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German Warfare

This was an old scammer I had met on who still pops up on my Yahoo contacts. Out of the blue, she messages Greg Wilson, trying to rekindle that old flame… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Sun, 5/15/11 12:22 PM -----

kunlek706 : Hi
Greg’s Mail: : hello
kunlek706 : where do you live
Greg’s Mail: : ohio
Greg’s Mail: : who are you?
kunlek706 : am kelly from single123
Greg’s Mail: : where did you get my contact from?
kunlek706 : from
Greg’s Mail: : I am not on there
kunlek706 : it has been a long time i have add you.i cannot remember
Greg’s Mail: : oh, ok...
Greg’s Mail: : where do you live?
kunlek706 : i live in germany
kunlek706 : where do you live
Greg’s Mail: : i said Ohio
Greg’s Mail: : you already asked that
kunlek706 : where is ohio
Greg’s Mail: : in USA
kunlek706 : ok that i good.
kunlek706 : are you married
Greg’s Mail: : no
kunlek706 : i am also single
kunlek706 : can we marry
Greg’s Mail: : so you live in germany? Are you German?
kunlek706 : yes am german
Greg’s Mail: : are you planning on moving to the United States?
kunlek706 : if possible
kunlek706 : k
kunlek706 : you are not replying me
Greg’s Mail: : sorry - phone call
kunlek706 : ok
Greg’s Mail: : Wie lang sind Sie auf der datierenden Website gewesen?
Greg’s Mail: : Können Sie mir eine Fotografie schicken?
kunlek706 : ok
kunlek706 : o ti ya were. sebi eni ba dari so apa apa a pa sebi to arigisegi ba se igi, ori ara re ni yo fi ru ti eluulu ba fa ojo, ori ara re ni yo faale gbgbo n ti emi tkb ba wi leni, ki aro oromo oya, ko gbogbo ogun re sile, bo gbogbo aso ara e, oya ma rin lo bee emi ma ni tkb ogboju ode ninu igbo irunmale lon ke si
Greg’s Mail: : ?
kunlek706 : you dont understand german?
Greg’s Mail: : that is not German
kunlek706 : igbo ni ele e wa kunikekere
Greg’s Mail: : Hello?
Greg’s Mail: : are you there
Greg’s Mail: : why aren’t you responding?
Greg’s Mail: : I guess you don’t understand German? That's weird...

She immediately logs out...

I found a German Translation website, and typed in an English sentence and had the site translate it into German for me. She responds to me by speaking IGBO or Yoruba and tries to pass it off as speaking German.

----- Our chat on Sun, 5/15/11 1:21 PM -----

kunlek706 : i understand little because my parent do speak english
Greg’s Mail: : so you are German, but don’t understand German?
Greg’s Mail: : I guess maybe you are confused

She responds to my message then logs out again…She’s not ready to explain herself – lol!

----- Our chat on Mon, 5/16/11 4:00 PM -----

kunlek706 : no i want to do something that very time
Greg’s Mail: : what’s that?
Greg’s Mail: : explain
kunlek706 : am cooking
Greg’s Mail: : I have no idea what you mean
kunlek706 : ?
kunlek706 : i said am cooking when you send me message
Greg’s Mail: : oh, okay
Greg’s Mail: : so that’s why you logged out? No other reason?
kunlek706 : nice.where are as at now
kunlek706 : yes because i want to cook
Greg’s Mail: : I'm at work
kunlek706 : what type of work
Greg’s Mail: : I’m an accountant
Greg’s Mail: : so you don’t understand German?
kunlek706 : ok i forget you told me yesterday
kunlek706 : yes because my parent speak english
Greg’s Mail: : So what does this mean - igbo ni ele e wa kunikekere
Greg’s Mail: : you wrote this to me and tried to tell me it was German
kunlek706 : someone is disturbing me
Greg’s Mail: : who?
kunlek706 : my sister
Greg’s Mail: : oh - what does that language mean that you wrote?
kunlek706 : it means come and enjoy with me
Greg’s Mail: : what language? It is not German...
kunlek706 : that i what i know only
Greg’s Mail: : I'll do a Google Search
kunlek706 : it is impossible
Greg’s Mail: : what?
kunlek706 : how
kunlek706 : how do you search that with google machine
Greg’s Mail: : it is Yoruba?
kunlek706 : do you know it is yoruba.and what is yoruba
Greg’s Mail: : I just plugged that phrase into a Yahoo Search and it said it is Yoruba / Nigerian
Greg’s Mail: : so you speak Nigerian?
kunlek706 : are nigeria
kunlek706 : thief.
Greg’s Mail: : so you are not German, you are Nigerian?
kunlek706 : what is nigerian.
kunlek706 : am from germany.i can even show you my access
Greg’s Mail: : lol - you don’t know what Nigerian is but you speak the language?
kunlek706 : no
kunlek706 : you are fraud
Greg’s Mail: : I guess you are an internet scammer, right?
kunlek706 : No.
kunlek706 : ? ?
Greg’s Mail: : lol - you tell me you are German, but can’t speak German, but you speak Nigerian/Yoruba and try to tell me it is German?
kunlek706 : no u are yahoo yahoo
Greg’s Mail: : uh, what?
kunlek706 : what do you mean
Greg’s Mail: : maga, ogun strike u down
Greg’s Mail: : so how long have you been an internet scammer?
Greg’s Mail: : no answer?
Greg’s Mail: : I guess that is my answer - I am sorry that you are poor and black and have to beg white people for money
Greg’s Mail: : your life must be horrible
Greg’s Mail: : run away begging fool

She’s logs out again. What a moron…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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