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One of the many "I have a check for you" scams – I am so sick of these! This poophead stopped responding to me after a week or so – I have no idea why... My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Attention to the Beneficiary.

With reference of the information received from African Union OAU/in respect of your out standing funds which has been delayed as a result of the payment you were asked to pay. It is very imperative to inform you that the Ministry have re-negotiated with a Bank in Benin, Bank of Africa, therefore as a result of the incoming end of the season account reconciliation /external auditing for the end of February 2009, which has brought this mandatory solution concerning the immediate release of your funds, through the assistance of their intermediary agent in Republic of Benin, the Africa Compliance Credit Claims Agent services under the special assistance of Rev., Dardenne Serge So contact him immediately for further directives and also to put you in contact with the Bank of Africa Officials for the release of your funds as you will be required to open a non residence account with Bank for further crediting of the total funds 2.5Million into the newly opened account, from where you can transfer to other accounts of your choice both in the states and others. Below are his contact details. African Compliance Credit Claims Agent Services ( Benin Republic )Contact person attn: Rev Dardenne SergeE-mail: ( Keep us informed as soon as you are in contact with him as he has already been forwarded with the complete details of your payment file.

Thanks for your endurance.

Dr Emmanuel Bongo (African Union Secretary)

Dear Mr. Bunghole;

Please explain what this is all about. Please write so the letter makes sense or please have someone that has a better grasp of the English language write it. Thank you,


My dear,

I am very happy to inform you that I have succeeded in transferring the fund out of my home Country with the help of a new partner from Tuvalu; I am now in Tuvalu for investment. They gained independence in 1978 the former Ellice Islands (Brief). Now, I want you to contact Rev Dardenne Serge on the information below, ask him to send to you the total sum of (USD$ 950.000) in a bank draft, which I kept for you as compensation. His e-mail is ( and send him the below information to enable him deliver your bank draft to you ASAP.YOUR ADDRESS/TELEPHONE.

Dr Emmanuel Bongo

Why haven’t I heard back from you? Have an itch? Experiencing a violent, pussy discharge from your anus when you speak? I would like you to explain to me what this is all about. What funds are you talking about?


Sorry for late response.
You did not hear back from me because of my tight schedule here.
Please contact my secretary for your compensation as I told you before

Yes, I will contact your lowly secretary. Maybe he can give me more information than you feel that you have to. Like why you chose me to give such an enormous amount of money to for no apparent reason. That will be a hoot! Thank you for your time, patience, and complete lack of any intelligence whatsoever, Mr. Bungholio.

You are a true Prince among anuses.


I then send a letter to the lowly secretary. I will miss Mr. Bungholio…

Dear Mr Thomas,

Your email-letter was well received. I have been expecting to hear from you before now. Anyway, my boss left a certified bank draft of $950.000.00. for you, which I was instructed to send to you as soon as you request for it.

Currently the bank draft is here with me and I will have the draft sent to you as soon as you choose one out of the three options below which is most convenient for you to receive your Bank draft.
Note that my boss did not drop any money behind before travelling, you are to bear the cost of the delivery of your draft because the draft had already been insured by Real Value Insurance policy to avoid theft in the process of delivery, so it is not possible to deduct any amount from the draft until you receive it.

(1) You are to come down to Benin Republic and pick up your draft.
(2) Your draft can be delivered to your contact delivery address within 3days through a reliable Courier Company, and the courier delivery charge is 170$usd only.
(3) Your draft can be deposited in the issuing bank (Bank of Africa) and transferred directly to your bank account but according to the bank director, you will have to open a Non Residential Domiciliary Bank Account with a minimum of $300.

You have the opportunity to choose one of the above options and get back to me immediately.
Also note that the DHL, FedEx, UPS and Regular Postal mail in Benin do not dispatch classified banking documents like draft, because of the International Monetary Control Board laws on money laundering, but we can use the services of Day by Day Courier, which is affiliated to Banks in Benin, for the services of dispatching banking documents such as Certified Bank draft and other Bank Vital Documents out of Benin. The Day by Day Diplomatic Courier will accept to deliver your draft on the condition that the draft has already been insured.

Rev Dardenne Serge

I almost crapped my pants when I read this. What cost of delivery? Put it in an envelope and just mail it, you complete and utter moron.



Mr.Thomas do you really know what your talking?.
I should put a cheque $950.000.00. in an envelop and sent to you. Know I will never try it ok.
If you are not comfortable of sending it to you through Day by day Company or Bank Transfer, then get your papers ready and come down to Benin Republic by yourself.

Obviously you are not too familiar with business or banking because checks of that magnitude are mailed by businesses and banks every day. The company I work for mails checks for good purchased every week. Can you put me in touch with someone who knows a little more about business and banking than you do? Do you have a stinky finger?


For that reason i will bring to your notice that this is Africa.

And I will not take the risky of delivering your draft through post office or whatever.
I have told you I we work here in Benin Republic. And that how I use to send it to others, your not the first person and Dr. Emmanuel Bongo. Was also not the first person I have been secretary to. If you’re not yet ready, then wait till Dr. Bongo. Comes back ok.

I am not the first person that Mr. Bungholio sent an enormous amount of money to for no apparent reason? How many random strangers from the internet has Bungholio send money to? I keep emailing him and for some reason he will not return my emails – is he ok? Is his rectum ok? He’s not sick or ill or constipated is he? If you speak to him, please have him email me, and tell him to drink plenty of prune juice.


You can wait until he comes back if you do not wish to come pick up you cheque in Benin youself.

Rev Dardenne Serge

Rev. Purge;

I will wait until Bungholio gets back – I would want to raise a brown eye upon this transaction. I would not want to be a hindrance; that would make me a real stool sample. Please have him contact me if he’s not too busy eating chocolate pudding with bits of corn in it. As for coming to Benin – I really don’t want to come to that cesspool of a country, that’s why I wanted you to just mail the check. And thanks, you have been almost bearable.


No more responses from Purge or Bungholio….Isn’t that a bunch of shit?

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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