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CraigsList Virgin

This is my first CraigsList bait. I was complaining to my brethren on the scambaiting bulletin board that I have posted items for sale on CraigsList, and while I received a lot of spam, I never got responses from scammers. I then decided to post a Laptop for sale. Hours after I posted it, I received three emails, all wanted to pay over the price I asked, and all wanted it shipped to West Africa. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

My ad on CraigsList. I made the laptop really expensive so I wouldn't get any real buyers...

HP Hyperion XL Laptop - $1600

Date: 2009-11-01, 7:26PM EST
Reply to:

For Sale;
HP Hyperion XL Laptop
2 years old
Windows XP Professional Installed
Works great

Hi there,
I'm interested in buying your item for sale on craigslist.Let me know the firm price if it's still up for sale as soon as possible.

Mr Steven

Yes it is still for sale. It runs great and the price is firm.


Thanks for the reply.
Actually i am from richmond city,virginia but want to purchase for my daughter that is currently in West Africa working with American Embassy,her birthday is coming up nextweek Friday so i want to give her a surprise gift..Please if you do have a paypal account,send me a payment invoice or your account email so that I will Make the payment to you..It secures and protects two parties in a transaction.

I will be paying you the total of $1800 for both the cost price and the shipping.Please send the information fast so that your payment will reach you before the day runs out and also to enable you ship the Packages today.I believe $200USD can takecare of the shipping fee or better still inquire,I will provide you her detailed mailing information for shipment as soon as i'm through with the payment.Shipping will be made via USPS EXPRESSMAIL.
Thanks for anticipation.

Mr steven

No I do not have PayPal. I would like to be paid by cashier's check, or money transfer. I will ship the item myself, once we agree upon payment terms and price plus cost of shipping. What is the shipping address for the item?


ok.Pls setup a PayPal account at it's free,fast and reliable. Pls once you're through with the account setup,get back to me with your account email or send a payment invoice to me so i can send the cash to you immediately.

I said a cashier's check from an American Bank or a money transfer - that's all I will accept for payment.


I want him to waste time and money sending a fake check, not sending me some fake “verification email”.

ok.Send me your full contact address in the order below so i can send the funds to you.



Okay, I will need the name, address, etc. to ship the item.

What method of payment will you be using?

Mailing Address;
Don Robart
2310 Second Street
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

This is the CF Police Station and the Mayor. He doesn’t even ask why it is different than my name.

Ok. I will be making the payment with any online reliable money order company like merchant express money order company. Below is the necessary information that you will need for the shipment of the package. Just let me know as soon as you're through the shipment.
Remember to mail the package via UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE EXPRESSMAIL {USPS EMS} below is her mailing address. Name: Chikezie Steven
Address: # 3 Onubogu Lane Uwani
City: Enugu
State: Enugu
Zipcode: 23442
Countrey: Nigeria

Thanks and kind regards. Merchant will get back to you as soon as i'm through with the payment.

I have never heard of Merchant Express Money Order Service. I would rather it be a Cashier's Check from a known bank, or a money transfer service like Moneygram or Western Union.

Let me know.



ok. Merchant is a reliable money order company that i often receive cash with when i'm in town and they also deliver cash to ones doorstep depending on the type of this type of transaction: they may request you mail the package and send a proof of that to them like the tracking details of the item you mailed out. For how long have you lived in this country?


I lived here my entire life; I have never sold items over the internet before. If my bank says I can cash the money order, then I will accept it.


ok. You don't need to go to bank to cash the money. All you need it's to provide your full contact address to them as you've just did.This is a money order and not check that involves bank for cash receipt. I will forward your contact details to them so that your money is delivered to your residence.

And where does the money go? Does it get deposited in my account or what? I don't understand.

the fund is delivered to your residence as a mail. It seems like you're new to money order?

This was the “Confirmation Email” that the money was sent! I was expecting something like this from PayPal if I went that route, but I thought he would sent me a fake check going the other route – how wrong I was!

Send Money Orders to anyone with a mailing address in just moments with Merchant Express!


Dear Don Robart,

We write to notify you that your payment is now ready to deliver to your door-step. We demand that you ship today and send the package tracking/shipping information as soon as possible to enable us deliver this payment today.All tracking information is sent to this department at
The buyer of your item Mr Floyd Steven has requested that the package must be ship to the following address.

Name: Chikezie Steven
Address: # 3 Onubogu Lane Uwani
State: Enugu-State
City: Enugu
Zipcode: 23442
Country: Nigeria

Proceed to shipping as the funds is ready to be delivered to your door-step immediately.You must mail the package out today and get back to us with the shipping/tracking information as soon as possible. Ensure to present the code below to the deliveryman on receipt of payment.

Note the turning number must be present to the deliveryman on the recepits of payment today.

Thanks For Using Merchant Express Money Order.

What kind of silly nonsense is this?


Sent to the Money Order Company – they never respond back.

I'm through with the payment. Go ahead with the shipment. Merchant express will be contacting you regarding the payment i made.Here is the confirmation number of the money order 191988. Below is her mailing address.Please remember to mail the package via UNITED STATES POSTAL OFFICE EXPRESS MAIL(USPS EMS}

Name: Chikezie Steven
Address: # 3 Onubogu Lane Uwani
City: Enugu
State: Enugu
Zipcode: 23442
Country: Nigeria

Once you're through with the shipment,please send the tracking details of the package to me.Please include a short note {happy birthday from dad}
Thanks and kind regards.

Mr Steven

Are you freaking kidding me???


Sorry i didn't get it. What could that mean? I sent the cash via money order. Please go ahead and mail the package to my daughter. Also let me know if you get notified of the payment i made.

I said I require a Cashier's Check from an American Bank or a Money Transfer (Bank, Western Union, Moneygram, etc.). Whatever that silly thing was that you sent is not acceptable.


Please i don't understand. I just sent the funds to you via merchant money order that is supposed to be sending the money to you.

The money is under their custody and not mine. Merchant is a certified money order company ok? So go ahead and mail the package and take the procedure you were asked and have the money i paid for the laptop delivered to you.

It seems that you do not know what a Money Order is. They don’t deliver money to your doorstep, you freaking moron. It is a like a check, as I said before, and is guarantee by the company, you idiot. If you are still interested in the laptop, send me a Cashier’s Check or a real Money Order.



Yes, that was the end of my first CraigsList Scambait. I promise, the next one will be better!

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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This is America, not West Africa, and if you don't like it, too bad!

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