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Doctor J

Although I have not compiled the full scambait with Jilese Jibril, you may know him from mini-baits that I have published. I have been talking to this fool for over a year Ė he is the moron that sent me Professional Poker player Joe Sebockís picture as his own (along with the link to where he stole it from). He also sent the hitman Antonio Sprazza after me, as well and a number of different type of scams. This fool will not learn his lesson. Sometimes a month will pass and then he will start talking to me again Ė with a new job and insisting that he stopped scamming and begging from women Ė only to beg me (Debbie) again. Here he is againÖ My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Wed, 3/23/11 11:47 AM -----

Debbie (9:36 AM): MUMU
Jilese Jibril (9:36 AM): ur papa and mama
Jilese Jibril (9:36 AM): Live my life alone
Debbie (9:37 AM): do you like begging money from women?
Debbie (9:38 AM): I am sorry you are poor and black
Debbie (9:38 AM): that must be horrible
Jilese Jibril (9:38 AM): It is non of ur fuckin business
Debbie (9:39 AM): are you too stupid to get a real job or just too lazy?
Debbie (9:40 AM): beg for me again, dog, beg
Debbie (9:41 AM): were your mother and father dirty rotten beggars like you? Is that where you learned it from?
Jilese Jibril (9:42 AM): u relax na.
Jilese Jibril (9:42 AM): Watin dey happen
Debbie (9:43 AM): I pity you, maga
Debbie (9:44 AM): why do all black people beg and steal? Is it in your blood?
Jilese Jibril (9:46 AM): ur boyfriend don teach u wan let all rest
Jilese Jibril (9:46 AM): na. So u like level come 9ja come stay
Debbie (9:47 AM): donít you wish you were a man instead of having to beg from white women
Jilese Jibril (9:47 AM): na. So ur boyfriend dey do abi
Jilese Jibril (9:48 AM): Has ur boyfriend betrayed u
Debbie (9:48 AM): I am sorry you are black and that God hates your filthy race
Jilese Jibril (9:49 AM): Acept my sympathy cos do not know what has happen to u makes u go mad
Jilese Jibril (9:50 AM): Pls leave me alone
Debbie (9:50 AM): thatís why 75% of africans have AIDS - it's God's curse on you
Jilese Jibril (9:50 AM): Or I will call cops 4 u
Jilese Jibril (9:50 AM): hahahhahahah
Jilese Jibril (9:50 AM): Now in england
Jilese Jibril (9:50 AM): u want my number
Debbie (9:51 AM): call the cops mugu - they donít listen to criminals, fool
Debbie (9:52 AM): are you mad at the world because you are black?
Jilese Jibril (9:53 AM): No
Debbie (9:53 AM): if you killed yourself, the pain of being black would go away
Jilese Jibril (9:54 AM): Did any 1 steal 4rm u
Debbie (9:54 AM): if you killed yourself, the world would be a better place
Jilese Jibril (9:54 AM): y do u sign in as invisible
Jilese Jibril (9:55 AM): u donot want to answer me y?
Debbie (9:55 AM): no one has stolen anything from me - scammers are too stupid to steal from me - you are proof of that
Debbie (9:55 AM): I am not signed in as invisible
Debbie (9:57 AM): I just like laughing at you stupid scammers
Debbie (9:58 AM): it so funny how you beg for money
Jilese Jibril (9:58 AM): See me there right
Debbie (9:58 AM): yes
Jilese Jibril (9:59 AM): Do i look like am sufering
Jilese Jibril (10:00 AM): I let scam and i want to fight 4 myself kk
Jilese Jibril (10:00 AM): I do not scam people any more
Jilese Jibril (10:00 AM): kk
Debbie (10:02 AM): lol - you know how many times you have said this to me fool? You have told me that you quit scamming and begging five times already, but then you go and beg me for money again...
Debbie (10:02 AM): you are too stupid to be a good scammer
Debbie (10:04 AM): were your parents filthy scammers as well?
Debbie (10:07 AM): Have you ever had a real job before?
Jilese Jibril (10:07 AM): Yep
Debbie (10:08 AM): lol - doing what? Cleaning toilets?
Jilese Jibril (10:08 AM): No
Jilese Jibril (10:09 AM): I'm a contractor now
Jilese Jibril (10:09 AM): I got my phd
Jilese Jibril (10:09 AM): And i got money too
Debbie (10:09 AM): oh my god you are so stupid...lo - you think I believe that, fool
Debbie (10:09 AM): lol
Debbie (10:10 AM): your phd? that is the funniest thing I have ever heard
Jilese Jibril (10:14 AM): Believe it or not
Jilese Jibril (10:14 AM): I am still who I am
Debbie (10:15 AM): lol - you were begging and crying to me 3 weeks ago to send you money because you were poor
Debbie (10:16 AM): now all of a sudden you have a phd and lots of money - you are so stupid
Debbie (10:18 AM): if you are going to lie, you should make it so it is believable, you idiot
Jilese Jibril (10:18 AM): Not lying
Jilese Jibril (10:19 AM): I dat no more ok
Debbie (10:19 AM): so in 3 weeks you got your phd and a great job and lots of money? lol
Jilese Jibril (10:19 AM): No
Jilese Jibril (10:19 AM): I have been in school
Debbie (10:20 AM): lol
Debbie (10:20 AM): do you even remember begging me for money three weeks ago?
Jilese Jibril (10:23 AM): No
Jilese Jibril (10:23 AM): Not me lol
Debbie (10:24 AM): lol - so you donít remember begging me to send you money first for a fake shipment of jewelry for your fake job?
Debbie (10:25 AM): and then begging me to send you money for a plane ticket so you could come see me?
Debbie (10:28 AM): you lie so much it is hard to remember them all, isnít it?
Jilese Jibril (10:29 AM): It's not three weeks
Jilese Jibril (10:29 AM): Since my father died
Jilese Jibril (10:29 AM): It's been only my mother feeding 4 of us
Jilese Jibril (10:29 AM): So i gat to find sumtin doin
Jilese Jibril (10:29 AM): So i joined scam
Debbie (10:30 AM): when did you father die?
Jilese Jibril (10:31 AM): It's been 15yrs back
Debbie (10:31 AM): so you have been scamming for 15 years
Debbie (10:38 AM): but now that you have your phd you are a millionaire, right? lol...
Jilese Jibril (10:39 AM): Working to it
Debbie (10:41 AM): lol...this is the funniest thing you have ever said...
Jilese Jibril (10:41 AM): y
Jilese Jibril (10:41 AM): Why
Debbie (10:41 AM): 3 weeks ago you were begging me for money and now you are rich with a phd - lol
Jilese Jibril (10:43 AM): Yep
Jilese Jibril (10:43 AM): Got a contract
Jilese Jibril (10:43 AM): That why
Debbie (10:43 AM): lol
Debbie (10:43 AM): you are so stupid
Jilese Jibril (10:43 AM): Why
Debbie (10:44 AM): I donít know why - your parents maybe? But if you expect me to believe any of that nonsense, then you are a bigger fool than I thought
Debbie (10:46 AM): a phd? That is the funniest thing...
Jilese Jibril (10:47 AM): So forget it
Debbie (10:48 AM): no, I can't - it's too funny...
Debbie (10:49 AM): little scammer boy is a millionaire
Debbie (10:49 AM): that's hilarious...
Jilese Jibril (10:50 AM): I said forget it
Debbie (10:51 AM): no, I can't - it's too funny - what is your fake doctorate in? Scamology?
Debbie (10:53 AM): are you a Doctor of Scamology? Or maybe Scanonomics?
Debbie (10:54 AM): I swear, the more I talk to you, the funnier this whole thing gets...
Jilese Jibril (10:58 AM): So i entertain u right
Debbie (10:58 AM): I am trying to think of all the fake jobs you have had - a loan officer, an assassin, a jeweler, a contractor, a doctor...
Debbie (10:58 AM): yes, you do entertain - you are hilarious
Debbie (10:59 AM): if you ever want to get a real job, you should be a comedian
Jilese Jibril (11:00 AM): Tanx
Debbie (11:01 AM): I telling you the truth - you should be a comedian - that is great
Debbie (11:02 AM): which one was your favorite fake job?
Debbie (11:05 AM): I think I like the fake PhD the best...
Debbie (11:09 AM): what was your favorite fake job?
Debbie (11:13 AM): are you still there funny boy?
Debbie (11:17 AM): hello? Doctor Funny Boy are you there?
Debbie (11:20 AM): Should I call you Doctor now?
Jilese Jibril (11:20 AM): No
Jilese Jibril (11:20 AM): Why say so?
Jilese Jibril (11:20 AM): Why you say I doctor
Jilese Jibril (11:21 AM): I tell yo I am a contractor
Debbie (11:22 AM): So you are not a doctor?
Jilese Jibril (11:22 AM): No who tell you that?
Debbie (11:23 AM): Let me get this straight Ė you have your PHD and you are not a doctor?
Jilese Jibril (11:23 AM): NO Why you say this?
Debbie (11:24 AM): Since you have your PhD, that makes you a doctor Ė you think they would have told you that when they gave it to you
Debbie (11:29 AM): did you know that?
Debbie (11:38 AM): You didnít know that having a PhD makes you a doctor, did you?
Debbie (11:47 AM): lol - you are funny

He immediately logs out.

This fool is a prime example of how big the egos are on these idiots. I repeatedly told him I knew he was a scammer and will never give him money, I call him all sorts of names and prove that he is lying, and yet he still tries to convince me that he is real. Does he really think he will get money from Debbie? If he does, then I underestimated his stupidity. It seems to me that for whatever reason he tries to prove that he is something he is not or prove that he is something great (trying to save face, I guess). Thatís why he chose the PhD instead of just a Bachelorís Degree or even a Masterís Ė a PhD sounds a lot more impressive to me, but unfortunately he didnít know that it would make him a doctor as well Ė lol.

At some point, I will gather all of the baits from Jilese (and the Terrible Trio) and put them together in order, but there is a lot of information to collect from all of the different scambaits and random chat sessions. He is, by far, one of the dumbest scammers on Earth.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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