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Dueling Jimbos

This was hilarious. I baited some fool before with the name Jim Ovia, and I recently receive an email that says "...Jim Ovia, from the United Nations Payment Office...blah, blah, blah" about transferring money due to me for whatever silly reason. And Jim Ovia has a Yahoo address so I decide to play like he is a forgotten love interest of Debbie who she couldn't get a hold of. Look how easily he assumes the role as Debbie's Jim, and look at his explanation of why he told Debbie that after Debbie realizes it not the same Jim. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Fri, 6/18/10 10:18 AM -----

Debbie (8:27 AM): Hello - you're finally online again! Oh thank the heavens…
Debbie (8:29 AM): Hello?
Jim (8:33 AM): hello
Jim (8:33 AM): yes i am here
Jim (8:34 AM): How are you doing today
Jim (8:34 AM): ?
Debbie (8:35 AM): good you?
Debbie (8:35 AM): were you busy?
Jim (8:36 AM): i am fine
Jim (8:36 AM): i was busy before but now am free
Debbie (8:36 AM): okay - where have you been? I’ve missed you terribly… I cried and cried…
Jim (8:36 AM): why didn’t you send me a mail?
Jim (8:36 AM): i am at work?
Debbie (8:37 AM): yeah, I'm at work to – I sent you many emails but they came back undelivered – I don’t know what happened.
Jim (8:37 AM): So may know who am really talking too
Debbie (8:37 AM): what do you mean? You don’t know who this is?
Debbie (8:38 AM): It's me - Debbie
Jim (8:38 AM): I want you to introduce your self more better to me
Jim (8:38 AM): I know your name is Debbie..I am Jim Ovia
Debbie (8:38 AM): Is this Jim Ovia?
Debbie (8:38 AM): oh, okay
Jim (8:38 AM): i want to assume that you got my mail that was why you contacted me
Jim (8:39 AM): Yes this is Jim Ovia
Debbie (8:39 AM): what mail are you talking about?
Jim (8:40 AM): this is Jim Ovia (ol’ Jim is confused – tries playing the UN role)
Jim (8:40 AM): You added me how did you get my email address
Debbie (8:41 AM): we used to talk all the time - you contacted me first- you told me you loved me
Debbie (8:41 AM): Am I talking to the right person? We were talking about marriage and now you don’t remember me?
Jim (8:41 AM): yes you are
Debbie (8:42 AM): Do you remember talking to me a couple months ago?
Jim (8:42 AM): yes now i can remember
Jim (8:42 AM): so where have you been
Jim (8:42 AM): ?
Debbie (8:43 AM): I've been here - was wondering what happened to you – I thought you were in some kind of trouble
Debbie (8:43 AM): what email were you talking about?
Jim (8:44 AM): I could not access to my box for ssome time now
Jim (8:45 AM): so whats Going on right now
Debbie (8:45 AM): oh, okay. What email are you talking about? Did you send me an email?
Jim (8:46 AM): i sent you a mail may be you did not get it anyway
Debbie (8:47 AM): oh, okay - I didn't get it
Debbie (8:47 AM): what did it say?
Jim (8:48 AM): i wanted to just say hello to you
Debbie (8:49 AM): well, that's the least you could say - LOL
Debbie (8:49 AM): after not talking to me for months
Jim (8:49 AM): ok
Jim (8:50 AM): let me send you a mail now
Debbie (8:50 AM): okay
Jim (8:53 AM): check your mail (he resends the UN Scam email to Debbie)
Debbie (8:55 AM): I don't understand your email at all?
Jim (8:56 AM): why
Jim (8:56 AM): what does you and Jim has baby? as you are telling me know that you do not understand my mail
Debbie (8:57 AM): Is this Jim Ovia that I met from MySpace?
Jim (8:58 AM): yes i am on my space
Debbie (8:59 AM): So what is the deal with this email and what does it have to do with you?
Jim (9:00 AM): Forgive me if i may ask what do you seek from Me?
Debbie (9:00 AM): I don't think I am talking to the same person – I thought you were someone else
Jim (9:01 AM): How old are you? What do you for a living? are you Married..Do you have kids..I have forgotten so many things about you babe?
Jim (9:01 AM): I know that i have spoken to one debbie back then baby
Jim (9:01 AM): I just want to know you more better that is it
Debbie (9:01 AM): What does that email mean?
Jim (9:02 AM): it was sent to me back then by the debbie i spoke too
Debbie (9:02 AM): you are the wrong person, I guess - I know nothing about that. I'm sorry, my mistake
Jim (9:03 AM): ok
Jim (9:04 AM): I am so sorry Can i know you more better?
Jim (9:04 AM): Debbie
Jim (9:04 AM): Let us see if we have some chemistry with each other

Did you catch that? It seems that Debbie has lost her boyfriend, Jim Ovia and mistakenly thinks this is the same guy. And Jim Ovia has lost his girlfriend Debbie, and assumes that this is the right girl! What a weird coincidence…

Debbie (9:05 AM): I' sorry - I'm in love with the other guy I spoke to – we were to be married
Jim (9:06 AM): so where is he now?
Jim (9:07 AM): if i may ask sorry for interfering into your private life
Debbie (9:08 AM): I don't know where he is now - at first I thought he was you
Debbie (9:08 AM): you have the same name
Jim (9:08 AM): If he loves you so much as much as you do love him..I dont think he will just leave you like that
Jim (9:08 AM): To be Frank with U
Jim (9:09 AM): Where are you now and Where does this Jim work?
Debbie (9:09 AM): yeah, I'm worried that something happened to him
Jim (9:09 AM): what country is he staying?
Debbie (9:10 AM): he works at FedEx but he's in London the last I spoke with him
Debbie (9:10 AM): he was planning on moving here
Jim (9:10 AM): i am so sorry about that
Debbie (9:11 AM): not your fault - thanks for talking though
Debbie (9:12 AM): I guess I should find out if it's the right person before I start talking too much
Jim (9:12 AM): can we get to know each other more better
Jim (9:12 AM): I am in London where does he stay in london so i can help you check on him
Jim (9:13 AM): i can see that you most be a great woman
Debbie (9:13 AM): thanks, but this would be too weird
Debbie (9:13 AM): sorry to bother you
Jim (9:14 AM): No i care to know you more better..i CAN HELP YOU
Jim (9:14 AM): if you truly love him i can help you check on him ok
Jim (9:15 AM): i am not complaining,But sweet Debbie one thing i want you to understand is that if the so called Jim really love he would have not leave you just like that
Jim (9:15 AM): I hate when people treat women this way..I have been hurt by this debbie that i am talking about
Debbie (9:15 AM): why would you want to do that for me?
Jim (9:16 AM): i sent her my hard dim money she told she was coming too London and i did not see her any more
Jim (9:16 AM): Because God knows why we met each other this way baby
Jim (9:16 AM): If i may ask How old are you?
Debbie (9:17 AM): 31
Jim (9:17 AM): i will be 31 also
Jim (9:17 AM): My name is Jim Ovia
Debbie (9:18 AM): Nice to meet you, but this is too weird for me. Thanks for offering though
Jim (9:18 AM): i am a Business man
Jim (9:19 AM): It is not too weird you never met know if i am the right man
Jim (9:19 AM): Only God knows
Jim (9:19 AM): if the guy you are talking aboutr loves you then you ought to know everything about him..He to let you know where he is right now
Jim (9:19 AM): may be he his not for real
Jim (9:20 AM): He just played with your heart
Debbie (9:20 AM): How dare you say that!
Debbie (9:20 AM): You don't know anything about him – you are a creep!
Jim (9:20 AM): i am so sorry forgive me
Jim (9:21 AM): For Month now you have not heard from him..Dont you think there is more to it
Debbie (9:21 AM): I can't believe you would say that to me and you don't even know either of us. What kind of person are you? Did you ever think that something bad might have happened?
Jim (9:21 AM): Sweet Debbiei am so sorry if i am talking more than i ought to say..I just want you to know that i am interested in you
Jim (9:21 AM): I am so sorry forgive me,I dont like my woman too be angry
Debbie (9:22 AM): I am not your woman. What is wrong with you?
Jim (9:23 AM): You are my friend sorry about that
Jim (9:23 AM): sorry to be forward
Debbie (9:23 AM): Did you ever think that maybe there was an accident and that's why I haven't heard from him?
Jim (9:24 AM): for how long? God forbid such for him..Let me tell you more about some kind of people in London
Jim (9:25 AM): He met be fine where he his now,Is he a white or Black..Should i help you look for him
Debbie (9:27 AM): I don't know what you want from me, but I love the man I talked to before
Jim (9:32 AM): yes i am that can creat true definition of True love too you if you give me the oppurtunity to do so
Debbie (9:35 AM): You don't know me, I don't know you, and I am spoken for - I can't believe that you would do this
Debbie (9:35 AM): My Jim was going to move here and marry me - and you want me to throw that away on a stranger?
Jim (9:36 AM): Yes i want to know you more better
Jim (9:36 AM): i am so sorry about that
Jim (9:37 AM): Hope you did not send him money?
Jim (9:37 AM): because if you sent him money and you did not hear from him again that means he was just after your money
Jim (9:37 AM): they do announce such on Tv down here
Debbie (9:37 AM): how dare you! You are an asshole! The nerve of you…
Debbie (9:38 AM): do not speak about him that way
Jim (9:38 AM): i am so sorry forgive me,I respect Ladies so much
Debbie (9:38 AM): obviously you don't to say such things, pissbrain
Jim (9:39 AM): sorry for bothering you sweet Debbie
Debbie (9:39 AM): I tell you that I am in love with someone and you say that he just wants my money?
Jim (9:39 AM): But where is he?
Jim (9:40 AM): If he loves you he would have not abandon you this way anyway
Jim (9:40 AM): May God guide him any where he is
Debbie (9:40 AM): He would talk to me the way you do, either – that's why I love him and not you
Debbie (9:40 AM): he would NOT talk to me like you do
Jim (9:41 AM): ok
Jim (9:42 AM): I wanted to just make you Happy,I guess your heart and mind is still with him
Jim (9:42 AM): I am also a Nice person..women have also spoken to me that they promised to come and be with me i payed for there flight ticket and never hear from them any more
Jim (9:43 AM): just take care of your self i dont want it to look as if i am bothering you
Debbie (9:43 AM): how are you trying to make me happy by talking about my beloved like that?
Jim (9:43 AM): i am so sorry
Jim (9:43 AM): I will never speak about him any more
Jim (9:44 AM): Have my word..My word is my pride
Debbie (9:44 AM): okay
Jim (9:45 AM): kool
Debbie (9:45 AM): I am going to try contacting him the FedEX office in London
Debbie (9:45 AM): You don't work for FedEx do you?
Jim (9:46 AM): No i dont
Jim (9:46 AM): where in London does he work
Jim (9:46 AM): Let me check if it is close from where i am
Jim (9:46 AM): i can help you check on him
Debbie (9:48 AM): I am capable of calling FedEX - lol
Jim (9:49 AM): then call no prob
Jim (9:50 AM): Well at times when you find life this way..The best way to carry on is just to forget about the past and focus on the future
Jim (9:51 AM): That is just a piece of advice
Debbie (9:51 AM): yeah, okay
Jim (9:52 AM): kool
Debbie (9:52 AM): well, sorry to bother you
Debbie (9:53 AM): and sorry if I got mad
Jim (9:53 AM): No problem,we can still be friends
Debbie (9:54 AM): You just don't know what we had together…it was just peachy
Jim (9:56 AM): i am so sorry about tthat shit Happens
Jim (9:57 AM): at times life is not fair baby
Debbie (9:57 AM): yeah, just never say that about my Jim again – he’s my doodle-bug
Jim (9:57 AM): i have heard you sweet heart
Debbie (9:58 AM): don't call me that - I am spoken for – don’t call me sweetheart
Jim (9:58 AM): my dear
Jim (9:58 AM): i have heard you
Debbie (9:59 AM): then you shouldn't call me sweetheart
Jim (10:00 AM): ok baby
Debbie (10:00 AM): that's for lovers
Jim (10:00 AM): ok baby
Debbie (10:03 AM): anyways, sorry for bothering you
Jim (10:04 AM): no you did not bother me..I enjoyed talking to u
Jim (10:05 AM): and i want to conitinue talking to you
Jim (10:05 AM): Can i hear your voice?
Debbie (10:11 AM): I'm sorry - that would be like betraying my Jim
Jim (10:12 AM): No not at all
Jim (10:12 AM): we are friends baby
Jim (10:12 AM): i mean no harm baby
Debbie (10:16 AM): Thanks for talking, I have to go now.
Jim (10:17 AM): ok baby we will talk more better later
Jim (10:17 AM): hope we are still going to talk more later
Jim (10:17 AM): we can be sending eacch other emails
Debbie (10:18 AM): good bye

He tried his little begging, money-grubbing heart to attract Debbie’s attention. But Debbie is a one-man woman – at least for now, when she isn’t working her other job as an adult film star.

----- Our chat on Sat, 6/19/10 8:31 PM -----

Debbie (7:57 PM): Hi Jim - thanks for talking with me the other day – it gave me hope
Jim (7:59 PM): you are welcome
Jim (7:59 PM): Hope you are alright
Jim (7:59 PM): i have really you debbie
Debbie (7:59 PM): I'm fine
Jim (8:00 PM): it was lovely talking too u
Debbie (8:00 PM): Guess what? Jim contacted me...I'm so happy!!!
Jim (8:01 PM): thats great
Debbie (8:01 PM): I tried a diiferent email address that I found for him and he wrote back
Jim (8:02 PM): so what did he say
Jim (8:02 PM): ?
Debbie (8:02 PM): He was on a special assignment and was in Europe and lost my email address - he said he tried the wrong one!
Debbie (8:03 PM): Isn't that crazy?
Jim (8:03 PM): no i cant say you should be the one to answer that
Debbie (8:03 PM): I asked why he didn't call but he lost my phone number as well
Jim (8:04 PM): hum ok
Debbie (8:04 PM): He's coming to the U.S. in August
Jim (8:04 PM): tahts a great news
Debbie (8:05 PM): thanks - I kind of owe it to you – proving that you are an idiot is what made me work to find my beloved
Jim (8:05 PM): no not me..Godd is great
Debbie (8:06 PM): well, because of you and everything you said, made me want to find him to prove that he was not tricking me for money
Jim (8:08 PM): no problem i was just been frank with you,God help both of u..But God in heaven knows that i did not lie to you about all what i told u
Debbie (8:09 PM): yes, i believe you - there are some bad people out there – effing degenerates
Debbie (8:09 PM): but not my Jim – he’s one of the good ones…
Jim (8:09 PM): yes babe
Debbie (8:10 PM): thank you for that – I owe you
Debbie (8:11 PM): Have you ever been taken advantage of by people on the internet
Jim (8:11 PM): kool
Jim (8:11 PM): 1yes oncce like itold you about
Debbie (8:11 PM): yeah, that is bad - evil people out there
Debbie (8:12 PM): they will burn in hell
Debbie (8:14 PM): did they police ever catch her?
Debbie (8:19 PM): are you busy?
Debbie (8:29 PM): What's wrong?
Debbie (8:31 PM): Fine!

He logs out here. I think at this point he is done with Debbie – after all, she found her beloved what could Jim Ovia #2 actually offer her? He contacts her a week later…

----- Our chat on Sat, 6/26/10 8:42 AM -----

Jim (6:30 AM): hello baby
Jim (6:30 AM): are you there
Debbie (6:31 AM): I'm here
Jim (6:31 AM): How are you doing
Jim (6:31 AM): babe
Jim (6:31 AM): No mail from you atleast for me to know that you are alright
Debbie (6:32 AM): I'm doing good - what is wrong with you?
Jim (6:33 AM): Nothing is wrong with me is just that as i did not hear from you i was really worried about you baby
Debbie (6:33 AM): Last time we talked you stopped talking and wouldn't answer me...I left you alone
Jim (6:35 AM): Honey i am so sorry about that last time
Jim (6:35 AM): something happened that made me left you online that way
Debbie (6:35 AM): I thought it was pretty rude and childish
Jim (6:35 AM): My mum was not feeling fine so i got a call baby
Debbie (6:37 AM): so you just left without a word?
Jim (6:37 AM): i am so sorry about that baby
Jim (6:37 AM): Please forgive me? for my behavior
Debbie (6:37 AM): yeah, okay
Jim (6:39 AM): ok so how have you been baby
Debbie (6:39 AM): doing great
Debbie (6:40 AM): I'm buying a new house
Jim (6:40 AM): i am glad to hear that baby
Jim (6:40 AM): Thats great
Debbie (6:42 AM): what’s new with you?
Jim (6:42 AM): nothing much baby
Jim (6:43 AM): i have been missing you baby,I want you to know that i have always enjoy talking too you
Debbie (6:43 AM): yeah, thanks
Jim (6:44 AM): you are highly welcome
Debbie (6:45 AM): did you ever call the police on that person who stole money from you? What happened with that?
Jim (6:46 AM): i called the police but they could not get him
Debbie (6:46 AM): I thought it was a girl?
Jim (6:46 AM): the lady
Jim (6:47 AM): sorry about that
Jim (6:47 AM): I have leave everything too God
Debbie (6:47 AM): scum like that will burn in Hell
Jim (6:48 AM): yes baby
Debbie (6:49 AM): People like that are the lowest form of life on the planet – true scum, don’t you agree?
Jim (6:49 AM): thats truw baby
Jim (6:50 AM): How i wish i could hear your voice right now baby
Debbie (6:50 AM): how much did you give to her?
Jim (6:52 AM): she took all my life saving about 8000$
Jim (6:52 AM): now i am financially going through financial crisis
Debbie (6:52 AM): You gave her $8000.00 for a plane ticket?
Jim (6:53 AM): nope i also gave her money for her mum medication
Debbie (6:54 AM): had you ever met her before?
Jim (6:54 AM): no
Jim (6:54 AM): she promised too come,but i did not see her
Debbie (6:55 AM): You gave $8000 to someone you never met before - oh my god
Jim (6:57 AM): well i trusted her
Debbie (6:57 AM): I hope you know better now
Jim (6:58 AM): yes baby
Jim (7:00 AM): Can i hear your voice baby
Debbie (7:00 AM): why?
Jim (7:01 AM): i just wish to hear your voice baby
Debbie (7:02 AM): I don't understand why...
Jim (7:05 AM): ok dont worry if you do not wish to hear my voice baby
Debbie (7:05 AM): I just don't think its right for a man to be calling my house
Jim (7:06 AM): but am no longer a stranger baby
Debbie (7:07 AM): what do you mean - I don’t know anything about you – except that you pass out money to strangers on the internet
Jim (7:09 AM): so debbied what do you care to know about me baby
Debbie (7:10 AM): what do you do for a living?
Jim (7:11 AM): i am business man
Debbie (7:11 AM): doing what?
Jim (7:13 AM): i deal with building materials baby
Jim (7:13 AM): and U
Debbie (7:13 AM): I work in an office - administrative assistant
Debbie (7:13 AM): do you work for a company?
Jim (7:14 AM): yes
Jim (7:14 AM): Nice job
Debbie (7:15 AM): thata good
Debbie (7:15 AM): thats*
Jim (7:15 AM): You are welcome
Debbie (7:16 AM): I'm glad to see you doing well
Jim (7:17 AM): thank you am glad you are doing fine also
Debbie (7:18 AM): yeah, thanks
Jim (7:19 AM): so have you heard from your jim
Debbie (7:19 AM): yes, i get emails and he called this week
Jim (7:20 AM): so what did he say happen to him
Jim (7:20 AM): ?
Debbie (7:21 AM): I told you this already - don't you remember?
Jim (7:21 AM): ok baby
Debbie (7:21 AM): don’t you remember?
Jim (7:22 AM): yeah baby
Debbie (7:23 AM): okay
Jim (7:24 AM): i do not remember
Debbie (7:25 AM): he was in Europe on an assignment and didn't have access to my email address and phone number
Jim (7:25 AM): ok i am Glad that he his back now
Debbie (7:26 AM): he'll be back in August
Jim (7:27 AM): thats kool
Debbie (7:27 AM): yeah, it's great
Jim (7:28 AM): Hope he still care about U?
Debbie (7:29 AM): of course
Debbie (7:29 AM): he can't wait to get back
Debbie (7:29 AM): that's why I'm getting a bigger house – for my doodle-bug
Jim (7:30 AM): i am Happy for you both
Debbie (7:30 AM): thank you
Jim (7:31 AM): kool
Debbie (7:31 AM): where do you live?
Jim (7:31 AM): i live in london
Debbie (7:32 AM): do you own a home?
Jim (7:33 AM): nope i am living in a rented apartment
Debbie (7:33 AM): oh, okay - are they expensive in London?
Jim (7:34 AM): yes baby
Debbie (7:34 AM): what's it cost a month if you dont mind?
Jim (7:36 AM): it cost me 300 pounds for a month (West Africans have no clue…)
Debbie (7:36 AM): that’s it?
Jim (7:38 AM): yes
Debbie (7:38 AM): you think that is expensive?
Jim (7:38 AM): yes
Debbie (7:39 AM): ummm, okay
Jim (7:39 AM): yeah
Debbie (7:40 AM): my mortgage on my house now is 1640.00 a month
Jim (7:43 AM): hum thats lot of money
Debbie (7:44 AM): it's not that much here - I thought London was alot more expensive
Jim (7:45 AM): yes there are houses that are more expensive
Debbie (7:46 AM): even apartments here would be over 1000.00 per month - that's weird - I'll have to ask my Jim what he's paying per month for his apartment
Jim (7:49 AM): mine is a very small apartment
Debbie (7:50 AM): and you think that’s expensive? What do you do in your job?
Jim (7:51 AM): i work in the marketing department
Debbie (7:52 AM): doing what?
Jim (7:52 AM): we sell building materials
Debbie (7:53 AM): I know - you said that - I was just wondering what your specific job was
Jim (7:56 AM): we also decorate houses and so on baby
Debbie (7:56 AM): I meant what are your duties there – never mind
Jim (7:59 AM): i work just like a scort,i travel very get building toolz and also represent my company in special duties
Debbie (8:00 AM): You just said you work in the Marketing Department is that a Marketing Duty? That's weird...Do you like what you are doing?
Jim (8:01 AM): i do alot or work because my boss likes me so much and he knows that am a hard working man
Jim (8:01 AM): li love my job anyway
Debbie (8:02 AM): That's great! You should ask for a raise so you can afford a normal size apartment
Jim (8:03 AM): may be
Debbie (8:04 AM): couldn't hurt
Jim (8:04 AM): How
Jim (8:05 AM): Hurt dont understand u
Debbie (8:07 AM): I mean it couldn't hurt to ask for a raise - it's American slang
Jim (8:08 AM): kool
Debbie (8:10 AM): have you ever been to America?
Jim (8:10 AM): yes once
Debbie (8:10 AM): where
Jim (8:11 AM): Colorado in denver
Debbie (8:11 AM): you mean Denver in Colorado?
Debbie (8:11 AM): lol
Jim (8:11 AM): yes
Debbie (8:11 AM): never been there - did you like it?
Jim (8:12 AM): yes it was great
Debbie (8:12 AM): why didn’t you stay? Too expensive for you?
Jim (8:16 AM): nope went for a busines trip
Jim (8:16 AM): my company sponsor me there
Debbie (8:19 AM): oh, okay
Debbie (8:19 AM): I don’t travel very much
Jim (8:19 AM): i love traveling but i have never had the oppurtunity to do so
Debbie (8:21 AM): I would love to be in London right now
Jim (8:21 AM): you will be highly welcome
Debbie (8:22 AM): I love tennis
Jim (8:23 AM): i know how to play tennis and perhaps are you watching the world cup
Jim (8:23 AM): soccer
Debbie (8:23 AM): I am watching tennis
Jim (8:23 AM): kool
Debbie (8:25 AM): no one cares about soccer here in America
Jim (8:25 AM): really
Debbie (8:25 AM): most people dont
Jim (8:25 AM): yeah
Debbie (8:26 AM): I don’t even know if USA is still in it
Jim (8:27 AM): yes they are
Jim (8:27 AM): i am watching the matches
Jim (8:27 AM): they lose soccer here
Debbie (8:28 AM): can’t be as big as Wimbledon in London
Jim (8:28 AM): yes baby
Jim (8:28 AM): a very big stadium
Jim (8:28 AM): i can se eyou know a little about London
Debbie (8:29 AM): I know that Wimbledon is in London (area) - I am watching it now
Jim (8:29 AM): reallly what are you watching
Debbie (8:30 AM): Wimbledon
Debbie (8:30 AM): tennis
Jim (8:35 AM): ok
Debbie (8:36 AM): having trouble with your computer - it seems slow
Jim (8:40 AM): i am just tired baby
Debbie (8:40 AM): ok, I'll let you go then
Jim (8:41 AM): ok baby
Debbie (8:42 AM): bye - nice chatting with you
Jim (8:42 AM): ok baby

He thinks that he is getting somewhere with Debbie romantically…

----- Our chat on Sun, 6/27/10 10:49 AM -----

Debbie (9:00 AM): hi
Jim (9:00 AM): hello baby
Jim (9:01 AM): i was eating how are you doing
Debbie (9:00 AM): how are you
Debbie (9:01 AM): good
Jim (9:01 AM): i am fine and u
Jim (9:01 AM): i am glad to hear that
Debbie (9:01 AM): I see that USA lost in the World Cup
Jim (9:02 AM): yes they did,i watched the match
Jim (9:02 AM): it was painful anyway
Jim (9:02 AM): bill clinton was there to watch the match
Debbie (9:02 AM): really, most people in USA don't really care
Debbie (9:02 AM): clinton was there?
Jim (9:02 AM): ok but i care anyway
Jim (9:02 AM): yes
Debbie (9:03 AM): too bad he didn't get trampled by fans
Jim (9:03 AM): yeah
Jim (9:04 AM): i went to church today,You were in prayer
Debbie (9:04 AM): what’s that mean?
Jim (9:04 AM): i prayed for you in church that is what i mean
Debbie (9:05 AM): oh, why? I'm doing great...
Jim (9:05 AM): because you my friend now,So i prayed for you
Debbie (9:05 AM): oh, okay, i guess...
Jim (9:06 AM): ok you said you Guess,Am i not your friend?
Debbie (9:07 AM): just don't understand why you pray for someone who is doing great - I didn't say I wasn't your friend
Jim (9:08 AM): i prayed for you because it is not an easy task to see this brand new day..Some people have diedthis morning
Jim (9:08 AM): so we just need to give thanks to God for seening this brand new day
Debbie (9:09 AM): okay? Still don't understand, but no big deal
Jim (9:10 AM): ok
Debbie (9:10 AM): so what are your plans today?
Jim (9:11 AM): well i will be going out with my friends just to zip some alcohol
Debbie (9:11 AM): what’s that mean?
Jim (9:12 AM): i will be going out with my friends to have some beer later in the day
Debbie (9:13 AM): oh, never heard "zip some alcohol before"
Jim (9:14 AM): hum well we do use it here
Debbie (9:14 AM): okay, just never heard it
Debbie (9:14 AM): lol
Jim (9:15 AM): so how is life because i am really missing you baby
Jim (9:16 AM): i have never even seen picture of you
Jim (9:16 AM): can we exchange picture
Debbie (9:16 AM): i thought I sent you a pic
Debbie (9:16 AM): I'll send a couple...hold on
Debbie (9:18 AM): there I sent 2
Debbie (9:18 AM): send me yours
Jim (9:18 AM): i have never seening yours before baby
Jim (9:21 AM): are u there?
Debbie (9:21 AM): yes, I sent you 2 pics
Debbie (9:21 AM): send me yours
Jim (9:22 AM): i have seen it now
Debbie (9:23 AM): are you sending yours?
Jim (9:24 AM): yes
Debbie (9:24 AM): okay
Jim (9:24 AM): babe you are Hot
Jim (9:24 AM): wow
Debbie (9:24 AM): thanks
Jim (9:25 AM): Hum to be honest you your Jim will be so Happy to have some one like you..Bceause i dont think you are beautiful i think beyound it
Debbie (9:25 AM): thank you
Jim (9:26 AM): If he hurt you i will never be happy with him,
Jim (9:26 AM): i am begining so fond of you baby
Debbie (9:26 AM): thanks, it's nice to have friends...
Jim (9:27 AM): you are welcome baby
Debbie (9:28 AM): so, where is your pic
Jim (9:28 AM): i am downloading it
Jim (9:31 AM): hold on ther connection is slow
Debbie (9:32 AM): whose connection?
Jim (9:33 AM): mine
Debbie (9:33 AM): are you at home?
Jim (9:36 AM): yes i am at home
Debbie (9:37 AM): I'll be right back - bathroom break
Jim (9:38 AM): ok i am sending it now anyway
Debbie (9:42 AM): okay - back
Jim (9:42 AM): sent
Debbie (9:45 AM): those are modeling pictures - are you a male model?
Jim (9:46 AM): Nope but i have been encouraged to be a model whic i never accepted to be one..well those pictures were taken by my pride his is a photographer for a modelling agency baby
Debbie (9:47 AM): oh, okay (he sends me modeling pics he stole from the internet of a white guy – how should I use this against him?)
Jim (9:49 AM): yeah
Debbie (9:50 AM): so what are you doing online - just messing around?
Jim (9:50 AM): nope am just bored at home anyway
Debbie (9:51 AM): yeah, me too - got online to check my email and do some shopping
Jim (9:52 AM): thats koo so do you like my pictures?
Debbie (9:52 AM): they are nice
Jim (9:53 AM): thank you
Debbie (9:53 AM): I'm sure you'll find a girlfriend soon
Jim (9:54 AM): well i am tired of the ladies here,That is why i decided to try this online of a thing
Debbie (9:54 AM): it's dangerous – a lot of freaks out there – I'm sure you know that
Jim (9:55 AM): yes that is why i prefare talking too just you alone..I have believe that from been friends we can be more than that if God says so
Debbie (9:56 AM): what's that mean?
Jim (9:59 AM): i am juts predicting how the future may turn out to be like
Jim (10:00 AM): if i like someone,i dont always give up
Debbie (10:00 AM): well, the problem is that I am already taken and I only date black men
Jim (10:04 AM): kool
Jim (10:04 AM): Time will speak for it self
Debbie (10:05 AM): if you were black, then you might have some hope, but I don't like white men - no offense
Jim (10:05 AM): but you are white
Debbie (10:05 AM): I know
Debbie (10:05 AM): I just prefer black men – and I only date black men
Jim (10:06 AM): men well as for me i am different from the white that you have met anyway
Debbie (10:07 AM): that may be, but I just don't think white men are attractive - I'm sorry - I am not insulting you, this is just a personal preference
Jim (10:08 AM): i am not angry
Jim (10:08 AM): You are pouring your part of view about white
Debbie (10:09 AM): okay - I just wanted you to know that's it's not an insult - I'm sure you'll find a white girl that is attracted to white men
Jim (10:09 AM): I dont descriminate i love every colour,But am not saying you are anyway
Debbie (10:10 AM): you can prefer one color to another without being discriminatory - it's just a preference - I understand what you mean though
Jim (10:11 AM): ok baby
Debbie (10:12 AM): I'm sure you will find someone
Jim (10:16 AM): God knows more better
Jim (10:16 AM): i am proud to have you as a friend
Debbie (10:17 AM): thanks
Jim (10:17 AM): you are highly welcome
Debbie (10:19 AM): I'm shopping online as we speak - hope you don't mind
Debbie (10:24 AM): you there?
Jim (10:32 AM): yes i dont mind am watching the world cup between england and germany
Debbie (10:32 AM): okay - was wondering what happened to you
Jim (10:33 AM): sorry baby
Debbie (10:33 AM): that’s okay - just thought it was your connect again
Jim (10:35 AM): Nope baby why are you not watchin the match
Debbie (10:36 AM): because I don't care or like soccer
Jim (10:36 AM): ok baby they winning england by 2neel right now
Debbie (10:37 AM): that’s
Jim (10:40 AM): england have scored one now
Debbie (10:40 AM): really, I don't care - not being rude....
Jim (10:41 AM): ok baby
Debbie (10:42 AM): I'm shopping for new furniture - I just bought a Dining Room set...
Jim (10:47 AM): Hum thats great
Jim (10:47 AM): You are really enjoying your self and shopping for your new home
Debbie (10:47 AM): I love it - but it gets expensive
Jim (10:49 AM): yes i understand

He logs out and doesn’t come back. He has to be wondering if he made a tactical mistake by sending the fake pictures of himself – lol.

----- Our chat on Mon, 6/28/10 1:46 PM -----

Debbie (12:49 PM): Are you there?
Jim (12:50 PM): yes i am here
Debbie (12:50 PM): How are you?
Jim (12:50 PM): let me ruch and take a shower
Jim (12:50 PM): i am fine baby
Jim (12:50 PM): and u
Debbie (12:51 PM): were you busy? I answered your first message after a while and you didn’t respond
Jim (12:51 PM): i was not on my system then..I went out i just came back
Debbie (12:51 PM): oh, okay
Debbie (12:52 PM): what’s new?
Jim (12:54 PM): nothing new
Debbie (12:55 PM): how's work? Are you there now?
Jim (12:56 PM): work is fine and you
Debbie (12:56 PM): Doing good - are you at work now?
Jim (12:58 PM): no am at home for now
Debbie (12:58 PM): What time is it there?
Jim (1:00 PM): 06:02pm
Debbie (1:00 PM): it's 1:00PM here - just got back from lunch
Jim (1:04 PM): so what did you eat
Jim (1:04 PM): ?
Debbie (1:05 PM): Didn't eat - had to meet the architect to go over the drawings for my house
Debbie (1:12 PM): Hello?
Jim (1:17 PM): thats great
Debbie (1:18 PM): it's going to be nice
Jim (1:20 PM): i went to have my bath
Debbie (1:20 PM): you need to leave now?
Jim (1:20 PM): nope am here
Debbie (1:21 PM): oh, okay
Jim (1:21 PM): i was just tired am thinking about a little problem that am having right now
Debbie (1:22 PM): Oh, okay I'll let you go then if you’re tired
Jim (1:24 PM): no not am tired of talking to you..I am just letting you know that i feel deppressed about what my landlord told me today
Jim (1:24 PM): But i want to still talk to you
Debbie (1:24 PM): Oh, oaky
Debbie (1:24 PM): okay*
Jim (1:26 PM): yes baby
Jim (1:26 PM): i have difficulty in paying my house rent
Jim (1:28 PM): are u there or you dont want to talk to me
Jim (1:28 PM): ?
Debbie (1:28 PM): I'm here
Jim (1:30 PM): ok
Debbie (1:31 PM): Just getting work done as I talk
Jim (1:35 PM): ok baby
Jim (1:39 PM): can i ask u something?
Debbie (1:39 PM): what's that?
Jim (1:41 PM): i dont know how you will feell but i really need your help?
Jim (1:46 PM): i will pay you back
Debbie (1:46 PM): I don't get what you are saying?

He logs out after finally playing the money angle. He only pays $300/month in rent and has a great job where “his boss likes him so much…”, and he can’t afford it??? LOL – unfortunately, as good as this was getting – he never responded back to me and I never saw him online again. I know, bad ending…but I actually tried keeping this alive by sending him IM messages, but never heard from him again. Sorry everyone…

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