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My Friend Freddy

Another one of the many loan scammers that contact my Debbie Dawson profile on Yahoo thinking that I need a loan. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Wed, 6/15/11 4:17 PM -----

Debbie (3:46 PM): Hello?
WILLIAMS FRED (3:46 PM): how are we doing today
Debbie (3:47 PM): Fine - who are you and where did you get my profile?
WILLIAMS FRED (3:48 PM): i got your profile on a search engine
Debbie (3:48 PM): why?
WILLIAMS FRED (3:48 PM): we connect to people in the world regarding to our services
Debbie (3:49 PM): I have no idea what you are talking about
WILLIAMS FRED (3:50 PM): we are located here in UNITED KINGDOM ok
Debbie (3:51 PM): I have no idea who you are or what you are talking about
WILLIAMS FRED (3:51 PM): i work with microfinance company
Debbie (3:52 PM): so what do you want from me?
WILLIAMS FRED (3:54 PM): are you still there
WILLIAMS FRED (3:55 PM): as i told you before
Debbie (3:55 PM): yes - I asked you a question
WILLIAMS FRED (3:55 PM): can u ask the question again?
WILLIAMS FRED (3:56 PM): am waiting 4 u
Debbie (3:56 PM): so what do you want from me?
WILLIAMS FRED (3:56 PM): what was the question?
WILLIAMS FRED (3:57 PM): just want to know if you are any friend in need of financial help
WILLIAMS FRED (3:57 PM): or any member from your family or you
WILLIAMS FRED (3:58 PM): so that we can help you out easy and fast in obtaining that loan
Debbie (3:58 PM): no, I do not need a loan
WILLIAMS FRED (3:59 PM): what about a friend
Debbie (4:00 PM): how would I know that?
WILLIAMS FRED (4:00 PM): may be a friend you trust
Debbie (4:01 PM): I donít concern myself with my friendís financial affairs
WILLIAMS FRED (4:01 PM): and you know he/she want to step out of financial stress
WILLIAMS FRED (4:01 PM): u can help
WILLIAMS FRED (4:02 PM): are u still with me
Debbie (4:03 PM): no, I donít know anyone who needs financial help.
Debbie (4:03 PM): all of my friends and family are extremely wealthy
WILLIAMS FRED (4:03 PM): but we can still be best of friends right
Debbie (4:04 PM): what do you mean?
WILLIAMS FRED (4:04 PM): just afriend
Debbie (4:04 PM): whatís the sense - you live in England right?
WILLIAMS FRED (4:05 PM): yes
WILLIAMS FRED (4:05 PM): and u
Debbie (4:05 PM): do you understand England?
WILLIAMS FRED (4:06 PM): lol
Debbie (4:07 PM): whatís funny?
WILLIAMS FRED (4:08 PM): a nationalize in UK
WILLIAMS FRED (4:08 PM): my parent are your malysia
WILLIAMS FRED (4:09 PM): and work as a staff in microfinance company here in UK
Debbie (4:10 PM): because you donít speak English very well and you donít seem to understand it very well
WILLIAMS FRED (4:10 PM): OK mow i understand you better
WILLIAMS FRED (4:11 PM): we all sperk English here in london ok
Debbie (4:12 PM): then why canít you spell common words correctly or use correct grammar?
Debbie (4:12 PM): are you not educated?
WILLIAMS FRED (4:12 PM): i don't get you well
WILLIAMS FRED (4:13 PM): m sorry if i had made any mistake ok
WILLIAMS FRED (4:14 PM): but i have been in this company for 13 years now ok
Debbie (4:14 PM): You messages are hard to understand with all of the errors and bad grammar
Debbie (4:14 PM): was just wondering
WILLIAMS FRED (4:14 PM): really
WILLIAMS FRED (4:14 PM): no body is perfect in life
WILLIAMS FRED (4:15 PM): so can we be friends now
WILLIAMS FRED (4:15 PM): i have client online that i need to talk to ok
Debbie (4:15 PM): like I asked before and you didnít seem to acknowledge or understand is why?
WILLIAMS FRED (4:16 PM): what did you asked
Debbie (4:16 PM): nevermind...go attend to your ďclientĒ
WILLIAMS FRED (4:17 PM): hope we can talk other time

He is not done with me, but he must try to come up with a new angle for me and my rich friends.

----- Our chat on Fri, 6/24/11 11:59 AM -----

WILLIAMS FRED (10:51 AM): hi friend how are you doing today
Debbie (10:52 AM): hello
WILLIAMS FRED (10:52 AM): how is usa
Debbie (10:53 AM): fine - who are you?
WILLIAMS FRED (10:54 AM): i chart with you a week back now
Debbie (10:55 AM): where are you from?
Debbie (10:56 AM): oh, okay
WILLIAMS FRED (10:56 AM): what about your family hope they are fine
Debbie (10:57 AM): yes they are fine
WILLIAMS FRED (10:58 AM): good
WILLIAMS FRED (10:58 AM): We bless God for that
WILLIAMS FRED (10:58 AM): It's God doing
Debbie (10:59 AM): if you say so
WILLIAMS FRED (11:00 AM): hope u go to church
Debbie (11:00 AM): no
WILLIAMS FRED (11:01 AM): what religion are you
Debbie (11:01 AM): I am an atheist
WILLIAMS FRED (11:02 AM): oohhh i see
WILLIAMS FRED (11:02 AM): but hope you do what is right and good
Debbie (11:02 AM): of course
WILLIAMS FRED (11:03 AM): can i see ur webcam
Debbie (11:03 AM): I am at work - I donít have one
WILLIAMS FRED (11:03 AM): okk
WILLIAMS FRED (11:04 AM): where did you work
Debbie (11:04 AM): I work for a computer company in Ohio
WILLIAMS FRED (11:06 AM): good
Debbie (11:06 AM): do you have a job
WILLIAMS FRED (11:07 AM): of course i do
WILLIAMS FRED (11:07 AM): am in my office
Debbie (11:08 AM): what do you do?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:08 AM): i work for a company
WILLIAMS FRED (11:08 AM): a funding company
Debbie (11:08 AM): what is a funding company?
Debbie (11:12 AM): hello?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:13 AM): is a company where people seek for a loan
WILLIAMS FRED (11:13 AM): a financial firm
Debbie (11:13 AM): what took you so long to answer
WILLIAMS FRED (11:14 AM): i was talking to someone
Debbie (11:14 AM): oh, ok
WILLIAMS FRED (11:15 AM): good
Debbie (11:23 AM): are you going to talk or what?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:23 AM): nothing much
WILLIAMS FRED (11:24 AM): we are friends now right
Debbie (11:25 AM): I donít know hardly anything about you
WILLIAMS FRED (11:26 AM): i just told you who i am
Debbie (11:26 AM): yes...
WILLIAMS FRED (11:27 AM): my name is Mr Donaldson
Debbie (11:28 AM): really - you told me it was Fred Williams last time - are you confused
WILLIAMS FRED (11:29 AM): Fred Williams is not my name
WILLIAMS FRED (11:29 AM): is the MD name
Debbie (11:29 AM): your Yahoo IM ID says Fred Williams as well
WILLIAMS FRED (11:29 AM): for this company ok
WILLIAMS FRED (11:30 AM): i use it to search for client online ok
Debbie (11:30 AM): so why are you using his email account to chat with people?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:31 AM): that is my duty in this company
Debbie (11:32 AM): well, I talked to Fred Williams last time - I donít know who you are, so go away
WILLIAMS FRED (11:33 AM): that is not true
WILLIAMS FRED (11:34 AM): i was the one
Debbie (11:34 AM): are you calling me a liar?
Debbie (11:34 AM): The person I spoke with said their name was Fred Williams
WILLIAMS FRED (11:35 AM): am not calling you a liar ok
WILLIAMS FRED (11:35 AM): maybe you didn't remeber correctly
Debbie (11:36 AM): what nationality are you?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:37 AM): malysia
Debbie (11:37 AM): do you have a picture?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:38 AM): not in my computer for now
WILLIAMS FRED (11:38 AM): and you
Debbie (11:38 AM): when you send me one - I will send you one
WILLIAMS FRED (11:39 AM): hahhahahahhaha
WILLIAMS FRED (11:39 AM): are you married
Debbie (11:39 AM): whatís so funny?
Debbie (11:40 AM): ni I am not married
Debbie (11:40 AM): no**
WILLIAMS FRED (11:40 AM): how old are you?
Debbie (11:40 AM): 32
WILLIAMS FRED (11:41 AM): i will advise you try and fine one
WILLIAMS FRED (11:41 AM): am 51 with 2 kids
Debbie (11:43 AM): fine one? what does that mean?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:43 AM): are you still there?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:44 AM): i mean you should try and get marry
Debbie (11:45 AM): how is that your business?
Debbie (11:46 AM): you talk to someone twice on the internet and you think you have the right to give me marriage advice?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:46 AM): sorry if you don't like advise ok
Debbie (11:47 AM): I donít like advice from someone a barely know who doesnít know anything about me
WILLIAMS FRED (11:47 AM): just as i have told you, pls am sorry
Debbie (11:47 AM): whatever - what do you want from me?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:48 AM): i have told you what i do right
Debbie (11:48 AM): yes
Debbie (11:49 AM): so?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:50 AM): if any one need financial asistance you can inproduce our company
Debbie (11:51 AM): I told you last time I didnít know anyone who needed a loan
Debbie (11:51 AM): that I do remember correctly
WILLIAMS FRED (11:52 AM): yes
Debbie (11:53 AM): well I donít know anyone who needs a loan - my friends and family are wealthy
WILLIAMS FRED (11:54 AM): ok
WILLIAMS FRED (11:55 AM): so hope you can help does in need ?
Debbie (11:55 AM): what does that mean?
WILLIAMS FRED (11:57 AM): if you can give to a charity home
Debbie (11:58 AM): I have no idea what you are saying
WILLIAMS FRED (11:59 AM): i mean if you give money to the less privilage
Debbie (11:59 AM): well, I gotta go to lunch now - bye

Noon Ė I did have to leave for lunch. What is his angle going to be? A fake charity maybe?

----- Our chat on Fri, 6/24/11 1:16 PM -----

WILLIAMS FRED (12:58 PM): are you now back
Debbie (1:04 PM): yes
Debbie (1:05 PM): are you there?
WILLIAMS FRED (1:06 PM): how was lauch
Debbie (1:06 PM): fine
WILLIAMS FRED (1:07 PM): good
Debbie (1:09 PM): so what do you want with me - I told you I donít need a loan
WILLIAMS FRED (1:10 PM): i know
WILLIAMS FRED (1:10 PM): i just wanted to know if you where back and you said yes
WILLIAMS FRED (1:10 PM): I want to know if I ask u for a favor
WILLIAMS FRED (1:11 PM): i can always talk to you as friend that is if you want it that way
Debbie (1:12 PM): what is it
WILLIAMS FRED (1:13 PM): u are my friend so I no I can ask u
Debbie (1:14 PM): I said what?
WILLIAMS FRED (1:15 PM): I owe my rent this month and am short some money can u help me?
Debbie (1:15 PM): are you kidding?
WILLIAMS FRED (1:16 PM): am not kidding my friend. I donít want to loose my apartment can u help?
Debbie (1:16 PM): maybe you donít remember, but you work for a loan company. Get a loan.
WILLIAMS FRED (1:17 PM): but our company policy say no loan for any employee.
Debbie (1:17 PM): there are lotís of loan companies Ė try somewhere else.
WILLIAMS FRED (1:17 PM): pls I need u help u don think I tried that?
Debbie (1:17 PM): You work for a loan company and you canít get a loan yourself? Weird.
WILLIAMS FRED (1:17 PM): I really need u help. Can u help me.
WILLIAMS FRED (1:18 PM): plssss
Debbie (1:18 PM): sure Ė I can help you.
WILLIAMS FRED (1:18 PM): tanx
Debbie (1:19 PM): I will give you the name of a loan lender in England that guarantees everyone a loan with no credit check and 2% interest.
Debbie (1:19 PM): This is my buddy Felix. He will give you a loan in 24 hours. Just contact him via email at Heíll fix you right upÖ
WILLIAMS FRED (1:20 PM): bye. You are not serious. U cannot help me
Debbie (1:21 PM): bye? I am trying to help you. Just email Felix. You are in the loan business. You know how this works, donít you?
WILLIAMS FRED (1:21 PM): pls delect me from your list and stay bless
Debbie (1:22 PM): ok
Debbie (1:23 PM): I never contacted you - I donít think you are on my list

He logs out. He either knows Felix or he possibly is Felix. Either way, what could his excuse be for not contacting a loan company the guarantees everyone on Earth a loanÖlol.

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