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Cole Off The Hook

Okay, I know I let this one go too easy. I should have played with this fool longer. I vow that the next scammer I play with that I will ride him until the very end. I am a bit disappointed in myself – this one had real potential. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

David Cole:
David Cole: Hi
David Cole: How are you doiongh?
linda.stevens74: fine - who are you
David Cole: Good....Im David from PA and found your id in the yahoo dictionary

The suspicion grows…He may be a scammer.

linda.stevens74: ?
linda.stevens74: what do you want
David Cole: Im here looking for someone to talk to and that could probably leads to more
linda.stevens74: how old are you
David Cole: Im 49 and you
linda.stevens74: 46
David Cole: Good to know
linda.stevens74: you live in Pennsylvania?
David Cole: are you married and where are you from?
David Cole: yes
linda.stevens74: I live in Ohio
linda.stevens74: not married
David Cole: Im divorced with a daughter and you?
linda.stevens74: I have two daughters
linda.stevens74: what do you do for a living
David Cole: Im a business onwer
linda.stevens74: what kind of business
David Cole: Im into buying and selling of Antiques and that has really helped me visited lots of countries oversea....i also do bid for contract and you

At this point I am sure he is a scammer. Scammers either deal in art, antiques, clothes or they are construction contractors...

linda.stevens74: I am an Office manager for Westfield Insurance
linda.stevens74: have you lived in Pennsylvania your whole life
David Cole: Oh really
David Cole: well i was born in Sicily Italy and you
linda.stevens74: I said Ohio
linda.stevens74: how long have you lived in PA?
David Cole: you live in Ohio all your life?
linda.stevens74: yes
David Cole: Sound good
David Cole: so tell me more about yourself
linda.stevens74: how long have you lived in PA?
David Cole: 30yrs now
linda.stevens74: are you there now?
David Cole: yes im in PA now
linda.stevens74:’s the weather
David Cole: its ok but very cold out here
David Cole: so tell me more about yourself
linda.stevens74: like what?
linda.stevens74: are you a football fan because I really love football
David Cole: I am David I'm a kind-heated 49 year old divorced Caucasian male. I'm 5'10", 175lbs, tall, black eyes, college educated, very clean with NO drugs, diseases, and STDs
David Cole: what do you like doing for fun?
linda.stevens74: can you answer a question...
David Cole: sure
linda.stevens74: I just asked...
linda.stevens74: are you paying attention?
David Cole: yeaa
David Cole: i do love football
linda.stevens74: cool
linda.stevens74: whats your favorite team
David Cole: Barcelonal

Beep! Wrong answer. Americans don’t call soccer football. No one from Pennsylvania for the last 30 years would think that football meant World Cup Soccer. This is a Nigerian.

linda.stevens74: lol
David Cole: lol
David Cole: you?
linda.stevens74: so let me guess - you are Nigerian right
David Cole: lol....Nigeria....where is that
linda.stevens74: go away scammer boy
David Cole: ????
David Cole: what do you mean
linda.stevens74: go bother someone else, stupid black beggar
David Cole: lol
David Cole: who are tyou
linda.stevens74: I am who I say I am - you are the liar, black beggar boy
David Cole: lol....why are you judging so fast
linda.stevens74: because you are a liar and a black beggar
David Cole: Oh i see
David Cole: how do yyou know that
David Cole: cos im a barcelonal fan and how do you know that only Nigerians are barcelonal fan
linda.stevens74: because I know - anyone who has lived in PA for the last 30 years knows that football is not soccer
David Cole: lol
linda.stevens74: americans dont call soccer, football you idiot
David Cole: lol
David Cole: i guess you have been scarmed on here
linda.stevens74: which means you are lying, which means you are a nigerian beggar
linda.stevens74: no -- scammers are too stupid to scam me - you are proof of that
linda.stevens74: go away Nigerian boy - go beg from someone else
David Cole: beg for what
linda.stevens74: whatever - go away nigerian
David Cole: you have just lose a great man
linda.stevens74: lol - a great man who lies and pretends he is white so he can beg from women?
linda.stevens74: very funny beggar
David Cole: lol
David Cole: im not a begger and will never be
linda.stevens74: do you like begging from white people, little black boy?
David Cole: lol
David Cole: get your cam on and i will do the same
linda.stevens74: I am sorry you are black and poor and stupid and have to beg from us
David Cole: who are you
David Cole: you are nothing
David Cole: i have all its take to be a man you fool
linda.stevens74: the USA should bomb africa and kill all of you fools
linda.stevens74: we made you slaves...
David Cole: bye
linda.stevens74: and you still beg from us like dogs
linda.stevens74: poor little black street boy
linda.stevens74: did your filthy stupid black parents teach you to beg from white people
linda.stevens74: lol - I know you are ashamed to be black
linda.stevens74: I dont blame you - that would be horrible
linda.stevens74: we made you slaves and beat your filthy race
David Cole: bye
linda.stevens74: whats wrong mugu
David Cole: mugu
David Cole: ???
linda.stevens74: yes, I know that word - I have talked to many beggars like you
David Cole: whats that
linda.stevens74: nice try, beggar boy
linda.stevens74: I am sorry your mother was a black whore
David Cole: same to your mama
David Cole: your mother
David Cole: go die
linda.stevens74: do you think she is proud of you - that you beg from white people
David Cole: mugun
David Cole: your nothing ut a fool
linda.stevens74: poor little black boy is angry - very funny
linda.stevens74: you are too stupid to be a good scammer, nigerian boy
David Cole: u dey crazy

And out comes the

linda.stevens74: lol
David Cole: shey u won make God kill you for me
David Cole: how much u get
linda.stevens74: thanks for proving my point maga
David Cole: im sure your not rich.........your very poor
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: little black boy is angry
linda.stevens74: whats wrong beggar?
linda.stevens74: mad that your little scam didnt work?
linda.stevens74: I am glad that all black people are stupid...
David Cole: im gonna ingnoue u now
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: yes, run away now, little beggar boy
linda.stevens74: go beg somewhere else
linda.stevens74: do you see why the whole world hates black people
linda.stevens74: stupid filthy nigerian beggar
linda.stevens74: run away black coward
linda.stevens74: that was very funny
linda.stevens74: I love watching you fools beg like dogs

This one got off easy and I am ashamed by my performance. Especially since he says he was in Pennsylvania which is driving distance from where I live. This had so many possibilities. Oh well, next!

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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