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Catch Of The Day

Another Loan Scam I gave the business to (not). It’s funny how these morons just want you to sign the “almighty form” – all questions will be answered once you fill out the almighty form…LOL. Possibly, the opening scammer job may be done once you fill out the form and they pass it on to the next person or “closer”. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Thank you for your response to our mail.

This is the Loan transfer department of FISCAL LOANS HOME.
We are situated in Malaysia with headquatre Address: C9-3 MAH, Jalan Ampang, 50101 Malaysia
Director / C.E.O: Lai Swee Gim
License Registration #: TCI/98267/9UJ

we offer loans at 2% interest rate, with suitation loan terms and conditions alongside a well calculated repayment schdule. our rates are cheap for easy compliance. Our loans are insured and save to be delivered to you any where in the world. we help you make your dreams come true, no delays, no excuses, as long as you work with us. if interested in getting your positve aspiration loan, get back to us with your loan request information and your loan process starts.

We will need the following informations, your

Full Names ...........................

Gender ..........................

Marital status .......................

City/Zip code ........................

Country .............................

Date of Birth ........................

Loan amount needed ...................

Loan Duration .........................

Monthly Income/Yearly Income .........

Occupation ............................

Cell Number ..........................

Phone Number .........................

Get back to us, we will serve you better..


You offer 2% interest rates???

What’s the catch?


Hello payne,

I do not understand what you mean by the term "catch"

Expanciate your self properly so we can attend to you in the most pleasant manner.

James polycap


Sorry, the phrase “What’s the catch” means there has to be something more to it than just that.

No Loan Company would offer a 2% loan, unless there is something else involved with it.

So, please tell what else is there? Do you mean 2% above prime, or 2% above Libor, or what? Please explain.

Thank you,


Thank you very much for acknowledging these fact, The loan offer is for 2% interest rate, there are token to be paid as fee, these fees includes loan registeration, tax and insurance fees only, these fees depends on how much loan needed, after these fees are paid, we offer document to protect both party's interest in the loan transaction, Normally these is disclosed when you have filled in the loan form, but since you seems to be interested these way, i have decided to feed you with the information of the loan. if you can, you are very free to contact the information i gave you,

Fill the form if you are interested,so your process can conmence, you have enough orientation, letting you know more is not right.

get back to me with informations.

First of all, this is a Business Loan, not a personal loan. I am not into the practice of filling out loan applications before I have all of my questions answered. What I do, I do on behalf of my company, which means I am responsible for the decisions I make concerning obtaining financing. If you are telling me that you will not answer my questions until I fill out the loan application form, then we are done here and I will look elsewhere.


i never said , i will not answer you,
you are very free to ask any question you want,
we are at your service


Okay then, I’m glad you see reason. First of all, explain to me what loan tax, loan insurance, and loan registration is. Are these frivolous or inflated charges because the APR is so low? Something has to be wrong or there is something you are not telling me because there is no way a Finance/Loan Company would issue 2% loans. Once you answer these questions to my satisfaction, then we can proceed.

Thank you,

Thomas Payne

Thank you,

Thomas Payne,

All these information depends on how much you desire as loan, but i shall give you explanation as best as i can. First of all the registration fee usually a token,its to register the transaction, this means every part of the transaction is not illegal and valid, The tax is levied by the government, this also a little token,as it is a firm. The insurance fee is to insure the loan to avoid any Miss-hap, that may occur during this process, this is why the rate is small, any other offer that is high has all these fees invisibly and hidden paid by the loan seeker, This are the only fee that will be paid for you to get your loan. this is the reason i asked to fill the form,because when you fill the form we have ideas of what exactly you want, and from you information you provided we can attend to you properly and from there you can get information that will satisfy you more.

Get back as soon as possible.

Where are you located?


Hi Thomas Payne,

How are you doing?

Am sorry to reply late, this is due to attending to so many other clients,

We are located in Malaysia with some other branches accross the world.

here is our contact address,

Address: C9-3 MAH, Jalan Ampang, 50101 Malaysia
License Registration #: TCI/98267/9UJ

Get back to, so we can proceed on your loan procees,


James poly

Please send me a Prospectus or Brochure about your company as well as your web site info.


Thomas Payne

Are you saying you are no longer interested in the loan?

Where did you read that from? I never said that, all I asked was for a Brochure, Informational Flyer, or Prospectus from your firm.

This was my last email to you…

Please send me a Prospectus or Brochure about your company as well as your web site info.


Thomas Payne

Am too busy to give all that information right now, you are not the only client i have,
so please fill the letter headed loan application form if you are interested in the loan,

Thank you,

James Poly

Never mind - I will look elsewhere for a loan.

thank you, you are not ready, ready seekers would fiil the form before any thing, go seek where you are the champ

I have no idea what this email means, but yes, I will look elsewhere for a REAL LOAN COMPANY…


You have refused fill the form, how do you want how do you want me attend to you. its like you are not serious in getting the loan

Mrs Anita Rawlins

I don’t want you to attend to me, I made some simple requests, you said you were too busy, so I said nevermind.


Are you ready to go on with your loan process now

NO – You said you were too busy to answer my questions and requests, then you are too busy to get my business. I will look elsewhere for a loan.


With due respect you mail was received and well noted,it was because i was busy with some office work, But i am free now so we can proceed with the necessary terms and conditions.
Mrs Anita Rawlings.

These are the last two emails (below) that I received from your office. Both of these are rude and insulting, and if that’s how you treat your potential customers, I will look elsewhere for a small business loan. You are not the only loan company advertising 3% loans – I will deal with someone who is a little nicer to their customers and who will answers any questions I have instead of trying to pressure me into filling out a loan application before I am ready.


thank you, you are not ready, ready seekers would fiil the form before any thing,
go seek where you are the champ
Am too busy to give all that information right now, you are not the only client i have,
so please fill the letter headed loan application form if you are interested in the loan,

Thank you,

James Poly

Am very sorry,may be the agent that attended to you was under much pressure because there are too many people to attend to,

i apologise on his/her behalf,

can we continue?

Send me a prospectus or brochure from your firm as well as your website details, and let me look them over, and we can continue.



You are confused financially========get help

I am not as confused as a FAKE Loan Company that tries to make a living from stealing from people.

Real companies have websites...

Real companies don't use gmail for business...

Real companies don't refuse advertising literature for "security reasons"...

Real companies know how to write professional emails without misspelling half of the words...

Real companies can be found in a Business Directory...

We both know that none of these apply to you because you are an incompetent, dirty, rotten, smelly, pathetic excuse for a human being. You are too stupid and lazy to get a real job, so you try stealing from innocent people.

I pity you...

You can read about you and your brethren here


Yeah, that was it for this muncher. It was a pretty good bait – lasted about 3 weeks, so my mission was semi-accomplished. It’s funny how they panic and get so apologetic when you say you will look elsewhere – I laugh my ass off reading what they say…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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