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Jesse Angel

I have scambaited this moron before under a female profile. Once she realized I was a woman, “she” said she was a man and had this picture (Anna Angel – internet nude model) is his profile because it was his sister. I contact he/she again months later from a new profile (Debbie) to see which way she’ll turn. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Anna Angel

jessalexander95: Hello
debbiedawson0404: hi
jessalexander95: Who are you
debbiedawson0404: This is Debbie - is this Jesse?
jessalexander95: Where do you get my ID
jessalexander95: ?
debbiedawson0404: Is this Jesse from Ohio? We have talked many times?
jessalexander95: Ok
jessalexander95: What happen?
debbiedawson0404: I lost your email address
jessalexander95: Oh okay
jessalexander95: So what the business again
debbiedawson0404: ?
debbiedawson0404: What do you mean?
jessalexander95: Never mind
jessalexander95: How are you doing
jessalexander95: It has been awhile
debbiedawson0404: whose picture is that your profile?
jessalexander95: Well
jessalexander95: You are not talking with the right person you are looking for
jessalexander95: So don't get misconception
debbiedawson0404: it isnt?
debbiedawson0404: oh sorry

Amazing – she didn’t try to assume the identity I invented.

jessalexander95: Yes
jessalexander95: It isn't
debbiedawson0404: my mistake
debbiedawson0404: sorry to bother you
jessalexander95: But i'm from Maryland
debbiedawson0404: are you a woman?
jessalexander95: Schooling to obtain my degree at the university of illinois
jessalexander95: yeah
jessalexander95: What ?
jessalexander95: Can't you see my display pictures?
debbiedawson0404: oops - the Jesse I was trying to contact is a man
jessalexander95: Picture
debbiedawson0404: you have the same name
jessalexander95: Nope
jessalexander95: Oh really
debbiedawson0404: sorry about that
jessalexander95: Who is this person you are looking for?
jessalexander95: Is he in the State?
debbiedawson0404: His name is Jesse Alexander
debbiedawson0404: same as yours - lol
jessalexander95: Nope,i'm Jessica Alexander
debbiedawson0404: oh, ok - my mistake
jessalexander95: Oh okay almost the same little bit different
jessalexander95: Alright no problem
jessalexander95: The person you are looking is he in the State?
debbiedawson0404: he is from Ohio but in Africa currently for business

This is a normal scammer reply – I try to make it look like I am being duped by a scammer.

jessalexander95: Really?
jessalexander95: Is he your husband?
jessalexander95: And what is name
jessalexander95: What is his name
debbiedawson0404: ??? If he was my husband I would know how to get a hold of him
debbiedawson0404: his name is Jesse Alexander - I just said this
jessalexander95: Your statement sound hurtful
jessalexander95: Hope he did not hurt you?
debbiedawson0404: no, I just haven’t been able to get a hold of him
jessalexander95: Oh okay
debbiedawson0404: ok, sorry to bother you - bye
jessalexander95: Ok

Well, well – she doesn’t try to stop me – interesting. Then a few days later.

debbiedawson0404: ?
jessalexander95: Have you got your husband you are looking for?
debbiedawson0404: what? I am not looking for my husband
jessalexander95: The person you were looking for
jessalexander95: Jessey alexander
debbiedawson0404: just a friend I met online
jessalexander95: Have you see him now?
debbiedawson0404: no
debbiedawson0404: Haven’t found him
jessalexander95: Oh okay why do you have to lost him

LOL – say this in your head “why do you have to lost him”

jessalexander95: Do you send him money?
debbiedawson0404: no, why would you ask that???
debbiedawson0404: His email no longer works
debbiedawson0404: and he hasn’t contacted me
jessalexander95: Oh okay
debbiedawson0404: why did you ask if I sent him money?
jessalexander95: I am just asking
jessalexander95: Nothing

Weeks go by.

debbiedawson0404: ?
jessalexander95: ?
jessalexander95: What state are you
debbiedawson0404: I am in Ohio. What can I do for you?
jessalexander95: ok,I'm in boston

She jumps from Illinois to Boston – nice…

jessalexander95: I will let you know when i need your help
debbiedawson0404: What are you talking about?
jessalexander95: Ok
jessalexander95: When its time..
jessalexander95: Gonna let you know.
debbiedawson0404: who are you and what do you want?
jessalexander95: I'm Jessica
debbiedawson0404: where did you get my contact and what do you want?
jessalexander95: I will let you know what i need if only you can help out
jessalexander95: But it has to go with deal
jessalexander95: You added me
jessalexander95: Long time ago ,you said you were looking for one Alexander.
debbiedawson0404: Oh yeah, I added you by mistake - I thought you were Jesse Alexander, my friend
jessalexander95: Oh yeah
jessalexander95: No problem we can be more than a friend
jessalexander95: And work together
debbiedawson0404: explain what you are talking about
jessalexander95: When its time
debbiedawson0404: go away and don’t bother me again if you are not going to tell me what you are talking about
jessalexander95: Ok

Weeks later.

debbiedawson0404: what
jessalexander95: Do you have cam
debbiedawson0404: no
jessalexander95: Can we make sex chat on here
debbiedawson0404: I am a woman
jessalexander95: Ok
jessalexander95: Do you have picx
jessalexander95: I know
debbiedawson0404: go away
jessalexander95: Me too
jessalexander95: I'm now a lesbian now
jessalexander95: I like to see your pussy
jessalexander95: I will show you mine
jessalexander95: Ok
jessalexander95: That's what i wanna do with ya tonight
debbiedawson0404: go away freak
jessalexander95: Nope nope nope
jessalexander95: Not by force
jessalexander95: I am intact here with ya
jessalexander95: Show me your breast pictures
debbiedawson0404: freak
jessalexander95: How deep is your pussy
jessalexander95: Can it swallow. 15 inches of dick
jessalexander95: Or can it swallow horse dick?
jessalexander95: Contact me I will connect you
jessalexander95: Hi
debbiedawson0404: you are disgusting

I don’t know what this last chat session was all about. She hasn’t contacted me again but I see her online all of the time.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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