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Fryer Mark

Okay - someone please explain this to me. What is the purpose and giving away your scam within the first few minutes by speaking Nigerian. Is this just plain stupidity or does he do it because he thinks I am also a scammer? I have had this happen many times, and you know me, I can't let this go without a fight. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Dave Mark: hello
linda.stevens74: hi, who are you?
Dave Mark: Am dave by name ?
Dave Mark: I got your profle in dating72 . com ?
linda.stevens74: how old and where from?
Dave Mark: Nice to meet you i am from USA
linda.stevens74: where in the USA?
Dave Mark: i am 49yer old now ?
Dave Mark: NY and you ?
linda.stevens74: I live in Ohio
Dave Mark: I really love your picture on there you are looking good /
Dave Mark: wowow that nice ?
linda.stevens74: thanks
Dave Mark: Can you tell me your full name ?
linda.stevens74: its Linda Stevens
Dave Mark: i am new on here i dont no much on just want to give it a try
Dave Mark: wowow that a nice name of you
linda.stevens74: you are in New York now?
Dave Mark: i send you messged on just now ?
Dave Mark: yes ?
Dave Mark: and you
linda.stevens74: why do you end every sentence with a question mark?
Dave Mark: nothing .
linda.stevens74: yes, I am in Ohio right now
Dave Mark: i send you more about me to you email
Dave Mark: What are you looking for on the site
Dave Mark: you looking so cute and good to take out
linda.stevens74: just looking to meet interesting people and see what happens
Dave Mark: Ho that good
Dave Mark: How many man have you chat with on the site
linda.stevens74: just a few
Dave Mark: When did you join the site
linda.stevens74: I have been on there about a year
Dave Mark: so what are you looking for in maN
Dave Mark: oh so long just get there not long
Dave Mark: so have you meet a right man yet
Dave Mark: can i see more of your pic
linda.stevens74: if I did, I wouldn't be talking to you right now
Dave Mark: ooh ok
Dave Mark: Can i see more of your picture
linda.stevens74: accept photo sharing
Dave Mark: Accept it from there ..
Dave Mark: Are you there ??
linda.stevens74: there, I shared 3 pics
Dave Mark: I did not get any
Dave Mark: Accept the photo sharing now ..
linda.stevens74: I did
Dave Mark: Nope it not showing here ...
Dave Mark: Are you chatting from your computr ??
linda.stevens74: yes
Dave Mark: You have not accepted the photo sharing
Dave Mark: Ok sing out and sign in again
linda.stevens74: yes I did - I see the photos in the sharing window
Dave Mark: But it did not show here ,..
linda.stevens74: ok, hold on
Dave Mark: Thanks
linda.stevens74: accept photo sharing
Dave Mark: Got it now ...
linda.stevens74: there - see them now?
Dave Mark: Wait it not clear yet..
Dave Mark: Send me pictures of you and you friend ..
linda.stevens74: what are you talking about? what friend?
Dave Mark: May be pictures of you and your kids ..
linda.stevens74: first, send me some pictures of you
Dave Mark: i have sent you 4 pictures of me now ..
linda.stevens74: oh, ok
Dave Mark: DID YOU GET IT ??
linda.stevens74: yeah, I see them
linda.stevens74: where is that last picture taken at?
Dave Mark: That was france
Dave Mark: Where are you from ..
linda.stevens74: I said I am from Ohio
Dave Mark: Where in Ohi ??
linda.stevens74: akron
Dave Mark: Ohh ok do you have kids and can you send me other pictures ..
linda.stevens74: I have two daughters
Dave Mark: Can i see their pictures with you ..
linda.stevens74: I'll have to find the pictures first on my computer
Dave Mark: Ok please find it ..
Dave Mark: waiting .
linda.stevens74: heres one
Dave Mark: washere
Dave Mark: Omo aye
Dave Mark: what ya doing now ??
linda.stevens74: ?

Okay...explain this?

Dave Mark: And what time is it there ..
linda.stevens74: what is omo aye?
Dave Mark: I would love to call you ..
Dave Mark: please can i call you ..
linda.stevens74: what does omo aye mean?
Dave Mark: It a slang here in Ny ..
Dave Mark: Can i call you now ..
linda.stevens74: so you are Nigerian?
linda.stevens74: I should have known
Dave Mark: Koni da fun eee
Dave Mark:
linda.stevens74: idiot Nigerian scammer - go away
Dave Mark: What Nigeria ??
linda.stevens74: go away
Dave Mark: ur mama go go away
linda.stevens74: stupid Nigerian scammer boy
Dave Mark: Ogun mapa iya eeee nii
Dave Mark: Hypertesion go kill your mama nii
linda.stevens74: poor little black boy has to beg from
Dave Mark: which way guy
linda.stevens74: go away nigerian beggar boy
Dave Mark: shey u dey form before nah ..
linda.stevens74: I dont speak monkey you fool
Dave Mark: E dey pain u abi ..
linda.stevens74: its your stupid filthy parents fault you are black and poor

He logs out. I immediately get contacted by another "Army Scammer" who has a similar name. He was Davemark623 and I get contacted by Johnfrey234. watch how this fools starts talking to me...

johnfrey234: How are you ogbeni
linda.stevens74: ?
linda.stevens74: what is ogbeni?
johnfrey234: Its the same as dear with my brotherhood slang
linda.stevens74: so you are Nigerian?
johnfrey234: Where are you from?
johnfrey234: Am not am american
linda.stevens74: go away Nigerian boy
johnfrey234: Guy hw far
linda.stevens74: ?
linda.stevens74: do you speak english, idiot?
linda.stevens74: I am American, I don't speak your silly monkey language
johnfrey234: Guy u don cast dat site 4 pple
johnfrey234: U be real mumu
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: do you like begging from white people, poor little black boy?
linda.stevens74: I love when you fools deny your race - that's how I know you ashamed to be black
johnfrey234: You n ur old ones @ home are fools
johnfrey234: Baba eeee ati mama eeee
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: beg like a dog, black boy
linda.stevens74: we made you slaves and you still beg from us like dogs
johnfrey234: Talk I am listening
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: I am sorry your parents are stupid and didnt teach you anything
linda.stevens74: did they teach you how to beg from white people?
johnfrey234: Talk am listening
linda.stevens74: did they teach you how to deny your race?
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: I know you are ashamed of being a dirty nigerian scammer
linda.stevens74: you wish you were
johnfrey234: Talk I am listening
linda.stevens74: your stupid mother is a black whore who has sex with goats
johnfrey234: Talk I am listening
johnfrey234: Your father was the goat that had sex with my mother
johnfrey234: So I believe u are a baby goat
linda.stevens74: poor little black begging fool
linda.stevens74: do you like begging from us like a dog, nigerian street boy?
linda.stevens74: your filthy stupid black parents must be ashamed of you - that you deny your race so you can beg from white people
linda.stevens74: lol
johnfrey234: Its like you were scammed once or maybe thrice in your life
johnfrey234: You were such a fool to fall for scam online
linda.stevens74: scammers are too stupid to scam me - you are proof of that
linda.stevens74: I just love laughing at you fools
linda.stevens74: I know you are ashamed to be black
linda.stevens74: do you like begging, black boy?
linda.stevens74: is that what men do in Nigeria? Beg from women?
linda.stevens74: thats why you will always be poor and stupid...
johnfrey234: You are meant to hang yourself and die because you can't believe even yourself
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: poor little nigerian boy is mad at me
linda.stevens74: you are too stupid to be a good scammer
linda.stevens74: you nigerian beggars are so funny - you are like children
linda.stevens74: are you too stupid to get a real job or just too lazy?
linda.stevens74: I know you wish you were white
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: whats wrong nigerian beggar?
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: poor little black street boy
linda.stevens74: did you run away like a coward
linda.stevens74: its your stupid filthy parents fault you are black and poor

How stupid is this idiot? Is this deliberate, or is this scammer one of the dumbest on earth?

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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