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Thin Blood

This is aptly titled because in this case, “Blood is not thicker than water”. My whole goal here was to get her to deny her brother which she did do after I told her to go find someone else because I would not work with criminals. Notice how many times she threatens me about insulting her brother, yet wants me to help her… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

-----Original Message-----
From: Lailani Trillanes []
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 12:34 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Greetings From Lailani Trillanes

Greetings From Lailani Trillanes

Dear Partner,

I am Ma. Lailani Trillanes, a native of philippine nationality. I would like to have a long lasting and confidant relationship with you if possible entrustingmy life time fortune into your possession.

As now I am broken hearted and needs someone to trust,without remembering my past and forsaken experiences from close confidants and family. I need someone who would take me for whom I am and as a life time partner.well, from your profile I believe in me that you ought to be a very honest person. I would like to give you a brief description of my life.

I am the sister of senator Antonio Fuentes Trillanes, who was arrested and since detained by the government forces on the 29th day of November 2007. You may wish to update yourself with more information of my family,official pictures and news about my brother here: (

But not quite long, I was also arrested along with my brother,now I have been released and I am under security watch by the present government of Madam Gloria Arroyo. All I want from you is to assist me make claims of some funds, he did deposited with a diplomatic vault in abroad, the Amount being deposited is much about 18.2 million euros. All I want from you is honesty and sincerity, as soon as this money is claimed by you, I will advise you on how to wire some me to me here in Philippine to enable me pay off the chief justice for his demand in getting my brother out of prison. And then fly over to meet you. I wait your reply for more details.

Sincerely yours,

Ma. Lailani Trillanes

Was this email meant for me? I don't understand why you are searching for some random person on the internet to help you. If your brother is a criminal, do we really want him to get out of prison? Did he steal this money?


Tnanks for your mail , on what you said here my elder brother is not a criminial and needs to be out from the prison but he was put into the prison because he and others wanted to over throw the bad government in philippine and at that time he was a senator and never knew that the he is been searched to get hold of him, am not making any random search but i got your email from your country chamber of commece here in pilippine before writing this letter to you to help me in receiving the money to my elder brother since the government of philippine has confiscated all his bank account in philippine and he has asked me to get this money he has in a bank in ivory coast transfered our before the government of philippine knows about the money in ivory coast .

The money is deposited by my elder brother senator Antonio Fuentes Trillanes and am now discussing with the bank directors in regards to the release of the money and also presenting the documents letters from my elder brother senator Antonio Fuentes Trillanes and papers to prove that my elder brother whom is in prison now has requested that the money is been released to whom ever i present to the bank as the business partner .

Then let me know on your intentions in coming direct to abidjan, cote d' lvoire where i will meet you to sort out issue in regards to the money with the bank here in abidjan , understand me and follow the instructions since i need your help in standing as my husband for the money to be transfered to you since the letter to the bank indicates that the money is to be released to my elder brothers business partner .

l will have these informations sent to the bank on your behalf and once the bank receives it the bank will contact you and you also will have to diuscuss with the bank of the best way to handle the transfer of the money to you , l will like to have a copy of your lD for my identification and i will like to inform you that we are doing this transaction on mutual trust, beliving that you will never in life disappoint me in future once you receive this money .

Since you have accepted to help me then i will have to forward to you the bank contact details to contact the bank here and you discussing with the bank on the transfer of the money to your account , waiting to hear from you in regards to this transaction .

God Bless you .

Ma. Lailani Trillanes.

I would rather not help your felonious, degenerate brother in this ordeal. I will help you on the condition that the money does not get into your criminal brother's hands. I'm sure the government had good reason to throw him in prison, so I will not debate it, nor will I assist in the release of a criminal by bribing guards and prison officials. I will help if I have your word that he will not be released from prison.


Dear Thomas ,

Thanks for your mail but i want you to know and understand that you should not insult me becuse i made a propsal to you and that is why i have aked you to come to see everything face to face here in ivory coast , what do you mean ? if you are serious and wish to help me then you should indicate interest in this transaction by sending to me your work lD for identification .so that i will give to you the contact informations to the bank to contact them for i have already introduced you to the bank as my elder brothers business partner whom is to receive the money in his account .

waiti,g to hear from you ,

Ma. Lailani Trillanes

How exactly did I insult you??? My refusal to work with your pathetic, felonious brother has no bearing on you. Why would you introduce me to your bank as your criminal brother's business partner after one email? I didn't even agree to help you yet, nor did I give you any information about me yet. I can see that common sense isn't your strong suit. Nor intelligence. If you want me to continue with this business transaction, then I must have your pledge that your inmate brother will not be involved in any way in this deal. Do I have your pledge?

Once I receive your honest pledge, I will send you whatever information you require.

Let me know,


Dear Thomas ,

Listern to what you are saying not even knowing that this transaction that i brought to you and your family is what your unborn children will benefit from it from generation to generation , right now if you wish to help me then i will advise that you proceed to send to me your full name , home address, bank account details , private phone number and a copy of your lD , all these informations will be sent to the bank on your behalf since you can not come here to do it and seeing everything face to face and in your presence the mon ey will be tgransfered to your account .

Well i accept to what ever condition you want but i want you to know that it is my priority that the money moves out from here to your bank account for i will be investing the money in a good business of your choice and also setteling down in your country , lndicate your interest and have the informatins requested above sent to me immediately you receive this mail .

waiting to hear from you and God bless you ,

Regards ,
Ma. Lailani Trillanes

Dear Thomas ,

How are you doing oday, i want to know why the silence from you , please you should indicate your inetrest in this transaction by sending to your your full name , home address , phone number and bank account details to have them sent to the bank for the processing of the wire tranfer of the moneyto your account .

waiting to hear rom you

Regards ,

Ma. Lailani Trillane

I was waiting you to respond to my last email which you did not yet do. I stated that I did not want your rotten, filthy, criminal brother involved in this transaction, and I asked for your pledge, which you did not give me.


Dear Thomas ,

l received your mail and want to tell you that i really do not understand what you are saying for me elder brother is not a criminal and never you should mention this to me again in your life and if you think that you have to insult me and myfamily because i made a proposal to you then you should stay away for this has to be the last time you say such a thing to me .

Do you know his postion in my country philippine and do you know what caused his problem or you think you have to open up your mount tosay anything that comes out from it , never you do say such a thing again because i can see that you are not a serious person and would preper to deal with sombody who knows what life is with money .

waiting to hear rom you

Regards ,

Ma. Lailani Trillanes

You said for yourself that he is in jail and a criminal. I just wanted to make it clear that I didn't want your felonious brother involved with this transaction in any way. I know what life is like with money - I have plenty of money - I don't need to beg random people on the internet for it.


Dear Thomas ,

listern to me for i never for one day todl you that my elder brother is a criminal but only said he is in prison because he wants to over throw the bad government in philippine and that is why he been put in rison , so you can hear me again and never say call him a criminal again hope you understand me .

Now if you wish to help me in receiving the money in your account then proceed with me and having the requested informations sent to me and not insulting me bcause i made a business proposal to you ,

waiting to hear from you ,

ma.lailani trillane

Criminals are in prison, and your brother is in prison, so he is a criminal.
I don't know why you are dwelling on this point...

If you want me to help you, I must have your word that your moronic brother will not be involved.


Dear Thomas ,

Your insult is enough , please since you have insulted me enough and my elder brother that is enough of you , you should indicate your interest in this business for i can neveraccept to what you request from me and can never deny my brother for he is the only thing that i have after our parents death since we are only two .

l have arrived from philippine down here in ivory coast to sort out the transfer processes of the money and having the money transfered to you and am only asking you to receive this money in your account and having the money invested in a good business of your choice in your country .

waiting to hear rom you

Regards ,

Ma. Lailani Trillanes

I told you I was interested in this deal, but not if your convict brother is involved. If you can't continue without him, then you need to find someone else. If you choose to deny your brother then I will proceed. But, as I said, I will not involve myself with low-born, rotten criminals so if you can’t honor my request then go find someone else to help your criminal family.


Dear Thomas ,

Ok right now i want to move on with you on this since i do not want my elder into this business again for i have to keep him blind in this transaction , hope you understand me .

what you have to now is to reach the bank with the draft appillication below through they customers service informations and conclude discussion with the bank on transfer processes of the money to your account , on the draft appillication you have to fill all the informations and then have it sent to the bank through the mail address below here and and have the appilication below sent to the bank here for th release of the money to you ,

Bank Name : BIAO CI
Direct Phone Number : +225 05951323
Email Address :
Remittance Director : Mr Martin Essoh

Abidjan cote d'Ivoire
Attention: Mr. Martin Essoh - Remittance Director.

Dear Sir,

I am the business associate to your customer Antonio Fuentes Trillanes nationality of philippine.Because of the highly reported political crises in your country cote d'ivoire, my associate wishes to retrieve her funds with you. Due to ill-health, my associate could not be able to follow up the release of her money . .

After the meeting with my associate, we agreed that I would follow up the transfer and collection of the funds . I will be glad if you will be able to give me further directives and information as to how to receive this funds to my bank account informations as stated below.

Bank Name :
Bank Address :
Account Number :
Account Holder :
Phone Number :
Swift Code :
Full Name :
Home Address :
Private Telephone :
Email Address :

I also attach copy of my ID.I thank you in anticipation of your maximum co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

Remmeber to fill your full name, telephone numbers and address in the letter and send it to the remittance director to the bank and also call him on phone so that you will conclude with him concerning the transfer processes .

Call me +225 60079883 immediately you receive this mail for a heart to heart discussion with you in regards to this transaction .

Sincerely yours,
Ma. Lailani Trillanes,

I was talking to the bank and I was to send them the remittance form and their email account has been shut down. Weird, huh? I can't imagine why a bank's email account would be shut down. What do you propose I do now?


This is still active as of 7/15/2009, but I did what I wanted to do – now I will just insult her and her pathetic family a little more…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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