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One Blay At A Time

This is a continuation of my scambait entitled “Banks For Free”, where the idiot lawyer, Kenneth Adams, informed me that I could buy the bank using the money from the bank’s vault, once I paid the transfer fees of course. That bait was hilarious not only because of the stupidity of Degan Alain/Victor Blay/Kenneth Adams, but also because of all of the things this idiot says that contradict things he has said before. When Kenneth Adams tells me how to pay for the bank, I go off on him telling him how stupid he is, etc., etc., and Victor/Degan agrees with me that that isn’t possible – so he basically called his own persona stupid. Then later, after the bait was over but the correspondence continued, Victor tells me that buying banks with the vault money is a common practice, and that I should learn more about business…Read the part in this bait where he discusses the Indian Bank - he actually says it again – this fool actually believes when someone buys a bank, they have to pay for it in cash up front. This scambait was extremely fun and Degan/Victor/Kenneth was one of the dumbest scammers I have ever dealt with. I thought those idiots from Nigeria were stupid – this moron is from Ghana and may well be the dumbest person in that pathetic country. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

From: Mr. Degan Alain []
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2010 10:20 AM

Dear Sir.

My name is Victor Blay. I will like to work with you in getting the sum of $250 million dollars, and 226,000 euros in cash secured in a business account in a good bank. These funds are inheritance from my deceased father who was a politician and Gold miner for 34 years before his death at old age 86.

Due to the business nature of my late parent Mr. Desmond Blay he never deposited much funds in any bank but rather in the underground deluxe of our house, see the attached picture of the fund with me.

I cannot invite anybody related to me for association in this fund, hence it will raise public attention.
I have managed to move this fund from the house onto a yacht with sole intent to move the fund to an offshore bank. But my fears are
(1) The fund is too much for a sole deposit.
(2) I am 26 years old, the bank will think otherwise.
(3) With my age, i cannot defend this fund.
Therefore i am personally and sincerely inviting you to associate me to incoperate a company on whose name the fund will be deposited in a bank. When the fund is deposited we will make fund transfers overseas for due investments. You will inherit 25% of the fund, 10% for expenses including taxes and Government business papers.
Victor Blay

What is this all about?


From: Victor Blay []
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2010 12:27 PM
To: Marcus King
Subject: Re :

Dear Sir,

I will like to know your address, and telephone numbers to enable me emphasize on the mail.

Marcus King
2300 North Honeytown Road
Smithville, Ohio 44677


What do we need to do?


you don't exist

What is that supposed to mean?


This was my attempt to re-bait him under this persona. He was mass-baited from my friends at the Scambaiting Bulletin Board so he is a little suspicious and gun-shy. I see him online from a Yahoo persona so I chat him up a bit…

----- Our chat on Thu, 2/4/10 1:35 PM -----

Greg's (1:02 PM): Hey, how are you?
Greg's (1:04 PM): I received your email - are you still looking for help?
mr.deganalain (1:06 PM): who is this?
Greg's (1:06 PM): Greg
Greg's (1:07 PM): you sent me an email
Greg's (1:07 PM): don't you remember?
mr.deganalain (1:07 PM): ok
mr.deganalain (1:07 PM): what is your telephone
mr.deganalain (1:08 PM): i need to speak with you on the phone
mr.deganalain (1:08 PM): i hardly have time to use the internet
Greg's (1:09 PM): I'm at work right now - do you still need help?
mr.deganalain (1:10 PM): yes
Greg's (1:10 PM): 330- 666- 9269 but I won't get home until after 6:00pm eastern time, allright?
Greg's (1:10 PM): what do you need me to do?
Greg's (1:13 PM): Hello> are you there?
mr.deganalain (1:13 PM): i need you to go and eat shit
Greg's (1:13 PM): whats wrong with you?
Greg's (1:13 PM): why?
mr.deganalain (1:14 PM): sorry
Greg's (1:14 PM): what is that all about?
Greg's (1:14 PM): what did I do?
mr.deganalain (1:14 PM): could you please drink one bottle of acid?
Greg's (1:14 PM): I thought you needed help?
mr.deganalain (1:15 PM): help from who?
Greg's (1:15 PM): from me - you emailed me, remember?
Greg's (1:15 PM): I dont understand why you are saying this
mr.deganalain (1:16 PM): i think your email address needs examination
mr.deganalain (1:16 PM): it receives email from Taliban always
Greg's (1:16 PM): will you please explain
mr.deganalain (1:17 PM): one day, it will receive email from Chinese hackers
Greg's (1:18 PM): you are not making sense - what did I do to you?
mr.deganalain (1:18 PM): i am calling you to explain, but your given telephone numbers seemed to be old white house number
Greg's (1:19 PM): I said I am not at home - how could you be calling me now?
mr.deganalain (1:19 PM): the receiver said, Morgan Mortuary services may i help you?
Greg's (1:19 PM): you dialed wrong - that is my number
mr.deganalain (1:20 PM): ok
mr.deganalain (1:20 PM): give me the correct number
Greg's (1:20 PM): i did
Greg's (1:20 PM): 330- 666- 9269
Greg's (1:20 PM): that is my phone number
mr.deganalain (1:21 PM): ok i made a mistake
Greg's (1:21 PM): do you think i am joking with you or something?
mr.deganalain (1:21 PM): sorry
Greg's (1:21 PM): what number did you dial?
mr.deganalain (1:22 PM): i dialed 330-666-9260
Greg's (1:22 PM): it is 1:30pm now - I will be home in four and one half hours
Greg's (1:22 PM): oh, oops
Greg's (1:23 PM): i wrote it correctly - lol
mr.deganalain (1:23 PM): ok
Greg's (1:23 PM): so you thought i was playing a joke or something? thats why you were cussing at me
mr.deganalain (1:24 PM): i wrongly dailed the number out of excitement
Greg's (1:24 PM): what do you need me to do?
Greg's (1:24 PM): you need to move some money into an account? is that right
mr.deganalain (1:25 PM): i want you to find out the truth first
Greg's (1:25 PM): how do you mean?
mr.deganalain (1:26 PM): i want you to find my true identity, contact somebody in the American Embassy commercial department
mr.deganalain (1:26 PM): to work out things for you
Greg's (1:27 PM): will they give me that information?
mr.deganalain (1:27 PM): yes
Greg's (1:27 PM): so i just have to call the embassy?
mr.deganalain (1:27 PM): an Ambassy represents the interest of her citizen in another country
mr.deganalain (1:28 PM): yes
mr.deganalain (1:28 PM): give them my name
mr.deganalain (1:28 PM): they will find me on their file and come to my house or invite me for discussion
Greg's (1:29 PM): what countrys embassy - you dont say what country in your email
mr.deganalain (1:29 PM): Benin
Greg's (1:30 PM): okay i will call the embassy when I get home
mr.deganalain (1:30 PM): good
mr.deganalain (1:31 PM): note, the embassy is closed here now
mr.deganalain (1:32 PM): hope my chat is useful for you?
mr.deganalain (1:35 PM): i have to do something useful with my time now. Nice fucking with you. Take care. I wait to read your ass on

At least get the website right Moron!

Sent from James Cagney, the original victim, trying to stir up trouble…

What I know about 419 Scammers...

1) Their spelling and command of the English language is terrible.
2) They always want you to use Western Union or Moneygram - no respectable bank or business uses this except for idiot scammers.
3) They are always stupid, smelly, monkeys from that cesspool of a continent Africa, like you are.
4) They pose as lawyers, bankers, and even Directors with the United Nations or FBI.
5) They quote God and religion alot, even know they are going to Hell.
6) They claim to be getting back at the "white man" for injustices done to them, but the truth is that they will steal from anyone of any race, religion, creed, and color, like you would.
7) They often have sex with goats, monkeys, and their own parents, like you do.
8) They are the lowest form of life on the planet and have the intelligence of a 5-year old retarded child, like you do.
9) They strongly resemble gorillas but they smell even worse, like you do.
10) They are rooted in evil - everything bad in this world comes from Africa - AIDS, crime, war, disease, poverty, hunger, stupidity - all from Africa. True, we in the USA have our share of these problems too, but they all come from the monkeys that our forefathers unfortunately brought to this great nation.

You are a shameless, jobless and leaking asshole. Write this in this nonsense website. You have no job, just creating email addresses of non existing assholes.

I just love when pathetic internet thieves lecture me!
That is so funny…

I am sorry that you are so poor and stupid and have to beg for change. Your life must be horrible – living in that horrible place with all of those horrible people and that disgusting smell.

Can you please tell me more about how you can buy a bank using the money from the vault…

Of all the idiot scammers I have dealt with, that has to be the dumbest comment one of you morons ever made…All of my buddies in the scambaiting forum were laughing our asses off at how stupid you are…


Hahahahaha. This is because you are a moron. You have no dumb buddies apart from your illegitimate wife who goes out in the night to fuck and suck for $5 per dick just to put a meal on the table like a dog for you.

What is the matter?

Are you mad at me for some reason?

I told you I was sorry…

Sorry that you are a filthy, monkey, that is…

Do you like begging for money? You are not very good at it...

If you think i am an internet thief like you block my account.

Block your account from where? And yes, you are an internet thief – you know it, I know it, and your pathetic, rotten brethren know it. It’s funny how first you were buying a bank with the vault’s money and now you are looking for someone to transfer millions from your father that was hidden in your basement. Pretty funny…your whole country isn’t worth that much money!

Wasn’t it great how God struck down those pathetic blacks in Haiti?

I think Africa is next…

We could solve all of the world’s problems with a massive earthquake in Africa…or maybe some nuclear missiles…

He sends a copy of my website and the associated pdf where I documented the scambait. I never denied being a scambaiter after he found my website…

go read some courses in business administration. You are too dumb to know anything about banking. Let me ask you dumb a small question. if citibank India decides to sale the indian bank for 1 trillion. Who or which persons can pay this money in cash? Go and ask some little successful people how they made it. You are jobless and have resorted to internet nonsense. I think you should be charged for internet crimes.

Why do all Africans have sex with goats? Is it because the women are so freaking ugly?

The more you talk about business, the funnier it gets. Do you really think that one person buys a bank and that they do it in cash? If you want to become a better scammer, you should really learn something about business, idiot.

Does your mother cry a lot in shame? Or is she dead from AIDS?

I have an internet job, if you are interested i will employ you. You will make $5000 per week.

Is this job aside from buying banks and transferring millions left by your father that was buried in the basement of your shack?

LOL – you are so stupid…

You are silent today? Couldn’t you afford to pay for a half hour at the Internet Café so you could talk?

Are you mad at the world because you are a black African? I would be mad too – you are doomed to a life of poverty, hunger, bad smell, low intelligence, and a horrifying appearance. I am sorry that you are a black monkey.

Is it true that all African men have sex with goats because the women are so ugly?

Hey Monkey;

Why are you silent? Couldn’t you afford another half-hour at the internet café? I reading up on Ghana and how pathetic the country is…

I see that the average annual income in Ghana is $670.00 dollars. Wow, I knew you were poor and stupid, but not that poor…

So tell me more about this Internet job you where you make more than $5,000.00 a week. Of course, that is in addition to the $250 million dollars you already have from your father and all of the banks you have purchased…You would think that if you were this rich, you could afford your own email account, but I see you are still using the free internet emails. You must be doing well…LOL.

You are so stupid…

LOL – thanks for entertaining me and my friends and making us laugh…

He sees a typo in the second line – I missed the word “was”. That is a victory to this idiot…

Get some high education especially in English

Don’t be mad – I love these little chats – very amusing…

Yes, you caught me with a typo – very good, monkey. Now I need someone to teach me how to buy banks with money from the vault – will you teach me that? That would be a neat trick…

What’s the matter idiot – I haven’t heard from you…

Is everything okay? Still begging white people for money?

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah

Hey, there’s the monkey…

Does your mother cry in shame because you are a worthless beggar and thief? Or did she kill herself already?

I am sorry you are poor and stupid and have to beg the white man for money.

Your life must be horrible…

This war between us escalated into me signing him up for close to a hundred internet mailing lists, which he in fact did the same to me that were sent straight to my Spambox. I reset my Spambox to automatically delete this spam, so I don’t know if it is still coming, but whenever I see a website “sign in” box, I enter Victor’s email.

Here are his email addresses to have fun with;

It is funny how this dipshit still tries to convice me that he is legit and rich as well...

I am in possession of three of his scam letters;
- Banks for free...
- Where he has $250 million and needs help (top of page)
- His newest one where he only has $60 million in his basement - I guess $250 million was too unbelievable for some degenerate piece of shit from Ghana to have, so he lowered it!

If you want to have a load of laughs, email this moron - he does not disappoint!

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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