Debbie (10:30 PM): well, in my country, professional people usually marry later after establishing their careers
mightywallex (10:30 PM): thats fine
mightywallex (10:31 PM): i love that too
Debbie (10:31 PM): well, donít laugh at me when I ask a question
mightywallex (10:31 PM): but hope it wont get late before you through
mightywallex (10:32 PM): ?
Debbie (10:32 PM): are you saying no one would marry me?
mightywallex (10:33 PM): never say so
Debbie (10:33 PM): ok
mightywallex (10:35 PM): but only asking if it wont get late b4 u finish your carer
Debbie (10:35 PM): if you are at work in a club, why are you on the computer for so long
mightywallex (10:35 PM): on my mobile here
Debbie (10:36 PM): oh, ok
mightywallex (10:36 PM): and close now
mightywallex (10:36 PM): about going home to relase
mightywallex (10:37 PM): but siting here cos of u
Debbie (10:37 PM): ok
mightywallex (10:37 PM): it nice chating with u
Debbie (10:38 PM): thanks
mightywallex (10:38 PM): can you see my pix
Debbie (10:38 PM): no
mightywallex (10:39 PM): do have any
Debbie (10:39 PM): yes
mightywallex (10:40 PM): can i see how prety u are
mightywallex (10:41 PM):
Debbie (10:41 PM): what is your email address
mightywallex (10:42 PM): mightywallexat
mightywallex (10:42 PM): do u got it?
Debbie (10:44 PM): sent
mightywallex (10:44 PM): wao u sure
mightywallex (10:45 PM): debbi
mightywallex (10:46 PM):
mightywallex (10:46 PM): ?
Debbie (10:46 PM): what?
mightywallex (10:47 PM): pls let me go fast to see that
mightywallex (10:47 PM): ok?
Debbie (10:47 PM): so go
mightywallex (10:47 PM): thank u
mightywallex (10:48 PM): wil u stil be on here when i comes back
mightywallex (10:48 PM): ?
Debbie (10:48 PM): yes
mightywallex (10:48 PM): ok
mightywallex (10:48 PM): ibb
mightywallex (11:09 PM): waoo debbi
mightywallex (11:09 PM): you so hot
mightywallex (11:09 PM): so sweet
Debbie (11:09 PM): thanks
mightywallex (11:09 PM): beautiful
mightywallex (11:10 PM): you looked over young
mightywallex (11:10 PM): u were like 20 year old
Debbie (11:10 PM): no 31
mightywallex (11:10 PM): am scared when i saw u
mightywallex (11:11 PM): u are so prety
mightywallex (11:11 PM): am confused
Debbie (11:11 PM): why?
mightywallex (11:11 PM): my heart beat sease 4 u
mightywallex (11:12 PM): i dont just knw what am doimg anymore
Debbie (11:12 PM): what are you talking about? You are a buffoon.
mightywallex (11:13 PM): am talking about a queeo
mightywallex (11:13 PM): sori queen
Debbie (11:14 PM): i can't understand anything you are saying
mightywallex (11:14 PM): that stole my heart away with her pix
mightywallex (11:14 PM): debbi you are hot
mightywallex (11:14 PM): and sweet
mightywallex (11:15 PM): if i got marry to u it neva a mistake
mightywallex (11:15 PM): am very sure
mightywallex (11:15 PM): we have d same colour
mightywallex (11:15 PM): we are matci
mightywallex (11:16 PM): we are matched
Debbie (11:16 PM): can you speak English or spell words correctly? ? ? I can't understand you
mightywallex (11:16 PM): sorry debbi
mightywallex (11:17 PM): i thought you can understand my shot words
Debbie (11:17 PM): no, I can't understand anything you say
mightywallex (11:18 PM): if you cant then let me write them fully
mightywallex (11:18 PM): ok
mightywallex (11:19 PM): i am so happy meeting pretty one like you
mightywallex (11:19 PM): and am happy that u are real
mightywallex (11:20 PM): it very difficult to find real one on here
mightywallex (11:21 PM): i dont wana be hurt anymore thats reason why i stop chating on net
mightywallex (11:22 PM): well it so nice meeting u
mightywallex (11:22 PM): i hate hurting people cos i knw how it is
mightywallex (11:23 PM): so i hate onf hurting me
Debbie (11:23 PM): ummm, okay, whatever
mightywallex (11:23 PM): well thank you so much
mightywallex (11:24 PM): i appriciate
mightywallex (11:24 PM): and u are a gud someone i know
mightywallex (11:25 PM): i will love to send my pix too when i got home
mightywallex (11:25 PM): so that u can see me too
mightywallex (11:26 PM): can you do me another favour?
Debbie (11:26 PM): what?
mightywallex (11:28 PM): can we exchange contact so that i can hear your pretty voice? and so i can ring u when i got online!
Debbie (11:28 PM): what does that mean?
mightywallex (11:29 PM): i mean your mobile contact
Debbie (11:29 PM): i donít have a cellphone
mightywallex (11:30 PM): or u dont wana give me
Debbie (11:30 PM): i said i donít have a cellphone
mightywallex (11:31 PM): it ok when are you going home
Debbie (11:31 PM): i am home
mightywallex (11:31 PM): ok
mightywallex (11:32 PM): i will be going home now am so tired here
mightywallex (11:33 PM): i would have ring you when i got home but you dont have a cellphone
Debbie (11:33 PM): you want to call me? why?
mightywallex (11:34 PM): cos i wana hear your sexy voice
Debbie (11:35 PM): i am not giving you my phone number
mightywallex (11:35 PM): why baby?
Debbie (11:36 PM): because i donít know you. i donít give out my phone number to strangers
mightywallex (11:36 PM): nooo
mightywallex (11:37 PM): am no more a stranger
mightywallex (11:37 PM): anymorf
mightywallex (11:37 PM): am so close to u
mightywallex (11:38 PM): afterall you av send me yous pix
mightywallex (11:38 PM): so why can u send d number
Debbie (11:38 PM): so, that doesnít mean that i know you
mightywallex (11:39 PM): ok well
mightywallex (11:40 PM): i have tried all my best to clear your heart about me
Debbie (11:40 PM): I donít know what that means
mightywallex (11:40 PM): but you still doughting me
Debbie (11:40 PM): doubting what? Please make some sense
mightywallex (11:41 PM): sorry
mightywallex (11:42 PM): i just need to go home now,i talk to u when i got home
Debbie (11:42 PM): i probably wonít be online much longer
mightywallex (11:42 PM): shit
mightywallex (11:43 PM): why? ?
Debbie (11:43 PM): because its almost midnight
mightywallex (11:43 PM): i need to talk to u beta
Debbie (11:43 PM): i have to work in the morning
mightywallex (11:44 PM): well i dont need to incovinent you,but u just need to understand how i feel about u
Debbie (11:45 PM): what are you talking about? GeezÖ
mightywallex (11:45 PM): you debbi
mightywallex (11:47 PM): i realy want you
mightywallex (11:47 PM): and i love what i see
Debbie (11:47 PM): sorry, I am taken
mightywallex (11:48 PM): u might hate me for now but later you realise what am up to
Debbie (11:48 PM): i have no idea
mightywallex (11:50 PM): alright i talk to u when i got home
Debbie (11:50 PM): whatever, I may not be on here

He sent this email after I sent him the fake pics of Debbie.

To: Debbie Dawson
Subject: Re: Pics Waoo you so pretty,am so confuse about the pix,am going insane,you pix sease my heart beat,i feel like am crazy,u are to sexy,over beautiful,i dont knw how to qualify you anymore,you are too much,

Heís on the next day at workÖ

----- Our chat on Wed, 1/19/11 11:15 AM -----

mightywallex (9:13 AM): how was your nite?
Debbie (9:14 AM): fine
mightywallex (9:14 AM): i hope u are ok?
Debbie (9:15 AM): why wouldn't I be?
mightywallex (9:25 AM): hi
Debbie (9:26 AM): Iím here
mightywallex (9:26 AM): are u there?
mightywallex (9:27 AM): hello
Debbie (9:27 AM): yes I am here
Debbie (9:27 AM): I answered
mightywallex (9:28 AM): alright
mightywallex (9:28 AM): thankz
mightywallex (9:28 AM): how was you nite?
Debbie (9:28 AM): I said fine
mightywallex (9:29 AM): i just see it now
mightywallex (9:29 AM): whatz say d time on there?
Debbie (9:31 AM): what time is it? 9:30AM
mightywallex (9:31 AM): 330pm
mightywallex (9:32 AM): you are too sweet on your pix
mightywallex (9:32 AM): i downloaded it on my phone
mightywallex (9:33 AM): since i got home since morning i have been looking at it
Debbie (9:34 AM): ummm, okay
mightywallex (9:35 AM): so u insist not given me d number
mightywallex (9:35 AM): ?
Debbie (9:36 AM): I said no
mightywallex (9:36 AM): ok do u hate me?
Debbie (9:37 AM): I donít even know you - if I hated you I would not be wasting my time here, would I?
mightywallex (9:38 AM): well alright
mightywallex (9:39 AM): thankz for the conversation
mightywallex (9:39 AM): i got your pix into my head
mightywallex (9:40 AM): i love it so much if it real
mightywallex (9:40 AM): i give it hundred percent
Debbie (9:40 AM): what do you mean if it is real? Do you think I would send a fake picture, asshole?
mightywallex (9:40 AM): pretty
mightywallex (9:41 AM): i neva say so ane am sorry if that hurt u
mightywallex (9:41 AM): it just very hard to believe on here
mightywallex (9:42 AM): cos some do that
mightywallex (9:42 AM): to decieve
Debbie (9:42 AM): well, I donít lie...
mightywallex (9:43 AM): and i dont wana be a victim anymore
mightywallex (9:43 AM): well i believed you now ok?
Debbie (9:43 AM): whatever that means
mightywallex (9:45 AM): you talk like one who donít care about ones feelings
Debbie (9:45 AM): no, I just don't understand half of everything you say
mightywallex (9:46 AM): donít you listen to english?
Debbie (9:46 AM): Yes, if you could speak it correctly and spell words right
mightywallex (9:46 AM): i am writing to you in english
mightywallex (9:47 AM): and you complained of short words but now i am writing it in full
Debbie (9:48 AM): still, some of the things you say don't make sense or I canít understand them
mightywallex (9:49 AM): where are you originally from?
Debbie (9:49 AM): United States
Debbie (9:50 AM): I have always lived here
mightywallex (9:50 AM): they have english
mightywallex (9:51 AM): and no one there have complained my words writen
mightywallex (9:51 AM): but only you
Debbie (9:51 AM): then just go away then
Debbie (9:52 AM): you donít have to talk to me if you donít like it, fuckwad
Debbie (9:52 AM): all I said is that you are hard to understand
mightywallex (9:52 AM): has it turn to querrel?
mightywallex (9:52 AM): WAOO
mightywallex (9:53 AM): VERY BAD
mightywallex (9:53 AM): BUT CAN YOU SEE THEM NOW?
Debbie (9:53 AM): see who? (he is being a smartass with me Ė how dare he?)
mightywallex (9:54 AM): CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THEM NOW?
mightywallex (9:54 AM): DO YOU LIKE THE WAY I PUT THEM NOW?
mightywallex (9:55 AM): I MEAN MY WORDS
Debbie (9:57 AM): I can see what you are writing - I said HALF the time I can't understand what you are talking about - do you understand HALF? HALF means not all, but HALF, dickhead.
mightywallex (9:58 AM): OK?
Debbie (9:58 AM): fine
mightywallex (9:58 AM): SORRY CAN ASK FOR FAVOUR?
Debbie (9:59 AM): sure
mightywallex (9:59 AM): THANKZ
mightywallex (10:00 AM): CAN YOU SHOW ME YOUR CAM?
Debbie (10:00 AM): I don't have a cam and I am at work
mightywallex (10:00 AM): NO? I GUESS
mightywallex (10:01 AM): OK
mightywallex (10:01 AM): OK
mightywallex (10:01 AM): OK
Debbie (10:01 AM): WHAT?
Debbie (10:01 AM): I donít have a cam
Debbie (10:01 AM): and I am at work
mightywallex (10:01 AM): AM CONFUSE OF EVERYTHING
mightywallex (10:01 AM): !
Debbie (10:01 AM): you sure areÖ
Debbie (10:02 AM): what are you confused about?
mightywallex (10:03 AM): debbi!
Debbie (10:03 AM): see, there you go again - I have no idea what you are talking about or saying
mightywallex (10:04 AM): is these not your name?
Debbie (10:04 AM): yes it is my name. You said you were confused. About what I asked?
mightywallex (10:06 AM): connection lost
mightywallex (10:07 AM): i didnt see what u wrote to me last
Debbie (10:07 AM): yes it is my name. You said you were confused. About what I asked?
mightywallex (10:08 AM): well i dont feel distop u on duty
mightywallex (10:08 AM): no never say so
mightywallex (10:09 AM): only say am confuse about youq pix
mightywallex (10:09 AM): it so sweet
mightywallex (10:09 AM): and make me a fool
mightywallex (10:10 AM): make me stay with u online for long
Debbie (10:10 AM): why are you confused about it - it is real. I didnít send you a fake
mightywallex (10:10 AM): i understand
mightywallex (10:10 AM): i love you (yep, after one day and a half, heís in love)
mightywallex (10:11 AM): sorry
mightywallex (10:11 AM): sorry slip of tounge
Debbie (10:11 AM): what?
mightywallex (10:11 AM): am so sorry
mightywallex (10:12 AM): nothing
Debbie (10:12 AM): did you say you love me?
mightywallex (10:13 AM): i think so
mightywallex (10:13 AM): i started going confuse here
Debbie (10:14 AM): You are a fucking idiot - don't ever contact me again
mightywallex (10:14 AM): why? ? ?
mightywallex (10:15 AM): why do you use such words on me
Debbie (10:15 AM): You talk with some for one day on the internet and you say that you love them - you must be a simple-minded fool
mightywallex (10:16 AM): you mistake
mightywallex (10:16 AM): you know
mightywallex (10:16 AM): do you think i stay on here
mightywallex (10:17 AM): i dont have time here
Debbie (10:17 AM): whatever - donít contact me anymore, fool
mightywallex (10:17 AM): but doing this because of i meet u
mightywallex (10:18 AM): is that what you want?
Debbie (10:19 AM): yes - I donít want to talk to some idiot that tells me he loves me after one day
mightywallex (10:19 AM): and you searching for john
mightywallex (10:19 AM): stay there calling me idiot
mightywallex (10:20 AM): thank u
mightywallex (10:20 AM): very0much
Debbie (10:20 AM): youíre welcome - now go away, dick
mightywallex (10:22 AM): bye!you are the type that doesnt listen to true?
mightywallex (10:23 AM): well whatever am sorry if i have hurt you
mightywallex (10:23 AM): with my words
mightywallex (10:23 AM): ok?
Debbie (10:23 AM): whatever - goodbye
mightywallex (10:23 AM): are u fine now
mightywallex (10:24 AM): ?
Debbie (10:24 AM): I am fine if you leave me alone
mightywallex (10:24 AM): are you sure?
mightywallex (10:25 AM): i might have hurt you so much?
Debbie (10:25 AM): I am not hurt - I just think you are a stupid fool and I don't want to talk to you
mightywallex (10:26 AM): are you a lady or a man
Debbie (10:27 AM): what the hell is that supposed to mean?
mightywallex (10:27 AM): it that how you talk to man?
mightywallex (10:28 AM): i dont think you should talk to me like that
mightywallex (10:28 AM): whatever that might have happen
Debbie (10:28 AM): How about if I donít talk to you at all?
mightywallex (10:28 AM): i only say i love you
mightywallex (10:29 AM): but neva say i hate u
Debbie (10:29 AM): yeah - after talking to me for one day - you are an idiot and a fool
mightywallex (10:30 AM): you still saying that
mightywallex (10:30 AM): i dont think you have manner of approach
mightywallex (10:31 AM): whatever u be either a scam or real
mightywallex (10:32 AM): can u stand in my front and tell me all these forking words
mightywallex (10:32 AM): do you knw who i am
mightywallex (10:32 AM): do you knw how i am
Debbie (10:33 AM): I am done talking to you...go away you mindless drone
mightywallex (10:33 AM): you re a forking fool too
mightywallex (10:33 AM): for caling me a fool
Debbie (10:34 AM): lol - I donít tell people I love them after one day on the internet, you moron
mightywallex (10:34 AM): thank u for that
mightywallex (10:35 AM): how do you look like did i know?
mightywallex (10:36 AM): is it because you put a white pretty laddy pix you thhnk you can talk to people any how
mightywallex (10:36 AM): fork u
mightywallex (10:37 AM): and your forking pix
Debbie (10:37 AM): lol - little street boy is mad
mightywallex (10:37 AM): wherever u are
mightywallex (10:37 AM): nigerian or any where
mightywallex (10:38 AM): you cant even be frm us cos people there have maner
mightywallex (10:38 AM): than the way you talk
Debbie (10:38 AM): lol - you talk like that to someone you love? Well, I neverÖ
mightywallex (10:39 AM): imaging you fork talking to me
mightywallex (10:39 AM): you start first
Debbie (10:39 AM): lol - little street beggar is mad at me...
Debbie (10:39 AM): I think it's funny
mightywallex (10:40 AM): so i need to tell u am not a fool and a begar
mightywallex (10:40 AM): you a big begar
Debbie (10:40 AM): whatever beggar - now go away - lol
mightywallex (10:41 AM): puting a prety pix to decieve people
mightywallex (10:41 AM): her you lol where do u see lol
mightywallex (10:41 AM): idiot
mightywallex (10:42 AM): am not tired
mightywallex (10:42 AM): when you tired u leave
mightywallex (10:42 AM): fork you and your mother forker
Debbie (10:43 AM): lol Ė thatís fine - my co-workers are reading this chat and laughing at how stupid and mad you are
mightywallex (10:43 AM): i knw it will be you that cant withstand me talking to me on here
mightywallex (10:43 AM): come face
mightywallex (10:44 AM): or your co scammer
mightywallex (10:45 AM): dont prettend like you are real
Debbie (10:45 AM): I guess you donít love me anymore....oh woe is me
mightywallex (10:45 AM): one day efcc will get hold of u
mightywallex (10:46 AM): can i love a fool like you
mightywallex (10:46 AM): i cant love a female that talks anyhow
mightywallex (10:47 AM): to male
mightywallex (10:47 AM): if true u are a female
mightywallex (10:47 AM):
Debbie (10:47 AM): lol - then you should read this chat where you said you loved me, you idiot
Debbie (10:48 AM): this is hilarious...
mightywallex (10:49 AM): if you are a true one or a sensible scamer i love you never cost a fight
mightywallex (10:49 AM): neither should it bring exchangings of words
mightywallex (10:50 AM): no is go then i go
Debbie (10:50 AM): whatever moron, my co-workers and I are just enjoying how mad you are...
mightywallex (10:50 AM): instead of you calling me a fool
mightywallex (10:52 AM): if your co worker or your co scammer are sense they should blame you
mightywallex (10:52 AM): for caling me a fool
Debbie (10:52 AM): no, we are laughing at
mightywallex (10:52 AM): and different types of name
mightywallex (10:53 AM): for what?
Debbie (10:54 AM): we are laughing at how stupid you are - donít you see that?
mightywallex (10:55 AM): thank you
mightywallex (10:55 AM): for laughing
Debbie (10:55 AM): no, thank you
mightywallex (10:55 AM): am not a commedian
Debbie (10:56 AM): you are the one acting like a
mightywallex (10:56 AM): no lets be realistic
mightywallex (10:57 AM): has it goten to cause
Debbie (10:57 AM): I thought I
mightywallex (10:57 AM): or different type of name u caling me
mightywallex (10:57 AM): i neva hurt you in any way
mightywallex (10:58 AM): but you call me a fool
mightywallex (10:58 AM): u called me idiot
Debbie (10:58 AM): yeah, so? You are one
mightywallex (10:59 AM): it so hurty
mightywallex (10:59 AM): what have done to you nothing
mightywallex (11:00 AM): you were the one who send pix to me
mightywallex (11:00 AM): and i admire it
mightywallex (11:00 AM): telling you i love it
mightywallex (11:01 AM): but you tell me a fool
mightywallex (11:01 AM): do u expect me to tell u i hate it
mightywallex (11:01 AM): ?
Debbie (11:02 AM): lol - what does all of this matter now?
mightywallex (11:03 AM): just trying to show your mistake
mightywallex (11:04 AM): if you are a female you dont need to cos a male if you have respect for your husband
Debbie (11:04 AM): lol - that's funny
mightywallex (11:05 AM): well funny or not thats the true
Debbie (11:06 AM): you are the biggest idiot I have ever talked to
mightywallex (11:07 AM): for that i lecturing still dont follow correction
mightywallex (11:08 AM): you still doing d same
Debbie (11:09 AM): thatís because it is true - you are stupid and a fool
mightywallex (11:09 AM): well idont need to reture such words to you
mightywallex (11:09 AM): both of us cant be a fool,
Debbie (11:10 AM): lol, you can if you want - it's pretty funny
mightywallex (11:10 AM): you go on causing me then i pray for you
mightywallex (11:10 AM): ok?
mightywallex (11:10 AM): cos it not funny
mightywallex (11:11 AM): i dont even have time on here,i need to go prepare for work
mightywallex (11:12 AM): but you need to change
mightywallex (11:12 AM): ok?
Debbie (11:12 AM): lol - okay, moron - remember - donít contact me again
mightywallex (11:12 AM): may GOD bless u
Debbie (11:13 AM): thanks for making us laugh, fool - it was enjoyable...
mightywallex (11:13 AM): and forgive you cos you dont knw wat you doing
mightywallex (11:14 AM): bye and stay bless all of u
mightywallex (11:14 AM): amen
Debbie (11:15 AM): lol - my god you are stupid - lol

Over the next few days I sent him random emails with ďIDIOTĒ in huge red lettersÖ

He sends this email to me after I send him the idiot emails...

Well am so sori if i have hot you,am veri veri sori,pls stop abusing me any more,even if you hate me so much,look for a place in your heart to forgive me.

----- Our chat on Tue, 1/25/11 2:56 PM -----

mightywallex (2:20 PM): you are still abusing me,but i have told you am sorry fos hurting you,and for what ever i might have done to cause you pains
mightywallex (2:21 PM): why cant you forgive me since i acept my fault
Debbie (2:23 PM): I said I forgave you idiot
Debbie (2:26 PM): Didn't you read my email?
mightywallex (2:28 PM): but you are still calling me idiot
Debbie (2:28 PM): yeah, so?
mightywallex (2:29 PM): am sori please stop the abuse
mightywallex (2:29 PM): am not some one like that
mightywallex (2:29 PM): am a gloriouse one
Debbie (2:30 PM): what do you mean? You are an idiot?
mightywallex (2:30 PM): why?
Debbie (2:31 PM): I donít know why you are an idiot. Maybe your parents were idiots and you inherited it from them.
mightywallex (2:35 PM): you fathes your mum every body in your family are mad!you this scarmer,god will kill you for this you talking abouting about my inocent late mum.and gods will never forgive you for this i pray.for causing my special mum
Debbie (2:37 PM): what are you mad about?
Debbie (2:39 PM): I guess I hit the nail on the head...
Debbie (2:41 PM): How long were your parents idiots? Did your stupid mom die from AIDS?
Debbie (2:45 PM): Or did she get food poisoning from eating from trash cans?
Debbie (2:50 PM): Or did she die of penis poisoning after having sex with 10 filthy men, 3 goats, and a donkey?
Debbie (2:52 PM): Don't be mad at me...I like you.
Debbie (2:56 PM): Do you still love me?

He wants one more crack at Debbie to make nice. Not gonna happen! I send him a few more emails after this that asks him some vulgar questions about his poor, dead mum.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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