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Where's Jeanie?

This was a short chat scambait that may not be over. I keep getting contacted (Debbie) from people out of the blue - they may be all the same person or group. They are usually military men, 46 years old, lost their wives two years back, and have one child. This was another in a bunch, but he wouldn't tell me where he got my contact from... My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

IM Feb 3, 2012 4:22:07 PM

tony_nelson25: hello
debbiedawson0404: who are you?
tony_nelson25: im tony
debbiedawson0404: what do you want?
debbiedawson0404: where did you get my contact from?
tony_nelson25: dont you wanna talk?
debbiedawson0404: I wanna know who you are and where you got my contact from
tony_nelson25: tony nelson a military man from afghanistan
debbiedawson0404: of course you are
debbiedawson0404: where did you get my contact from
tony_nelson25: got your contact from the site
debbiedawson0404: what site
tony_nelson25: are you n
tony_nelson25: not o
debbiedawson0404: what site?
debbiedawson0404: can you answer a question?
tony_nelson25: are you not on dating site?
debbiedawson0404: what dating site?
tony_nelson25: which site are you?
debbiedawson0404: I asked where you got my contact info - what site?
tony_nelson25: are you ready to talk?
debbiedawson0404: I asked you a freaking question - can you read???
tony_nelson25: hey you cant just be talking to me anyhow ok
debbiedawson0404: go away - if you are too stupid to answer a simple question
tony_nelson25: im a man of high dignity and full of integrity
tony_nelson25: i dont take insultive words ok
debbiedawson0404: good - go away then idiot
tony_nelson25: hey your asking question with a command
tony_nelson25: and that not to be so
debbiedawson0404: nice English - try again

IM Jan 24, 2012 4:17:31 PM

tony_nelson25: so i'm listening
debbiedawson0404: I said if you cant answer a simple question, then go away you moron
tony_nelson25: go on
debbiedawson0404: are you stupid? I asked where you got my contact from????
tony_nelson25: why this?
debbiedawson0404: because you wont answer the question
tony_nelson25: why abusing?
debbiedawson0404: go away idiot
tony_nelson25: i'm gonna answer you properly ok
tony_nelson25: talk
tony_nelson25: gonna answer you ok
debbiedawson0404: go away you idiot
tony_nelson25: hello
debbiedawson0404: ?
tony_nelson25: how you doing?
tony_nelson25: talk to me
debbiedawson0404: what do you want?
tony_nelson25: wish i could know you better
debbiedawson0404: I told you to go away

I just love the name - if you didn't know, Tony Nelson is the name in I Dream of Jeanie. These idiots keep contacting Debbie with the same modality - if it is the same person, he is a freaking idiot because in most of my other scambaits, in the end I told him I knew he was a scammer from Africa the whole time. So why would he create a new profile, and try again? This may be a scammer from a group or at the least, my contact was passed around to other scammers which would explain why he wouldn't answer where he got it from.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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