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Disease And Assist III

I must still be on Daniel’s mailing list because I received this first email into my general email account and except for the name change, it is the exact opening letter of Disease and Assist I & II. Notice that I make no request for pictures or ID's until after I sent mine – I want to see what his reaction is when he see a Photoshopped copy of the ID he sent me in the first bait. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

To Your Kind Attention!!!

First and foremost I want to introduce myself to you. My Name is Martin Mohamed Son to Late Dr. Samson Mohamed. I am 17yrs old Boy and my Sister is 14yrs. We are From Liberia Our Father was killed by the some rebels during the war Crisis in Liberia. So we ran to Nigeria for our security and we are now in Refuge Camp.

My consignment contains $35 million United States dollars and some quantity of gold and Diamond, which I cannot specify. The consignments are presently in the STATE (USA). The consignment gets to the State through the help of a U.N diplomat Diplomat Charlie Owusu. The fact is that Mr. Charlie Owusu is supposed to have delivered this consignment to Miss Jennifer Macdonald in the USA.

The week Mr. Charlie Owusu was suppose to deliver the consignment to her, when he got to the State after clearing the consignment from the Airport, he call Miss Jennifer Macdonald to tell him the description to her house for the delivery, but her House Helper answered the call and told Mr. Charlie Owusu that Miss Jennifer Macdonald hard a fatal car accident which lead to her death some few hours ago.

Miss Jennifer Macdonald has already paid the demurrages from the security company, and she paid for custom check report she also assisted us in getting the DRUG / ANTI TERRORIST CERTIFICATE, which is so expensive that she spent 25 thousand dollars to acquire it, but unfortunately she died in a car accident, that was why Mr. Charlie Owusu has to deposit the consignment with a ware house over there in the State and called us to informed us about what is happening.

Please my sister and I seek for you to stand as our Beneficiary / God Loving Parent to get in contact with the Diplomat so that he can be able to deliver the Consignment to you. You can call us on +234 7059 1097 91

Please, Contact Mr. Charlie Owusu on time and get back to me .
I await your urgent response via our personal email

Thanks and God bless you
Martin Mohamed.

I don't understand what this has to do with me?


Dear Dad,

I am very glad to receive your email and how you can help us to contact the diplomat. I and Mary are very much happy hearing that you will help us. We really do want you to know that we appreciate your kindness and honesty that you are showing to us.

Please do permit I and my sister to call you Dad, all that we do want now is for you to contact the Diplomat via email and call him, for him to deliver the consignment to you, every said Document backing the consignment to be deliver to you are with him, and there is no problem of we coming to start a new life with you over there. Please ask the diplomat to deliver the consignment to you.

Please Dad, you are to send email to him, that he is holding your children's consignment package and that you are our God loving Father, and that you have keep good contact with us, and we have instructed that he make the delivery to you as you want to get Mary to the Hospital for her medical treatment, Please do not in any way let him know what’s inside the consignment as he only take the consignment to be family belongings. Okay. He is to deliver the consignment to you.

The diplomat don't know whats inside the consignment, and please do not let the diplomat know please. We don't want any thing to jeopardizes the consignment please, do this your self and do it your way you will understand, keep the consignment in your place, we are going to send to you the combination number and code for you to open the consignment as soon as the diplomat get it delivered to you. The diplomat is in the USA now with the consignment. Please write him. Below is the contact address of the Diplomat:

Name : Mr. Charlie Owusu
Tell : +234 80 395 644 26 (Diplomatic Roaming Number).
Local Number (US) 623 255 1788.

Please Dad do contact Him and Get back to us with update, my sister is very ill she need better treatment oversea. Don't let the diplomat know that the Two Trunk Boxes contain Funds. Write to him and tell him that you're our God Father and that he is holding your Two trunk boxes belonging to your children, so he should send it to you at ones that Mary need better treatment over sea.

I hope to hear from you Dad. You are going to be in charge of the funds, and you will have 50% if you can retrieve the consignment. We trust with you that you will not betray us and you are a honest and God loving person to invest the Money in good business and we want to continue school and start a new life with you please help us now please. Tell us little about your self and give us your state and number to reach with you please.

Your Children
Martins and Mary Mohamed

You instructed who to make delivery of what to me??? When did I say I would participate in this? Did you even read my email, moron? I remember asking what this is all about and you assume that I am going to help you without even waiting for my answer?

Tell me how you contacted me and why exactly do you need my help. What is to stop you from taking your own consignment boxes yourself?

And don’t call me dad. I don't have any kids and really don't want any.


Hello Dad
How are you doing,how is work.i hope all is fine with you.i havent heard from you for weeks so i decided to send you this mail.
Some weeks back i ask that you help us collect our consignment which is with the diplomat MR CHARLIE OWUSU.who was to deliver the boxes to one who we trust to help us have a good life.And then you offered to help and you also said you will take us as your children and also to help i and my sister come to you so she can have a better treatment as her health is getting worse by the day.
I am quite surprise the consignment has not been delivered to you.please help us as we need a good life as life in this camp isn't a very good one.i await to hear from you i and mary believe and trust that you are going to help us. i pray for you always
from martins and mary

First of all, why do you keep calling me dad? I don’t recall ever saying I would take anyone as my children, as I am only 28 years old. Second, I emailed you over three weeks ago and haven't heard a word from you since. I tried emailing you on a number of occasions and you did not respond. When you say camp – what do you mean by this? Do you mean like summer camp? I'll bet that’s a good time...I used to love summer camp. Lost my virginity there. What exactly is wrong with your sister?

Please let me know your response.


Please you have to contact the Diplomat MR CHARLIE OWUSU currently with the boxes and hes willing to deliver it to our beneficiary.
I pray that GOD give you the heart to help us and bless you in return.

From your loving children
Martins and mary

He doesn’t want to chat or answer questions, he just wants to turn it over to the "closer", the Diplomat.

Why haven't you returned any emails from me? Did you find someone else to help you?


Hello Dad,

How are you and your family,i pray all is well with you.we hav e not yet gotten any one to help us.please help us get this box we really need a good life with you as our God loving father.My sisters health isnt getting any better and this is really weighing me down.she need a good treatment. please i need you to help us.if you your kind heart allows for you to assist us i will give you how to contact the diplomat MR CHARLIE OWUSU who is currently with the boxes and hes willing to deliver it to our beneficiary.
I pray that GOD give you the heart to help us and bless you in return.

From your loving children
Martins and mary

Dear Charlie Owusso;

I am contacting on behalf of some people who live in Africa that I know. I am here to collect their money that is stored in some kind of boxes that you have in your keeping. I need to send you my address to enable you to send the money to me. Here is my address;

5214 Langstrom Park Blvd.
Richfield, Tennessee 37408

Please send the money as soon as possible. Thank you.

James Cagney

Sent to the Diplomat and to Martins

Compliments of the Day,

I got a confirmation email and call from Martins Mohamed, stating you as their beneficiary and i should relocate their consignment to you. This kids are really suffering over there at the refugee camp, all they need is a loving caring family who can take care of them. I believe that is why they told you to contact me so i can make the delivery of their consignment to you, because they trust you and believe they would be safe with you. Please one thing you must know, those kids has gone through hell, you really have to be a Dad to them and let them feel the realness of One big family again.

Well, I will really like to intimate you to understand that am still in the States and that the consignments are here at the International airport ,at the storage safe keeping house.

Well,first and foremost I will like you to get back to me with the following:

1. Your First Two Pages of International Passport / Driving License.
2. You place of delivery " Address"
3. Your Direct Cell number and Fax.
4. Your Close International Airport Close to you

As soon as I get this information I will give you my flight schedule, and so that when I arrived at the airport that is closer to you I will now give you a call to come and pick me up to your house for inspection of the consignments after clearing it from the Airport that must be very closer to you
And do endeavor to give me call on my roaming number as soon as you received my email because am a very busy Person, can hardly pick my USA number. so that we can make things snappy because I will have to leave to deliver another consignments to our High Commission in Brazil


Mr.Charlie Owusu.
Number: +234 8039 5644 26 ( Diplomatic Roaming Number)
Local Number USA number.... 623 255 1788
Call me ASAP because i am a busy person

Did you read the email I sent you? I gave you all of the information that you just asked me!

What airport are you at?


hello mr james

i havent gotten your information yet, am currentlly in brazil.when am through here i will immediatelly do this delivery to you but i will have to get the information i requested ,send it to me as soon as you get this i can get this boxes to you as their beneficiary.

you should know i work with time so send the information to me as soon as possible. if you have forgotten what i requested,then here is it below

1. Your First Two Pages of International Passport / Driving License.
2. You place of delivery " Address"
3. Your Direct Cell number and Fax.
4. Your Close International Airport Close to you.

mr charlie owusu.

You just wrote me an email TODAY that said you are in the States and now you say you are in Brazil??? Do you have any idea what country you are in? Are you simple?


hello mr james

i havent gotten your information yet, am currentlly in brazil.when am through here i will immediatelly do this delivery to you but i will have to get the information i requested ,send it to me as soon as you get this i can get this boxes to you as their beneficiary.

you should know i work with time so send the information to me as soon as possible. if you have forgotten what i requested,then here is it below

1. Your First Two Pages of International Passport / Driving License.
2. You place of delivery " Address"
3. Your Direct Cell number and Fax.
4. Your Close International Airport Close to you.

mr charlie owusu.

Yes, he sent the same email again...

Here is my contact information.

James Cagney
28 West 28th Street Chattanooga, Tennessee 37408
(423)752-6221 After 7:00pm EST
(423)752-5741 Fax

This is my work fax number – do not send me anything confidential to this fax number. Why did you tell me you were in America if you are currently in Brazil.


i never told you am in the in brazil to do a delivery for the high commisioner of i dont understand how you got that information from.i need your information by the end of tomorrow or better still immediatelly.i will have to know one am delivery to.
charlie owusu

You should try reading your own emails because this is what you wrote in the first email to me.

Well, I will really like to intimate you to understand that am still in the States and that the consignments are here at the International airport ,at the storage safe keeping house.

Scroll down and look in your first email if you want. So of course when I read this, I assumed that you were telling me the truth. So when you wrote this, are you telling me that you weren't in the states???

Also, I have given you my information two times – I gave you my work and my home address. What more do you need?


hello mr james

i may have told you that am in the states but that didnt mean am always in the state. you should understand that am a diplomat and that i travel around the sound so skeptical.i am expecting to see your international passport or drivers license but still havent gotten it are you sure you want me to deliver this consignment to you.
i will await your mail having these requirement or i will not do any delivery or these boxes to you .it is that simple.i hpoe you are clear with that.
have a nice day

I am not skeptical – it's just when in one email you say that you are in the States and then in the next that you are in Brazil, that I get a little curious and confused. I also don't appreciate you tone and attitude towards this transaction. You could try being a little less rude when you speak to me – you are paid to do a job, delivery boy, so don't tell me that you won't deliver these boxes to me again or I will contact your superiors.


Hello Mr james
How are you today,i got your mail and am not really happy the way you talk to me .i understand while why you talk in such a tone i know you care so much about the kid thats why i must have to deliver it to you before i travell again.
Earlier on i told you how busy i am so dont take it to mean i dont care about them ok. i was in the states initially i had to take another delivery to someone in brazil.that was when i told you am in brazil ok.Am sorry about that. is just that one minute am here the other am somewhere else you should know that i travel alot so i say once again don't be offended about the way i talked to you.
I really want to make this transaction as fast as possible.but you are still yet to send me your complete infomation.i mean your international passport or drivers license,and the closest airport to you. i have your name, address and fax number.if am correct this is your current address and fax below.

28 West 28th Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37408
(423)752-6221 After 7:00pm EST
(423)752-5741 Fax
So do send the last one which is the international passport or drivers license and also the airport close to you as this are the most important i will await to get it soon. once again am really sorry for every thing,its my bad.
immediately i get this last set of information i will send you a copy of my flight schedule. i will then fly to you ok. am really sorry

thanks for your understanding

I don't care if you don't like how I talk to you or not. How many times did you say," ...I never said I was in the States..." until I proved it from an email you sent me where you said the exact thing that you denied saying. You told me 3 times that you never said that, but you did in the first email to me and now you admit it. That makes you a liar or extremely stupid. I understand that as a delivery boy, you have to travel and you are in different places, but when you lie about something for whatever reason, it makes it look like you are up to something.

You may think this is a small matter, but we are trusting you with a great deal of responsibility and if you can't give me an honest answer to a simple question, then we will look for another delivery boy to handle our package.

I will get back with you after I speak with Martin.


Hello dad,

how is your family, i hope all is well.since you told me you wanted to contact the diplomat you havent send me an email, or have you colllected the boxes from the diplomat.Dad am curious and marys health isnt helping she says i should tell you that she loves to see you and that she promise to be of good behaviour when we come to meet you.

Dad let me know if you have collected the boxes.

from your loving children
martins and mary.

Who hired this Diplomat Charlie Owusso?

He is a freaking idiot and I don't know if he is capable of doing this business for us. First he tells me that he is in the United States, then I ask where. Then he tells me he is in Brazil, and when I ask him about being in the States, he lies and says that he never told me that. I then show him his email where he says he was in the states, and he makes up some gibberish about how he did say that but it didn't mean he was in the states. He is obviously incredibly stupid. Do you think we should find someone else to deliver the consignment to us? Someone who isn’t a complete nutsack?


I purposely copied Charlie Owusso when I sent this email to Martins...

hello Dad,
how are you family irs really good to hear from you.but your mail didnt show that you and the diplomat are working it out to get the delivery am sorry i didnt reply your mail soon enough it was because my sisters health got worst yesterday and we had to rush her to the hosipital.

dad the diplomat is a nice and well respectable man.he has been help us espectially when the consignment was to be delivered to miss jennifer mc donald who is late now.please he wants a better life for us.thats why he wants to deliver the boxes to our new beloved father and you should know that the diplomat has no ideal about what exactly is in the box, i only told him its our family please dont tell him that.

i didnt pay the diplomat money to do this delivery .he is a good man and hes doing it to make sure we get a loving parent, so please dad because of i and mary listen to him so he could make this delivery to you once this is done you know you dont have any other business with him again

he may have lied to you but one thing am sure of is that,that is a damn busy person so for him to have forgotten what he told you its possible.i know he made you very angry so dad for you children sake forget about all he said to you and make him to deliver the boxes to you.

i actually gave him a call to please deliver the consignment to you,and he said you are yet to send him some information,please dad do send him soon for all these to go well as mary heath isnt getting any better and i dont want to looose her,she is the only sister i have in the whole world sory and including your kids.please i trust you that why i gave you the content please Dad help us

i await to hear that you are in good terms with the diplomat.and that the consignment has been deliver to you so we can come live with you in your states.i and mary love you so much.please do it for owe sake

your loving children
martins and mary

I gave that idiot the information that he asked for; the only thing I haven't sent him is my ID because after his lies, I didn’t know if I could trust him. I don't want a copy of my ID in his hands if he is going to use it for nefarious purposes. I wasn't really angry about the whole thing until he kept insisting that he never told me that he was in the United States when it was in an email that was written by him. Then after I bring it up, he makes it look like I was mistaken. I can read! That's why it seems to me that this idiot is up to something. Do you think he knows that there is money in the boxes and that he is going to steal it?

I think he is a criminal or something and I want to verify his information before I go further with this transaction. Do you think I should call my Embassy and verify that he is who he says he is?


hello dad

how are you doing today and how is mum and my siblings,dad you asked if the diplomat knew what was in the boxes.the answer is no, i only told him it was our family belongings so please dad dont tell him i dont want anything to jeopadize it.\

But if you must knowi have 100% really trust that the diplomat will deliver the boxes to you he is not a dubious man.please consider us dont call the embassy as i dont want anything to disturb the consignment in getting to you as the boxes is all we have of our family inheritace.please just send him the information he requires and get the box quikly because of mary's health

Dad last night mary's health got worse and and we had to rush her to the hosipital closest to us.when she fell down and she wasn't breathing i lost hope of living when we rushed her to the hospital she was revived but not fully as she is currently in an intensive care unit in the hospital.

the doctor call me and ask for my parents and i told him they weren't here so he said will we have to pay the bills in the hosipital ,i beg but he kept on saying there is nothing he could life is so unfare why?.he advice we go get the money quickly.i dont want to loose my only sister then there will be nothing to live for.i dont have money i have started to beg but none is willing to help.the only money i have i have used for drugs and food.please Dad you are our only hope,please send us a little so we can have hope of our are our last option ocassionally we go out to beg for arms and that what we use to live here in the camp.i know my dad wouldn't have wanted this kind of life for us please help marys us with a little fund dad

the doctor say she can recover but she need to fly out for a better treatment.i and mary love you and we love to be with your family DAd please help us.
i await to hear from you soon we love you
from your loving children
martins and mary

If you insist that the Diplomat is legitimate and not a criminal, then I will take you at your word. He may be a liar and incredibly stupid, but if you say he is not a thief, then I will continue to work with him for your sake and your sisters. Before we go on though, I have to ask you to do me a favor - please stop calling me dad. I don't have any kids and I don't want any kids. You calling me that is just creepy and annoying – I have never even met you before. Just call me James if you would.

I will contact the Diplomat again and see if we can work this out.



Hello Dad, its really heard not calling you dad as we have missed the love of a dad. i have got your mail.please dad contact the diplomat so he could make the delivery to you. dad you didnt help us with the fund so we can use to settle a litte of our expense here please help us dad we are pleading please any amount please. i hope to get your mail soon dad we love you

from martins and mary.

I am still waiting for Charlie to get back with me. I emailed him on Friday and haven't heard from him yet. I'll ask you this one last time – call me James and not dad. I find that insulting and the fact that you keep calling me that after I repeatedly asked you to stop shows me no respect and is downright rude.


if i dont get your international passport or driving license i cant deliver it to do sent it to me asap.
diplomat charlie owusu

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I sent it to you already. Here it is attached to this email.

Thank you,

James Cagney

James Cagney Passport

If you read Disease and Assist I & II, then you know that this is the Passport that "Daniel" sent me along with an Identical one for his sister Mary. I Photoshopped this to have my name, James Cagney, on it – let’s see what he says about this! I send this email to Charlie and Martins (Daniel).


How are you today i got your mail contaning your id and it shows nigeria and you are indeed very really surprise at the way you have been talking to me .and since the want me to do the delivery to you i will but are you aware the boxes are in the states and that i will have to travel to states and get it to you.

Here is what I have just discovered while going through the documents backing up the delivery of the consignment to you.,I want you to understand that the Names on the Document are not bearing your names; rather they are bearing Late Mrs jennifer macdonald. So you need to make the change of the Names on the Document to your Names before I can be able to make any Delivery to you for Legal reason.

Do make su I want you to contact your Children to reach with my secretary to go to the High Court of Justices in Kaduna- Nigeria to seek what it will take to get a Sub-sequence Power of Attorney and Affidavit to make the Names change to your Names. re you get it done as you are the new beneficiary, then we can proceed. Because it will give me the legal right and it will enable me to bring the consignment to you without having any problem here in the State .

Immediately this is done, I will want them to send to me a copy of it and also a copy to you where by your associate is going to bring along to the airport. Once this is done, I am going to send to you and your associate a copy each of my flight Info to meet with you immediately.let this change be done fast to enable me deliver to you soon and take a flight to do another delivery in some were else

diplomat charlie owusu.

To Martins (waiting for his reaction to the Passport I sent him...)

Did you get my passport that I sent you? I would be interested in seeing your picture or ID if you have one. That would be a hoot.



Why haven't you responded to my emails?

Please contact me.

Your Daddy

To Charlie (seeing that Martins won’t write me back).

How come Martins won’t return my emails? Did something happen to him or his diseased sister?

Find out for me please,



Why have you not returned my emails? Are you dead? Or just incredibly stupid? Or too poor to afford another hour at the internet cafe? I wanted to show you a picture of the slaves I just bought from your country. Maybe they are from the same village as you – do you know them?

From your loving dad…

Disease and Assist II

Picture sent to me from Daniel (Disease and Assist)

Hey boy;

I don’t understand why you won't return my emails. Are you stupid? This is no way to treat your superior. I was enjoying getting to know you and looking forward to getting a new pet. I hope you like doing housework. When you get over here after we transfer the millions and millions of dollars you have to me, you and your diseased sister will still have to work for your allowance. This will teach you responsibility – otherwise you might grow up to be a rotten, pathetic, thief which is inherent to your race. We can break this cycle! I want you to be the one African who doesn’t steal!

Here is a picture of my slaves that I currently have working at my estate – you should get along fine with them.

Disease and Assist II

I am assuming that this is done. In the first two baits (Disease and Assist), Daniel had a sharp tongue when he realized he was being baited. I thought I could get some good insults out of him but he went totally silent so my tactic backfired! That’s ok because I am already rebaiting this fool again – this time with a woman's profile so he can't call me dad anymore (yes, he is calling me mum…).

A recent update (10/9/2009).


How are you and how is your work,i do hope u are perfect.

I am Dr mrs susan olasco of central hospital here at abuja.i am a senior doctor of this hosipital.. i will like to itimate you that a young boy named martins and his sister mary are your children.

We are indeed very sorry to inform you that mary actually kicked the bucket.we did all our best to treat her but unfortunatelly we lost her.this sad incident happened 4 days ago and as i write you this mail her body is deposited in the hospital's motuary pending when the family come pick it up.

A more ugly incident happened 2 day back of which i think is a great consign to you as their parent.martins who after the death of his sister was full with tears and seriously down,went back to the camp they lived and took some quantity of poison in a bottle.Lucky he just took it when one of the other boys in the camp say him.He immediately allerted the officers and the rushed hime to this hopital we have been trying to revive him now but the poison had affected most of his organ and if we dont continue with the treatment he may not live.At the moment he is in a coma and we really need to continue treating him. I know you must be wondering how i got your mail.i will tell you.when your daughter mary was receiving treatment martins was made to fill a form this form contains your name as their parent and also your email id was also there.

This is a matter of life and death so i need you to reply me as fast as possible so we can know what excactly to do.if you would want to fly him over there or better still we do the treatment over her.i understand your lost i am really sorry.just get back to me as soon as possible ok.


I just spoke to them a week ago – when did this happen? What did Mary die of? Was it her syphilis? Or maybe it was giantpussyitis? Are you sure you have the right kids? I can’t believe this is happening to me. Why does everything bad happen to me?

Thank you and god bless,


It seems they tried to revive this scam, and I tried to keep it going but I didn’t receive a response to my last email and when I responded back, the email account was shut down.I love how the doctor tells me that Mary "kicked the bucket" - very professional!

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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