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The Big Apple

This was a short chat session with an idiot who says she lives in New York City and "she" thinks that Brooklyn is a state. I love to torture these fools when they make so many mistakes just to hear how stupid their excuses are. She admitted lying to me and said it was because she was hurt before in a relationship...well, maybe you wouldn’t get hurt if you didn't lie so much you stupid whore! My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Wed, 10/6/10 11:11 PM -----

Greg’s (10:10 PM): hi
lindathomas9999 (10:11 PM): wait
Greg’s (10:12 PM): ok
lindathomas9999 (10:13 PM): what is your full name
lindathomas9999 (10:13 PM): my computer was hanging that is why my typing slow
lindathomas9999 (10:14 PM): my computer was hanging that is why i slow in typing
Greg’s (10:14 PM): ok - this is Greg
Greg’s (10:14 PM): we talked before...
Greg’s (10:14 PM): You don’t remember?
lindathomas9999 (10:15 PM): when was that baby
Greg’s (10:15 PM): it’s been over a month - what happened to you?
lindathomas9999 (10:16 PM): i have been sick
Greg’s (10:17 PM): oh, I’m sorry
Greg’s (10:18 PM): what’s wrong with you? Do you have buttheaditis?
lindathomas9999 (10:20 PM): i have been in the hospital for some weeks
lindathomas9999 (10:20 PM): how old are you?
Greg’s (10:20 PM): 41
lindathomas9999 (10:22 PM): am 27
lindathomas9999 (10:22 PM): where are you from?
Greg’s (10:22 PM): ohio
Greg’s (10:22 PM): you?
lindathomas9999 (10:23 PM): new york
lindathomas9999 (10:23 PM): do you mind about the distance
lindathomas9999 (10:23 PM): ?
Greg’s (10:23 PM): no not really...
Greg’s (10:23 PM): where in New York?
lindathomas9999 (10:24 PM): Manhattan
lindathomas9999 (10:24 PM): where in Ohio do you live
lindathomas9999 (10:24 PM): ?
Greg’s (10:24 PM): nice - you live there?
Greg’s (10:24 PM): near Akron - small town called Tallmadge
lindathomas9999 (10:26 PM): Yes
Greg’s (10:26 PM): wow, what do you do for a living?
lindathomas9999 (10:26 PM): Manhattan is good
lindathomas9999 (10:27 PM): i am into buying and selling jewerly
Greg’s (10:27 PM): You must be extremely live in an apartment?
lindathomas9999 (10:28 PM): why do you say that
Greg’s (10:28 PM): you live in Manhattan...
lindathomas9999 (10:29 PM): yes but presenlt un uk \
Greg’s (10:30 PM): you are in the UK?
lindathomas9999 (10:30 PM): yes but presenlt in uk with my mom who is kinda sick
Greg’s (10:31 PM): so you were sick in a hospital in the UK for a month?
lindathomas9999 (10:32 PM): not in uk in manhattan,new york
Greg’s (10:33 PM): oh, ok - so you just got to the UK then?
lindathomas9999 (10:36 PM): yes
lindathomas9999 (10:36 PM): am so sorry for getting back to you computer was hanging
Greg’s (10:37 PM): that’s ok
Greg’s (10:37 PM): when are you coming back to New York?
lindathomas9999 (10:39 PM): afer my mom is okay
lindathomas9999 (10:39 PM): lets talk here first so that we can get to know each other better
Greg’s (10:40 PM): ok
lindathomas9999 (10:40 PM): tell me more about yourself
lindathomas9999 (10:40 PM): what is your maritual status?
Greg’s (10:40 PM): what do you want to know?
Greg’s (10:41 PM): I wouldn’t be talking if I wasn’t single...
lindathomas9999 (10:41 PM): do you have kids
Greg’s (10:42 PM): ni kids
Greg’s (10:42 PM): no**
lindathomas9999 (10:42 PM): what are you doing for living?
Greg’s (10:42 PM): I'm an Accountant
lindathomas9999 (10:42 PM): ok
lindathomas9999 (10:42 PM): what do you like for fun?
Greg’s (10:43 PM): play golf, tennis, go to dinner, dismember people, hang out by a bonfire, etc
lindathomas9999 (10:44 PM): that is nice
Greg’s (10:44 PM): pretty tame by Manhattan night life standards I would say...
lindathomas9999 (10:44 PM): i like caping,fishing,s wiming,dancing,m ovie,reading and also love the beach
lindathomas9999 (10:44 PM): lol
Greg’s (10:45 PM): where do you go camping in New York?
lindathomas9999 (10:45 PM): I have friends in Brooklyn
lindathomas9999 (10:45 PM): i use to go to brooklyn at time
lindathomas9999 (10:45 PM): s
Greg’s (10:46 PM): lol - you camp in Brooklyn?
Greg’s (10:46 PM): are there camp sites in Brooklyn?
lindathomas9999 (10:47 PM): Yes
lindathomas9999 (10:47 PM): why lol?
Greg’s (10:47 PM): Really? I wouldn’t have guessed that...
lindathomas9999 (10:48 PM): do you like caping?
Greg’s (10:48 PM): no, not at all
lindathomas9999 (10:48 PM): ok
lindathomas9999 (10:49 PM): tell me what you like and what you don't like
Greg’s (10:50 PM): I like tennis, golf, going out to dinner, hanging out by a bonfire, playing cards, etc...
lindathomas9999 (10:51 PM): that is great
Greg’s (10:51 PM): do you fish in Brooklyn as well?
lindathomas9999 (10:52 PM): yes
Greg’s (10:53 PM): river or lake?
lindathomas9999 (10:53 PM): lake
Greg’s (10:54 PM): I wasn't aware that there was any lakes in Brooklyn...
lindathomas9999 (10:54 PM): have you travelled to brooklyn before?
lindathomas9999 (10:55 PM): and have you ture brooklyn state
Greg’s (10:55 PM): yes, I have been there once
Greg’s (10:55 PM): what does that mean? - and have you ture brooklyn state (oops)
lindathomas9999 (10:56 PM): i mean have you go all around brooklyn
Greg’s (10:57 PM): Brooklyn is not a state...
lindathomas9999 (10:57 PM): City (wrong again)
Greg’s (10:58 PM): it is not a city either...
Greg’s (10:59 PM): are you there? (she logs out)
Greg’s (11:01 PM): Hello?
Greg’s (11:03 PM): Would you like to try again?
Greg’s (11:04 PM): No?
Greg’s (11:05 PM): You may want to look up on the internet what Brooklyn
Greg’s (11:06 PM): Freaking
Greg’s (11:08 PM): So I guess that you are just a poor, stupid, black monkey from Africa that has to beg white people for money, right?
Greg’s (11:08 PM): lol
Greg’s (11:10 PM): why is everything bad in this world from Africa? Crime, disease, war, poverty, stupidity - all come from Africa...
Greg’s (11:11 PM): run away little beggar boy ... lol

She logs out right after she screws up by calling Brooklyn first a state, and then trying to correct it to city when they’re wrong. I figure this bait is over, so I go off on this tangent at the end of the last chat session in which "she" receives as offline messages. I hear from her the next day.

----- Our chat on Thu, 10/7/10 2:03 PM -----

lindathomas9999 (12:56 PM):
lindathomas9999 (12:56 PM): what kind of word do you told me yesterday
lindathomas9999 (12:56 PM): i am not happy with you at all
Greg’s (12:57 PM): hello
lindathomas9999 (12:58 PM): am here
Greg’s (12:58 PM): okay
lindathomas9999 (12:58 PM): i did not like what you wrote to me yesterday
Greg’s (12:58 PM): do you blame me?
Greg’s (12:59 PM): hello?
lindathomas9999 (12:59 PM): Yes
Greg’s (12:59 PM): You were obviously lying about New York
lindathomas9999 (12:59 PM): am here
lindathomas9999 (1:00 PM): i am not lying okay
Greg’s (1:00 PM): why did you lie?
lindathomas9999 (1:00 PM): do you live in New York?
lindathomas9999 (1:00 PM): i am telling you about new yokr
Greg’s (1:00 PM): No, Ohio
Greg’s (1:01 PM): I live in Ohio, but I know that Brooklyn is not a state or a city - unlike you genius
lindathomas9999 (1:01 PM): why are you talking about new york as if you have live there before
lindathomas9999 (1:02 PM): ok tell me
Greg’s (1:02 PM): It seems I know more about New York than you do...
lindathomas9999 (1:02 PM): where is brooklyn
lindathomas9999 (1:02 PM): tell me what you know about brooklyn
Greg’s (1:02 PM): You don’t even know what Brooklyn is, do you?
lindathomas9999 (1:03 PM): i know
lindathomas9999 (1:03 PM): but not much
Greg’s (1:03 PM): first you said it was a state, then a city, both are wrong...
Greg’s (1:03 PM): You don't live in New York - that is a lie
lindathomas9999 (1:04 PM): i made a mistake then i correct myself immediately
lindathomas9999 (1:04 PM): i am not lying okay
Greg’s (1:04 PM): both are wrong...
Greg’s (1:05 PM): your correction was wrong as well
Greg’s (1:05 PM): Brooklyn is not a city either
lindathomas9999 (1:05 PM): like how explain
Greg’s (1:06 PM): Brooklyn is a didn't know this? And you live in New York?
Greg’s (1:07 PM): So you are obviously lying .... why?
lindathomas9999 (1:07 PM): i live in Midtown,Manhatta n,New York
lindathomas9999 (1:07 PM): i use to go and visit my friend in brooklyn
lindathomas9999 (1:07 PM): i am not lying for you okay
Greg’s (1:08 PM): lol - you live in New York, but you don’t know what Brooklyn is?
lindathomas9999 (1:08 PM): please stop all this
lindathomas9999 (1:08 PM): if you know you want to talk to me let me know
Greg’s (1:08 PM): why are you lying to me?
lindathomas9999 (1:08 PM): if you don't want to talk let me know
Greg’s (1:09 PM): I did want to talk before you started lying
lindathomas9999 (1:09 PM): i am not lying okay
lindathomas9999 (1:09 PM): i don't lie
lindathomas9999 (1:09 PM): and i will not lie to anyone
Greg’s (1:09 PM): just tell me why - that's all I ask?
lindathomas9999 (1:09 PM): i have nothing to say again
Greg’s (1:10 PM): You can't do the honorable thing?
Greg’s (1:11 PM): Do you see why I said those things now?
lindathomas9999 (1:11 PM): forget about all that for now okay
Greg’s (1:12 PM): Just explain why and I will - I believe in forgiveness
Greg’s (1:12 PM): but not if you don’t do the honorable thing and admit it
lindathomas9999 (1:13 PM): You know i have been hurt before and i don't want to open yet until i know you are for real
Greg’s (1:13 PM): so you start by lying to me? How does this help anything?
lindathomas9999 (1:14 PM): i will open up if everything work out
Greg’s (1:15 PM): so I am supposed to just hope anything you tell me from now on is not a lie?
lindathomas9999 (1:15 PM): if that is what you think no problem
Greg’s (1:16 PM): Because you have been hurt before - you start off a conversation with someone new by telling lies? How am I supposed to feel about that?
lindathomas9999 (1:17 PM): am so sorry for that ....i was hurt badly from the past that why
Greg’s (1:17 PM): but even now - you are still lying - you are not from New York, are you?
lindathomas9999 (1:19 PM): i am
lindathomas9999 (1:19 PM): but don't have friends in Brooklyn...well, i have been to brooklyn before
Greg’s (1:20 PM): go away and don't bother me anymore - I don't see why you even contacted me today if you are going to continue lying
lindathomas9999 (1:21 PM): i am not lying for you anymore but if you don't want to talk again it is okay
Greg’s (1:22 PM): You are not from New York - that is obvious - if you say that you are, then you are lying
lindathomas9999 (1:23 PM): let stop from here please i don't want to be hurt again
Greg’s (1:23 PM): go away liar
Greg’s (1:24 PM): I gave you a chance to tell the truth...
lindathomas9999 (1:24 PM): don't worry
lindathomas9999 (1:24 PM): bye
Greg’s (1:25 PM): I am not worried - I can only assume that I was right and that you were going to beg for money...
Greg’s (1:26 PM): and that you are a little African beggar boy - I guess I was right
lindathomas9999 (1:27 PM): God will jorge you for that statement
Greg’s (1:28 PM): lol - you are already going to hell black monkey, what do you care - lol
Greg’s (1:29 PM): I am sorry that you are black and stupid and have to beg rich white people for money
Greg’s (1:31 PM): are you mad at the world because you are black and stupid?
lindathomas9999 (1:31 PM): stop all this, please I wont lie you any more
Greg’s (1:32 PM): that’s the truth isn’t it?
Greg’s (1:35 PM): I pity you...
Greg’s (1:36 PM): poor little black you like begging?
Greg’s (1:37 PM): If you would have asked for help instead of lying to me, I would have helped you, you know
Greg’s (1:43 PM): why does everything bad in this world come from Africa?
Greg’s (1:44 PM): War, disease, poverty, crime, stupidity, ugly people - all come from Africa
Greg’s (1:47 PM): Were your mother and father beggars like you?
Greg’s (1:48 PM): No answer? I guess that means yes...
Greg’s (1:50 PM): LOL - do you hate being black? That must be horrible...
lindathomas9999 (1:50 PM): u dey craze
lindathomas9999 (1:50 PM): fuck u goat
Greg’s (1:51 PM): are you mad at me?
Greg’s (1:55 PM): I heard that all Africans have sex with goats, because African women are so freaking ugly - is this true?
Greg’s (1:59 PM): You don’t find this funny?
Greg’s (2:03 PM): poor little beggar boy...

These idiots are so funny to get into chat rooms. They will lie, recant it or change their story within seconds of telling other lies and they don’t think this makes them look foolish. This always makes me think of Yusufu/Maria Aida – a scammer who I had a chat session with who got his scams mixed up…

Yusufu – South African Oil man contacted Greg for Oil Contract
Maria Aida – rich Cocoa widow from Benin that contacts Greg to move some money

These two scammers are the same person, and in a chat session with Maria the rich Cocoa widow who starts talking about Oil contracts, like Yusufu…I start questioning her, but he gets irked and says “I am a busy man”.

Me: Are you a man?
Maria: yes am a man
Me: Then why are you talking from an account that says "Maria Aida"
Maria: I am Maria’s husband. I am using her account.
Me: Maria told me that her husband is dead, she is a widow.
Maria: I am Maria’s son.
Me: LOL – are you freaking kidding me!

He actually says later that he isn’t either, just an innocent bystander who stumbled upon an open email account. The bait is titled “Oil And Cocoa Don’t Mix”. Very funny…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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