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Ridley's Believe It Or Not

I won the Scottish Lottery! But after choosing me as the winner, they want me to hire a lawyer to prove I am the winner. So I hire Sherlock Holmes to look into the case for me! Itís funny how these English/Scottish people donít seem to know who he is thoughÖ My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!


Scotland National Lottery.

Announce you today,as one of its lucky winners.
Your email address emerged as one of the two winners of ?1,500,000.00GBP cash,each in the Category "A".

Draws held on the 28th February 2009 for our E-business promotional draws from 21,000 Email-addresses of individuals/companies base on computer balloting all over the world.

You are attached with

Ref NO:-S/L0N15-SS000-SON
Batch No: 11/SLLSLSL/000-SL SL
Serial NO:S15-15.

Please don?t reply to this.

Contact the Claims agent:


Dr. Christy Ridley
Tel:+44-703-184-4610 OR

With your
Full Names:
Fax Number:

Mrs.Stella Andrew
NB: ENDEAVOUR TO CALL Dr.Christy Ridley on Tel:+44-703-184-4610

Top of the morning to you, me fine lassie! Did I really win the lottery? What do I have to do to collect my money?


Attn: Thomas,

This office acknowledges the receipt of your email. and with all due verifications you are the true winner of this lottery claim. In order for you to claim your prize, there are some procedures which you are to follow.

First of all you have to call this office in receipt of this email to let us know when it is convenient to communicate with you verbally, because it is very necessary you communicate with us often, so as to speed up the process of claiming your funds.

Secondly, you have to confirm to us, whether or not you can come down to Scotland to claim your prize money.In case you cannot come over to Scotland to claim your prize money, we have an alternative of providing you with a legal representative who will represent you in doing all the necessary signing of documentations binding your lottery claim. The documents which you are to procure from the Scotland Justice Department as well as the Scotland Revenue Services are very mandatory and important, without these documentations, we cannot prove that you are the right beneficiary to the funds.

What we request to know from you now is if you will be able to come down to Scotland, or you would prefer the option of a legal representative, Please endeavor to call Dr.Christy Ridley, your claims manager on +44-703-184-4610 to let him know what option you would prefer, you can as well send an email.

Please it is very important we hear from you within the next 48 hours, so we know how to start your lottery process. This office will give you a call as soon as we confirm from you what time is best calling you, due to the time zone; we do not know when it will be convenient for you.However incase you are wondering how you became a winner in this, your email was gotten through Scotland Information Network Online(S I N O) which is affiliated with the internet and you became a winner through a computer ballot system. We hope to receive a quick response from you as time is of essence in this regards.

Congratulations once more and have a wonderful day. Kindly understand that we are expecting your call as soon as you acknowledge this mail as it is deemed important.

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Grace Gilbert
Secretary to Dr.Christy Ridley
Tel: +44-703-184-4610

You chose me as the winner of a lottery, and then you say I have to hire a lawyer and procure documents to prove I am the rightful beneficiary of the lottery? That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my life! Is this for real?


Attention Thomas,

Following the receipt of your email you are to provide us your full names and your mailing address where your cheque will be post to and stop been skeptical about your winning lottery.

We await your quick responds

Dr.Christy Ridley

Are you saying that you donít need me to prove to you that I am the winner of the Lottery when you are the one that chose me? It was hard deciphering your short and rather rude email. So, I guess you are just going to send me a check for the winnings, correct? Thatís more like it. Thatís a good girl. Hereís a biscuit. And my info;

Thomas Payne
1422 Lake Road
Medina, Ohio 44256

From now on when you speak to me, speak to me in a way that a lowly creature like yourself should converse with someone of my newly awarded social standing. Thanks much, lassie!


Attention: Thomas,
Following the receipt of your email and your inability to fly down to Scotland to claim your prize personally and obtain the required legal documentation, we have an option of a Legal Representative that shall act and represent you on your behalf accordingly. The documents you are to obtain here in Scotland are as follows:
1. Non resident tax receipt from Scotland Revenue Services.
2. Oath of affidavit from the High Court of Justice.
3. Notarization letter from the Department of Justice.

Do understand that it is your duty to contact this legal representative that has been assigned to act and represent you in getting all these Required documents on your behalf since you have confirmed to us that you will not be able to come down to Scotland to claim your prize Personally and you are going to be responsible for the payment of these documents and his legal charges. For this reason, I and my board of directors advise you to call the Legal Representative immediately you receive this mail. It is of your ownInterest and benefit and as such you reach him with the contact details as listed below:
Name: Barrister Harry Jim Esq.
Telephone: + 44-703-183-4507

It is better and faster if you call him because he might be too busy to see your email so it is preferable you call him. As soon as you call for clarification, he will explain all that you are expected to do as regards to this prize claim process and we shall be expecting your call immediately you are done with him and you must understand that you shall be responsible for the payment of this legal representative that has been assigned to you and the required documents because your check of GBP1.5 Million great British pounds is already issued in your name as a bonded check as such cannot be touched or deducted from not until you provide this office with the required documents.
Endeavor to provide all your details to the attorney when you contact him.

Thank you and once again Congratulations,
Yours truly,
Dr.Christy Ridley
Tel: + 44-703-184-4610

If you would have read my email, you would notice that nowhere in it did I say I was unable to fly to Scotland to get my winnings. You can read, right? You asked in your last email for my address where to send the check and now you say I have to hire some lawyer that I never met before for what purpose? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and you are not the brightest star in the sky. I will have to look into this more. I am going to contact the Scotland Justice Department and see if this is all necessary. Iíll get Scotland Yard involved if I have to. Iíll even call Sherlock Holmes.

Good day Lassie,


Attention Thomas Payne

following the receipt of your email, Find attached of your winning certificate we received from the lottery company for your perusal.

We also want you to understand that we are your claims agent not the lottery organization, we also received a fax from the lottery company stating that one of the beneficiary will be contacting me with winning details, after all due verification you are the actual winner of this lottery prize award.

In receipt of this email endeavour to contact the legal attorney with your winning details and he shall proceed immediately and obtain all legal documents binding your winnings, and we shall immediately proceed to have your winning cheque post to you in your country.

I await your quick responds

Dr.Christy Ridley

Scottish Lottery Certificate

I am still waiting for my check. I put my man Sherlock on the case and he has uncovered some clues to the case in question. He first observed that you are a bit clueless yourself. Anywho, when am I going to get my money? Someone of my newly acquired social standing shouldnít be made to wait.


Attention Thomas,

Following the receipt of your email you are to contact our legal attorney Advocate Harry Jim, because we received an email from Advocate Harry which state that you are not ready to send the funds for the documentation process.

I will advise you communicate with him for further details on your claim.
Dr.Christy Ridley

I will arrange a meeting with my man Sherlock Holmes and your Advocate in England. I would feel better doing this with my Representative in England in person, donít you agree? Should I have him go to the Offices of the Scottish Online Lottery from the address that is printed on that pretty certificate you sent me, which, oddly enough, looks remarkably similar to the Hang Seng Bank Deposit Certificates. Strange, huh? Sherlock can also meet him at his Law Offices if that is more convenient for Advocate Harry. Let me know.


This one is not officially over yet, but she hasnít returned an email for a while. Iíll try to keep it alive with her or Advocate Harry, but it may not be possible. Just like itís not possible that there are English/Scottish people who donít seem to know who Sherlock Holmes is.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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