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Trevor The Moron

At first, I don't know if this is a scammer. He doesn’t pretend to be white or hide his country (Nigeria) in his profile. It takes me about 3 minutes to know he is a scammer – lol. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Trevor Martin: hi
debbiedawson0404: hi
Trevor Martin: how are u?
debbiedawson0404: fine - what can I do for you?
Trevor Martin: i got ur profile on dating site
debbiedawson0404: well, I am not interested
Trevor Martin: okay
debbiedawson0404: goodbye
Trevor Martin: ok

His profile is of a black man from Nigeria. We’ll see if he tries again after this brush off.

Trevor Martin: helllo
debbiedawson0404: ?
Trevor Martin: what are u doing??????
debbiedawson0404: what do you want?
Trevor Martin: are u home
Trevor Martin: just friend
debbiedawson0404: I said I wasnt interested
Trevor Martin: why???
debbiedawson0404: because you are black
Trevor Martin: nop
Trevor Martin: u wanna knw where am from?
debbiedawson0404: I dont care...
Trevor Martin: from canada
debbiedawson0404: dont care - you are black - I am not interested
Trevor Martin: ok coool
Trevor Martin: just take it easy
debbiedawson0404: bye
Trevor Martin: ok
Trevor Martin: i love uuu
debbiedawson0404: lol - of course you do...
Trevor Martin: i really love u from my heart babe
debbiedawson0404: go away begging black fool
Trevor Martin: hahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahhahahahahaaa
debbiedawson0404: you scammers are so stupid
Trevor Martin: am not a scemmer okay
Trevor Martin: dont categorize me among
Trevor Martin: am right here
debbiedawson0404: lol - oh, you just love someone after talking to them for 5 minutes???
Trevor Martin: am just playing with u ok
Trevor Martin: am an educated man
Trevor Martin: with good job
debbiedawson0404: yes, I know you are beggar...
Trevor Martin: so i dont need anything from u
Trevor Martin: i have my good job
debbiedawson0404: good - then go away
Trevor Martin: okay dont sound goofy to me
debbiedawson0404: whatever, beggar
Trevor Martin: hhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah
debbiedawson0404: go beg somewhere else, black beggar boy
Trevor Martin: hahahhahahhaha u are so goofy
Trevor Martin: do u want my help or not?
Trevor Martin: let me help u hahahahahahha
debbiedawson0404: lol - help? Help for what? Why would I need help from a poor stupid little black beggar?
Trevor Martin: go to google and search obat oil and gas company. that is where i work
debbiedawson0404: lol, of course
Trevor Martin: ok am okay living than u
debbiedawson0404: good - then go away
Trevor Martin: listen be honest to ur self
Trevor Martin: humble and loyal
debbiedawson0404: ok, now go away
Trevor Martin: hahahahhahahahahahahahahaa i c
Trevor Martin: tell y u ate blacks?
debbiedawson0404: they are all liars, beggars, thieves, and killers...
Trevor Martin: but not alll
Trevor Martin: am net on internet
Trevor Martin: its strange to me
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: of course - bye - go away
Trevor Martin: ok pls just be my friend ..i dnt need anything from u
debbiedawson0404: no - goodbye
Trevor Martin: its ok
debbiedawson0404: ok, goodbye beggar
Trevor Martin: ok
debbiedawson0404: lol - stupid Nigerian scammer
Trevor Martin: nigerian me ??
Trevor Martin: stop it
debbiedawson0404: lol - poor little scammer boy
Trevor Martin: stop
debbiedawson0404: I am sorry you are black and poor and stupid and have to beg from white people - your life must be horrible
Trevor Martin: hey stop all this
debbiedawson0404: lol - whats wrong beggar?
Trevor Martin: is nt cool saying all dis
debbiedawson0404: lol - nice English Nigerian boy
Trevor Martin: hehehehehe
Trevor Martin: stop am nt from nigeria
Trevor Martin: ok
debbiedawson0404: whatever - go away
Trevor Martin: am ghanian
debbiedawson0404: whats the difference - you are black and that means you are a liar, beggar, thief, and killer
Trevor Martin: ok
debbiedawson0404: do you see how stupid your filthy race is?
Trevor Martin: up to u
debbiedawson0404: lol
Trevor Martin: due to u
debbiedawson0404: were your stupid filthy parents beggars - is that where you learned it from?
Trevor Martin: goofy
debbiedawson0404: lol - oh yeah that's right - you are rich - you have 6 houses and 10 cars right??? lol - every scammer tell me that - very funny
Trevor Martin: just try be loyal and humble
debbiedawson0404: lol - ok, thanks scammer boy
Trevor Martin: faithfull is must
Trevor Martin: ?
debbiedawson0404: what?
debbiedawson0404: what do you want beggar boy?
Trevor Martin: nothing
debbiedawson0404: then stop contacting me...
Trevor Martin: ok
debbiedawson0404: wasnt that great how that plane crashed in Lagos and killed all of those stupid Nigerians?

Short and sweet. I see him online and he doesnt try to contact me anymore – every once in a while I will throw an insult his way, but he doesn’t respond. Do you blame him?

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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