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How Much Is Enough?

This was one of my earlier scambaits. I didn’t include the letter from Union Bank because it was long and boring and you all know the basics. This scambait failed because I made the mistake of saying, “… not only do I not have that much money…” He probably figured I wasn’t worth it, plus the use of my language. Ah well, live and learn! The main reason I included this short bait is because of his line, “How much will you pay?” – yeah, that’s common for lawyers that you have never met to help you with the bill out of their own pocket! My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

I supposed to contact you for some unknown reason concerning my payment approval with Union Bank. Get back with me soon, thanks.

Greg Wilson

Dear Greg Wilson,

CALL ME IMMEDIATELY 011-234-803-878-7918

I received your e mail as regards to the claim of your winning prize money of the Promotion,and to act on your behalf in finalizing the documentation that will enable the bank transfer the winning prize money to your account today.

Meanwhile, I wish to enlighten you on the procedures involved in this transaction.

1. I have to go to the Federal High Court to obtain the Affidavit of claim documents which will empower me to act on your behalf before I can sign the final release order to enable the bank transfer the fund to your account.

2.I have to proceed to the bank immediately to sign the final release order which will enable the bank to transfer your fund.

Therefore you have to pay me the sum of ( $1,500 ) ( ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ) for the money i will use to obtain the documents and together with my service charge,send the money through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER through my accounts clerk.

Below four information are the information you will use to send the money through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.

(1) Receivers Name........ UCHE OPARA
(2) Post Code............... Lagos Nigeria
(3) Text Question.......... What Year ?
(4) Answer.............. ... 2008

The above four information are what you will use to go to the western union money transfer,while the below Three information are what i will need from you to receive the money here immediately you sent it.

(1) The Mtcn Numbers........(Which will be giving to you at the western union office)
(2) Senders Name............
(3) Senders address.............

Immediately you send the money call me and also e mail me the above three information,immediately i receive it, i will proceed to get this done on your behalf to enable the bank transfer the fund to your account in less than 3hours today.

Please, when you receive the fund in your account today,you should help the disabled,the almighty God will continue to bless you for helping them.

Barrister Fred Agbo

One thousand five hundred dollars to get a document and sign a paper - are you fucking crazy? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Not only do I not have that much money, I would not pay you that amount for so simple a task even if I did. Just because I am a foreigner does not mean you can take advantage of me. I will call the High Court myself and see how much it will cost to retrieve this document rather than to pay you this extortion. You have some nerve and should be ashamed of yourself.

Greg Wilson

Dear Greg Wilson,

How much will you pay? so that i will help you.

What do you mean how much will I pay?

I would like you to list what the $1,500.00 is actually for, item by item. I want to see a detailed list of all of the costs that add up to the total.

How are you going to help me? You could have helped me in the first place by not trying to rip me off on retrieving a document from the court.

Dear Greg

In response to your email, the required fee is what i will use to obtain the AFFIDAVIT OF CLAIM DOCUMENT from the FEDERAL HIGH COURT OF NIGERIA which will empower the bank to transfer your winning prize money into your account.

I am not trying to rip you off rather i am trying to help you.

The actually fee for the document is $1,000 while $500 is for my service charge.

Therefore, i will advice that you proceed to any western union money transfer with the payment information which i gave you in my previous email and send the $1,500 so as to enable me get everything done on your behalf so that the bank will commence with the transfer of your fund into your account today.

I am waiting for the payment details from you.

Barrister Fred Agbo

Are you stupid or just don't pay attention - I said I do not have that much money and I refuse to pay that much to retrieve a simple document. I will call the High Court myself and see what it will cost.

Greg Wilson

I don't mean to be insulting but I am pissed (unless of course you are trying to rip me off then I am trying to be insulting)

I guess I shouldn’t have told him I didn’t have that much money – he gave up on the scam rather easily.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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