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Senior Class

This fool contacted me from the dating site. I have to re-think my strategy here - I let these fools off too easy. Once I catch them lying or saying something that doesn't make sense - BOOM - I am all over them like flies on a Nigerian. I should have made this one last longer. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Senior Man: Hi
Senior Man: R u there
linda.stevens74: yes, who are you
Senior Man: Am charles from
linda.stevens74: oh ok, how old and where are you from
Senior Man: Am 53 am from alabama and u
linda.stevens74: I live in Akron, Ohio
linda.stevens74: I am 46 years old
Senior Man: Am an engineer and u
linda.stevens74: I am an Office Manager for an Insurance Company
Senior Man: Cool
linda.stevens74: what kind of engineer are you
Senior Man: So how long have u been on that site
linda.stevens74: about six months
Senior Man: Mechanical
linda.stevens74: ok
linda.stevens74: how's the weather in Alabama?
Senior Man: Cold
Senior Man: And there
linda.stevens74: rain and sleet - about 35 degrees here
Senior Man: You r very beautiful
linda.stevens74: thanks
Senior Man: Brb
Senior Man: Hey so tel me you have children right
Senior Man: ?
Senior Man: R u there
linda.stevens74: yes 2
Senior Man: Wow same a boy and a girl 27 and 25 both married with kids so am a grand pa
Senior Man: U
linda.stevens74: my daughters are 19 and 22
Senior Man: Do they stay with u
linda.stevens74: no, they live on campus
Senior Man: Ok
Senior Man: Am a widow my wife died few years back
Senior Man: What about your x
linda.stevens74: I am divorced
Senior Man: Ok
Senior Man: So have u met any man on that site
linda.stevens74: talked to a couple, thats it
Senior Man: Ok
Senior Man: So what do u like to do for fun
linda.stevens74: dinner and shows, mostly
linda.stevens74: I also play tennis at the club
linda.stevens74: how about you
Senior Man: Outdoor games like long tennis and golf
linda.stevens74: what is long tennis?
Senior Man: Its 1 sport like that
linda.stevens74: I have played tennis for 30 years and I have never heard of long tennis
Senior Man: So what kind of man are u looking for
Senior Man: Google it
Senior Man: So what kind of man r u looking for
linda.stevens74: I think you must be confused - there is no such thing as long tennis
Senior Man: It the tennis played with long bat
Senior Man: Back to our talk
Senior Man: What kind of man r u looking for
linda.stevens74: lol - I did google it and nothing comes up
linda.stevens74: tennis with a bat????
Senior Man: Lol
Senior Man: Not batman
Senior Man: Lol
linda.stevens74: whats funny?
linda.stevens74: you said tennis played with a long bat?
linda.stevens74: there is no such game
linda.stevens74: are you confused?
Senior Man: Ok i agree wt u
Senior Man: Back to our talk
linda.stevens74: omg - you agree?
linda.stevens74: so you just made it up???
Senior Man: Yea
linda.stevens74: You made it up?
Senior Man: No i wil send u the google link later
Senior Man: Np
Senior Man: I wil send u d link to read more about it later
linda.stevens74: no thanks...
Senior Man: Why
linda.stevens74: Because I did google it and there is no such thing - so you must be lying
linda.stevens74: tennis played with a long bat? lol
Senior Man:
Senior Man: hey there
Senior Man: are you there
Senior Man: i wonder the kind of woman you are i wanted to type lawn tennis i typed long tennis
Senior Man: or dont you no lawn tennis
Senior Man: google lawn tennis then
Senior Man: Hi
linda.stevens74: what
Senior Man: Hi and u replied what
Senior Man: R u angry
linda.stevens74: just not interested
Senior Man: Ok
Senior Man: No problem

I promise - in my next scambait I will be more compliant. LOL.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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