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Hometown Honey

This moron contacted me thru Yahoo Personals. Her profile said she is from Akron which is a city real close to where I live and know very well. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Thu, 6/18/09 9:35 AM -----

Greg’s (8:46 AM): Hi Tracy, is that you?
richardtracy51 (8:47 AM): Yes
richardtracy51 (8:47 AM): I am here
Greg’s (8:47 AM): Do you know who this is?
richardtracy51 (8:47 AM): No
richardtracy51 (8:47 AM): I guess from yahoo personal
Greg’s (8:48 AM): yes, you just emailed!
richardtracy51 (8:48 AM): Ok \
richardtracy51 (8:48 AM): So how are you doing?
Greg’s (8:49 AM): good, just got to work, checking my email and I saw yours
richardtracy51 (8:52 AM): sorry computer frose up
richardtracy51 (8:52 AM): What do you do for a living?
Greg’s (8:52 AM): accountant - you?
richardtracy51 (8:53 AM): I work in hair dressing salon as a stylist
Greg’s (8:54 AM): where at?
richardtracy51 (8:54 AM): Nigeria
Greg’s (8:55 AM): I thought your profile said you were from Akron
richardtracy51 (8:55 AM): I am presently in Nigeria ever since i lost my parent
Greg’s (8:55 AM): I don't understand what you mean
richardtracy51 (8:56 AM): I have been state but presently ion Nigeria with my granny
Greg’s (8:56 AM): you have been state? what does that mean? Are you American?
richardtracy51 (8:57 AM): My dad is from state while my mum is from nigeriua
richardtracy51 (8:57 AM): Nigeria
Greg’s (8:58 AM): Your picture is not half- black
richardtracy51 (8:58 AM): that my pics
richardtracy51 (8:58 AM): and that me
richardtracy51 (8:58 AM): are you single
richardtracy51 (8:58 AM): ?
Greg’s (8:59 AM): how is your mom Nigerian but you are not half- black?
richardtracy51 (9:00 AM): I have my Dad color
Greg’s (9:00 AM): Did you live in Akron when you were here?
richardtracy51 (9:01 AM): Yes
richardtracy51 (9:01 AM): are you single?
Greg’s (9:01 AM): yes, I'm single - where at in Akron?
richardtracy51 (9:02 AM): ok
Greg’s (9:02 AM): Where at in Akron?
richardtracy51 (9:04 AM): I live in Akron
richardtracy51 (9:04 AM): you mean the city
richardtracy51 (9:04 AM): ?
Greg’s (9:04 AM): I'm mean what part? What road? What area?
richardtracy51 (9:06 AM): Ohio
Greg’s (9:06 AM): What part of the city?
richardtracy51 (9:08 AM): sorry computer acting crazy
Greg’s (9:09 AM): ok
Greg’s (9:09 AM): What part of Akron do you live?
richardtracy51 (9:10 AM): Ohio
Greg’s (9:10 AM): What part of the city?
Greg’s (9:10 AM): What road?
richardtracy51 (9:12 AM): Ohio
richardtracy51 (9:12 AM): you mean i should give you where i live when i was in Ohio?
Greg’s (9:13 AM): I mean what part of Akron did you live? Akron is a big city - I was just curious to what part of Akron you lived?
richardtracy51 (9:14 AM): 1614 State Rd, Cuyahoga Falls
Greg’s (9:15 AM): That's not Akron...
richardtracy51 (9:15 AM): That where i live in akron
richardtracy51 (9:15 AM): and why are you asking?
Greg’s (9:15 AM): obviously you are lying
richardtracy51 (9:16 AM): that where i live
richardtracy51 (9:16 AM): I am out of state now
Greg’s (9:16 AM): Cuyahoga Falls is a different city from Akron
Greg’s (9:18 AM): why are you lying to me?
richardtracy51 (9:18 AM): what do you mean?
Greg’s (9:18 AM): I want to know why you are lying to me...
richardtracy51 (9:19 AM): I am not
richardtracy51 (9:19 AM): what do you mean
richardtracy51 (9:19 AM): it been long i am out of state
Greg’s (9:19 AM): yes you are - you insist you live in Akron and then tell me Cuyahoga Falls which is a different city
Greg’s (9:24 AM): where are you from really? no lies...
richardtracy51 (9:25 AM): I am from Kentucy, but based and grew up in Akron, before moving to Nigeria
Greg’s (9:26 AM): you did not grow up in Akron if you don't know the difference between Cuyahoga Falls and Akron
richardtracy51 (9:27 AM): I grew up in Akron, i tought you said the nearest city close to Akron
Greg’s (9:27 AM): You told me your address was 1614 State Road, Cuyahoga Falls
richardtracy51 (9:28 AM): why this questions/
Greg’s (9:29 AM): Because I am from Cuyahoga Falls and I was just curious, and then you started lying to me
Greg’s (9:31 AM): Why?
Greg’s (9:31 AM): What did I do?
richardtracy51 (9:31 AM): I never did
Greg’s (9:31 AM): never did what?
richardtracy51 (9:31 AM): Lie to you
Greg’s (9:32 AM): yes you did - you have never lived in Akron or Cuyahoga Falls - that is obvious
richardtracy51 (9:32 AM): No, I tought you asked closest city to Akron
Greg’s (9:33 AM): so you are saying you live in Cuyahoga Falls?
richardtracy51 (9:34 AM): Yes but grew up in Akron
Greg’s (9:35 AM): this is ridiculous - you can't answer a question straight, can you? I was just trying to get to know you, and thought we had something in common (city), and I just don't understand why you are lying to me?

She logged out on me…I was hoping this would go further but I was a little harsh.

----- Our chat on Sun, 7/5/09 4:52 PM -----

TFL (4:46 PM): hello
richardtracy51 (4:46 PM): Hey
TFL (4:47 PM): whats new in Texas?
richardtracy51 (4:47 PM): Oh, i am presently living in Nigeria
TFL (4:47 PM): since when? ? ?
TFL (4:49 PM): hello?
richardtracy51 (4:49 PM): About 2yrs ago
TFL (4:50 PM): You told me last week when we talked that you were presently in Texas
richardtracy51 (4:50 PM): Oh, i said i am from Texas
TFL (4:51 PM): No you said your were from Ohio, but had to go to Texas to take care of your mother or father
richardtracy51 (4:52 PM): Oh no
TFL (4:52 PM): you dont remember telling me this?

This is the start of the re-bait after Thomas (third time I baited her).

----- Our chat on Sun, 7/19/09 8:55 PM -----

TFL (8:48 PM): hello
richardtracy51 (8:48 PM): hello babe
TFL (8:49 PM): how are you?
richardtracy51 (8:49 PM): Cool and you?
TFL (8:49 PM): doing great!!!
TFL (8:50 PM): what are you doing now - are you busy?
richardtracy51 (8:51 PM): no am not just about to go to bed and you?
TFL (8:51 PM): just checking email, watching TV
richardtracy51 (8:53 PM): oh okay
richardtracy51 (8:54 PM): can you write later so i can reply to that
TFL (8:54 PM): sure...
TFL (8:54 PM): have a good nights sleep
richardtracy51 (8:54 PM): Yes baby
richardtracy51 (8:54 PM): bye for now
TFL (8:55 PM): ok

I was so excited about re-baiting her cuz she is so stupid, that I cut the Thomas Payne email bait short to concentrate on this. Then her Yahoo email address gets shut down and I don’t hear from her again…sniff, sniff.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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